Tuesday, October 13, 2015


What will happen first, will Scotland win the World Cup or will the SNP put independence on the agenda. I wonder what the new members think now, surrounded as they are by shysters and crooks and a leadership which is afraid of pursuing what was once their single political issue, whisper it, shshshsh “independence". 


Anonymous said...

I imagine that independence will be on the agenda again long before Labour return to socialist values as opposed to being watered down Tories.

Whisper it shhh!! "socialism"

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Jeremy Corbyn is a Tory and so am I and you are a typical cybernat clown.

Running Man said...

How many Labour MP's abstained on the Tory budget vote....Labour are no united cause by a far far measure. Problem is that many like you struggle to think without being told.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

After that period of silence I was sure you would have something to say about independence and it's relegation down the list of SNP priorities.Or some of the scandals now surrounding your party. It appears that everyone is happy with Sturgeon's arbitrary decision to abandon independence.

Ian McGovern said...

"It appears that everyone is happy with Sturgeon's arbitrary decision to abandon independence."

If this sentence is indeed true then yes voters WILL leave in their droves, me included because they are not pursuing our beliefs or values.

Now Cllr Kelly, how do you explain being a member to a party who abandoned your core beliefs decades ago (1997 officially)??

Or are you going to spin some repetitive nonsense about how i am a "Liar" a "charlatan" or and "idiot"?

You must surely realise that the only people who frequent this page are people who like to see the marvel that is Terry Kelly, the "Socialist" Parody 'politician'

Apart from those who are here to enjoy the musings of a man bereft of principles are the numerous alias contributors you imagine up to concur with your nonsense.

Anonymous said...

A bit rude to call the poster who questioned when Labour will return to Socialism as a "cybernat clown".

It would appear to me, a mere mortal to be a valid point and one that is of interest to those you will soon ask to vote for you.

Please Mr Councillor expand on why you disagree with the "cybernat clown" and convince me as to why Labour are in any way socialist. I look forward to your well constructed words of wisdom without insult or injury to my character.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

If you had any "character" you would not be hiding behind anonymity.