Thursday, April 26, 2012


Very interesting exchange on late night Scottish News tonight.

During this exchange about the Salmond Murdoch scandal. We witnessed the following gut wrenching exchange. Interviewer to labour leader Johann Lamont, "following recent revelations about Mr. Salmond and Rupert Murdoch, do you consider Mr. Murdoch to be a fit and proper person do give Scottish Government support to?" split second later Ms. Lamont "NO"

Interviewer to SNP Government Deputy Leader Nicola Sturgeon "following these recent revelations about Mr. Salmond and Rupert Murdoch, do you consider Rupert Murdoch to be a fit and proper person to give Scottish Government support to?" Ms. Sturgeon Refused to give an answer. She was asked again, no answer, and again, no answer. Interviewer "I'll take that as a yes then"

Remember that some time after Rupert Murdoch and the obscenity that was the News of the World had admitted hacking the phone of the murdered schoolgirl Millie Dowler, an act beyond understanding to decent people; causing her family unimaginable agony Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond was inviting Murdoch to dinner at Bute House Edinburgh.

Voters think about this man Salmond and the party he leads remember you have to sleep at night.


Jim said...

Actually I think Nicola Sturgeon quite rightly made the point that a great many people in Scotland were employed by Rupert Murdoch - But Brewer was only interested in a Yes / No answer... The sort of thing you habitually evade too!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


As the rap sheet lengthens for this man Salmond and the SNP your hidebound intransigence increases with it. It must be very painful being dragged to a position where the honest decent ones at last say, enough is enough I do not want people like Rupert Murdoch and Alex Salmond running Scotland. The more you acquiesce with these people the greater becomes their contempt for you. It’s sad and pathetic.

Jim said...

I'm not acquiescing with anyone - I'm correcting yet another of your deliberate misrepresentations. When you stop 'mistyping the truth' maybe we could move onto actually discussing the merits of your arguments.

Try this

@ 14 mins 30 seconds when Brewer asks his question, and Lamont immediately says no.

Nicola Sturgeon stutters, but clearly says : "I absolutely condemn what happened with phone hacking but Rupert Murdoch is a big employer in Scotland..."

To which Gordon Brewer interrupts and says it's got to be yes or no and I'll take that as a yes...

You see the difference between the actual truth and your not so subtle spin? Probably not, but we'll keep trying and hope that one day you'll see telling lies won't do you any favours as the truth will always out.

PS It's only because I love what you stand for so much that I care to help you.

PPS When your daughter writes your replies, why don't you just let her sign off.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Sturgeon and Salmond have been asked repeatedly to condemn Murdoch and have failed to do so. If you are going to quote the TV you should at least make an effort to get it right.

I assume that you are suggesting that my daughter writes my posts,evidence of weakness and desperation from you.

Did Sturgeon know about the lurid and violent history of the wife beating SNP MSP candidate before his selection and hush it up or did that not happen in your world either.

I'm just trying to establish if you are capable of the truth that's all, do you need to contact her or Alex before answering?

Anonymous said...

It would appear that you are beyond any morals or scruples.

To try and utilise a young girls death to your political advantage is as low as you can go.

I have no political axe to grind but this is below despicable.

You are below the lowest in terms of morals and you should be deeply ashamed.

Crawl back into the cess pit that you came from.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


There’s a stench of lies from this post “no political axe to grind” false outrage and shameless exploitation of the one you lie about protecting.

I think you will find that those who are unusual in all of this are people like you who try to muddy the waters around Salmond’s actions regarding Rupert Murdoch. He has made himself a pariah for crawling in to bed with him after he (Murdoch) had exploited the young girls death. Salmond (the spiv) knew about this and still invited him as an honoured guest to Bute house. You have no shame and you and Salmond (the spiv) and the SNP drag this country in to the gutter.

TheBigMan said...

As a Labour councillor you will be aware that Milliband met with Murdoch last July. He has offered Murdoch a deal in exchange for the Support of the Sun. Where does you get off criticising anyone about their Murdoch contacts.

Allan said...

Remember voters, the former leader of Terry's party flew half way around the world to get the support of the Digger for the 1997 wesminster Election.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


I thank you for giving me the opportunity to remind readers that sometime after (the wee spiv) Salmond’s friend Rupert Murdoch hacked the phone of tragic murdered schoolgirl Millie Dowler and deliberately led her terrified parents to think she was still alive. An evil act which defies description he (Salmond invited him Rupert) to be an honoured guest at Bute House for dinner.

