Wednesday, December 16, 2015


And the daily SNP scandal for today is one of the complete disgrace and resignation of the entire board of a charity called Voluntary Sector Gateway West Lothian. This charity which has received in excess of £1million of donations and public funding has been plagued by problems over governance.

The chair of the charity was a Mr. Willie Boyle who is an SNP councillor. The charity remains under investigation and former chair SNP Councillor Mr. Boyle has become unavailable. There is always tomorrow, another day another SNP scandal perhaps, they are “not like other parties” are they? They are much worse.   


John Jones said...

The investigation by OSCR into this charity came about by a report to (OSCR)from the trustees of the charity themselves, including I assume the Chairperson. No other complaints were made to OSCR from any third parties. OSCR made several recommendations which were accepted by the trustees. However the trustees resigned enmasse at the AGM after the Chair of the Charity received a letter from Alex Neil MSP stating it was obvious the trustees had lost the confidence of the members of the charity and he was considering stripping the charity of its official function. The only link to the snp in this case is that the Chair of the organisation is an snp cllr and that the Cabinet Secretary Alex Neil snp MSP took action to remedy the situation. With respect Cllr you are now clearly clutching at straws in your determination to attack all and or anything SNP with this spurious entry. As a matter of interest Cllr what if any are the political affiliations of the other trustees? Did you try to find out, or as I suggest was this just another spurious attempt by you to attack the SNP? Finally Cllr may I take this opportunity to wish you, your family and all your readers a Merry Christmas and a prosperous, peaceful, healthy and Happy New Year.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

You have to consider who the snp minister was who threatened to strip the charity of it’s official function. It was Alex Neil, for Alex Neil to humiliate a high profile snp Cllr. who was chair of the charity Really tells you all you need to know. The snp continue to betray the trust of the people. I'm sure you could find out what the political affiliations of the others were, it's a total red herring but be my guest.