Friday, September 10, 2010


09/09/2010 09.30 am and ringmaster Provost Lawson brings the circus to order: Renfrewshire Council is in now in session. The first half is as usual tedious and repetitive except for a minor comic cameo from Cllrs. Eileen Mc Cartin and Bruce McFee the gist of which was a plea for understanding about the serious financial position we are in. Let’s agree they said that when we have to make cuts that no one tries to make political capital out of it. Cllr. McFee and Cllr. McCartin are the kind of people who would stoop to any level: employ any dirty trick and carry out any misdemeanour as long as they were satisfied they would not get caught and here they were trying to ask for understanding and cooperation. The toxic mix of arrogance and stupidity displayed between them is jaw dropping. Every time I am obliged to be anywhere near Cllr. McCartin I can’t help thinking that this woman is a demonstrable exponent of Christianity: in her case I believe it’s the Roman version. Think about her and Mother Theresa of Calcutta together; you have to laugh otherwise you would cry yourself to death. I have never come across a less Christian individual in my life than McCartin: no wonder the churches are all being converted into ‘Cash n Carries’

A Labour motion was put which condemned the Tory/Libdem Westminster Government for its latest proposals to carry out savage cuts which hit the poorest in society. The motion highlighted the proposal to cut Job Seekers Allowance from £65 to £55 a week. Here surely was food and drink to the anti Engurlish rabid SNP knuckle draggers: the dirty Engurlish Tory/Libdem B******s cutting services to the Scottish jobless: everyone waited for the Braveheart spirit to explode: and waited: and waited, “I have an amendment” screeched McCartin to the sound of audible sighs.

We then witnessed the complete collapse of any self-esteem and any dignity that the SNP might have had. McCartin assisted by the truly wretched Cllr. Mackay came to the rescue of the Westminster Tory/Libdem Govt. Let’s look at this again: forget McCartin she is a shameless loud mouthed bully who will do anything for a sniff of power and a few pieces of silver. It’s Mackay who is the story: the leader of the council and the SNP, the crusader for independence the conscience of the Scottish people blah blah blah. He backs an amendment which supports the London Tory/Libdem Govt’s cuts it doesn’t add up does it? Well actually it does when you know the players, this is what happens when “thieves fall out” or in this case when two apolitical opportunist parties like the SNP and the Libdems join together.

The Libdem tail has just wagged the SNP dog because Mackay is politically spineless: his position should have been one of so called braveheart Scottish nationalists refusing to support a British Tory Govt. carrying out cuts in Scotland. What we got was a gutless capitulation to the bully McCartin’s threat to bring down the Renfrewshire SNP/Libdem coalition if he stopped her supporting the British Govt. with her Libdem friends in it. Lie down with dogs Derek and you wake up with fleas.

Was it coincidence that SNP Cllrs. like McFee: Nicolson: Adam: Mitchell sat navel gazing and brooding: these clowns are famous for being unable to stop talking not sitting in silence. There is now clearly another question in the ring: as well as the survival of the coalition there is now the question of the survival of Mackay who is now badly wounded in the eyes of his revenge driven rivals. He made them support an English Tory Govt. and he will now limp toward his inevitable humiliation as his party’s Holyrood candidate, meanwhile McFee and company are left to consider with relish that “revenge is a dish best eaten cold” it couldn’t happen to nicer people.

Last night in Edinburgh Labour won a by election seat with over 50% of the vote and the clock is ticking: it looks more and more like a good: if cowardly idea for Cllr. Mackay to get himself on to the list as well as challenging for a first past the post seat which he is very confident of winning according to his bragging in the local press, so confident that he is on the list as well. Aye right Derek!

"the British Govt. cuts are broadly right" (SNP council leader Derek Mackay) at Thursday's meeting.

To cap it all the (wee spiv) Salmond has binned his promised referendum on independence. How much more can the true believers take? Ochone ochone it will all end in tears.


Anonymous said...

Kelly, Liberton/Gilmerton was already a Labour seat, so how the hell could Labour have 'taken' it from the SNP?

Please explain, laddie

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


I was told by an MSP yesterday that Labour had taken it from the SNP but; if it’s any comfort to you I can inform you that Labour increased their vote by 9% and won more than double the vote of the SNP on the first ballot.