I am confident that the people of Scotland (not people like you thank God) will come to their own conclusion as to what kind of men (Salmond and Murdoch) are, and what kind of organisations (News International and the equally repellent S.N.P.) they lead.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


A revealing if predictable display of what passes for morality in the SNP by Allan here.

The sordid (wee spiv) Salmond in full knowledge of his pal Rupert Murdoch’s unspeakable treatment of the family of murdered schoolgirl Millie Dowler where he (Rupert) deliberately led them to believe in the midst of their terror and torment that their daughter was still alive, then Invited him (Murdoch) as an honoured guest to dinner at Bute House.

What kind of person is Allan you might wonder? How about Salmond? The SNP? Murdoch? Think carefully, do you really want people like these running Scotland? Do you want to destroy Scotland’s honour? Can you in all conscience vote for these repulsive characters?

Ali Syme said...

In no particular order - the reasons why Scottish people have nothing to be proud of.

1. They believe William Wallace was a real person and wrote letters.

2. Reporting Scotland which just reports on things we've already heard of but focuses in on the closest thing to Scottish in the story. E.g. 1,000 people die somewhere in the world. You see it on the news. Cue Reporting Scotland. "One of those killed was in Scotland once and liked it - let's go to our reporter outside a shithole council house in Fife to talk to illiterate scum".

3. "The Scottish Government" - now who's idea was that? (I know - the fat spiv). So we have Indian Restaurants. They are called Indian Restaurants. In India, however, they would be called, simply, restaurants. We don't go on about the "British" Government - do we? Scotland is constantly laughed at for having such a stupidly named Executive. Oh and yes - Executive was a way cooler thing - remember the fancy crest and all that? It sounded awesome. Now we have a shitty saltire and the words "Scottish Government" on everything. ARGH!

4. The Accent. Honestly - a majority of Scottish people must be gay because the accent is just unbelievable. Where do people learn how to speak like this? Watch River City or Gary Tank Commander and you'll understand how weird it is. You'd hear and see better things in a communal latrine.

5. Neds. Not the movie - love the movie - but neds in general. I particularly hate the neds who don't think they are neds. They just wear the shit, speak like a ned and jake about like...well...a ned.

6. Salmond. These morons vote for Salmond.

7. 97% of English people living in Scotland have experienced racial abuse from Scots.

8. Salmond and co have put one of Scotland's biggest football teams out of business.

10. 82% of Asians living in Scotland fear they will be harmed in an independent Scotland.

Daniel Kelly said...

Salmond is vermin.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Salmond is vermin.

When you consider his reaction to the hacking of the murdered schoolgirl Millie Dowler’s phone and the suffering deliberately caused by Murdoch to her family was to invite him (Murdoch) as an honoured guest to dinner at Bute House. I would go further than you Mr. Kelly and use the great Nye Bevan’s description of the Tories as “lower than vermin”

Jim said...

"If you are going to quote the TV you should at least make an effort to get it right. "

ROTFLMFAO - Brilliant Terry. No wonder Gordon Brown felt it was ok to sell the gold at the market bottom, when you can produce nuggets like that- Rock Solid gold, Councillor.

I wasn't just quoting from the TV. I gave you the web link and the time reference for the Interview passage, which you've so dramatically and deliberately misquoted. If you care to correct my references I'd be delighted, otherwise you leave yourself open to the ridicule of anyone who bothers to check (I realise there are commentators on here who just assume that you are lying anyway, but imagine if one of your one-eyed supporters was to see you for what you were...)


Cllr Terry Kelly said...


I don’t intend to get bogged down in this which I know will not please you. I am not a computer expert so I will tell you exactly what I did. I copied and pasted your reference and it brought up the interview, I watched it and noticed that you had misquoted it. Whether this was deliberate or not I don’t know therefore I will not call you a liar. For the same reason I have to wonder what happened to your answer about Sturgeon and the wife beating SNP MSP. Did you miss that by accident or what?

