Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The approaching 26th July sees the 56 th. anniversary of the Attack on the Moncada Barracks in Santiago led by a guy called Fidel Castro (the big guy with the beard) He went to jail for his part in the abortive revolution; the Americans thought that would be the last they would hear about him. They could have had him shot in jail but didn’t, you could say they lived to regret that and that would be one of the greatest understatements ever made. 56 years and 11 USA presidents later he has stood down and now sees the great imperialist Satan America making friendly overtures to his revolutionary country.

I remember the election of Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs invasion which left us distraught; we supported the revolution and also the first Irish Catholic President of America and didn’t know which way to turn. Kennedy lived long enough for me to become more politically aware and see him without the sentiment and “Oirishness” I remain to this day a supporter of Cuba and an admirer of Fidel as well as a trenchant critic of America’s treatment of their tiny neighbour for all these years.

Cuba remains a beacon of hope in a world where greed is king; the idea that human beings can live in harmony while looking after each others interests is the cornerstone of Socialism which remains the hope of the planet.

Celebrate the Cuban Revolution by going along to Buchanan St. Glasgow outside Borders Books between 12 – 4 PM. On the 26 th. find out about Cuba from those who know and join in the celebrations while protesting against poverty and exploitation.


Ariel said...

'They (America) could have had Castro shot in jail.'

Where did you unearth that particular gem, and can you back it up?

By my reckoning you were twelve at the time of the 'Pigs' invasion. You must have been the only twelve year old - outside Cuba - who gave a damn.

And as you were only fourteen when Kennedy was assassinated, maybe claiming to be politically aware, is stretching the verite a little.

Anonymous said...

Re-read your comments on Jack Straw in an earlier post. Had you said similar things about Fidel, Great Leader of the Beacon of Hope, I suspect that the mid-night knock on the Kelly door would have been a racing ertainty.

David Duff said...

I am always amused at the ingrained habit of socialists to fawn over every despicable tyrant provided that somewhere in the title of their political party there are any of the following words: 'Democratic','Socialist', People's', etc. From the Webbs upwards, or downwards (according to taste), to our beloved Councillor Kelly the urge to lickspittle the boots of murderers cannot be resisted, er, provided the murdering is done in the name of 'The People', of course!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

America were in control of the Batista puppet regime and could do what they wanted in Cuba, many of the Cuban rebels were tortured and killed in jail they underestimated Castro.

I was raised in a large extended family where everyone talked politics you could not avoid the subject it was a constant in our lives.

The Bay of Pigs was being described at the time as potentially the end of the world because of possible nuclear conflict between America and Russia caused by the Russian Satellite Cuba, everyone was aware of it including 12 year olds. By the time I was 14 Kennedy had become a villain to some and a hero to others.

Perhaps you are right Russian and American war and the Kennedy assassination would not have been noticed by 12/14 year olds right? You are showing your naivety; people of my age remember it alright it was terrifying, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that obscure tribes in the Amazonian rain forrests were discussing the Kennedy death,you are out of your depth.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 10:17
One man’s tyrant is another man’s hero Mr. Duff and there are a great many people who are coming round to my way of thinking on Cuba and Fidel, Obama for instance; you and your kind have lost this one, it’s looking good for the future thanks to Castro, a great man!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 24/07/09
I suspect brainwashing here; I presume that this mid-night knock on the door doesn’t happen here or in America does it? And Guantanamo Bay doesn’t exist right?

David Duff said...

And here was me thinking you were a defender of democracy! Tell me, Councillor, how many free elections have there been in Cuba over the last 50-odd years, and how many in the 'nation of satan, the USA?

Also, if Castro's regime was so warm and cuddly and beloved, why did so many Cuban families try and escape by sea often losing their lives in the process?

Ariel said...

Dont know how to break this to you, Terry, but Batista was supported by the unions and the communists - America embargoed his government and withdrew her ambassador. Look it up on Wikipedia.

Game, set and match to the guys in the white stetsons, I think

Anonymous said...

Kelly @ 2.42
Midnight knocking could well happen in America and Guantamo certainly exists.

But the comments you made and I referred to, were about Jack Straw and Britain, not Obama's America.

Nice try, but no coconut, you misbegotten cheer leader for murderous dictators.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 14:58

Cuban elections attract turn outs of 98 % America less than 50% except for Obama.

Bush lost and refused to concede and his little brother delivered Florida remember; hanging chads; thousands being denied the right to vote.

There will always be people who wish to move elsewhere like British, Irish, Indian, Italian etc. is it the case therefore that they are all fleeing oppression? Where would Americans like the poor living in slums with no health care and no education who are likely to be shot at any time like to live, are they happy in America; do they have a voice.

What about the true Americans the Indians with the highest rates of unemployment; illiteracy; alcoholism; drug abuse and suicide in the world; are they happy in the land of the free?

