Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This blog has been busy with comments about MP’s expenses; mainly from SNP cretins who cant quite grasp the rather obvious; that is that their attempts to damage Labour (never the Tories) are rendered completely worthless when their own MP’s are also involved; in fact their own leader Salmond (the spiv) has been fingered for eating £800 worth of London expenses grub or claiming to have eaten it; when Parliament wasn’t even sitting; this rather negates their silly attempts to blame others and try to excuse themselves. They have however by their clumsy comments kept this going perhaps longer than its blogosphere shelf life which has allowed me to broaden the discussion to include the wider issue of what kind of society we actually live in. My conclusion is that we are worse than some and no better than many others.

Inequality and unfairness lead to envy and on to corruption and dishonesty; society rots from the top down. When the majority of people look up at the privileged and wealthy; many of whom gain such wealth and power by inheriting it or exploiting those who are less powerful they think to themselves; why should I accept that these people have a divine right to these things. I will grab what I can just as they have and I won’t be to concerned about how I do it, this is the template for the ‘devil take the hindmost’ capitalist society, this is why I’m in politics; to change that society to one where everyone is treated fairly and to get rid of corruption, yes I know I’m a saint.

To achieve this we must start at the top. It will come as no surprise to some that by ‘the top’ I refer of course to the world’s greatest and most successful parasites, the Ruritanian farce that is the ‘House of Windsor’ (much loved by Salmond the spiv) watching them at the changing of the guard the other day it was easy to imagine that “Christopher Robin and Alice” were watching with me. Standing there; some dribbling; it was a source of wonder that the balcony they were on was able to take the weight of all the toy swords, medals and baubles that they were adorned with, farce does not suffice. Can we honestly expect a clean society with this nonsense going on? The Sunday Observer columnist Gerald Warner calls her majesty a great bulwark for democracy and calls on her to dissolve Parliament while foaming about unelected politicians in cabinet, whit?

Not prepared to restrict himself to cutting ribbons and dressing up like a Gilbert & Sullivan extra; the seriously wandered Prince Charles abuses his position through his contact with a fellow royal from some desert kingdom to overturn the plans for a development at Chelsea Barracks, the desert king owns the land you see. The fact that the architectural design was the creation of a top architect did not stop him from interfering, he thinks he knows about architecture and he is a prince after all. Meanwhile we learn that the cost to you and me the tax payers of protecting Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice while abroad on their gap year was £500,000. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth often referred to as the world’s richest woman applies for and is awarded a grant to repair fencing at Balmoral, does the moat cleaning and duck house MP’s expenses still look as bad? Perhaps there are lots of people out there who don’t take pleas for honesty seriously, why should they when they look around them.

Start at ‘the top’ and then move down through the lords and Barons and the military upper classes and gut out the lot, then we can think about creating an honest society, start admitting the truth.


Nick said...

To answer your headline, I wouldn't evade tax, but I certainly wouldn't pay more then I was required to by a taxation system.

I hope you aren't conflating tax evasion (illegal) with following tax legislation to legitimately minimise your tax bill. They aren't the same.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hemmerfru) 16:05
I’m delighted to learn that I am not the only one being subjected to derisory laughter.

I was hoping to get some people to compare the Queens fence repair claim with the MP's moat cleaning claim.

Ariel said...

HM's fence, Wee Duggie Hogg's moat clearing and now Jim Devine's shelving.

They're all at it Terry - Go get 'em Big Man.

From another post - can you really claim expenses for travelling to work and back?

I ask because I have a 70 mile per day round trip and it's cripplingly expensive.

Nick said...

Who else is being laughed at derisively?

I'm sure someone will come along shortly. It won't be me though: I'm no fan of subsidising MPs or royals.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 17/06/09

I don’t know how I can make it any simpler; I have claimed home to office expenses before and will do so again; I have been paid them and I assume therefore that they are correct.

Queen Bess is now hitting on us tax payers for approx. £30m. to renovate some of her many castles, she is the queen of scroungers; a colossus when it comes to trousering other people’s money, MP’s eat your hearts out.

Anonymous said...

Well yes I agree money spent on the monarchy is money wasted. Shame the fiddling MP's won't do anything to get rid of the monarchy or at the very least cut spending on them back to the bone. Two cheeks of the same arse.

Anonymous said...


