Friday, April 19, 2013


Some readers will be aware that snp Cllr. Kenny Maclaren recently reported me to the Standards Commission.

He accused me of lying about the non attendance of him and his snp colleagues at a training event which I chaired, an event which I am happy to reiterate they did not attend. I am now of course well used to being reported to The Standards Commission by the political snp pygmies in Renfrewshire Council as well as the occasional accusation by Libdem time servers. I am in fact still waiting for the utterly absurd character that is Libdem Cllr. Eileen McCartin to take me to court, something she threatened to do about a year ago. I can only assume based on my knowledge of her that her hubris has taken second place to her cowardice and we are still waiting. She is the very important leader of her party in the council and nine times unsuccessful parliamentary candidate; Scotland's very own "Screaming Lord Sutch" if you will. She won the leadership election by one vote, she is in fact the only Libdem in the council and she of course voted for herself as the best candidate by far. A very important position judging by the way she reminds everyone that she is the party chief.

I have now received a letter from the Standards Commission indicating that there is no case to answer so; Cllr. MacLaren and the rest of them will have to come up with some other spurious accusation to pester the Standards Commission with; I'm getting the impression that they do not like me. I feel sympathy for the officers of the S. C. Sometimes. You may well ask if Cllr. MacLaren is humiliated by making such a fool of himself. I think it would be far more pertinent to ask if he actually knows when he is making a fool of himself and whether he should be humiliated by his actions; his conduct suggests not. . When you are a single issue political party like the snp and your single issue is fuelled by an irrational hatred of your English neighbours there is always the risk that you will be a magnet for some pretty rum characters. That is why I am enjoying the separatist referendum debate, it exposes on a daily basis the ignorance of the snp and the sheer scorn that they have for the Scottish people.


Eileen Kelly said...

You should apologise for the misogynist nature of your attack of Cllr McCartin. No doubt she is a fool (being a Lib Dem gives it away) but to call her a prostitute and insult her in terms you wouldn't dare use to describe a man is as repugnant as it is sexist. You have daughters and a wife, try to be worthy of of their love and respect rather than stopping to such a disgusting level.

Kieran Murray said...

"I oppose Racism, Sexism, Sectarianism, Nationalism and any kind of discrimination."

Ach well, three out of four is ok.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Kieran Murray said...Tuesday, April 23, 2013 9:52:00 am

"Ach well, three out of four is ok"

I am also tolerant of the poor souls who are innumerate.

There 5 there and all 5 are accurate.