Thursday, October 18, 2012


As the snp's bedraggled troops limp and stagger in to the fair City of Perth the Silvery Tay seems to be weeping for them. While led by a political shyster (Salmond) whose glitter is peeling and a deputy leader (Sturgeon) an over promoted nonentity who has been shunted out of the health brief to save lives. The bookies who are of course never wrong will give anyone brave enough to have a flutter 9/4 on an snp independence referendum victory, significantly enough my own friendly Turf Accountant reports no rush of swinging kilts coming through his doors. No surprise I hear you murmur considering the way the wind is blowing and the fact that they are after all Scots. Notorious for their parsimony.

Alas for the snp and their cannon fodder members that mighty newspaper known as "The Thunderer" The Times tells us that today has seen yet another Skean Dhu slide under their rib cages and pierce their hearts. The latest poll tells us that those against independence are disappearing over the horizon like a horse with it's arse on fire showing a lead which has now stretched to 28%. Those for independence 30% Those against 58%, it's looking like Culloden and Wembley 9 – 3 all over again.


The frowning members are downbeat and defeatist asking timorously "can it get any worse?" Being a decent sort of chap it grieves me to have to tell them that not only can it get worse it already has! The same newspaper tells us that in general political terms out with the referendum miss match Labour have risen 3% in the polls and the snp have gone down 5%. If it rains soup in Perth over the next couple of days the snp members will surely come running out carrying forks.


This organisation is rotten from the top down and proposals from the leadership to embrace NATO a nuclear weapons organisation while trying to con the Scottish people with their synthetic rage over Trident is an embarrassing sign of that, embracing the Queen is another. They simply can't be trusted and it looks like the people are beginning to rumble them. Will Salmond (the spiv) go down with the ship or will he as I predict be the rodent with the last life belt, mark my words he will find someone else to blame.

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Oakwood said...

The SNP are shysters. They never tire of telling us they "want to bring back the levers of power" by leaving the UK so that they can set "our own budgets and make our own laws". They also want to join the EU but will never say this in the same sentence.

What they ALWAYS forget to highlight is that by joining the EU, member states have to get their budget approved by Brussells, just ask Angela Merkel.

Another thing that has slipped under he radar is that the SNP administration at Holyrood have shelved legislation to have minimum pricing for alcohol because or objections raised by, among others, Bulgaria. Imagine if Westminster had done this, it would be "Westminster (which is an SNP racist euphemism for England) interfering in Scottish affairs" all over the media.

The SNP is a party who will sell not only their granny but her mother too in order to get a yes vote as that is why they want to retain the monarchy, stay in Nato both of which are an anathema to their core support.