Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What is the difference between; Scottish Tory MSP and Holyrood Presiding Officer Alex Ferguson and the SNP MSP and Chair of Holyrood’s Standards Committee Keith Brown? Answer: - the former Mr. Alex Ferguson; is honest and honourable while the latter Mr. Keith Brown is a disingenuous dishonourable coward.

Consider two decisions which had to be made using the casting vote of the respective chairpersons of the Parliament and the Standards Committee; I refer first to the casting vote which Mr. Ferguson used to prevent the SNP/Tory budget being passed, the Tory Chair despite his party supporting the budget maintained the convention of deciding in favour of the status quo when the vote was tied and the budget fell, despite this being a quite momentous thing to do there was never any doubt that he would do the right thing, the honourable/decent thing. It is to his and his party’s credit that there was never any doubt that they would play fair which they did.

Contrast this with the underhand behaviour of SNP MSP Keith Brown when he was presented with an identical choice as chair of the Standards Committee when the vote was tied on whether Wendy Alexander should be pursued further over the accusation of breaking parliamentary rules over an illegal donation; the same convention of the chair supporting the status quo should have applied; by any standards of decency and honour it should have applied that is; but remember this was the SNP; and they don’t recognise such things as decency and fair play, this ‘humble servant’ of Alex (the spiv) did not adhere to the convention of support for the status quo, shameful.

At the time this happened I wrote about this MSP Keith Brown and predicted that he would be promoted for showing his willingness to grovel to Alex (the spiv) Salmond and; today I hear he is the new education minister, this is his 30 pieces of silver for his cowardly ambition. He is one to watch; he will carry on ignoring the contempt in which he is held by everyone at Holyrood his own party included, they will smile and be courteous in his company but they have his measure and they will not want to have him sitting or lurking behind them. For Alex (the spiv) Keith Brown is bought and paid for; (the spiv) has also brought in some other crackers in his reshuffle, they are as follows.

“Republican Rose; Roseanna Cunningham” a former rebel who crumbled humiliatingly in the face of Winnie Ewing who bullied and ridiculed her; this so called anti monarchist no longer mentions her Majesty; Alex (the spiv) is of course a Royalist who knows what her principals are worth.

The treacherous and very malleable Alex Neill (ask Jim Sillars) another former ‘rebel’ who has literally changed from being anti Salmond to the most loyal toady of them all he has begged and crawled to this reward.

And last but not least the king of the crawlers himself Mike Russell, this guy wrote a book about politics but; after a “chat” with (the spiv) he was “made an offer he couldn’t refuse” and agreed to let (the spiv) dictate the parts he wanted changed. “Iron Mike” folded right away, spineless.

Throw in the ever so humble Swinney who is about as scary as ‘Scooby Doo’ + the besotted Sturgeon and you can see an awful lot of solidarity taking place in the cabinet can’t you; Alex (the spiv) Salmond rules right? the execrable Mr Keith Brown has found his true home.

One of the most notable things about the SNP is the total lack of dissent, Labour, the Tories, even the ‘stand for nothing’ Lib. Dems. have dissenters and members of their awkward squad; it’s one of the signs of a healthy political debate going on. This is further proof if it was ever needed that the Nats. are a one man band and the leader is a multi instrumentalist and soloist, he gets to pick the tunes and if he says so “everyone can be out of tune except him”

This is not a healthy political party it is run by fear and threat, only the yes men/women get promoted, this trend will continue and worsen because there is no-one with the courage to challenge it.


Anonymous said...

