Monday, April 01, 2013


09.00 Thursday 28/03/2013 and the curtain goes up on the full council meeting called by the snp at an approximate cost to you the taxpayer of £2.5oo.
the explanation for the meeting? They wanted to try to blame labour for closing Elderslie swimming pool. The records show and they are not disputed by anyone that the decision to close this pool was taken by the previous snp/Libdem council administration, not only that but the records also show that they reiterated that decision on no fewer than 4 occasions making it 5 times in total that the snp/Libdem administration voted for closure of the pool.

Despite never having a plan B for the closed pool they now wanted labour to keep the building standing until a plan was in place to develop the site while admitting that it was to remain neglected. They had no proposals for keeping the building safe from vandalism, graffiti or arson etc. and no source of funding to pay for such tasks either. Local residents are incensed at the snp attempt to leave a large derelict building in their midst surrounded by shops, pubs, houses, village hall, bowling green, they are unconscionable chancers who couldn't care less about the people of Elderslie.

At this same meeting labour voted through a motion (opposed by the snp) to guarantee that no council tenants would be evicted because of the bedroom tax. We also called on the snp Scottish Government to enact legislation to ensure that no tenant either council, housing association or private would be evicted. The snp government have the power to do this but they have refused to do so. So much for their claims to be "Scotland's party" what a sick joke that now looks. The truth is that the snp want to see evictions so they can point the finger at the Westminster parliament and remind people that it is of course in England to further their own narrow agenda for the breakup of Britain, this is the lengths they are prepared to go to and make no mistake it's their own Scottish tenants who will be the ones who suffer, Scotland's party my "Jim Royle"


Anonymous said...

oh terry, yer like a wee chuckle brother. you always make me smile when i read yer wee rants.

god bless ye, ye wee soul

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

What language is this? Is it written in some kind of code?

Anonymous said...

Councillor, was the pool losing money and would labour have kept it open anyhow?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Tuesday, April 02, 2013 6:50:00 pm.

"Councillor, was the pool losing money and would labour have kept it open anyhow?"

There are no Renfrewshire swimming pools which do not lose money.The decision to close this one was taken approx. 6 years ago by the snp, at that time labour argued to renovate the pool and keep it open.

Anonymous said...

As my memory serves me Labour Councillors promised to save Johnstone and Elderslie pools if they wEre elected.

Total Shysters.

Will never touch them again.


Anonymous said...

Bit rich of Labour to complain about the bedroom tax considering that Labour MP Helen Goodman stated that Labour would NOT abolish the tax.

As for the SNP opposing bedroom tax evictions, utter nonsense as for example the SNP council in Dundee has stated that no council tenant will be evicted and at their spring conference Salmond ordered all other SNP councils to follow suit.

Contrast this with for example Labour the Labour administration in Fife Council who voted to block an SNP motion calling for a clear "No Bedroom Tax Evictions Policy" for council tenants.

The SNP motion condemned the Westminster government’s under occupation penalty and called on Fife Council to advise and support its tenants, to record any new rent arrears related to the bedroom tax separately from other debts to the Council, and never to evict any of its tenants purely on the grounds of bedroom tax rent arrears. The SNP motion also demanded that Bedroom Tax arrears will not be used as an impediment to any future allocations, exchanges or housing transfers for Fife Council tenants.

North Lanarkshire Council a Labour controlled local authority refused to back the SNP on a non-eviction policy for those affected by the Bedroom Tax. The SNP group on the council had moved an amendment backing a no-eviction policy at yesterday's full council meeting, but were voted down by the Labour group.

The SNP motion was defeated by 42 to 23 after Labour councillors voted against the no-evictions policy. Speaking after the vote, council leader Jim McCabe defended his party's decision, saying:

"It's easy to say we'll have no evictions but the truth is that the picture is much more complex. We'll analyse the impact of all the welfare reforms, not just the bedroom tax, and deal with them in a sensible, sensitive way."

