Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The Independence campaign twitter site launched after their fiasco of a launch last week has been forced to concede that they have been caught out again. This time they have been 'at it' by counting every visitor to the site as a supporter without asking their permission, tawdry, sleazy, very underhand, very SNP. This is another sign of desperation just like their failed attempt to load the question on the ballot paper, this desperation has also led them to describe people who wouldn't be recognised walking down a Scottish street as "A" List celebrities. Watching them join in singing Caledonia with a rough sleeper who had wandered in with a guitar was reminiscent of what Oscar Wilde (a brilliant man despite not being Scottish) said about the death of little Nell "you would have had to have a heart of stone not to laugh"

The question now is will Nicola Sturgeon be the first to implode and be 'huckled' as they say around these parts in to a rubber room. On her TV appearance the other night when she suggested 'shooting from the hip' that Scotland under independence would be entitled to a seat at the bank of England decision making table, she was subjected to such ridicule and derision from fellow panellists and audience members alike that she was left wearing the expression of the first person in the movie to see the monster, the panic in her eyes suggested that she could hear the white coats flapping. These occasions will become more and more common as the debate goes on and the SNP are forced to answer questions. They are already beginning to unravel. The hapless wee Nicola may well get some 'gardening leave' to try to avoid any more embarrassing fiascos. What about MacAskill, or Alex Neil, or 'Murmuring John Swinney' if he can be found? A huge pool of talent right?

They will have to rely maybe on being rescued by "Wan seat Harvie" and "Nae seats Fox" from the Greens and the SSP. Let's face it try as they might these two will never replace "Screaming Lord Sutch" Even with two and a half years to go I would say 'the game's a bogie, the baw's broke' but at least it will be two and a half years of jolly good fun. Reducing bullies to quivering wrecks is always worth doing.


David Duff said...

Never mind all that old nonsense, Councillor. Have you put your bunting up yet?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Put up bunting! why, what's happening?

Anonymous said...

You are perhaps right on this issue. There serious questions to be asked concerning what one might term the 'higher reasoning faculties' of some of the Nationalist politicians. For too long they have relied upon simple 'Westminster' bashing as the primary source of argument. I had a visit from one of their councillors and was happy to speak to him. I was appalled by his lack of basic knowlwdge about political matters generally and by his complete inability to form analytical judgments. I asked him about reform of landownership in Scotland - still a neglected issue here- and what the SNP position on it was. He looked panicked and just mumbled about it all being the fault of the 'elite in Westminster'. I asked him about the currency question and exchange rates if independence was ever to come about. Again, he seemed lost. Rambling on about how we were 'paying England's debts' and so on. I asked about what he thought 'nationalism' was as an ideology given that he claimed to be one - all he could answer was that he was not a 'racist'. I was truly shocked. The man was shallow and almost simple-minded. I generally regard the Labour people that come around as well meaning drunks and state lackeys and the Tory's as greedy and hypocritical perverts but the Nationalists are just too politically simplistic to take seriously at all.
Rainer Maria Rilke

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Rainer - I think you are new to me so I should point out to you that this comment
"You are perhaps right on this issue" is inaccurate. I am right on every issue and you seem to strive to be the same.

Perhaps you are on to something here and a Rainer Maria Rilke political party is a possibility. If you don't buy a ticket you won't win the raffle.

Meanwhile we strive for a socialist society, we will not be persuaded otherwise.

Anonymous said...

"The Queen's horses have been in training for months to draw the Royal Carriage during the Jubilee. But they still can't pick up the fucking pencils." In the face of a recession good to know there's money for good causes.
Arthur Kelly Chgo/Craigneuk