Mr Kelly,
This is one of the best and most relevant pieces that I have ever read on your site, this encapsulates the SNP in Edinburgh and also mirrors the Microenvironment of what is commonly called the SNP group on Renfrewshire Council, the Boay McKay is surrounded by "Yes Men", let's take a closer look, Nicolson and McFee both where fearful of McKay’s talent and popularity, Nicolson probably the worst SNP Leader in the SNP's history has quickly bent his knee and kissed Del's ring, McFee sitting in the back-ground thinking of past glories put his to what ever Del says is in fashion. Noon and McLaren fan and moisturise McKay and agree with his every utterance, Mclaren, fearful of his own shadow unless he has McKay’s warmth next to him, Noon would get the part of the cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz, he bravely puts his paws in the air, knowing that his Boss in standing at his back.
The Man of Straw Adams, is loud, very loud but has utterly no talent, one of McKay’s stools has more prospects. Adams during an earlier General Election Campaign was not permitted to put any of his posters or go round in his car with a loud hailer in Renfrew, why, because McKay told him! An upstart telling a Parliamentary Candidate, yes amazing but true. Lawson, the mini- me look a like, once proudly walked his own path in the SNP, unfortunately it's now the path behind Del McKay, no principals, gives sheep a bad name. The other Lawson, is more slippery than a fat man dipped in lard, no principals, no morals unless it suits her, what more can I say, Cameron, completely bereft of talent, taking high Office and high Pay packets, totally out of her depth. Has no respect for the public, only when it suits her or her house purchasing. Lastly Ms McGee from Johnstone, staying on the Wizard of Oz theme could get the part of the Tin Man, “If I only had a heart” she will stop at nothing in assuring her re-election, her world ambition is not “peace” or “understanding” is who do I need to get in the B**** to get elected, friends, good friends, I don’t give a flying ****, her loyalty to McKay is absolute, with out question. Mr Kelly does this truly Mirror the SNP in Edinburgh; let’s see what your regular readers feel.
Mr Kelly there is not one of them with any self thought, they all stand totally behind the Master, God help Renfrewshire, God Help Scotland, the Labour Party had faults and there were many but at least some of their members would speak out from time to time. We can all forget that know, our only hope is that the general public will see through this facade and vote accordingly.


Jim S Adams.

Anonymous said...

Aye, but you never will be anything else that a pathetic, sad, angry, wee cooncillor.

You have achived nothing with your life.

Nick said...

And in no way have yes men and toadies climbed to the top in the Westminster Labour party...

For example, Charlie Falconer, lifelong friend and one-time flatmate of Tony Blair. He was the first peer created on Blair's recommendation, and was an unelected member of the Labour administration from 1997 until Gordon Brown's first reshuffle in 2007.

Labour rejected his application to stand as an MP in the 1997 election due to his refusal to withdraw his children from private education. He was told "Labour was not in the business of fielding candidates who spent more in a year on buying their children out of state education than most people earned in the same period" according to the BBC. By promoting him to the Lords, Blair circumvented the wishes of the PLP in order to bring his friend into government. Once in power, Falconer was an unswerving defender of his patron, even in the teeth of the fierce criticism from Labour rank and file that ended Blair's time as PM.

Would you like more examples? The problem of favouritism and patronage you talk about in your main post is rife in all our political parties.

Anonymous said...

Deary,deary me! Your record's stuck. Same old childish rant. As an old time Labour voter I must say that if this is the SNP dumbing down then what does that say for my old party and the rest of the opposition for that matter.

No wonder you are losing old traditional voters such as myself when you have nothing positive to say to keep our vote apart from stuff like this. After forty seven years of voting Labour I did not vote for you at the last elections and after watching them in the Scottish parliament and reading stuff like this I will not ever be again.

Thos Gardner

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11/02/09

Mr Adams - You clearly have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Renfrewshire SNP and you are also clearly a sound judge of character.

I disagree about Cllr. Mackay though I think he is talentless; unless you count a talent for sycophancy and ambition, so much so that he will inevitable become cannon fodder for Salmond (the spiv) he will become the obsequious Edmond Blackadder to (the spiv’s) King.

McFee is no more than a cowardly bully who has been completely humiliated by his abject failure at Holyrood; he knows the game’s up with him and he is consumed by envy and impotence, Nicolson,and the truly wretched Mitchell likewise, B. Lawson is easily the brightest but is a misty eyed fool when the bagpipes start to play.

