Wednesday, August 04, 2010


I am beginning to wonder if my recent and ongoing quarrel with big chief Eileen McCartin the Libdem leader is causing her to unravel a bit, if her recent hysterical letter in the Paisley Daily Express is anything to go by I could be right. She stridently accuses me of insulting her dead parents! A quite appalling thing to do (did she think about what she was saying?) and a terrible accusation to make: she made the same accusation at a full council meeting and it was met with incredulity by everyone. I think I can say with confidence that no elected councillors that I have met and I’ve met some crackers would do such a thing: not even her. Folk were asking would Cllr. Kelly do such a thing, would anyone? My sworn enemies looked at her with expressions which said she had lost the plot and I think she had. I think it prudent that I should reproduce the part of the article written by me that she so irrationally seized on in her desperation to land a blow.

I wrote an article in which she featured and not in a pleasant way: I make no apology for that: had she said Cllr. Kelly has insulted me I would immediately have said you are correct but what she said was that I had insulted her dead parents, here is the passage she refers to. I finish the piece by adding this insult to my previous comments about her it is of course designed to wound using humour, probably with hindsight humour is a bit risky when dealing with someone like Cllr. MCCartin “suffice to say the money her parents spent on the Swiss Finishing School was a waste” Now, who is being insulted here? her or her dead parents? And here is another point she overlooked in her revenge filled rush to retaliate. How could I insult her dead parents when I did not know they were dead? Answers please Cllr. McCartin I know you are reading this. The paradoxical and rather sad result of her conceit is that people reading this will know that I did not insult her dead parents and also that I did not know that they were dead. But readers also cannot fail to notice that she has in fact cynically and quite dishonourably exploited her late parents to try to injure me. I confess to finding Cllr. McCartin a very difficult person to like her crass actions and her attitude to her late parents here demonstrate why, she is an unprincipled bully whose moral principles and policies are always for sale to the highest bidder.

Her letter to the PDX contains a couple of other howlers suggesting that she was unable to count to ten before putting pen to paper, she states and I paraphrase “Cllr. Kelly hates me and my party because we refused to prop up a useless dying breed of Labour Cllrs. in 2007” she forgets or is conceited enough to overlook the fact that the events she refers to were conducted in public on election night before a big crowd at Linwood Sports Centre and guess what? She was negotiating with both the SNP and Labour to do a deal and she did what those who know her knew she would do, she sold herself and her party to the highest bidder. There were no principles involved at all it was a case of ‘what’s in it for me’ nothing else mattered to her.

Last but not least she displays just how far over the edge her quest for revenge has taken her by saying that “if Cllr. Kelly is attacking me we must be doing something right” She and her treacherous party in Renfrewshire were humiliated at the election and won 4 out of 40 seats and the Libdems sit at 12% in the national polls and still sliding but: Cllr. Big Chief McCartin does not do logic: she brooks no argument she is all powerful “ we must be doing something right” she says and here is the rub for all you residents of Renfrewshire this woman is Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Social work Board and much more as well as being Deputy Leader of the Council, in the absence of Cllr. Celia Lawson she could be the public face of Renfrewshire, meeting dignitaries etc. could Renfrewshire recover from that? this is what can happen under voting reform, be warned.


Peter said...

It is blatantly obvious that Labour are targeting the 4 Lib Dem seats in an attempt to sway the balance of power at the next local election.

This is a deliberate policy and hence the reason for your venomous attacks on the Lib Dems and Eileen McCartin as of recently. They have really got up your nose and it shows, as you rarely ever commented on them before they were responsible for ousting you and your toerag party power in Renfrewshire.

I liked your line. "Some 2 weeks ago the local Labour Party went out leafleting as it does most weeks"

This is hilarious. The Labour group only ever leaflet houses on the immediate run up to the election. I have never once seen a Labour leaflet through my door at any other time.

Contrarily, I have always received a regular 2/3 monthly "Focus" newsletter from the Lib Dems (even when they were not in power at the council) updating all local residents with issues and items of interest locally.

It seems that maybe Labour Councillors are now deciding to get out of their beds and off of their blogs to try to copy this very popular Lib Dem initiative.

The trouble is that if you do manage to get back in power in Renfrewshire (highly doubtful as people don't want a 100% rise in council tax) you will go back to your beds (and blogs) instead of working for your constituents.

Same old same old.

Maybe you should try working for your councillors salary instead of blogging all day and expending all of your efforts throwing insults at your opposition who are very obviously hurting you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Peter) 12:59
Did she pay you Peter? This a load of pathetic garbage Cllr. McCartin has been attacked by me many times and as long as she continues to exert such a malevolent influence on local politics that will continue.

“they were responsible for ousting you and your toerag party power in Renfrewshire”

You agree with Cllr. McCartin then that they have a mandate having won 4 out of 40 seats?

The Labour Party have been leafleting every Sunday for over a year now ask McCartin, that’s what caused her last bout of ranting and raving when she appeared in the local paper brandishing our leaflet. I have lived in my present house for approx. 20 years and I have never received a Libdem Focus newsletter.

