Thursday, February 04, 2016


So we are back to normal here in Scotland with the Tories and the SNP back “in bed together”, they are always in bed together of course but this time there is nowhere to hide, no stone big enough for them to crawl under, there is no lie available to hide their betrayal and deceit. The Tory/SNP cabal which runs Holyrood have circled the wagons and supported each other in their drive for austerity, is anyone really surprised?. The only difference between them is the Tories are professional crooks and the SNP are enthusiastic amateurs, hence the SNP scandal a day has become a regular show in Scotland.

The issue could hardly be more grave or straight forward, we are heading for draconian service cuts, job losses and austerity with a capital A, with major damage to be done to education making our Scottish children’s futures more difficult. Labour, supported by the Libdems proposed a tax rise of 1 penny to mitigate the impact of what is going to be savage austerity and the SNP supported by the Tories voted the Labour/Libdem motion down, the SNP have been smoked out and as the Tory spokesman rightly said, we (Tories) are happy to be “better together” with the SNP in opposing the 1 penny tax rise.

The phrase “better together” resonates and has come back to bite the wretched SNP, it was underhandedly used by the SNP to link Labour with the Tories and now they are “better together” with the Tories, “in bed with the Tories”, and there is a massive difference between both descriptions.

The SNP accusation related to the referendum which of course had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the constitution. The Tory/SNP pact on taxes is a nakedly political act which cannot be dressed up as anything else, it’s a Tory policy borrowed by and supported by the Scottish traitors of the SNP. Will the Scottish people at long last take a hard look at these shysters?.  


Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Mr Kelly,

Thanks for the article. It's interesting to read the opposing views of the Scottish Parties.

In relation to the 1p tax rise that you disuss and that Labour propose and support, it did remind me of the run-up to the Scottish Parliament elections in 1999 when the SNP had themselves proposed a 1p tax rise. Labour had then vehmently opposed it, labelling it a 'Tartan Tax' and being very critical of the SNP for proposing such a measure (link-

I was wondering what your thoughts were on this change of position?


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

The events you refer to were 17 years ago and they were one of Salmond's many underhand stunts. This issue is perfectly clear. This is a 'political'choice, we either accept Labour's suggestion to raise tax to protect us from Tory austerity or we do not. The vote showed that those who did not want to raise the tax won and they consisted of SNP/Tories voting together. No matter how you write it that is a Tory/SNP alliance. Or to use SNP vernacular the Tories and the SNP yellow Tories are in bed together, where they belong.