Monday, January 30, 2012


Tommy Sheridan is released from jail, still insolent and defiant claiming his innocence in his charming sotto voce way, as is his wife Gail who is all over the Daily Record today recalling the horror of her treatment by the (Harry Margolis) She was told to stop staring at an electric plug during her questioning and had her Rosary Beads confiscated by her interrogator, a man whose hero they say is O'Brien from 19 84. This act of mental cruelty was carried out fittingly enough when she was half way through the "The Five Sorrowful Mysteries" only O'Brien could come up with that one. Mrs. Sheridan was at home with her suspicious and highly dangerous daughter who I believe was 3 years old at the time, a highly dangerous 3 year old it has to be said, when 9 of Scotland's finest; resplendent in neck to ankle black coats and spotlessly polished jack boots arrived to turn the house over, being thorough and highly trained cops, they took no chances, they searched the wee criminal's baby wear drawer and her toy drawer as well. Their professionalism sustained them as the wee girl wept and screamed, their training kicked in and they knew she was "at it" the bastards threatened her with no Santa Clause if she didn't behave, a Policeman's lot is not a happy one with such ever present danger.

Anyway Tommy and his family should not starve, there could be a book and possibly a play and a song or two to see them by, history tells us that prisoners depending on their celebrity or infamy can do quite well on the outside. Solzhenitsyn did OK once his fingers thawed out enough to type and he gave us 'Cancer Ward' and the snappily titled 'One day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch' Brendan Behan wrote 'Borstal Boy' about his 3 years in a British Borstal after being caught with his "IRA conjuring kit" (bomb equipment) as he called it at the age of 16, Norman Mailer wrote "The Executioners Song" about Gary Gilmore whose last words were "let's do it" before dying by firing squad, The much misunderstood victim of urban deprivation Jimmy Boyle gave us 'A sense of Freedom' and had a play written about him 'The hard man' Celebrated Tory shake down artists Jonathan Aitken and Jeffrey Archer both free market shysters wrote books which made money, Mien Kampf ? say no more, Oscar Fingal O'Flaherty Wills Wilde wrote the quite staggering 'Ballad of Reading Gaol' about his time as a guest of her majesty, and perhaps one of the most famous prisoners of them all Nelson Mandela wrote copiously about his time in jail and eventually triumphed and became one of the greatest people in the history of the planet 'a secular saint'

Tommy's book will be fascinating, Gail's will be enthralling but their wee girl's will be waited for with baited breath by a thirsting insatiable public desperate to know about her life as one of Great Britain's most notorious and dangerous 3 year olds. Yes folks you should never forget it; whatever age you are don't mess with the Scottish Police Force.




"Readers will note the contradiction of having Amazon books here and the more ethical Housman's books above. I have decided to keep it here and continue to pass the renumeration from them to a good Socialist cause."

Aye, the stamps for yer expenses claims.....Paisleys answer tae woolfy Smith. Socialist my erky, yer as deluded as that bam fae falkirk.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


I haven’t even looked at the messages on the front of my blog for years, so thanks for reminding me to update them.

As far as expenses are concerned: I urge you to send a ‘freedom of information’ request to Renfrewshire Council regarding my expenses. I will then expect you to make an apology to me on this forum. You see I don’t claim any you bozo, you’ve got to be SNP, you’ve just got to be.