Thursday, June 11, 2009


It's now 5 days and 20 comments since my post about Salmond (the spiv's) expenses and my criticism of the SNP members; not one of whom is prepared to say anything against him or even express any doubt about his actions, they make sheep look like dare devils; Either that or every last one of them believes that he is; as he said "rock solid" in his claims well; you believe it if you want but watch you don't step in that rocking horse's s***e there.

If, Salmond (the spiv) is indeed "rock solid" about his expenses would it be reasonable to ask why he does not end the gossip and speculation by telling us why he is "rock solid" it's not like him to be so reticent when he can overturn his enemies is it? He refuses to act on Annabelle Goldie's call to publish his diary for the period in question; why? is there not one person in the SNP asking this question? not one; it's becoming bizarre is it not? when asked about his expenses for this period he responds by attacking David Cameron over an unrelated matter; still no reaction from SNP members, what a bunch eh? still they seem to have kissed and made up as wee Alex (the spiv) was there in the Commons Chamber yesterday to join the Tories in the voting lobbies, some things never change do they?

Some apologists for him say that he was in London during the period that the house was not sitting; there on political business they claim thus entitling him to claim. Reports have him elsewhere namely in Scotland carrying out various visits opening things etc. he could of course have flown to London on political business despite Parliament being in recess; this he would have had to do several times. In addition, his claim was over the 2 month recess so he is claiming that he was in London for 40 days over these 2 months with no House of Commons business being done!

Salmond (the spiv) is regarded as an endangered species at Westminster so rare are his appearances yet; here he is positively haunting old London town like a mesmerised tourist; apparently unable to tear himself away; even to the extent of insisting on travelling down for political business and returning on the same day for constituency events.

40 days on political business in London during the 2 month summer recess when less diligent MP's were swanning around indulging in trivia like taking an annual holiday, we need a statue to this man right away. These are a flavour of the (spivs) activities regarding expenses, this would be a good time to recall his response when asked about this and other SNP members claims he said; I paraphrase; "it is a matter of regret that SNP members were caught up in the failed Westminster system" it was Westminster that forced him to claim expenses when the Parliament was in recess right? As I said earlier his attendance record at Westminster is deplorable; remember we learned this when he tried to pass himself off as one of Westminster's best value for money MP's hubris or what? how many of those many many missed days at Westminster were claimed for as well I wonder, this might run and run.

I appeal again in the interests of the people of Scotland; will anyone from the SNP express any doubt or try to explain the inexplicable or are they still cowering and trembling in (the spiv's) mighty dark, dark shadow.


Anonymous said...

"Should the MP’s who broke and bent the rules be punished? Absolutely! Is this the time to do it? Absolutely not!"

"Best to let the matter be investigated properly and then make rational decisions about the future."

These are your words from a very recent post regarding the expenses furore.

It seems that you wanted to play down the expense scandal because there was an election looming suggesting that the matter was best left to those investigating it.

Now that the election is by you have changed your mind and want to witch hunt one particular MP.

Anyone reading your blog over the last 24 months will see that you have a clear vendetta against Alex Salmond and I don't think that anyone is stupid enough to be taken in by this.

It disturbs me greatly that you wish to jump to the defence of a Labour MP who wishes to charge the taxpayer for furniture to accommodate guests at his second home. This is very clearly an expense that should come from his own pocket.

No person in any other walk of life would be able to claim this type of expense from their company and HMRC clearly disallow this type of expense for tax relief for any ordinary individual. Why should an MP be allowed to claim for this? There is absolutely no justification for this.

I think that Alex Salmonds expenses should be left with an independent auditor (who has no bias)to decide. If there is a case of fraud (criminal offence) then he will be prosecuted and you will be vindicated.

If there is not, then it is only right that you should stand down from your position as a councillor having clearly slandered Mr Salmond.

Nick said...

There's only one thing that can sort this whole mess out. Independence for Scotland! Then Holyrood could set its own expenses system, and we'd never see this dreadful problem raises its head again.