*Labour 44.8%* *SNP 20.8%*.

Had you not spotted this mistake I would not have been able to give these delightful details, I do hope this makes you feel better.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.33

'An MSP told you!' Kelly, you should know better...if a politician - especially a Labour politician - tells you it's raining,you put your hand out to check, before reaching for the wellies. You cannae trust them, laddie.

Sprite said...

The MSP who told you Labour had taken the seat...drunk or incompetent?

Either way, clearly unfit for purpose.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kelly,

How can you stomach being in the same room as the Nats. They have lost all credibility.
McKay and McFee supporting a Tory/Libdem collation, never saw that coming, McKay has now gifted the new Renfrewshire seat to Wendy Alexander, although she would have beaten him just buy waking up on the morning of the elections.

The poor and impoverished of Renfrewshire should take note, that the Nats fully support these cuts, McKay, Cameron, Mitchell, McGee, Mcfee and Nicholson and others will feel the full force of the electorate in under two years.

Keep the fires lit Cllr Kelly.

P.s I hear your olde friend D. Stuart Allan has been reported to the Scottish Government over his handling or lack off, over the recent Tracie McGee complaint, do you feel that the totally impartial Nats Government will investigate further? I don't think so.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Who said it was a Labour politician, see if it had not been for your bias you might have got in a good joke there.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


“The MSP who told you Labour had taken the seat”

Is the salient point not the mistake about taking the seat from the SNP? Are you sure you are sober or competent enough to be doing this: if you can’t score an open goal what chance have you got.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Some of the SNP names you mention would not have been happy supporting anything by a British Govt. but supporting a Tory British Govt. cutting benefits to Scottish people should tell people something about them.

All the bawling and shouting and stamping of feet about how much they despise Westminster went out the window when their jingling sporrans were threatened by the ridiculous McCartin’s threat to bring down the coalition.

Mackay demonstrated why everyone calls him 'the boay’ he reacted like a whipped cur and humiliated himself under pressure from her.

They are nothing more than self serving cowards who regard 30 pieces of silver as more important than their bogus patriotism and the Libdems and McCartin are the lowest of the low; they will say and do anything for a wee sniff of power and a bigger sniff of money. We need an overall majority to send people like MCCartin and the Libdems slithering back under their stones.
I know that SNP Cllr. McGee is guilty of serial stupidity and a complete absence of any sense of decorum but I don't think that gets you reported to the Standards Commission: I have no idea what she is alleged to have done!

I think the Standards Commission have outstayed their welcome; they were a good idea but have turned into a paper tiger.

Anonymous said...

You of course do not highlight that had the Labour government not made such a horrific mess of the economy, such drastic cuts would not be necessary.

It is admirable that a party in opposition to the goverment can recognise that these measures are necessary and support them. If Labour had taken similar steps years ago, then the country could have been saved a lot of pain.

It is very obvious that your motion was an attempt to create a divide in the coalition in Renfrewshire but instead you were sent home with your tail between your legs and from your language you are very obviously seething that you were defeated. No luck Terry.

Your bitter and very personal tirade of attacks on Eileen McCartin also show that she has gotten under your skin. I'ts funny that since losing power in Renfrewshire, Labour seem to have gone out in force to attack the women councillors in the new administration.

I think that this is called bullying and cowardice for which you should all be ashamed.

You are sad and deluded individual Terry and I feel very sorry for you.

I am glad that you are standing down at the next election as the Labour Party will be a better place without you. I know that many of your colleagues are fed with the embarrasment that you bring to the party.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“You of course do not highlight that had the Labour government not made such a horrific mess of the economy”

Do you live in a cave near Brigadoon or what; what is happening in Greece, Germany, Spain, America, Ireland etc. do you think that we are immune from International Financial storms?

Mackay and the SNP were forced to admit that they would rather support Tory cuts than give up the extra cash that their grubby coalition provides for them.

Here is the simple unavoidable truth which the people of Renfrewshire will be made aware of.

Labour’s motion condemning the Westminster Tory/Libdem Government's cuts against the poorest was defeated by Renfrewshire Council’s SNP led coalition.