Just a wee suggestion to any of your readers who may happen to be trevelling down to London.

Don't waste money on a London hotel.

Just check in to (Labour MP for Renfrewshire) Jim Sheridan's house as he has 2 beds, a sofa bed and a sofa all paid by the taxpayer.

You should never be short of a place to put your head down there

Ronnie said...

I've just read today's Paisley Daily Express Terry and I must say that I am disgusted by our 2 Renfrewshire MP's

When I think that these guys peddle Labour socialist values whilst they have their snouts deep in the trough it makes my blood boil.

In 5 years Jim Sheridan has claimed over £150000 which is over £30000 per year just in expenses.

When you consider that the national average SALARY is only £25000 then this is truly sickening.

Douglas Alexander is not far behind at just over £134000.

The people of Paisley and Renfrewshire must be completely sickened after hearing these guys complaining about council cuts whilst at the same time lining their pockets with taxpayers money.

I will never cast a vote for Jim again.

I wouldn't like to be in his shoes when meeting and greeting the people of Paisley at the next election.

That's if he has the brass neck to turn up

FRED said...


Sandra said...

After today there can be no doubt that Labour are finished in Renfrewshire for a very long time.

Renfrewshire has only 2 Members of Parliament and both of them have been shafting their voters for a very long time.

How does a guy like Douglas Alexander talk to the people of Paisley about council cut backa whilt the next minute he is taking money out the self same peoples pockets to pay for his storm doors and windows.

Shame is not the word.

I can't think of a word bad enough to describe him.

Audrey said...

Who told you that you could claim such an expense Terry.

It is totally incorrect and you and other councillors of all parties should be made to pay it back for the period of time that they have claimed.

The Inland Revenue guidelines are very clear on this

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

You are stupidly suggesting that an MP should not be able to accommodate a spouse or children or friends in their London home, that's not a home.

I have 3 beds 1 sofa bed and 2 couches and I had my 2 daughters and 1 of their pals to stay this weekend, just how stupid are you?MP's are only allowed a 'bachelor flat' get real.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 18/06/09
Not quite; the truth is that Royals, Lords, Knights and the rest of the upper class parasites are professionals when it comes to free loading; MP’s are amateurs.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Audrey) 19/06/09

Audrey; you are clearly a public spirited citizen and obviously anxious about this matter.

This does you credit and shows you to be an example to others, Can I suggest therefore that you report the matter to the authorities for investigation; I’m sure they will be able to reassure about this but; thank you anyway for bringing your concerns to my attention.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Jim Sheridan should open his own hotel paid for by the taxpayer and he could have all his friends and family to stay and perhaps some distant cousins twice removed as well.

Get real Terry. Jim is a first class chancer with no place in a supposed socialist party.

Anonymous said...

It seems that you don't want to publish all your comments and posts.

I can understantand that, though I think you need to look at your party and decide if they are realy worthy.
I actually don't doubt that you have socialist values.

I do doubt that the party you support and the MP's in Renfrewshire have any socialist leanings.
How can they claim very lavish expenses and then talk to people in Hunterhill, Ferguslie, Howwood Road, Sandiflats etc about hardship when they are whooping it up in luxury in London.

They should be hounded out of office straight away

Anonymous said...

Things must be really bad Terry.

Even the Paisley Labour Express has turned against their own pet party.

The article on Douglas Alexander and Jim Sheridan must have just about finished them and Labour to boot in Renfrewshire.

It was especially bad when it was in the same issue as their coverage on the massive new investment to be made by the new council on leisure and education in Renfrewshire.

Anonymous said...

So DeL Boay shown his true colours, he now proposes to close, Johnstone and Elderslie's swimming Pools, could it be because these are Labour strong holds.

What a mean nasty spirited young boay he is, I only hope that the Labour Party get their act together and stop these plans dead.

Fingers crossed.

Tam Young.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(FRED) 19/06/09
I read the PDX almost every day but not for news stories; more for local gossip; which stories do you mean.

The PDX does a reasonable job as a ‘local’ but I would be surprised to read anything in it that I was not already aware of; perhaps you should get out more.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 20/06/09

Why not just cut all the c**p and tell us whether MP’s should be entitled to a second home in London; if you think they are not then you should tell us the alternative.

