Thursday, December 23, 2010


Being the kind of person I am, I am loving every minute of Vince Cable's humiliation, this being Christmas I hope that what is happening to him is even more painful and embarrassing than it would normally be. Modern British political history has been tainted by the emergence of squalid little self serving groups of liars and backbiting groups since the gang of 4 formed the Liberal Democrats. Rogers, Owen, Williams and Jenkins: each one with a personal grudge set the scene and later merged with the Liberals, a historically significant party sold out by weak politic lightweights like the wretched David Steel, a man who missed his vocation in life, he was born to play Uriah Heep. Dennis Healy summed the lot of them up with his description of the truly treacherous and disingenuous David (Lord) Owen "the good fairy made him handsome, charismatic and intelligent, then the bad fairy came along and made him a shit" Dennis whom I rarely agreed with certainly got that one right!

A year ago most people could not have told you who Cable: Clegg: Moore: Alexander etc. were. People like me who devote a lot of time to politics knew the reason for that and more and more members of the public are now discovering that reason. They were and still are nonentities and we are now seeing the consequences of such people being put in power, those who knew these cowards knew they would roll over for anyone who would give them a sniff of power, the same thing happened in Renfrewshire when the Libdems rolled over and were bought by the SNP add the arrogant Libdem leader in Renfrewshire the Bully McCartin to that list of infamy.

While McCartin and her lap dogs are happy to cut schools, libraries, swimming pools, school transport etc. etc. Clegg and Cable swore on a stack of Bibles that they would never concede certain dearly held principles. Does the term dearly held principles mean the same to Libdems as it does to other people? Let's have a look and see: I would suggest that among all the crap spouted by the Libdems the best known is PR this we were assured was their Raison d'être their reason for being in politics they abandoned it for a job with the Tories. No rise in Tuition Fees was a solemn promise to students and they sold the students down the river as well. I remember arguing in the council with Libdem leader McCartin who was vehemently opposed to nuclear power: it was her party's policy and she was proud of it: now as part of the Tory Govt. They have ditched that as well. Then we have Trident, non negotiable they said well guess what? They lied about that as well and have accepted the Tory Trident position.

Here in Renfrewshire we have the awful spectacle of the Libdems supporting the Tory Govt. while in coalition with the Local SNP who oppose the Tory Govt. two parties clinging to power despite having to tell all kind of stories to stay there it is humiliating for them but they don't have the courage to do the right thing. Blatant hypocrisy fits them like a glove: the inexperienced and cowardly council leader Derek Mackay SNP in a moment of blind terror at a council meeting stuttered out from panic stricken lips that the Tory/ Libdem Government cuts "were about right" while the vicious Libdem leader McCartin sails on like like a Mafia Don prepared to sink to any depths for the money and a taste of power: for her there is nothing: Cuts, Tuition Fees, Trident, PR etc. etc. that would interfere with what benefits her she would happily send weans back up chimneys if there was something in it for her.

Let's face reality here, the Tories, the Libdems and the SNP deserve each other, when the chips are down there is no difference between them and they will eventually pay the price for such deception and absence of any morality. We will remember them at future elections.


Anonymous said...

I seem to remember that your group were desparate to join with the Lib Dems in May 2007. Have you forgotten that ???

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


You remember wrong, McCartin was hawking herself to the highest bidder and she was turned down by labour. She agreed on the night of the election to crawl into bed with the SNP, this was done by her and Derek Mackay, this could not have been done by Labour without all the Labour Group taking the decision. The SNP and Libdem members had no say in the matter, they did as they were told, this is what passes for democracy in these two pathetic parties.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you didn't know but your group leader Cllr. McMillen and deputy leader Cllr. Green were in talks with Mcartin for a good many days after the election.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry.

I have a question for you, If Del Boay McKay gets a seat in Edinburgh. will he keep both jobs on at the same time, you may recall the Nats attacking hard working MP Jim Sheridan, calling him "two jobs jim". Are we going to see "Two Jobs Del Boay".

Rumour has it, that Cllr Cameron is wanting to take on Del Boays job after 2012. Somehow I don't think bully boay (Ned) Nicholson will be very happy about this, as he has already promised Del Boays place in the cluster to Mrs Nicholson, she is a nice enough person but lacks any political weight.

I wonder if big bold McFee, chief Rat Catcher to McLaren Castle, will want to take on the role of group leader again.