Do you agree with Salmond (the wee spiv) that Rupert Murdoch is a fit and proper person to give the Scottish Government’s support to?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


“the reasons why Scottish people have nothing to be proud of“

I can’t agree with this, Scottish people have many things to be proud of if you ignore that these things are all accidents of birth and like people everywhere they have things to be ashamed of, all accidents of birth as well, Keir Hardie and Alex (the spiv) Salmond are good examples of the former and the latter.

1/ Correct 2/ Correct less the last 10 words. 3/ Correct except ‘pathetic’ is more apt than “Shitty” 4/ Correct it’s bloody awful but that does not make it unique, but I don’t see any link with the Scottish accent or any other accent for that matter being gay. 5/ Neds as you call them are a product of Capitalism and again not unique to Scotland, but you are spot on with 6/ They do vote for Salmond (the spiv) that’s why he wants the voting age lowered for the referendum. 7/ Correct but the percentage is probably higher. 8/ You need to expand on this for me. 9/ The Asian community are right to be afraid of independence. History teaches us that nationalism leads to all kinds of evil and racism is usually first to raise its ugly head. Just listen to the SNP on England and Englishness.

Jim said...

LOL - Brilliant!

Tell me, which of us is closer to the actual transcription. Is it you or is it me? bearing in mind that you still don't even have the correct words for the question, perhaps we'll just leave it to your many legions - and I'll forever enjoy your 'black is white' moment.

Regarding the wife-beating MSP - what exactly is it that you expect? Hasn't he been expelled from the SNP after being found guilty in a criminal trial? I would have thought due process was the only way to go about it - there's certainly enough of these scandals to go around all the parties though - check out Labour's hall of Shame

That some of these guys were only suspended and allowed back on active duty for Labour is enough to send a shiver down the spine of any parent.

Regarding Rupert Murdoch, I don't read his papers, but I do have Sky at home and appreciate that support is offered via either Dunfermline or Livingstone contact centres. I would have thought outright insulting someone who might be responsible for so many Scottish jobs was a foolhardy approach to running a country. That is of course your prerogative, but you do tend to be a tad prickly at the best of times.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Jim - Monday, April 30, 2012 12:21:00 PM

“LOL - Brilliant! Tell me, which of us is closer to the actual transcription”

You accused me of getting it wrong when you also got it wrong, she still refused to condemn Murdoch though!

Are your comments about the ‘wife beating SNP MSP stupid or lies? Perhaps you need reminding of the point, the big hint here is that it’s about Sturgeon not the wretched SNP MSP wife beater did you not get that? Surely you wouldn’t lie about it, surely not in such a blatant way?

She was told in advance of his background and she hushed it up, that was the salient point, if you don’t want to address it what is the point of engaging with you. Will you please address the point about Sturgeon? Not only does she refuse to condemn Murdoch but she deliberately hides the wife beating background of an SNP candidate, well?

Jim said...

Terry, I've just checked the video again... good Lord but Chutzpah doesn't even start to describe your tactics here.

Still, I won't kick a dog whilst it's down, by this point I assume all reasonable minded folk will have confirmed that your original post (the subject of this thread surely!) is a long way from the actual facts.

I realise you're keen to switch the subject to another topic, but I'm still not sure what the point is. The guy has been found guilty in court of wife beating and expelled from the party. Presumably he was given the benefit of the doubt following that ancient tradition of 'Innocent until proven guilty'. As I've already alluded to, there are more than enough examples of it across the entire spectrum of political parties - possibly why I have such a strong dislike of you political types.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

OK I’m a patient man so I will try again if you send a similar response it will not be printed because I will assume that you are a liar.
Pay attention now, the charge is that Sturgeon knew that the wife beating SNP MSP had these episodes in his past and she chose to cover it up and he subsequently was selected as the SNP candidate. The crimes of beating his wives are not an issue here nor is how the SNP reacted when this was exposed a while ago. The issue is the Deputy first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon knew about it and protected him, I can’t make it any simpler than that. Would like to try again carefully!

Jim said...

Ok... Quite what it's got to do with you being exposed for your 'spin' on the original story I don't know, nor why you think I might have any sort of inside knowledge of it, but for what it's worth, and based on what I know of Nicola sturgeon I don't believe that she deliberately shielded a wife beater. I doubt many other folk will buy that angle either, but you can try selling it wherever you like... Will people buy it from someone shown to be so willing to sacrifice truth for political gain, I'm not sure.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


So you can tell the truth then. She knew about this guy beating his wives and she did not report it so what would you call it? It’s not me who is selling it, it’s been well reported in the news. She also protected a serial fraudster a while ago and tried to help him avoid jail. Or is that something else you deny?

douglas clark said...