"he is positively haunting old London town like a mesmerised tourist"

Well, it is nicer down here...


But really, why single him out? It's a cross-party problem. You're just being partisan.

ariel said...

Dear Terry,
Is Salmond being a spiv perhaps a cultural thing among SNP politicos, do you think - as Shahid Malik claimed when paying his landlord cash, sans receipts? Except Shahid is Labour.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Thursday, June 11, 2009 3:38:00 PM

I’m not sure whether you actually understand what I have been doing and saying or whether you simply have your own anti Labour agenda. I have consistently argued that any MP guilty of fraud should be punished accordingly; any MP; is that clear enough for you?

“It seems that you wanted to play down the expense scandal because there was an election looming”

I have showed this one to a few people to let them share in the laughter, it’s, in the running for the most illiterate comment of the century.

Let’s get this straight; for the avoidance of doubt; you are saying that I thought I could “play down the expenses scandal” me, Cllr.Terry Kelly, I am able to play down the biggest political scandal since Profumo, what are you on?

“No person in any other walk of life would be able to claim this type of expense from their company”

You are not serious right? the capitalist society that we live in is littered with people who are being ‘treated by some business man, salesman or other; hospitality facilities at the golf open, Wimbledon, the motor / horse racing, free lunches, free holidays etc. match tickets, theatre tickets etc. need I go on? MP’s are small beer by comparison, get a grip of yourself for Christ’s sake the Telegraph journalists must be laughing themselves sore at the reaction of people like you.

I’m on Salmond’s case to point out the behaviour of him and the SNP; do you really think this is about Salmond (the spiv) getting £800 which he is not entitled to, he could have said “oops it was a mistake and I apologise and I will pay it back” his arrogance would not let him do that, he tried to blame Westminster for any dodgy claims from him or his MP’s and he has dissembled since, that doesn’t surprise me but I make the point again about the SNP, I can’t find one of them who is prepared to cast any doubt on him.

You might have hoped and wished there was an election coming but I can assure you I was positive there wasn’t, I find it difficult to believe that anyone with any political experience at all would say in private that they thought there would be an election, or for that matter that they themselves in Brown’s position would have agreed to one. So which is it; do you know anything about politics in which case you are a liar or are you genuinely that ignorant of the situation? I don’t think you are in the least bit genuine. I have set out again earlier today enough reasons for people to have suspicions about his claims, but no one from the SNP wants’ to engage me on it.

There are all sorts of accusations flying around about this and I do not hide my identify when I write about it, overwhelmingly those who accuse Labour MP’s stay in hiding just like you are doing now, that’s what my pursuit of him and the SNP is about.

MP’s are entitled to a second home; not a second home with a caveat that says you must not have guests, what kind of home would that be.I believe that MP’s are entitled to reasonable expenses if they turn out not to be reasonable then they should be dealt with. I think your argument that MPs should not be allowed to have guests is facile and heavily biased, why don’t you address some of the points I make in today’s post?

You think a private individual giving his opinion should resign; what are you some kind of Nazi or something?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hemmerfru) 15:57

“ There's only one thing that can sort this whole mess out. Independence for Scotland!”

Yes but that’s because being born in Scotland means that you are 'de facto' honest doesn’t it.

According to Salmond (the spiv) it’s not a cross party problem, that’s the point. You are usually a bit smarter than this, I usually take longer to make an a**e of you.

Allan said...

Excellent blog Cllr Kelly.

I look forward to your blog calling for the expulsion from the (New) Labour party of Blears, Purnell, Darling and the other MP's who were quite happy to take money from the tax-payer to feather their own nests.

Anonymous said...

You really are totally stupid.

"You are not serious right? the capitalist society that we live in is littered with people who are being ‘treated by some business man, salesman or other; hospitality facilities at the golf open, Wimbledon, the motor / horse racing, free lunches, free holidays etc. match tickets, theatre tickets etc. need I go on? MP’s are small beer by comparison"

I will forgive your ignorance of business and taxation Terry.