The rest barely register except of course Cllr. Cameron who gives the impression of hating the whole world and everyone in it; your analysis of her position is spot on but; I don’t understand the reference to her “house purchasing” I have heard and read about this but I have no idea what it’s about.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11/02/09
I seem to have upset you but I’m glad to note that you agree with the article.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hemmerfru) 12/02/09

“favouritism and patronage you talk about in your main post is rife in all our political parties”

The truth of this statement does not damage the veracity of the article.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12/02/09
This is far too subtle for me Mr. Gardner.

Anonymous said...

Councillor Terry Kelly,

May I be given the privilege of responding to some of the unfair comments which have been posted on your web site, I wish to be subject specific and comment on underhand observations regarding Councillor Lorraine Cameron's house purchases in Glenburn.
Once I have commented and provided the facts, I would then hope Councillor Kelly that you will firstly:
1) Remove any mention of this subject from your site.
2) Ensure that no other mention of this subject appears on your site in any shape or form and if it does, immediately have it extinguished without a seconds delay.

Right lets start, Councillor Lorraine Cameron bought her council home in Fairway Ave with her husband, she unfortunately forgot to place her husbands name on the voter's electoral register, (more on that later.)
Secondly her caring husband had to move into his Mothers upper Glenburn home, due to the fact that she was very ill, her husband stayed with his Mother for maybe two or more years, so when his Mother sadly passed away, as testimony to his late Mother, he bought her Council home and the full 60% discount was awarded , after all Councillor Cameron's husband had given up socialising, football and even playing footy at the weekend, due to watching and look after his ill and now sadly late Mother, therefore he was entitled to purchase her council house and have the full discount awarded.
He was not on the voters roll for the property due to the fact of a simple mix-up; he thought that Councillor Cameron had placed his name on the register for their house, so that is how the second home was purchased. Lastly Councillor Kelly for the benefit of those interested, Councillor Cameron offered to assist her own dear Mother in the purchase of her Council house, her Mother who is unemployed had given up much of her life to care for her husband, who has now passed on, so in conclusion and to close the book, what we have here Councillor Kelly is a very caring, compassionate and close family, one who still hold onto traditional family values, there is much to be said for that in this day and age. We all know that Lorraine is out of her depth in the Education Department, but God knows she tries her hardest and follows all the instructions that Derek McKay provides her on a daily basis. In the final analysis, we have an extraordinary caring, compassionate family. One that we should all be inspired by and try to emulate in our ordinary dull lives.

Thank you Councillor Kelly for your time and patience, I know that you are still a Glenburn boy at heart, who will folow my instructions to the letter.

Nessie Blackwood.
Typed by her Grandson.
(Aged 14)

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 14/02/09

Ms. Blackwood I won’t as you suggest remove any comments but; I can assure you that if anyone makes unfounded allegations of impropriety against anyone in comments to my site they will not be printed.

People have suggested that Cllr. Cameron owns 3 council houses which was news to me but, you appear to confirm this so I can’t quite follow your reasoning, as is clear from your comments I know Cllr. Cameron’s family and I don’t disagree with your description of them, with the proviso that I knew an older generation of them.

I have disagreed with Cllr. Cameron on most issue but this is politics and not personal; I find your comments on her abilities or lack of them as Education Convener bizarre, with friends like you etc.

Notwithstanding the reasons that you give, it is I feel inevitable that someone purchasing 3 council houses, if that is indeed the case will cause a/ gossip and b/ resentment, for my part if there is nothing illegal about this I’m’ not concerned, it’s her own business. I have received many comments about Cllr. Cameron; she seems to have some determined enemies but; I can assure you I have deleted many comments and I will do so again if necessary, politics is a tough business, I certainly know that, and I know what the SNP are capable of.

Nick said...

"The truth of this statement does not damage the veracity of the article."

I know. I think all parties should be held to the high standards you set for the SNP. Including Labour.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hemmerfru) 17/02/09
I do my best.

Nick said...

Good stuff, that's all we can ask. Shame a lot of your colleagues don't have a similar level of probity.