If they are entitled to a second home perhaps you could tell us what you think they are entitled to put in it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Sandra) 19/06/09
“After today there can be no doubt that Labour are finished in Renfrewshire for a very long time”

I assume that you are on about the MP’s expenses or to be more accurate in your case; Renfrewshire’s Labour MP’s expenses in isolation. I’ve had a look around but; I can’t find anything that happened today that was news.

If what you are saying is true and I don’t believe it is; you would have to accept that Salmond (the spiv) would also be finished; well, is he different in some way from other MP’s?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 20/06/09

“It seems that you don't want to publish all your comments and posts”

That is an devious lie trotted out regularly by people who can’t win the argument; it’s very easy to make such an accusation and impossible for me to combat it but; do people buy it; other than the SNP mob who are desperate to land a blow.

There is 1 comment which has not been answered but will be; this comment is hostile to Labour MP’s and quotes figures; brace yourself now because this will shock you, when someone quotes figures at me which are detrimental to me or Labour I don’t accept them until I have had them checked .

The comment was sent on Friday and I hope to have it checked and answered tomorrow, perhaps you would consider withdrawing the accusation.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11:53
Would a Labour leaning paper print all that good publicity about Renfrewshire Council’s future plans? Have you thought about this? Have you thought about the said plans? Are you that gullible?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:37
I don’t know if Derek is mean spirited or not but; I do know that he is a political vacuum and anything such as this will be the officers telling him what is to be done. Someone might hint at it doing damage to a Labour area and he will bite.
It’s not rocket science; if it was Derek would not be doing it.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, Sheridan claimed for £10,400on food in 5 years.

Given, as you pointed out with Salmond, Parliament only sits part-time, where the hell was he eating - The Ritz?

Anonymous said...

Even you Terry can't deny that the huge investment the new administration is making is not a good news story for Renfrewshire.

I am sure that you will try to find a bad slant on it though.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ronnie) 19/06/09

Perhaps we should wait and see the outcome of the independent auditor enquiries where every MP will have their expenses examined.

Alternatively you could explain to us how you reached your conclusions based on a sensationalist newspaper headline, what did they spend this money on? Give us the details and; while you are at it you could tell us how much an MP should claim to do his/her job in London.

You haven’t so much as presented an argument; you prefer to mouth a collection of personal prejudices and cod political posturing about socialism.

Anonymous said...

Wish I was a fly on the wall at the next Labour group meetings.

Attack the plans screams the cooncillor fur the peoples socialist republic of Ralston "we canny huv them bulding stuff" as he tries to outstare himself in the mirror.

Haud the fort bewails the member for a new sports centre and swimming pool in the land that Labour forgot, Linwood. Meanwhile the erstwhile members for Erskine are using their toes to count £35 million in new facilities. thats more than the entire history of expenditure in Erskine combined.
Whilst all around them the world still turns and the SNP run amok at the polls.

Ferrets - sack - heavy shovel

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11:29
It certainly is a good news story anonymous but so is ‘the three bears’ you of course take it as true right? as well as the three bears that is.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 18:49

O.K. so if I buy this c**p will you agree to tell me why; with all this mountain of money at the disposal of the SNP are they closing South Primary School to save £190,00. Why have they cut music tuition to schoolchildren? Why have they got rid of elderly wardens? I could go on; and on; and on; and on but; I’m hoping that you have grasped the point.

If the rest of your person is proportionate to your brain you could well be that fly on the wall.

Anonymous said...

You talk about a 'devil take the hind most society' as if your not part of it. Presumably, you can find a half-decent place to stand so why can't the money grubbers and drunks in your Party? It is easy to say 'well its a terrible society so I have to play along'. Also, if you have any political dignity stop playing the 'well its not actually criminal' line. If we are socialists it is not only to oppose that which is criminal; the degrading, the exploitative, and the downright treacherous ought to be denounced for what they are whatever the source. Your starting to sound like an apologist. The 'my Party right or wrong' line is not only tedious, its the road to brain-dead Party hackdome.

Neil said...

Are you saying that the massive inverstment plans detailed in the PDE are not going to happen.

Are you saying that Douglas Alexander and Jim Sheridan did not waste all that money.

Are you saying that Rangers didn't win the league this year.

Come on terry, Wake up and smell the roses.

Labour have finally been found out what they really are.

Gravy train politicians who don't care about anything but themselves.

