Monday, August 23, 2010


Friday 20/08/10 - 2 PM, to Reid Kerr College to meet; question and listen to Ed. Milliband as he takes his mobile hustings around the country. Readers who are astute enough to visit my site regularly will know that I will be voting for Dianne Abbott; the voting however will be carried out by stating your preferences and numbering them. A process of elimination will then follow so; I took the chance to listen to another candidate, notwithstanding my declared preference for first past the post the experience was worthwhile. I have always taken the view that it is well nigh impossible to find a candidate for anything with whom you will find yourself in total agreement and so it proved with Ed. Milliband, and Ms. Abbott and the others for that matter. There is only ever one candidate who fits that bill and that is our good selves.

The famously taciturn American President Calvin Coolidge returned from worship services one day, “what did the preacher preach on asked his wife “Sin,” he replied. “Well, what did he say about it,” she continued. “He was agin it!” Coolidge answered.

So it was with Ed. Milliband he was predictably in favour of most things his audience were for and “agin” what they were “agin” This loosely tends to be the case with most political parties, their leaders and members, excluding of course the likes of the SNP, BNP and SSP where dissent is as rare as a rocking horse's s***e; otherwise we would not have political parties. It falls therefore to the individual to do some research on the candidates because it would be very unlikely that someone would decide on who to vote for based only on a hustings meeting. The wretched coverage of the leader’s debate at the last election where the now exposed Clegg was given the hard sell from the deviant British media only to crash and burn on Election Day was handy proof of that.

Back to Milliband minor however; he is as expected a very impressive candidate with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the issues, unruffled; friendly and incandescently bright. The standard of candidates in fact for this leadership election is very high indeed and he did not let himself down as he took questions from everyone on any subject even including what music and books he liked. He famously comes of course from a kind of family that are considered “left wing royalty” with radical left wing Jewish parents who fled Nazi Occupied Europe. His dad will be no stranger to anyone who like me is a political anorak. Ralph Milliband was a political historian and thinker of huge authority he was also a Marxist as was their mother, Milliband raised a huge laugh when asked which brother she would vote for when he answered “neither, she will vote for Dianne Abbott”

Our diligent,hard working Labour MP Jim Sheridan arranged this meeting and the members and other invited guests raised a varied set of questions; it was a robust, and friendly exchange of views and the standard of questions and knowledge of our society and political ideas demonstrated by those present was very impressive indeed. Ed. Milliband enjoyed the meeting as did those who attended; there is no substitute for hearing statements and opinions from the horse’s mouth rather than having to rely on the rancid bias of our media and that proved to be a breath of fresh air as well.

The running order for my vote is 1/ Abbott 2/ Milliband minor 3/ Milliband major 4/ Balls 5/ Burnam. I’m sure all my Labour readers will do the right thing and do what I tell them right?


Anonymous said...


whassat? anither middle class twat receives the backing from citizen Kelly?

Ed Balls gets my vote, he was never off the telly all weekend and talked such s@it he must surely be destined for greater things, such as obscurity along with the Labour party.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous at 18:09

Your spelling of the word “anither” is revealing; it’s not a spelling mistake to you because you have convinced yourself that people in Scotland speak like that. It rather gives the game away don’t you think; you don’t have to give your name we already have you down as a Hamish, Donald, Lachie, Rory etc.

Ariel said...

The husting was arranged by Jim 'diligent and hardworking' Sheridan, MP, the man who bought a leather bed and plasma TV with our money.

'By their friends shall ye know them!'

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Jim Sheridan the diligent and hard working Labour MP oh! and did I say popular? Have you seen his election results you clown.

Anonymous said...

This is where Labour politicians lose what little reality they started out with. They start to believe that the vote they get is a personal vote, not the property of the party, who can dispense with their services and the 'monkey/red rosette' syndrome still kicks in.

Anyhow, still holding the SNP/Lib council to account?

Ed, David, Ed, Diane (I am a socialist, honest), Burtons dummy. You pick.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the table lamp that Jim Sheridan charged the taxpayer £299 for.

Yes that was £299 and not £29.99

Yes it's hard to believe but unfortunately true.

How can this man talk to a pensioner that can't afford to heat his/her house in the winter and justify this kind of extravagance.

There are many of his constituents that that don't get half of that amount of money to live on for a week inc food/elec/gas.

This a man that it supposed to hold Labour socialist values.

Don't make me laugh. He is a taker

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Based on your juvenile logic there are very few if any politicians who can look at the pensioner you refer to, unless you want to name me some, from any party.