Once again you don’t seem to have thought this out do you?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 17:39
I assume that you also believe in Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17:47
As I’ve said before and yes it now brings me great satisfaction to remind people like you; Fidel has seen off 11 hostile USA presidents and god knows how many British PM’s and home secretaries who toed the American line. He is still standing; the revolution goes on; the Americans are making friends and so will we when the Americans tell us it’s OK to do so, you and your kind have been gubbed by the great man and the Cuban people.

Ariel said...

Ever helpful to the historically disadvantaged, another quote for you, Terry,

'Unable to count on the support of the United States, Batista fled Cuba.'

Dont like it up you, do you Big Fella?

Anonymous said...

'Fidel has seen off 11 US Presidents.'

So has Her Majesty, Terry. And the coincidence doesn't end there - like the House of Windsor, the House of Castro is going the hereditary route, with Brother Raul now at the head of the table.

Not sure if the Castro's are copying us or North Korea. What do you think?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 25/07/09
The Cuban revolution spawned an anti Cuban/Castro industry driven by the CIA which still thrives today; they have thrown millions of dollars at it as well as hundreds of assassination attempts. Their meagre successes have been confined to the gullible idiots like you who still buy their lies.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 25/07/09

Possibly copying America; had H Clinton won and served two terms the presidency would have been in the hands of two families for 28 years; have you looked at the history of the British upper classes and their links to the Tory Party; the half wit Churchills? How about the Scots. Royals; the SNP Ewings; they had 4 members of the family all as MP’s at the same time; the Northern Irish political Dynasty the Paisley’s and their 5 political salaries; the Kennedy’s, President Jack and Attorney General and president elect Bobby; president elect Teddy had he avoided scandal. Have you ever thought of wearing a bulls eye target on your a**e?

Anonymous said...

And then there's ex-Speaker Martin and his lad in Glasgow. Where's it going to end Terry?

Any idea why Mr ex-Speakers constituency has to go without an MP for so long when the Norwich by-election could be arranged so quickly?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13:18

There is also my daughter who was a councillor although that was against my advice; Tony Benn’s father and I think Grandfather were MP’s; are you suggesting that anyone who is related to an MP should be banned from standing?

The people of Michael Martin’s constituency will not have been without an MP for as long as the people of Bannf and Buchan who probably hold that record; 2 years and counting; unless of course you consider Salmond (the spiv’s) attendance at Westminster as being consistent with being an MP.

The party who have the right to name the date of a by election or indeed a general election or in the case of the SNP a referendum generally do so when they think the time will suit them best.

Ariel said...

Terry, clarify please - are you suggesting that while this is a bad time to hold the Glasgow by-election, it was a good time for Labour to go to the polls in Norwich?

If so, why?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 26/07/09
No I’m not saying that I’m saying that the party in power chooses when to go and they will choose a time which suits them; this is done by all parties; there is no mystery to it.

I would prefer to go outwith the holiday period for obvious reasons but I’m certainly not afraid of the Glasgow By Election. I wasn’t afraid of Glenrothes either.

Ariel said...

Thank you for your courteous reply to my by election query.

Two points. First, Glenrothes was then, Glasgow is now and times have changed. You may not be afraid, but your leader..........?

Second. I cannot believe that you are happy to see the folk of Glasgow NE disenfranchised for this length of time.

Cutting to the chase, is the real reason for the delay that the PM recognises that losing Speaker Martin's seat would be a huge propaganda coup for the Tories?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 12:09
You are sounding a bit desperate; there is no story here, nothing unusual is happening. For the Tories to enjoy a huge propaganda coup they would have to win; is that what you are suggesting? I know I have wondered in the past about your grasp of politics but now you are having a laugh right?

Ariel said...

Terry, you could be right about my grasp of politics, or rather,Labour tactics.

So lets keep it simple for my benefit...Why was it OK to have a quick by-election in Norwich, but not in Glasgow?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 27/07/09
I’m beginning to get the impression that you are trying to say something here; how much time do you need?

The avoidance of the holiday period is a reason that I would agree with; it might also be the case that they have had a look at the SNP and decided to give them more rope for their candidate to demonstrate as he is doing why he was their 4 Th. choice, but I confess Gordon has not consulted me.

I asked you to explain why a Labour defeat would be a Tory triumph?

Ariel said...

Err, Terry, it is also the holiday season in Norwich and that didn't cause Labour to delay the by election. .

Why is Glasgow different?

And you know exactly why a Labour defeat in Glasgow NE would be a didaster!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Why would a Labour defeat be a Tory triumph, that's what you said.

Ariel said...

Think my phrase was 'Tory propaganda coup,' not 'Tory triumph.'

Whoever wins, Tory or Nat, even a political virgin like me could get mileage for my party out of Labour losing Speaker Martin's ex-seat.

Now, back to my question, why should the holiday season cause a by-election delay in Glasgow NE, but not in Norwich?