Anyone with even a smattering of business knowledge will know that any of the above activities undertaken by an individual or company are "non-allowable" by HMRC for tax or VAT relief.

This means that whoever pays for these activities is paying straight out of their own pocket after paying tax on the money.

This is no different from you or I taking someone for a day out etc.
It is a matter of choice. There is no finacial advantage.

In fact no corporate entertainment of any kind is deemed "allowable" by HMRC so I don't understand where you are coming from?

Also, I, did not say that an MP could not have anyone to stay at their second home.

I did say that they should not expect the taxpayer to pay for this and that if they want a sofa bed to accomodate this then they should pay for it themselves.

The election I was refering to was the recent European election and I totally agree with you in your comment that couldn't inflence anything, as anyone I have spoken to perceives you as a master of self parody.

In your deluded mind, you obviously thought that you could influence peoples vote on the European election, otherwise, what was your post of 1st June about.

"The BNP dream of a society where the rumbling sound of punctual trains and the accompanying smell of burning books is ever present; crush their hopes on Thursday."

You are clearly a very nasty and vindictive individual who cannot handle being in opposition.

Your vendetta against Alex Salmond is laughingly infantile and exposes you for what you really are.

I would urge anyone that reads your blog to take a quick review of your posts and comments over over the last year or so. If anything it will give them a good laugh.

Nick said...

Ha ha, that's almost a compliment! Amazing!

Salmond's claims are pretty dull really. A bit of sight-seeing in London? Yawn... Where's the scope, the ambition? The mock-Tudor beams and the duck houses? I'm beginning to wonder if he's got the vision to really make the most of his time in power.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 08:27

“You really are totally stupid”

“I will forgive your ignorance of business and taxation Terry”

If I’m stupid how would you describe someone who thinks that MP’s are the only people in the country who are ripping off tax payers? Stupid does not suffice does it?

“Also, I, did not say that an MP could not have anyone to stay at their second home.

I did say that they should not expect the taxpayer to pay for this and that if they want a sofa bed to accomodate this then they should pay for it themselves”

This idiocy leads to the logical conclusion that an MP who has his/ her partner stay with him/her in London and they sleep in a double bed he can only claim for half the cost of that double bed because he only needs a single bed to do his job. You haven’t thought this through at all have you? Or if you have then you really are an idiot.

“You are clearly a very nasty and vindictive individual who cannot handle being in opposition”
This attack on me is because of my criticism and loathing of the BNP so I will assume you are one of their rancid supporters, we have flushed one out at last; even if it’s an anonymous one. What kind of fascist are you? hiding your ID, you’ll never make a storm trooper at this rate; your jackbooted friends will be ashamed of you.

Do you think that condemning the BNP in my blog means that I think can influence the election? Even if it convinced only a handful of people I would feel obliged to do it but comparing that with believing that I can influence the expenses scandal mmmm; best to remain anonymous eh.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

ariel June 11 09

Is this some kind of code?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 11/06/09

Either you haven’t read it; you don’t understand it or you are a liar or a fool or both. I have not called for the expulsion of anyone; no one has been found guilty, perhaps society will start doing that if Nationalists get power.

I agree with Gilbert & Sullivan, we should “let the punishment fit the crime”

Are all parties involved in this or do you believe as Salmond (the spiv) does that they all are except the SNP.

Anonymous said...

So you don't agree with me about the sofa bed so let's move on.

Jim Sheridan's "Ivory bed with memory mattress" @ over £1000.

Pretty lavish don't you think.

I certainly couldn't afford one and my mother who is a tax paying pensioner couldn't either.

But that doesn't matter because it's for a Labour MP and no expense should be spared since the public are paying for it from their tax contributions.

Now we that our hard earned money is being put to good use.

I wonder in time if Jim Sheridan will remember his memory mattress fondly

Anonymous said...

"no one has been found guilty, perhaps society will start doing that if Nationalists get power."