“people are coming to the Libdems because of our policies and our principals” (Cllr. Eileen McCartin) they are now at 11% and came in last in the popular vote in Renfrewshire and you must be some kind of a fool to actually give her any credence.

“throwing insults at your opposition who are very obviously hurting you”

If only that were true but it’s the people of Renfrewshire they are hurting, those who will lose their swimming pools: those who have lost their libraries: their schools: their school busses; the children who now have the worst teacher pupil ratios in Scotland and much more, all thanks to Cllr. McCartin’s squalid decision to sell herself to the highest bidder. I think the people of Renfrewshire will remember.

colin fishwick said...

Remind us again what you have done to improve Ferguslie park since you have been a Councillor, not a lot from what I can see. As for leafleting every Sunday what a laugh, although the ecercise would do you good!!!!!Could it be you are just jealous of Cllr mcCartin and her colleagues and worried that people might see that they are actually quite intelligent and contributing a great deal to the administration, or are you just scared of strong women!!!!!
keep up this hilarious blog it is sooooo entertaining!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(colin fishwick) 05/08/10

You clearly know nothing about Ferguslie Park and are speaking from a position of ignorance, people will remember what the Libdems did and we will remind them if they forget.

“you are just jealous of Cllr mcCartin and her colleagues and worried that people might see that they are actually quite intelligent and contributing a great deal to the administration”

Mike Dillon is an intelligent man but he doesn’t have a political bone in his body and the other 3 collectively know less about politics than Mike Dillon does.

Cllr. McCartin is only a strong woman to those who are afraid of bullies, does that shoe fit by any chance?

colin fishwick said...

no the shoe doesn't fit! Labour are the bullies. anyway I asked you what you had done for Ferguslie and as usual you didn't answer!!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(colin fishwick) 11:18
I have been elected 3 times by the people of Ferguslie and I think that says enough: I would rather take their opinion than someone who is afraid to even ID himself: it wouldn’t take much for big bad Eileen to scare the s**t out of someone like that would it? What will she tell you to write next?

Anonymous said...

"I have been elected 3 times by the people of Ferguslie"

If an ape with a frontal lobotomy stood for Labour in Ferguslie Park it would get elected with a bigger majority than you.

Your situation means nothing.

You have a very high opinion of yourself that few people share.

Now please answer Colin's question or do you not have an answer?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 14:29

I gave you an answer which seems to have annoyed you, if you were a wee bit cleverer you would see the answer. Let me give you a hint: I’m kind to people like you, if you actually knew anything about Ferguslie you would know that it has improved immeasurably over the last 20 years, along with many others in the Labour Party I have done my bit. You should go to Ferguslie and tell them what you think of their grasp of politics. I would be happy to facilitate that for you, what do you say?

Anonymous said...

As I thought. No answer because there is no answer.

Let the Ape stand next time Terry.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 08:54
It’s hardly my fault if you can’t deal with the answers is it? why don’t you accompany me on a visit to Ferguslie and you can tell the people what you think of them? Thought not: crawl back under your stone tough guy.

Ronnie said...

"Mike Dillon is an intelligent man but he doesn’t have a political bone in his body and the other 3 collectively know less about politics than Mike Dillon does. "

Your sexist vein again shows through.

You single out Mike Dillon as intelligent and disgard the other 3councillors.

Is it just coincidence that the other 3 councillors are female.

I think not!!!!

After all you are the councillor that previously stated that "all women are thick"

It seems your true colours are shining through!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ronnie) 10/08/10
I did not mention the intelligence or competence of the 3 Libdem women I referred only to their lack of political knowledge: they could be rocket scientists for all I know: politically Naive rocket scientists that is.

I am the councillor who jokingly called women thick to annoy a particularly aggressive woman who was telling lies about me.

Based on this obvious blunder by you I have no hesitation whatsoever in calling you thick.

Anonymous said...

So the Boay isb going to Edinburgh!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11/08/10
Success for Derek would mean that Salmond (the spiv) would be guaranteed a nice cup of tea any time he wanted one.

Anonymous said...

The Boay goes to Edinburgh, Bruce and Iain Nicholson are green with envy, Iain wants to be there but hasn't got the support or ability, Bruce has been there and was a qualified disaster, the only consolation is the fact that Mrs Nicholson will receive as a parting gift, Del Boays old place in his ward cluster.

Second question is who will be Del Boays Office Manager and Office researcher?

I am going for the wee ginger Kenny McLaren as possible researcher, Office Manager could be former List MSP Stuart McMillan, this would soften his fall off the West of Scotland list, also wee ginger Kenny McLaren could become Office Manager and lazy Lorraine Cameron Office Manager, only real problem hear is the fact that Lorraine Cameron is one of the laziest Nat Councillors in Renfrewshire.

It’s all going on in the world of “the Del Boay McKay”

Keep safe, keep watching.

P.s What is going on in Paisley High Street, I have seen more shops and variety
In a Glasgow Flee market.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13:21
The SNP are heading for a hammering in these elections so it might all go wrong,