Dear Cllr Terry Kelly,

Just out of curiosity, how is the polling going? You never answer a question about Labours' wrongs, indeed you deny they even exist. Almost your entire blog is about the nasty SNP.

Why is that?

Is your seat at risk?

Jim said...

I don't think I've denied anything - but to be honest I never really paid much heed to the story in the first place. It all seems to have followed due process. As far as I understood things, candidates are put forward by their local branches - so one would have thought they would be best placed to decide if the candidate was suitable or not - clearly they've got that wrong in this case, but it seems to have worked itself out.

I'm well aware of the letter which she wrote on behalf of one of her constituents, who had appealed to her for help - didn't she apologise to parliament for that apparent error of judgement? Then again the letter itself was pretty benign.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Due process?, nothing to do with this, branches don’t choose they recommend candidates, it did not work itself out, you had this peice of s**t for four and a half years and she knew about him. The constituent she tried to help to avoid justice was a serial fraudster who had previous.

You, her, Salmond, The SNP you are some piece of work the lot of you, bravehearts every one, God help Scotland if you ever win independence.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


I haven’t done any polling but I am happy with how things are going.

What Labour wrongs?

The nasty SNP are the nastiest party I have ever come across, on a par with their soulmates in the national Front.

I am quietly confident that I will hold the seat, thank you for asking Douglas.

Auld Bob said...

Typicl of Labour hypocracy. What more needs to be said. I listened to an interview with Ms Lamont and when asked if she would meet with Murdoch she said yes. So there it is, if Labour do it- it's all right then but if the SNP do it then Labour, amply aided by the state propaganda machine, thik it's all right. Just ask "Wee Willie", mcBain who tweeted that the PLP have a long standing rule to never vote for anything that is prompted by the SNP. They even abstained on an SNP/Plaid motion against the cut of income tax by 5P. Who can trust such hypocracy?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

There is only one man and one party who invited Murdoch as an honoured guest to Bute House for dinner thus bringing shame on all Scots. And that was Salmond (the wee spiv) and the SNP.

I personally would never support a party (The SNP) whose founders were jailed for campaigning to get people not to fight Hitler and fascism. I look at today’s SNP and I see a party which is held together by the glue of Anti English Racism. You and the SNP deserve each other.

Auld Bob said...

Well. Terry Kelly, Just what evidence have you that Salmond has accepted anything as a bribe from Murdoch? Do you really want me to drag up the goings on involving Westminster Members of all British Nationalist parties. A first Ministers job is to meet those who bring jobs and inward investment to Scotland. Have you any evidence that Salmond did anything other than that? If you have I advise you take that evidence to the Scottish Police force. Or as they put it in your neck of the woods - put up or shut up. By the way on the subject of not fighting for the the UK, it is quite obvious you need to read up on the early history of the formation of the Labour Party in Scotland. How about you attempt to make some fprm of positive case for Scotland to remain in the Union? If you actually think your particular brand of mud slinging will convert people to vote against the SNP then you are underestimating the intelligence of the average Scottish voter. The SNP case is positive and all Labour can scrape up is mud to throw. I challange you to make a positive case for the Union. Act like a political figure instead of a snivlling playground bully. We are adults - are you?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


“Well. Terry Kelly, Just what evidence have you that Salmond has accepted anything as a bribe from Murdoch?”

I have no idea what you are on about here.

My charge against Salmond (the spiv) does not relate to jobs or anything other than his relationship with Rupert Murdoch whom he invited as an honoured guest to Bute House despite knowing what Murdoch did to the family of the murdered schoolgirl Millie Dowler, can you try sticking to the point?

“How about you attempt to make some fprm of positive case for Scotland to remain in the Union”

I’ll try a simple Analogy for you, I’m always willing to help people like you.

Imagine you have been living happily in a house for 40/50 years and someone comes along and suggests that you move. Who do think should have the responsibly for justifying that move?
Is it the happy contented home owner who in this analogy represents the Union or is it the person who wants him to move, this person for the sake of the analogy is you! If this is too difficult for you to grasp please let me know and I will try to find something even simpler.