Sunday, March 08, 2015


December 20 14 Nicola Sturgeon said scrapping Trident "would be fundamental" for any agreement to prop up a government.       
3 months later  ---------------------------------------...                            March 20 15 Nicola Sturgeon said that the SNP could comfortably vote for Labour policies without a deal on Trident.    

They recently voted to become a member of NATO a Nuclear first strike organisation, effectively condoning nuclear weapons while dishonestly trying to portray themselves as the holier than thou party of opposition to WMD'S. Their position became one of being in the nuclear club but claiming to have clean hands by not having these weapons in Scotland, is there a more corrupt and morally vacuous political position anywhere today than that taken by the snp?. Would it be fair now considering these events to expect the snp to shut up about weapons of mass destruction as their policy on them is now a mendacious sham. 

Are there any snp shibboleths still standing?, any red lines not erased? any deal breakers that haven't been broken?. The once proud republican party who now accept the monarchy, the party who regarded the pound sterling as a millstone round the neck of a possible independent Scotland who fought tooth and nail to cling on to it during the referendum, the party who wanted rid of the UK but wanted the UK to give them their war ships to build, to share their NHS and share the UK passport etc. and so it goes. 

This is a political party that is perpetually up for sale to the highest bidder, the party who hate Labour but are desperate to form a coalition with us, the party recently exposed as accepting Tory policies to get Tory support for their budget to inflict an snp/Tory budget on the Scottish people while professing their disdain for all things Tory. Make no mistake about it, they want a Tory victory at the forthcoming general election because they think that another 5 years of right wing Tory rule will move Scotland closer to their goal of separation. Another 5 years of suffering and pain they think is worth it for their spectacularly stupid ambitions, we must not allow that to happen and there is only one way to stop it happening and that is to vote Labour, a vote for the snp is a vote for a Tory government remember that when voting day comes.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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