“facts are chiels that winna ding” as the drunken old workshy plagiarist from Ayr once wrote and these are facts, and don’t they sound just awful for Mackay and the SNP?

Anonymous said...

Mr Kelly,

I am a former nationalist, who has been against Labour in Renfrewshire for over 20 years.

We had high hopes that the Nationalists would bring light to the darkness; instead we have witnessed self aggrandisement, profiteering, within the SNP in Renfrewshire. Recently we have seen the Nationalists vote with and support the Tories in London, something I thought I would never have seen, Mitchell and McFee vote for the "British System". What has occurred in the minds of these two Nationalists?
This really is the feeble 17.

What has McKay brought to Paisley, a town hall that is falling down and is a disgrace
And fake shops, no this isn’t a joke; it’s a sad fact from a sad administration.

In two years time, the people of Renfrewshire will have their opportunity to judge this pitiful Band of small minded individuals.

Keep the Red Flag Flying!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


“Recently we have seen the Nationalists vote with and support the Tories in London, something I thought I would never have seen, Mitchell and McFee vote for the "British System". What has occurred in the minds of these two Nationalists?”

This part of your comment should make these 2 chancers squirm. They have dined out for years as fierce supporters of Independence and haters of all things southern or London and they are now propping up the British Tory System, will anyone ever listen to them again?

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry,

I hear the Pope is in concert at Bellahouston Park tomorrow. I assume that you are going to see him.

I hear that the support acts are Susan Boyle and Michelle McManus. I never knew that he was fan of the X Factor.

I wonder if he will do any of his old hits like

We are familee
5 brothers 8 sisters and me.

Use the rhythm baby (its the only thing you've got)

(segregated) Schools out for summer.

Baubles, bangles and Rosary beads.

I can't believe that its only a Giro friendly £20 to get in.

Incredible value to see the wee man strut his stuff.

I hear that there is to no fast food stands as he intends to bring 2 loaves and 5 fishes to feed everyone with.

For those who don't have tickets there is a live beam back over at Ibrox stadium with a free tour of the Trophy room afterwards to see the SPL champions extensive silverware. What a treat! I'd pay £20 for that alone.

Have a great day tomorrow Terry.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous at 15:03

It makes you realize how lucky we are to be British having the Royal Family provide us with similar entertainment the whole year round doesn’t it.

I heard that his holiness had offered to change water into wine at the Mass but the organisers insisted on him putting his money in the kitty like everyone else.

I hope the Catholics of Scotland have a wonderful day tomorrow they are entitled to it, and I also hope her Majesty is not overwhelmed by being in the company of the “Vicar of Christ” It would also be nice if her man affectionately known to his ouzo guzzling mates as ‘Phil the Greek’ manages to get through the day without insulting the “Johnny Foreigner” as is his want. 'Want’ as in “there’s a want wae that big guy”

If he gets to do the Ibrox tour he might get to meet all those Catholic Rangers players, that would be nice wouldn’t it. It promises to be a truly ecumenical tour what with the Royals and the Church of Scotland represented and even Ian Paisley providing the warm up act further down the bill: “get yer Pope/Paisley/Royal Tea Towels here, memento of the historic event” that will be the street vendors cry tomorrow for sure.

This Pontiff has inherited the title of ‘the biggest rock star on the planet’ from the charismatic wee Pole who preceded him hasn’t he? What a gig eh? There’s no business like show business as the great Ethel Merman used to roar and the Catholic Church know how to put on a show.

There’s gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight.

Anonymous said...

Why do you never read any articles in the Paisley Express from the Labour Group condemning this shower of idiots in the SNP lead by the boay "McKay" and the barrell "Lawson" who is still a Tory at heart but would sell her soul for the chain. Is it because the Express doesn't print any of the Labour Group Press releases or is it because no one has anything to say?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on 22/09/10

“Is it because the Express doesn't print any of the Labour Group Press releases or is it because no one has anything to say?”

The Labour Group regularly sends press releases and Labour Cllrs. send letters Etc. You will have to ask the PDX why we don’t get printed, if they tell you please let me know. I sent one in a week or more ago and it didn’t get in, I have a success rate of approx. 50%