Tuesday, May 05, 2015


We Will Not Stop Fighting for Scotland and Social Justice - Gordon Brown
We must stand up for the 71,000 Scots on food banks. The 80,000 Scots on zero-hours contracts. The 180,000 Scots on waiting lists who need the most basic of necessities, a decent home. We must give a voice to 200,000 children living in poverty, to the millions of Scots whose living standards are falling and whose NHS is suffering from neglect.

While the SNP talk only about deals, coalitions, pacts, tie-ins, hung parliaments and backroom negotiations, we will speak for the Scottish people, poverty, injustice, inequality, deprivation, the jewel in the crown of our welfare state our health service and a better future for the young people of our country. It is only a Labour Government that can: prevent food bank poverty; The Bedroom Tax; payday lenders. zero-hour contracts; NHS neglect, Tory austerity and the miseries they impose. The only Government that can deliver this change is a Labour Government. Even the SNP admit that a Labour Government is the best chance of change.  
We promise 1,000 more nurses, 500 more doctors, a youth employment guarantee. Undeliverable under a Tory Government, even with 59 SNP MPs. I know my fellow Scots are, like me, patriotic and  desperate for change. We want change today so we can live in a more socially just community

And I know too that the change that my fellow Scots and I are demanding is the greatest change of all - social justice - and that we are impatient and cannot wait for it: we want change today so we can live in a more socially just community as soon as tomorrow.  We promise a commitment to the sharing of resources across these islands – from each according to his capacity, to each according to his need, and our commitment to the principles of cooperation and solidarity that underlie this sharing is at the heart of everything we do. And while they talk about social justice, the SNP can never bring themselves to accept the sharing that is the means to secure social justice,

We believe in sharing across the whole of the country. only Labour led the way to the creation of the NHS, giving rights to free and universal care to all who are in need irrespective of nationality or ability to pay – a NHS that today for the very same reason is safe only in Labour’s hands. As is the UK-wide welfare state, Scottish Labour led the way to a minimum wage across the whole of the UK. These are the reasons why there can be no deal, no tie-in, no arrangement and no compromise with an SNP. The nationalist’s advance the cause of a separate state, while Labour advance the cause of social justice. Their aim is a second divisive referendum, our aim is a fair economy.

It cannot be right to argue that the easiest way to get Labour into government is to vote against the. The snp say that they want a Labour Government but refuse to advise Tories in England to vote Labour that is simply dishonest. The SNP the English to vote Liberal Democrat in 2010, and when they actually did use their bloc vote in Westminster they did not use it to save a labour Government to destroy a labour Government in 1979. The SNP prefer misery under the Tories to pursue their obsession of separation the one time they used their bloc vote in Westminster to effect change was not to save but to destroy a Labour Government in 1979. We know that the SNP prefer people dissatisfied under a Conservative Government than people satisfied under a Labour Government.
It aint rocket science, the more Labour MPs we have the more we have a chance of being in government.

We were born against the odds. We grew against the odds. M We created the NHS against the odds. We created the welfare state against the odds. We created the right to work against the odds. We delivered a minimum wage against the odds. We have spent our whole lives fighting for people whose lives are lived against the odds. And we will fight, fight and fight whatever the odds.
And I say to those who feel the pain of others and who believe in something bigger than ourselves: we know that when the strong help the weak it makes us all stronger. I say there are millions like you who cannot be truly happy when others are sad, who cannot be at ease when millions are ill at ease, who cannot feel fully secure with so many insecure, and who cannot be comfortable when so many are without comfort.
And so I give you my view. The independence people really want is independence from poverty. The liberation people really want is liberation from deprivation and unemployment. And the freedom people really want is freedom from all forms of injustice and inequality.

The starting point is on Thursday: voting Labour, electing Labour MPs and securing a Labour Government. Don’t be taken in, the SNP want the Tories to win, don’t let them. 

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