Saturday, June 27, 2009


9.30 am Thursday June 25 Th. 09.Renfrewshire Council goes in to session; people who wander in could be forgiven for thinking that they have stumbled on a casting session for extras in a follow up version of Pirates of the Caribbean but it turns out the SNP have enlisted their followers to attend to give them support .

Matted hair; missing teeth; dribbling mouths; filthy beards; scars; fierce stares and fiercer tattoos; growling monosyllabic grunts and the unmistakeable stench of last nights booze; and the men were no better. It looked set to be a promising meeting.

An air of sadness hung over the visitors from South Primary School who were there to show that they were still standing and still fighting; they have been remorseless in their commitment and SNP councillors and supporters were again unable to meet their gaze. A shameful display of buck passing followed while the SNP laid the blame at the door of the education officers, they are beyond redemption; a shoddy bunch of chancers; they grovelled and crawled while the parents stood tall. Everyone knew who won this fight but the SNP stole the prize, they even moved the children’s desks out while they were still in the school, this is what happens when you go up against the thugs of the SNP when they have a majority. This fight is still not over and the parents are exploring other avenues to save the school, good luck to them, I urge everyone to support them in any way they can.

This is not about money they said and then talked about nothing else throughout the meetings which followed, more closures will come, mark my words; this SNP mob have the deadly combination of arrogance and brutality which has characterised tyrants throughout history, they are Scotland’s shame, there is never a trace of pity or kindness to be found in any of them, they see themselves as true and pure and strong, proud of their lack of pity and their ruthlessness, who do they remind you of?

They also introduced a package of measures which will among other things see a new school at Erskine (Labour opened 10) and the closure of swimming pools at Elderslie and Johnstone, Elderslie! I ask you; is nothing sacred? the old blue faced cattle thief Wallace will be birling in his grave at the treachery of the present day Nats. the Victory Baths Renfrew approx. 65 years old are to be renovated: don’t ask me; I’m equally baffled why not ask Council Leader Derek Mackay. Hold on a minute he is the Renfrew Councillor! and wait another minute Johnstone/Elderslie elected an unprecedented 3 Labour Councillors! A stewards enquiry at the very least shoorley.

Another gem emerged from the urbane sophisticated Deputy Provost Cllr. Nicolson SNP ( think Alf Garnett/ Rab. C Nesbitt) he was taken to task by Tory Cllr. Langlands for sneaking good news stories to the press before the councillors from other parties had heard about them, thus gaining the advantage in plaudits for the SNP. His reply? “if yoos ur no fast yoos ur last” this is the man who wanted to send travellers whom he knew nothing about “back tae Ireland” he is deputy provost honest, check for yourselves. This the SNP Scotland’s Party they claim, god help us.


Anonymous said...


What can I say Del Boay is the Council Leader of RENFREWshire.
Johnstone & Elderslie Pools are closing8, did that wee sniffle cllr McGee say anything in support Johnstones Pool from closing, she is after all one of the Cllrs for that Cluster, I assume that she was to busy shining her Leaders shoes that morning, while "Halfwit" Cllr McAllen was buffing Del Boays cheeks to an acceptable pink.

Former SNP Provost Alistair Nimmo will be turning in his grave.

What we have hear is an inept administration run by a Boay and his follower who confirm and agree with his every utterance, we are seeing Labour areas in the Shire being picked on shown no mercy for simply voting and supporting the Labour Party.

If I have said this once I have said it many times, when is the Labour Party, MP'S and MSP's going to raise the Bar and attack the Nats Administration, with people like Devine, hop knobbing with Cllr Adams, "man of straw" at Paisley South meetings and enjoying a knees up" at St Mirren games hardly shows the public that the Labour Party are serioius about taking on the "Nats".

It's time Del Boay and his weak band of amateurs are horse whipped out of RENREWshire.

Tam Spouse.

P.s Is it true that wee Jimmy "I’m aright are youse" Mitchell is looking for funding for a new statue of Burns for the town centre, or was it Elvis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:48

Cllrs. McGee, McFee & Arthur who all have a locus in this area performed a sketch of the 3 monkeys; despite being challenged by Labour to condemn the closures it was “hear; see & speak no evil”

The interesting thing about young Derek’s apparent unassailable position is the message that it sends to the ex fundies like Mitchell, McFee; Nicolson, B Lawson etc. this is “new SNP” their day has passed and they are now content to take the money and keep quite, a modern day “parcel o rogues” if you will. You can just see Salmond (the spiv) Swinney, Sturgeon, Russell et al storming the castles for Scotland's freedom; cant you?

Eddie Devine enjoys a reputation as a genial good natured guy but I can assure you he has no time for the SNP; he in fact has more reason than most to worship the quicksand they walk-on.

Wee Jimmy Mitchell is a figure of fun and a shell of a man who lost whatever principals he might have had a long while ago; (the spiv) knows this only too well that’s why Derek is where he is.

subrosa said...

Having met some labour councillors in this part of the country, it seems they're all out of the same pot.

You'd do better attacking the policies than the person. Always a stronger argument.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen or met any of these folk but, I have met you. It least they cannot be nearly as fat and smell as bad as you.

Anonymous said...

""It's time Del Boay and his weak band of amateurs are horse whipped out of RENREWshire.""

Hello ex cooncillor Vassie. Judging by the recent election results that won't be any time soon.

Ha Ha.

naldo said...

Hey, Tel, you're a bit of a looker yirsel so yiv ivry right tae gie it tight to that ugly SNP mob.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was laughable that the SNP councillors felt the need to bring along their family for moral support. It doesn't say much about the ability of certain councillors to do their jobs, or indeed their confidence in the decisions they were making, if they needed someone to come along and hold their hands.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(subrosa) 28/06/09
This does not make sense to me, try again.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 28/06/09
More pearls of wisdom from the SNP debating society.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 28/06/09
I’m not quite sure what you are suggesting here but you seem to be afraid of open debate by hiding yourself.
You can say what you like about Cllrs. Vassie,Martin,Mcguiness, Noon, Anderson etc. all loosely wrapped for sure but, not one of them would sunk to the depths of the current SNP administration; these people believed in independence Mackay and his lackeys believe in themselves only.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(naldo) 29/06/09
Absolutely; I’ve been told many times that I have a kind of rugged charm about me, glad you noticed.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 30/06/09
You have hit the nail on the head; the mob were there because they were afraid to face the public, just like when they had the music cuts debate abandoned, gutless and shameless, that’s the SNP.

Anonymous said...

Your Blogger are right about the SNP, Anytime or should I say every time they have a bad announcement they fill the public benches with fiends, oh I meant friends for support.

What a bunch, McKay has no back bone, this also applies to Cameron, and McGee (I’ll save the pools) just isn't sure which ones. Michael and the other bunch of rotten eggs.
Which form this Nat/Lib Dem Administration?

I’ll say one thing Terry, If I was McGee or as she is called in Johnstone “spaced out Tracey” the people in these areas will not forgive her for voting to close these pools,
So that’s one less Nats Cooncillor at the next elections.

Keep up the good work.

Aye yours

Scott Taylor.

Anonymous said...

what a disgusting website!