Monday, November 07, 2011


Top boxers have the ability to remain calm in the ring, that sounds quite easy but it is probably the hardest place in the world to keep your wits about you except perhaps in a shoot out with enemy soldiers.


Scotsman Ricky Burns displayed that calmness when he outpointed the powerful all action Australian Michael Katsitis to become the 'interim' lightweight champion of the world just the other night. The 'interim' thing is there because the present holder has moved up a weight and the authorities have now to sort it all out but Burns will either be announced as champion or will be given the position of one of the first contenders which means he will fight for the title against the other nominated guy.


The Australian was a brawler, full of power courage and energy as he walked forward into withering punches all night swinging haymakers which Burns took mostly on his arms. The brave Aussie tired himself out as Burns boxed brilliantly, he has a classic boxer's stance with a conventional left jab which is solid and accurate, he never looked like losing at any time as he kept his composure and jabbed and counter punched to great effect. This was good for the game it was a great fight with the classic battle between the puncher and the boxer very much in evidence.


Burns can absorb punishment and he moves well and is elusive the Aussie was frustrated as he kept walking into the ramrod jab and finding himself less and less able to hurt Burns as he inevitably tired due to his style. I would like to see Burns develop more of a punch with his right hand as having to go the distance in most fights carries its own dangers but make no mistake about this guy he is the real deal an outstanding boxer and young enough to be around for a while, something Scotland has been needing for some time to stimulate the sport, well done Ricky Burns.





Len Woodhall said...

The only way to stay calm in the ring is to have the right mindset before you enter the ring

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Len Woodhall on A SCOTTISH BOXING CHAMPION! OH YES HE IS! on 08/11/11

That certainly helps Len but would you not agree that inside the ring and outside the ring are two completely different worlds?