If sheridan and alexander cared anything about the ordinary working man, they would have exposed this ridiculous expenses scheme instead of milking as much from as they possibly could.

Sameless is not the word.

Ronnie said...

"Perhaps we should wait and see the outcome of the independent auditor enquiries where every MP will have their expenses examined."

Isn't that what Alex Salmond said.

I am glad that you are now following his lead as you know it makes sense.

The figures that I quoted were initially from the Paisley Daily Express, however, these can be verified online.

The fact that have now published my comment, I assume that you have accepted that these figures are correct.

Going back over it, I see that Douglas Alexander claimed a massive amount of money for new storm windows and doors for his new home.

I wasn't aware that London was a known centre for hurricanes, however, I am now enlightened.

I would like to replace my old sash and case windows, however, I can't afford to and when, and if, I do it, I will have to get a bank loan and pay it up over a number of years.

Or as an alternative I could stand as an MP and get the taxpayer to pay for it for me.

Where is that Labour party membership form.

Oops, they have decided not to print any more through lack of interest

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 22/06/09

“You talk about a 'devil take the hind most society' as if your not part of it”

Rubbish; for the avoidance of doubt, I am part of it.

“money grubbers and drunks in your Party”

Show me any party without money grubbers and drunks and a lot more in it; and I will show you a liar.

“if you have any political dignity stop playing the 'well its not actually criminal' line”

Socialists don’t condemn people on the evidence of the gutter press its fascists and you by the sound of it who do that.

“the exploitative, and the downright treacherous ought to be denounced for what they are whatever the source”

More rubbish; either you haven’t been reading my articles and my comments or you are as bad a liar as any Tory.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Neil) 22/06/09

O.K. you’ve got me banged to rights; Rangers did win the league.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ronnie) 23/06/09

“Isn't that what Alex Salmond said”

The ‘spiv’ did say that and I have never denied it but; you missed something. He also said that the SNP were not involved, that’s why I’m hammering him.

The rest of your comments are regurgitated drivel; a notorious right wing paper laughingly called the Torygraph (that’s a hint Ronnie) comes out with a story which you and the other reactionary media outlets seize on because it seems to damage Labour.

You base your comments and beliefs on that and take up the attack ignoring the alleged misdemeanours of MP’s of all other parties; the Torygraph knew its target gullible audience all right.

It tells us more about you and your sense of justice or balance than it does about any accused MP, you and the rest of the SNP mob have been shown to be a bit of a joke and rather naive.

As the lady said to her sister at her son’s military passing out parade; “look at that Jessie everybody’s out of step except oor Alex”

Ronnie said...

Incorrect again Terry.

The figures that I quoted you are publicly available.

This is fact.

Here is another interesting little piece.

A vote took place in 2007 in Parliament to allow MP's exemption from the freedom of information act which would have kept MP's expenses hidden and this scandal would not have came out.

98 MP's voted for this. Out of the 98 MP's, 78 of them were Labour.

A lot of scared Labour MP's.

For balance the other 20 were Conservative.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ronnie) 07:53

The figures which you have seized on tell us more about you than any MP’s expenses; they and you are truly pathetic; why is Alex (the spiv) Salmond not showing the same enthusiasm for attacking these and other MP’s that you are, is it perhaps because he is an instinctively sympathetic man? the type who turns the other cheek when his enemies are in the trouble that you seem to think they are in? Are you really that thick? The figures are deliberately misleading; sensationalised and designed to rope in the gullible like you.

“98 MP's voted for this. Out of the 98 MP's, 78 of them were Labour.

A lot of scared Labour MP's.
For balance the other 20 were Conservative”

It was 96 with 18 Tories, and 27 against so; what happened to the other approx. 530? as I have said before; you are either a poor soul without a clue Ronnie or you are a liar, stop making a fool of yourself.

Anonymous said...

"thats why I am hammering him" (Alex Salmond)

not because he is SNP of course. Terry you really are dreaming and in La La Land if you think for a minute you are 'hammering' anybody never mind alex 'the spiv' Salmond with with your inane drivel. its the only outlet you have because the Labour party has collapsed internally and no longer functions. Keep 'hammering' it saves the taxpayers from paying for your treatment at a suitable NHS facility

Ariel said...

A Labour Health Minister (Ann Keen) using private healthcare and then claiming it on expenses!!