My understanding is that some MP’s have been charged with fraud and MP’s from every party have had to pay back sums of money; if you know different perhaps you could share with us.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“A pig with a red rosette” eh, I never thought of that one. It would appear that you are saying that people who vote Labour and don’t vote like you do so because they are stupid. I would try that on the doorsteps if I were you, see what kind of reaction you get, or perhaps you are better to remain anonymous eh?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on at 14:18
“monkey/red rosette syndrome”

A fascinating political philosophy for sure; people who vote Tory, Libdem, SNP, BNP, SSP etc. are ok right? People who vote Labour do so because they are stupid! I could nearly believe that your real name is in fact “anonymous”

There is the whiff of the thick teuchter’s mangy kilt and moth eaten sporran about you and that’s only your brain I’m referring to.

Ariel said...

Are you saying that the votes you got - and Sheridan - were cast for the two of you, rather than for the party?

Anonymous said...

"My understanding is that some MP’s have been charged with fraud and MP’s from every party have had to pay back sums of money; if you know different perhaps you could share with us.2

So your infantile argument is that "well other people did it so why shouldn't we"

Is it not the case that Labour MP's are supposed to be different and they are supposed to represent the working people instead of ripping them off. You are the very worst kind of hypocrite alongside Sheridan and the even more hypocritical Alexanders who live so far removed from people that they represent.

Wendy or Douglas could never even imagine having to be concerned about benefits to see them through the Winter. Maybe it would be prudent to focus on a campaign to let the other half see how these people live whilst they kid on the electorate that they are downtrodden.

Labour hypocrisy at its best

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Ms. Abbot who sent her boy(s) to a private school while telling her constituents to send theirs to the local comp ?

Anonymous said...

Now, Now, Terry, I know you are desperate for posters in order to feed your need for attention.

Here's one.

Labour seeks coalition with the SNP. (Scotsman, so it must be true) Discuss

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on at 09:45
FFS you’ve even got this story the wrong way round as well, get a grip of yourself you are embarrassing.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on on 24/08/10
Where did you hear this from? If this is true it’s a big news story.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I didn’t say Jim Sheridan had done anything wrong but you are nothing if not predictable; continuing to attack MP’s from only one party shows that you are driven by blind prejudice and I am quite happy to let people see that.

“Is it not the case that Labour MP's are supposed to be different”

I thought all MP’s claimed that, does your MP say vote for me because I’m a crook and a fraud?

Are you trying to say that you are downtrodden, struggling to get through the winter etc. I don’t believe that; you will have to prove that to me; just how bad is your struggle Mr. Anonymous? ‘Ah soospect tha lives a life o luckshoory don’t tha!’ you are a clown.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Ariel on on 24/08/10


Ariel said...

Kelly @ 12.34

I asked if you believed the vote was for person, not party. You replied 'Nope!'

Two points arise. Firstly,as you're saying the electorate votes for the party, rather than you and Sheridan personally,it rather reinforces the argument in another comment, concerning 'Monkey's in red rosettes,' does it not?

Secondly,having accepted that the vote is for the party, will you now stop boasting about 'his/my share of the vote.

Anonymous said...

You ask "Where did you hear this from? If this is true it’s a big news story". Dont your read the papers watch the telly etc.

Try Google (its a search engine on the interweby thing) - put in DIANE ABBOT PRIVATE SCHOOL in the wee box and you will see lots of links to the story.

You are voting for a racist hypocrit.


Diane Abbott plays race card to excuse her decision to send her son to private school
Unapologetic: Diane Abbott insists she did what was right for her son
Diane Abbott was criticised yesterday after playing the race card over her controversial decision to send her son to a top private school.
The Labour leadership contender defended sending her son James to a £10,000-a-year school claiming: 'West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children.'
Miss Abbott also risked fury among her white colleagues in the Labour Party by saying they would 'never understand' the Afro-Caribbean culture of parents wanting to do the best for their children.
The remarks brought accusations that she was being hypocritical and was insulting parents who are part of the mainstream education system.
Miss Abbott, a Left-winger who once attacked Tony Blair and Harriet Harman for sending their children to selective state schools, has come under fire repeatedly from Labour colleagues and activists for the decision she made over her son.
The Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP has in the past called her decision 'indefensible' and 'intellectually incoherent', but she insisted yesterday her son might otherwise have been lost to the 'world of gangs'.
'I knew what could happen to my son if he was sent to the wrong school and got in with the wrong crowd. I realised they were subjected to peer pressure and when that happens it's very hard for a mother to save her son.
'Once a black boy is lost to the world of gangs it's very hard to get them back and I was genuinely very fearful of what could happen.'