He added: "We have demonstrated already that we will work closely with our tenants to help them through this and that work will continue. And I guarantee that this council will do everything possible to protect the most vulnerable in our communities in the face of this right-wing war on the poor."

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

That is correct but that was 6 years ago and millions have already been spent in providing other facilities, this sounds as if you are struggling to understand this.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

The predicament for you here is of course when these things go public; it means you are no longer talking to the snp sheep who follow the great leader no matter what. All councils evict people including snp one’s, the snp government however has the authority to legislate to protect all tenants in Scotland from eviction because of the bedroom tax and; they have refused to do so, unfortunately for you and the snp dullards this is a fact “a chiel that winna ding” if you prefer.

This covers not just the council tenants in 9 snp councils out of 32 but all tenants, whether council, housing association or private lets. The snp government are refusing to do this because in their own quite sinister way they want to see Scottish tenants evicted so they can blame the “English” government. They are beneath contempt and so are their hidebound supporters who are prepared to do anything and I mean anything Alex Salmond says.

The bottom line here is that individual councils can act on their own but; only the snp government can act in a way that protects all Scottish tenants and they are shamefully refusing to do so. You should be hanging your head in disgrace.

Running Man said...

Any comment on the £27,000 Legal bill run up for the taxpayers defending against Jim McGovern Lab MP's £24 train ticket.....

Running Man said...

The SNP government has the power to legislate to stop something that Labour didn't vote against in Westminster....Is that supposed to be an attack on the SNP ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Running Man said. Sunday, April 14, 2013 1:20:00 pm

The tax payers should not have to pay such a bill, the guilty party should do that.

I am not aware however of this guy being unique. Hundreds of MP’S from all parties etc. have been investigated at a cost to the tax payer and members of all parties have been found guilty. Why are you singling this one out?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Running Man said...Sunday, April 14, 2013 2:18:00 pm

My post on the bedroom tax is a statement of fact, are you trying to deny that?

Running Man said...

If the bedroom tax is so reprehensible why were Labour MP's not out voting against it in droves.

It seems a simple enough question. Trying to deflect it onto the SNP their responsibility looks rather 'dodgy'.

Personally I would like it if they did exactly what you said as again it would take up more space in the political spectrum where Labour have left a vacuum with their New Labour lurch to the right.

Whether this guy is unique or not is not the point, its now coming out to the public domain and so rightly demands comment.

Especially with Labour pushing this something for nothing culture mindset.

Running Man said...

I'm singling this one out as its in the papers today, I'm not a judge , so I do not need to look at every previous case to somehow test if its right or wrong. Its stinks if its reported correctly.

As you have agreed its pretty much a disgrace for both the GMB and the taxpayer to be bearing costs of this size over a £24 rail ticket.

Although GMB may have been obliged to fund the legal costs as the MP was a member.

Seems a bit bizarre for you to accuse the SNP of something that your party at National and seemingly local level won't do, if former comment around North Lanarkshire decision is correct.

I do agree they should do what you suggest if only to overcome seemingly suicidal Labour groups like that one quoted in North Lanarkshire.

If its political to keep pressure on Westminster then its wrong but your party did nothing so isn't entirely blameless.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Running Man said...Monday, April 15, 2013 7:57:00 am

"A simple question"

Clearly not simple enough for you, Labour are opposed to the bedroom tax, do you disagree with that? The salient point is that your MP’S are expenses fiddlers as well but you choose to highlight this guy, that argument is a disgrace. I am and always will be against something for nothing, what do you find wrong with that?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Running Man said... Monday, April 15, 2013 4:19:00 pm

“I'm singling this one out as its in the papers today”

That’s a lie, you are not talking to your dumb ass snp pals now.

“As you have agreed it’s pretty much a disgrace for both the GMB and the taxpayer to be bearing costs”

Another lie, how dumb are you?

The rest of this is repetitive garbage and if you send another rehash you are out of the ball game, as a father of 4 children I learned patience but none of my children were as thick as you, you are wasting my time.