Happy New Year when is comes, Tom Flood.

Anonymous said...

I was never a fan of the lib dems but they even managed to let me down. They had the tories by the balls post election and could have squeezed a fair few concessions from them. I think it is especially galling because they managed to nick a few Labour votes here and there from desperate Labour voters trying a tactical vote to keep the tories out.

It will be interesting to see what they do at the Holyrood elections in May. My guess is that Labour will end up back in minority government. Obviously a deal with the tories or the SNP is not on the cards. However can the lib dems realistically seek to enter a coalition with Labour in Scotland given their position in the UK Tory government?

They're just about shameless enough to try it. There's a wee nasty bit of me hopes they do and Labour let them. People don't tend to pay much attention to council coalitions outwith their area so they can get away with it more at local level. However it's stretching credibility to say 'well in Scotland we broadly agree with Labour but in England our MP's including the Scottish ones agree with the tories'.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on CABLE, CLEGG, THE LIBDEMS, THE SNP – APOLITICAL AN... on 26/12/10

We were told on the night of the election that we were not forming a coalition with her and her crew.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on CABLE, CLEGG, THE LIBDEMS, THE SNP – APOLITICAL AN... on 27/12/10

Mackay is a blustering coward he is clinging to his place on the list because he is afraid of losing. The others you mention are made of straw they couldn’t summon the courage to vote against the Tory ? Libdem Govt. savage budget cuts against the poorest in society. Even after Mackay said “the cuts are about right” They would sell their grannies for self promotion they believe in nothing.

Anonymous said...

You were very much told wrong my friend.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on CABLE, CLEGG, THE LIBDEMS, THE SNP – APOLITICAL AN... on 27/12/10

We can win a majority at Holyrood, the Libdems are toxic they are hated by everyone even their coalition partners, they will not recover in 50 years.
The SNP will take another hammering like the general election for their car crash of an administration with their lies and broken promises.

Anonymous said...

"We were told on the night of the election that we were not forming a coalition with her and her crew.

So why did your group continue talks with the Lib Dems with a view to forming a coalition after the night of the election? This is a fact.

It is a fact that you were trying to claw on to power at any cost, however, the Lib Dems knocked you back, hence the current outpouring of sour grapes and bitterness against them.

It's not roccket science Terry!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


My group did not continue to hold talks with her or anyone else; you clearly don’t understand. It was obvious on the night of the election that there would be no deal with her. Any individuals who carried on talking to her were acting on their own: they were not acting on behalf of the Labour group because they did not have the authority to do that, an understanding of the word group and what it means in political terms might help to unscramble your brain.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on CABLE, CLEGG, THE LIBDEMS, THE SNP – APOLITICAL AN... on 28/12/10

I think you know very little about how politics works or perhaps I should say how the Labour Party works. The authority for decisions in not in the gift of any one individual and the group decides what deals if any are made.

Anonymous said...

'We can win a majority at Holyrood'

I wish I shared your optimism, while I think we can can win, I genuinely don't think we'll have the majority we need. I hope your right but there is a lot of ill feeling out there on certain issues. In particular incapacity benefit reform. I can accept that the introduction of ESA was well intentioned but it's execution has been a bloody disaster. Ditto the various wars.

We've a lot to live down post-Blair. I am convinced 100% we'll do it just not that it'll happen in time for the Holyrood elections. I remain open minded on the outcome of the next general election.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on CABLE, CLEGG, THE LIBDEMS, THE SNP – APOLITICAL AN... on 30/12/10

I think the other parties are shot in Scotland, the Tory/Libdem alliance will leave the Libdems in the same state as the Tories for years to come which leaves the Nats who have become a byword for lies and broken promises.

The flack over the conflicts will shift to a certain extent to the Govt. who will not prosecute the war any more successfully than Labour or anyone else for that matter. If there is one country you should only fight with as a last resort that country is Afghanistan, war is a way of life to them. Big big mistake which the Govt. will not solve.

Ronnie said...

Why are you refusing to print my comments.

You are obviously very embarrassed by your own party.

Please print my comments Terry.

Thank you!

Your refusal will look even worse when they come out on other sites and newspapers!


Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Bad move Ronnie this is the simplest most predictable underhand trick there is when someone is losing and people can see through it easily. You accuse me of not printing your comments knowing that I can’t prove that I am innocent.
I’ve been writing this blog long enough to have the confidence to let readers decide for themselves who is telling the truth.