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on at 15:00

Thank you for keeping me up to date with this story; I don’t know how I managed to miss it. Dianne Abbott a racist hypocrite eh! Who would have thunk it?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

OK I give up people like are incapable of seeing sense or indeed satire so listen because I’m running out of patience with you, you are a cretin.

Some people vote for me and Jim Sheridan for personal reasons and some vote for party reasons are you following this? go figure.

voiceofourown said...

Yes, Ed's ideas will surely bring the day of socialist revolution closer still.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By voiceofourown on at 16:50

Actually they will but I wouldn’t expect a blood soaked revolutionary like you to understand that.

Anonymous said...

Terry, don't you think that Del Boay with his spectacles and greying shiny hair resembles the Miliband Brothers or is it the other way around that they look like the Boay McKay.

If you visit the SNP candidate school, you will note the following, suites from Burtons, glasses from Spect Savers, hair by Faye, a little grey at the sides and a sprinkling on top. Hand gestures to be used at all times and sound pompous as much as possible; Del Boay has this down to a tee.

I hear George Adams Family Man of Straw is standing in Paisley South, don't make me laugh! If he did get elected, his office would consist of a cat bed next to Del Boays desk in Edinburg.

Ariel said...

Councillor Kelly @ 4.25

There, there, Councillor. Of course some people voted for you - and Sheridan - for personal reasons. That's what close family do.

Would you say that Labour rode to power on the back of Blair, or rather, that Blair got in on the back of Labour.

To save you havering, in other words, what was the crucial factor, Blair, or the party?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Ariel on on 25/08/10

Local elections tend to be just that; local, and the last General Election was under Brown; are you new to this kind of thing?

If you ID yourself I will give you lessons and charge you; costs going to the Labour Party of course.

Ariel said...

Kelly 10.17

But, Councillor, in case you missed it, Brown LOST Labour the last election, whereas Blair WON his.

So, the question remains - in your view, did Labour, under Blair win elections because of the party, or because of the charismatic Blair?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

So you think that Jim Sheridan increased his majority because of Blair who was not involved.

How could Brown loose the last election if as you say people vote for the party not the person; wait until the dizziness passes before answering this time.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on on 25/08/10

Derek will do as he is told; his willingness to prostrate himself before luminaries like Sturgeon and the (Spiv) Salmond is the reason he has reached where he is today; he knows he can’t win so he will go for the list.

Cllr. Adam on the other hand just can’t win; he joins a pathetic band of repeat losers like Mitchell; Lawson; Martin; etc. people will be saying “no him again, FFS did he no listen tae the voters the last time?”

I’m sure people from his ward in particular will remember his behaviour over the closure of South Primary. During the campaign “Shergar” was spotted more often than he was.

Ariel said...

Kelly @ 3.14

Kelly, I know it's your blog...but I asked the 'Personal vs Party' question first!

Since then, what with the personal abuse plus your downright stupidity, I've quite lost the thread.

Sorry, Blossom, but yet another of your loyal, but bemused readers is giving up on you, so, a Sailor's Farewell to you, Kelly, and goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Don't see why they should. They never listened when Labour shut schools, Cut off school buses etc etc.

Anyway, what victories has that crushing juggernaut called the Labour group scored over the SNPY/LIB's in the council? Eh? What knockout punch has laid them low?

They should be easy meat to that wealth of experience and brain power festering away inside New/Old/Average age Labour in Renfrew.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Ariel on at 18:20

Is my “downright stupidity” personal abuse? There are many strange things which are known only to those “Jolly Jack Tars” who were fond of the “rum bum and concertina” which characterised Her Majesty’s Royal navy but I admit you have me at a disadvantage, what is a “silip” ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

It’s behind ye! it’s behind ye! FFS do you live in a cave, maybe your big pal Cllr. Mc Cartin will go down with you, then again perhaps not, she will be the rat with the last life belt; take my word for it, if you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas!

Perhaps your slim grasp on local political reality would benefit from some rudimentary lessons in arithmetic. Why are you afraid to state your name BTW? what are you scared of? Are you going to run an election campaign from a hiding place? Bravehearts right?

Corrugated Soundbite said...

They're out for you again, Mr. Kelly

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Corrugated Soundbite is what we used to call an ‘poison pen letter writer’ a creepy deviant; he should be pitied rather than despised. He hasn’t got the guts to crawl out from under his rock; he is more of a “Corrugated S*****G”

Dan Ferguson said...

Its alright; they are picking on someone else today apparently -