Saturday, February 19, 2011


To the 6 weekly Council circus for the Full Council meeting Thursday Feb. 17Th. 11, it was budget day and the first thing to say is that the SNP repeatedly attacked Labour for not producing a budget, what they omitted to say was that they (the SNP) refused to produce a budget when they were in opposition, some 27 years, go figure. It was known that parents angry at the Coalition's proposals to cut Primary Education would be present and that provoked SNP supporters who never attend to show up early to prevent as many parents as possible from getting in, do you think they might be afraid of the parents actually hearing the argument?

SNP council leader Mackay was skewered regularly by questions which he refused to answer he for instance claimed a mandate for their actions based on consultation replies which he said justified what they were doing he stated that 600 people had replied by attending meetings around Renfrewshire, I asked him what that 600 people represented as a percentage of those contacted? no reply! He continued with this ludicrous deceit by quoting percentages of people he claimed supported him, again I asked him to tell us what his quoted percentages were in relation to the numbers contacted, again; no reply. Another example of his lightweight abilities followed when he called on people to stop describing non teachers as the 'scum of the earth' I said to him that it was a terrible accusation to make and he answered "well you should stop doing it" I asked again if he was accusing me of saying this? His answer? Like a petulant child he blurted out "I'm not going to debate with you Kelly" stripped of my title of councillor by King Derek eh? This ridiculous boy is the leader of Renfrewshire Council, oh yes he is. Honestly!

Prior to the meeting starting parents gathered outside to protest and all 3 Party leaders addressed, them the 1 predictably missing was of course SNP council leader Derek Mackay he said he was too busy with business inside the building: he was of course hiding in the toilet trembling and hugging his teddy bear. This overture to the meeting produced another priceless McCartinism she; showing her usual arrogance and stupidity decided to speak: everyone had mentioned the hundreds of emails received by councillors from the parent campaigners, all said they took on board the overwhelming negative opinions expressed of the proposed changes to education provision by the incensed parents . You have heard me describe this wretched bully of a woman (Libdem McCartin) before: heard me lament her arrogance and her vicious lack of sympathy or empathy with anyone or anything, I now offer you further proof.

She took a few steps up the stairs and turned to face the crowd and said (I paraphrase) "I too have received as many as 200 emails and they are about half and half" she was suggesting that about 100 of the emails she had received from parents supported the council decision to cut primary education provision and the other 100 were opposed to the proposals. I think that some people who read this will think I'm not telling the truth here some will say; OK councillor Kelly we know you don't like this woman but really: no one is that stupid surely, is anyone as arrogant as that honestly; as contemptuous of voters and parents as that? Well, that's what she said she tried to tell the parents many of whom had sent those emails that they were balanced about 50% for and 50% against the SNP/Libdem proposals to cut Primary provision, make your own enquiries don't take my word. It might be a good idea to contact her and ask to see the evidence to support her claim, when she made this ludicrous claim she was met with howls of derision and she said she could prove what she said by showing them the emails, someone from the parents councils should take up her challenge, I find her claim disingenuous to say the least some parents present were yelling that she was a downright liar. None of the parents challenges or derisive laughter of course had any effect on her, remember we are talking about Eileen McCartin Libdem leader and deputy leader of the council here, oh yes she is. Honestly.

The budget was the 'same old same old' with more savage cuts in Social Work, Education and Leisure and here is a fact for you to mull over. The Tories produced a budget of vicious cuts as well but there was something of a collector's item about it. The SNP/Libdem budget cuts were more than the Tory budget cuts, go figure that one as well tartan Tories anyone? The SNP/Libdem coalitions in Renfrewshire are more vicious with their cuts than the Libdem/Tories in the British Govt. at Westminster. Here are some rough figures to show the extent of the con trick which the SNP/Libdem coalition are trying to perpetrate on the people of Renfrewshire.

SNP Mackay boasts about 600 people at meetings and claims a mandate from that, he refused to say how many were invited. We know however that 91,249 people were invited to take part in a consultation called "difficult choices for difficult times" and 1,984 responded the percentage he basis his mandate on is therefore 2.17% if the 600 who attended meetings not all of whom supported their proposals but let's be charitable and say all 600 supported him that would be 0.66% we aint talking landslides here are we? Cllrs. Mackay and McCartin and their motley crew must have learned about democracy from a CIA backed dictator of a 3rd. World banana republic, (vote early and vote often! welcome to sunny Renfrewshire Council run by Cllr. Derek Mubarak and Cllr. Eileen Gadaffi)

39 councillors have received something like 6,000 emails from angry parents and SNP council leader Mackay doesn't want to mention that; why? It's only 10 times more than the number (all of whom didn't agree with him) which he claims gives him a mandate to slash primary education.

Over 3,000 signatures on a petition which also does not impress SNP council leader Mackay, that's 5 times more than the magic 600 number which he pathetically clings to again remember all of that 600 did not agree with him and the coalition plans.