So Alex Salmond is currently "not guilty"?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hemmerfru) 08:57

“I'm beginning to wonder if he's got the vision to really make the most of his time in power”

That depends on the gullibility of people; if SNP members continue as they are he’s home and dry, think on! Are all parties culpable except as Alex (the spiv) says the SNP? Consider your a**e kicked again for dodging the point.

Ryan Connolly said...

I have to agree with your anonymous poster.

It is blatantly obvious that you have been carrying out a pretty nasty vendetta against Alex Salmond.

I am not an SNP supporter, however, I do believe that you have lost the place with this.

Perhaps you should stick to the positive things that Labour would do should they return to power in Renfrewshire.

Oops sorry there isn't any.

Yeah, maybe you should just go back to slagging Alex

Sandra said...

Congratulations Terry.

You have acheived a famous first.

For the very first time you have branded a Terry Kelly dissenter as BNP and not SNP.

Or was this just a spelling mistake

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:31

OK;I'll indulge you further; I've raised 4 children so I'm used to this kind of behaviour.

Should an MP only be allowed 2nd. home furniture costing the same amount as that which the poorest members of society can afford and indeed not be allowed any furniture at all because some people can’t afford to buy furniture of any kind, or should your dear old mum be the yardstick?

I will say this for you that is a top class shovel you are digging with, in your position I would cling to anonymity too.

Ronnie said...

"Jim Sheridan's "Ivory bed with memory mattress" @ over £1000."

Surely this is a misprint. I can't believe a guy like Jim would waste taxpayers money like this.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:33

I said that no one has been found guilty is that difficult for you to grasp? that doesn’t however stop people firing accusations around, I haven’t called for anyone to be punished including Salmond.

Anonymous said...

In fact it sems that Jim Sheridan spent around £8400 on furnishings and decor on his flat.

Big bad expense fiddling Alex Salmond spent just under £2000.

Hmmm makes you think!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ryan Connolly) 12:39

Is this really the best you can come up with; all parties are guilty except the SNP says Salmond (the spiv) and you want to let that go; are you afraid of him as well.

“It is blatantly obvious that you have been carrying out a pretty nasty vendetta against Alex Salmond”

“Vendetta” (a prolonged bitter feud or quarrel ) absolutely; well spotted Ryan, maybe I should adopt a softer approach; after all the SNP are so nice to Labour and me.

Anonymous said...

Jim Sheridan also claimed over £800 for a sofa as well as a sofa bed.

Why would you need both.

This is surely taking the p**s!

Alan said...

You have stated that Alex Salmond has committed fraud.

You are now saying that nobody has been found guilty.

In this country you are innocent until proven guilty, so at this time Alex Salmond is innocent of the crime that you have stated that he has committed.

I think you owe Alex a very big apology.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ronnie) 12:47
Why is Jim Sheridan under attack for the price of his bed when Alex (the spiv) Salmond’s 2nd. home bed was more expensive, why the double standards?
Is it stupidity or laziness Ronnie or is it both?

Ronnie said...

Alex Salmond should not have sent this amount of a taxpayers money on a bed either.

In my opinion any 2nd homes and furnishings bought by MP's with taxpayers money should remain the property of the goverment and when an MP leaves Westminster they should be sold off with all proceeds returning to the treasury.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:57
The nationalist mindset is really tortuous; example 1 where (x) amount of money is allegedly fraudulently spent is bad while example2 where (y) amount of money is allegedly fraudulently spent is not classed as bad.

The SNP eh. What about the damage you are doing to Scotland’s reputation by writing this rubbish; are you not afraid that someone from Engurland might read it?

"Hmmm makes you think" now you are just being silly; you think !

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13:02
“Why would you need both”

Presumably to sit on and to sleep in.

I have two sofa beds as well, is that unusual?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Alan) 13:10

You seem determined to make sure that the (wee spiv) gets preferential treatment, why is that? Is he the only one who has been accused of fraud? Do you live in a cave?