Even you, at your most demented, will find that difficult to justify......there again, maybe not!

Nick said...

It's worth noting that just because the Telegraph's ideology doesn't chime with yours, it doesn't make the actual facts they're reporting on inaccurate. And, to be fair to the Telegraph, Labour are the party of power and have commanded a big majority since 1997 which makes them far more interesting to the electorate than the Tories - though both parties have come under fire. The Telegraph's politics and public interest are in step on this one.

Also, as it's predominantly an English newspaper, its not surprising it's not holding the SNP to account in the same way it's lambasted Labour and the Tories. Salmond isn't interesting to Surrey... Are the Scottish press hammering them on it? It's really their lookout.

What do you think of the new speaker? He's right at the top of the table of expense claimants. Well voted, MPs!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 24/06/09
“not because he is SNP of course” Rhetorical.
Judging by the amount of email and comments I get about (the spiv) I must be hammering someone; how many times have you wrote?

I agree that blogging keeps a lot of people out of the hands of the mind doctors and the prison officers; you seem to be evidence of that.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 24/06/09

I find private health care obnoxious it brings out the worst in human beings; the option should be removed.

Claiming such things on expenses no matter how abhorrent you find the subject matter of private medicine remains a question of whether it’s legal to do so; if not then it should be a criminal matter.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hemmerfru) 10:36

“it doesn't make the actual facts they're reporting on inaccurate”

Not for the first time you have me at a disadvantage; are you really silly or just trying it on? “There are lies damn lies and statistics” (Benjamin Disraeli Tory P.M.)

“The Telegraph's politics and public interest are in step on this one”

Nearly right but getting closer; the public’s interest is in all politicians whom they are encouraged by the press to think of as crooks. The Telegraph’s raison d’être is to maximise damage to Labour.

You don’t have to be involved in politics to find the new speaker and the events surrounding him fascinating, Shakespeare would have been told by his agent to calm down a bit had he written this script.

Ariel said...

Terry @ 4.31

Forget 'Is it legal.' This is a Labour Health Minister who chose private health care.

Should she remain in post?

Nick said...

"Are you really silly or just trying it on? “There are lies damn lies and statistics” (Benjamin Disraeli Tory P.M.)"

Sigh... These aren't statistics: they're the accurate, unexpurgated figures for MPs' expense claims! The amounts claimed for moats and mock Tudor beams, or the amounts of capital gains tax dodged, haven't been made up. I think you're being either daft or disingenuous yourself.

I'd agree that the Telegraph is partisan, but it doesn't hide it's ideology and it has been responsible for the sacking of some high-ranking Tories as well as Labour. I'd say their reporting on this issue has been reasonably fair.

I admire the chutzpah Parliament has shown in selecting Bercow. He's up to his chin in maxed-out expenses, and doesn't exactly seem like he's going to clean the Augean stables. Oh well, back to business as usual I suppose.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hemmerfru) 08:45

“These aren't statistics: they're the accurate, unexpurgated figures for MPs' expense claims”

This is a rather obvious statement of truth even by your standards; I for one would love to be a Labour MP falsely accused of claiming illegal expenses by the Torygraph; do you really not see it?

The Telegraph discovers a massive story it sees the potential to cause damage to Labour; it proceeds to do so by presenting these facts in just such a way as to achieve that and a great many gullible bite; you included. You insist on claiming that you are telling the truth that means that you don’t understand what is going on so I will have to help you out.

I’m not going to do the work for you but; just consider one among many points; this is a heavy hint, why did they not explain in the sensational stories and headlines that the expenses covered 4/5 years? Answer? Lies; damn lies and statistics, this is what Disraeli meant, now go work it out and try to avoid semantics.

Anonymous said...

Kelly @ 5.48

Not only the gullible have bit, Councillor.

So has the Guardian, Sky, BBc, ITV, the police and the party leaders.