One last thing, all of those people who signed the petition and those who emailed can be verified, at this meeting Cllr. Mackay appeared to read out statements from people who supported the SNP/Libdem plans for cuts. He did not verify the veracity of anyone he quoted and he quoted about 6/7 people, again people, go figure for yourselves.

The last word goes to the worst Education Convener in the history of Renfrewshire Council the SNP councillor Lorraine Cameron. In a quite nasty speech she said that children were already being taught in Primary schools by people who are not teachers, when asked to give details she couldn't. She also said that people? Were spreading stories about drunks and drug addicts being brought in to cover primary classes, again when challenged to give details she was unable to do so. She then tried a story about a child coming home in tears because the child had been told that it would be taught by a stranger and; said she; in a moment of complete desperation and utter stupidity "what do we all tell our children? Don't talk to strangers right?" Aye right, "Jesus *&%$"£$*^! @" Christ. Cllrs. Cameron, Mackay and McCartin and the rest of the vicious incompetent mob of nonentities is it not time to put a stop to this stupidity?





Anonymous said...

best laugh at the council meeting, your colleagues voting for the tory budget!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cllr Terry,
Can I send my thanks to the Labour Group for all that you are doing in support of us, the parents.
Now onto the LibNats, I agree with every word you have said, my neighbour tried to talk with her Councillor, Mrs Cameron, she was dump struck by her answers "aye well, people are saying that druggies and drunks are teaching the kids, I'm a parent my sell, I wid nae want that to happen". What did I hear you say, The Cllr in charge of Education in Renfrewshire, yes she wouldn't like it herself. You couldn't make this up, honestly you couldn't. I met the Nats candidate for the up and coming bye election, didn't like him at all, rude arrogant, really unsavoury, my two kids became very scared of him and of course he is Mrs Cameron's first Choice as a replacement for the hard working Cllr Michael.

Cllr Kelly, keep up the good work.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


It will take Renfrewshire a long while to heal the scars left by Cllr. Cameron and the SNP.

To the best of my knowledge the SNP candidate you refer to in the forth coming by election is liked and loathed in almost equal measure by members of his own party.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Did you miss the bit about the SNP/Libdem budget having more cuts in it than the Tory budget, now that’s worth discussion don’t you think?

Anonymous said...

Terry, what's happening to our Party. Ian Smart, a candidate to replace Wendy, say 'Too many ex Councillors in Parliament.'

Does the clown not appreciate that Councillors are more in touch with normal folk than any lawyer is likely to be!

Hope this man doesn't get your support

Anonymous said...

"SNP supporters who never attend to show up early2

A blatant lie.

Yes, there were SNP supporters at the meeting, however, the people that you speak of attend vitually every full council meeting and other council meetings too.

Please try and stick to the truth. I know that you have difficulty with the concept of truth but you really need to try harder.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


These people don’t show up for council meetings you are the blatant liar. The SNP cowards knew there would parents there and they tried to keep them out by getting their motley crew of supporters to grab the seats. The parents are kicking SNP butts anyway and it’s a great thing to witness, onward the people clean them out!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Ian Smart is one of several excellent candidates to replace Wendy and he is entitled to his opinion.

Anonymous said...

Terry, add to your list of vicious nonentities the two MP's, one of them a Whip, who advised Jim Devine how to handle his expenses and then hung him out to dry by denying it.

I dont know the two Judas's, but I know Jim and I know who I believe

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Unfortunately you were not on the Jury.

Anonymous said...

Terry, had I been on the jury, I would have found Jim guilty as charged...but, in mitigation, he was advised, albeit wrongly,his claims were ok, by more experienced colleagues

Had they admitted this, maybe, he would not be in his current situation.

IMHO, these cowards should be kicked out of the party

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


If Jim Devine asked these people for advice and they gave it to him and then denied doing so then he has been badly let down by them. If they understood the advice they were giving him was dodgy then they are even more to blame.

I think that Jim Devine and the others have been sacrificed, if they are guilty then a lot more should have joined them.

How for instance did Alex Salmond get away with claiming 2 months Westminster food allowances when the house was in recess?

Anonymous said...


I hope to God that former councillor Roy Glen gets elected at this By-Election, he is miles better than Mrs Cameron who is in charge of Education in Renfrewshire.

Have you had a look at Dave McCartney, the Nats candidate, he's a wee bald non entity and the rude to boot, the quality of Nats candidates has reached an all time low with this arrogant Blow Hard.

I have a very bad feeling about Mr McCartney and think that if he gets elected it will all end in tears, my olde Nana used to say I can judge a persons character after the first time I meet them, she would be getting on the no 18 bus out of Paisley, with just one look at McCartney.

Vote Roy Glen, he's local a decent chap and not an arrogant little non entity like McCartney, A.K.A Mrs Cameron pet poodle.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I don’t know Dave McCartney and have only seen his picture which scared me a little, I thought the Gnats. Had recruited Benito Mussolini. Mrs. Cameron displays the hide of a Rhino and the tact of Prince Philip to stay in her job.
Roy will make an excellent councillor.

Anonymous said...

If ""Roy will make an excellent councillor"".

Why did he get booted out of office in 2007 ???