Why can’t you people answer the question? Do you believe that Salmond spent 40 days in London over the 2 month Parliamentary recess; I’ll use more gentle language for you in an attempt to get you to address the point of my posts.

He has claimed the full amount for these 2 months; for this claim to be honest he would have had to spend 40 days in London on political business; well?

Do you even know his attendance record at Westminster: check it out and then consider again whether you truly believe he spent this time in London on political business, while the Parliament was in recess.

Alan said...

You don't seem to get it Terry.

What you or I believe is not the point.

You have stated (not accused) that Alex salmond has committed fraud.

At this time this has not been established.

You therfore are in the wrong and you owe the man an apology.

DO you believe in the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" or are you of the lynch mob persuasion

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ronnie) 13:16

The amount of money spent on an item of furniture is not the point of my posts; it’s about the arrogance and dissembling of Salmond he is effectively saying that everyone was at it except him and the SNP and he is getting away with it.

Do you honestly believe he spent 40 days in London on Political business while the house was in recess because he has claimed the full amount, which means 40 days, come on for Christ’s sake the guy doesn’t even go to Westminster unless it’s to vote with the Tories like the other day there, don’t take my word check his record.

As far as second homes are concerned; obviously something has to be done to prevent rules being bent/broken but it’s not as simple as you suggest.

The costs of their homes are very varied how do you regulate that, do you put a ceiling on what price of house they can have, where it should be? How much would you get for a 5 /10 year old bed or wardrobe?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I said that he claimed that he was in London for 40 days in the 2 months of summer Parliamentary recess on political business; I don’t believe him , and if I’m right then that is fraud, we will have to wait and see what happens, I take it you are advocating that everyone who has been called a fraud should be getting an apology or is it just him.

When are you going to answer the questions, do you believe that (the spivs) innocent? Do you believe that he spent 40 days over 2 summer months in London during Parliamentary recess on political business, Salmond (the spiv) and accusations of fraud are the least of your worries here, answer please! Is he a liar or not? Your outrage is phoney.

Nick said...

"Consider your a**e kicked again for dodging the point."

I'm not dodging the point, because I couldn't give a monkeys about Alex Salmond's specific case: any MP on the fiddle is nasty little scrote, irrespective of their political leaning.

Though my heart did sing when Blears got her arse kicked for dodging Capital Gains Tax.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hemmerfru) 10:05
“I'm not dodging the point”
Let me give you another chance then to ‘not dodge the point’

Are all parties culpable or are the SNP as suggested by (the spiv) exempt.

Nick said...

I'm dodging the point? Wowser trousers! Check out this direct quote from my last comment: "any MP on the fiddle is a nasty little scrote, irrespective of their political leaning".

Erm, so to clarify a fairly clear statement: yes, it's all guilty political parties to the sword as far as I'm concerned. Even piddling parochial bores like the SNP.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hemmerfru) 14:28
That’s not quite the question though, I specifically asked if you agreed with Salmond’s claim that the SNP were innocent, if you say they are all at it, that allows him and the SNP to “yes except us” that’s what’s been happening.

The Torygraph runs a table showing the dodgy claims of each party and does not include the SNP. They regard them as irrelevant in the UK but in Scotland they are not.

Nick said...

Que? How does me saying "they're all at it" allow the SNP to say "apart from us"? My response, if I were to have a conversation with the SNP, would be to say "Pull the other one, it's got bells on".

The Telegraph's readers are majoritively based in the south of England, not Scotland. Putting words on a page is incredibly expensive, so it'd make sense that they'd go for the parties which their readers are interested in - and can vote on. Were the likes of the DUP on the Torygraph's list too?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hemmerfru) 08:43

Quite simple and not your fault, the SNP only have a couple of MP’s and hardly register at Westminter, this has allowed them to keep their heads down and plead innocence.

The DUP are doing the same thing despite having a couple of people who are making a fortune Dodds and Robinson e.g.

It’s understandable for someone from England to ignore them but it lets them off the hook here.