Maybe you would like to name a Labour MP who has been falsely accused?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Terry, the Labour party was already a massively damaged party before the Telegraph ran this story. It has hit every party, Labour has only come out of it worst because they have been the worst. Your rants against Salmond regarding the food are a joke considering there are 22 Scottish Labour MP's who have also claimed for exactly the same food allowance when the parliament was not sitting.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 26/06/09

The whole issue has been driven by the Telegraph in a way designed to maximise the damage to Labour; the agencies you refer to have been reduced to feeding on scraps from its table; scraps which have been released in the same way, to damage the Labour Govt.
No-one is in a position to name anyone who has been falsely accused, your prejudiced attitude leads you into a blatantly biased position; a position which renders your opinion worthless as in a “he would say that wouldn’t he” kind of way.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:36

“It has hit every party”

How stupid can you get? That’s what I’ve been writing about; according to Salmond (the spiv) it hasn’t hit every party. He claims that he and his party are innocent.

“22 Scottish Labour MP's who have also claimed for exactly the same food allowance”

You are not grasping this; is it inanity or dishonesty with you and the SNP? Salmond (the spiv) is the only one who claims to have done nothing wrong, just what is it with you people are you all stupid?

Anonymous said...


You have ranted on about Alex Salmond being guilty of fraud.

I presume then that you would agree that these 22 Labour MP's are guilty of fraud for claiming these allowances.

Anonymous said...


You have ranted on about Alex Salmond being guilty of fraud.

I presume then that you would agree that these 22 Labour MP's are guilty of fraud for claiming these allowances."

Guess this was too difficult to answer?

Anonymous said...

"You have ranted on about Alex Salmond being guilty of fraud.

I presume then that you would agree that these 22 Labour MP's are guilty of fraud for claiming these allowances."

Still running away from this one.

Brave brave brave Sir Terry!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11/07/09

I got home yesterday at 6 pm cleared my comments which did not include yours and slept most of today and I now find that that you have accused me of refusing to answer you, self flattery indeed, unable to answer someone who is too scared to identify them self, get real.

Salmond is the only party leader who claims that he and his party are innocent, I have no idea what has been happening over the past fortnight as the ship I was on did not have any links with English news, I managed to read 2 English papers in 2 weeks and none of them carried anything further about expenses so perhaps you should withdraw your juvenile remarks.
I did not say anyone was a fraud, you are obviously too lazy to get your facts right.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Time to throw away the SNP shovel and stop digging the hole you are in.

Ryan Connolly said...

TERRY KELLY - 10/06/2009

"The post about Alex (the spiv) Salmond’s fraudulent expenses which was posted by me 4 days ago stated that he cheated on his expenses"


TERRY KELLY 12/07/2009 6.43PM

"I did not say anyone was a fraud, you are obviously too lazy to get your facts right."


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ryan Connolly) 12/07/09

You need to learn to read things a bit more closely; I have stated many times that my references to Salmond (the spiv) and others were taken from newspapers; magazines; TV and Radio etc. I never accuse anyone of anything which they have not been proved guilty of; you learn that at every level of politics; except perhaps yours.

Whether he is guilty or not is not the issue; you really should know that by now; the issue is that he is the only one and they (the SNP) are the only party who are claiming innocence, you are either incapable of addressing that or you are a liar, which is it?

Moira Foster said...

" I never accuse anyone of anything which they have not been proved guilty of"


you can't run away from this one Terry.

You called him a fraud and incriminated many Labour MP's at the same time.

You are a sap!!!!

Give up blogging Terry.

You are a semi-illterate amateur.

And that is a compliment.

Ryan Connolly said...

"I never accuse anyone of anything which they have not been proved guilty of"


These are both your statements and the second paragraph is your accusation.

It seems you haven't learned anything even at your basement level of politics.

Care to apologise Councillor?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Moira Foster) 13/07/09
I have not accused anyone of anything, if he or anyone else is found guilty in court then I would consider saying something along the lines of; “Mr. So & So is a crook” but; not until then.

“You are a semi-illterate amateur”

You are priceless; you really are; do you not think that you should be a bit more thorough when you attack someone’s standard of literacy? Have you any idea just how thick and ignorant you look.

The phrase you should have used is “semi literate” not “semi illiterate” and you also misspelt illiterate; I normally don’t jump on such trivia but your arrogance and ignorance is such that you deserve to be humiliated, you are a clown and no mistake.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ryan Connolly) 08:29

Maybe he will sue me Ryan or maybe you should try, you need to look closer and try harder, why not try defending him? And the other SNP MPs remember their position is that they are the only innocent ones in all this; do you agree with them.

Do you want to say anything about the actual point of the argument? Are you too afraid?