Sunday, November 09, 2008


I suppose that people who read this blog will have been expecting me to comment on what is now known by one word, “Glenrothes” it’s not necessary to say anything else to explain it’s significance, no need to worry about people wondering if you mean a sporting event, a human disaster, an explosion etc. everyone knows that it was a By Election to the Westminster Parliament which Labour won and the SNP lost. Nor is it necessary to mention the other parties but I will, the “Scottish Socialist Party” were humiliated as never before, just when you thought they were completely humbled (which they were) in limped the “Solidarity (Tommy Sheridan) Party” to prove to the Scottish Socialists that there is always someone worse off than yourselves. It saddens me to see these people, many of them good Socialists and decent people living fantasy lives on the lunatic fringe of politics, when they could be in the Labour Party helping me and many others to make a difference. At a time when capitalism is being rocked to it’s shaky foundations, they are still impersonating the Monty Python sketch about the “People’s Party of Judea” V the “Judean People’s Party” I’m reminded again of a conversation I once had with Tony Benn (name dropping) that there were 23 left of centre parties in Britain, that’s quite tragic really.

The Tories and the wretched Liberal Democrats were also humiliated but the greatest humiliation of all was not reserved for a political party, it was reserved for a political party leader. Let’s hear it for Alex (the spiv) Salmond, the sneering strutting wide boy leader of the SNP, a man who can swagger while seated and has the ability to follow you into a revolving door and come out in front of you. When this man says good morning to people they immediately think “what’s he up to” dishonest to the bitter end, he vanished and reappeared with a plan to lessen the blame on him, no one is more important than Alex (the spiv) that’s his creed. With rat like cunning he spun the story of taking the blame himself, why ? well he blamed himself for not rebutting Labour’s highlighting the local SNP’s terrible record as a council administration. The fact of the matter is he bragged and boasted about taking on Gordon Brown and spoke about little else, he hammered away at the ludicrous suggestion that Brown was responsible for the global finance crisis, “I challenge him to meet me head on in Fife” he bellowed, well that’s what Brown did and we all seen the result didn’t we. Alex (the spiv) of course doesn’t want that to be the discussion point, who wants to discuss taking a hammering from someone that you have been deriding for the whole campaign.

He hasn’t got away with this with the public and the media who easily see through his cowardice and trickery but, I predict he will get away with it in his own party who have no one to stand up to him, and are completely terrified of the regime he runs. Is it any wonder that on live TV that other political charlatan Jim Sillars was playing the elder statesman, heroically stifling his laughter and, ever so sympathetically twisting the knife in Alex (the spiv’s) back wearing a ‘Rev. I. M. Jolly’ “this hurts me more than it hurts Alex” expression on his face, meanwhile across the studio Nicola Sturgeon was, judging by her expression trying to turn him into a frog. Make no mistake about this, mid term By Elections are very difficult for Governments, Labour were taking a hammering in the polls, there was economic fear, a bullish and arrogant opposition, tipped for defeat by the guys who are never wrong, ‘the bookies’ This was a great Labour victory we increased our vote and our share of the vote, quite an achievement.

I have been told umpteen times by lumpen SNP members and followers what the SNP were going to do to Labour in Fife and now I find that they have gone away, probably “tae think again” these are the same people who exploded with rage and poison on the on line comments sections of national newspapers. They showed themselves for what they are and Nationalism for what it is, a philosophy of despair and hatred which attracts the very worst elements of our society, I have decided to print some of the comments made by these nationalists, to let you see for yourselves what they are like when the tartan veil slips, and their true character is exposed.

Here is a Nat. describing Labour and Fifers :- "it just proves the contempt in which they hold their electorate and how they rate their intelligence" The SNP have on these on line comments described the voters of Fife as follows :- Glenrothes 'traitors', 'numpties', 'thick' and 'blind' and said 'you deserve to rot in your pits of filth'. There’s more, "If confirmation was ever required that most Fifers are thick then this election result provides conclusive proof." An earlier commenter has another go thus :- "you deserve to rot in your pits of filth. Traitors one and all!" and even more :- “The kingdom of fife should hang its ugly unionist head in shame. Fifers are anti Scottish and a disgrace to their country” this is a small sample of what the SNP really think about their fellow Scots and you should hear what they think of me !

In case you think that the nationalists can’t get any lower, consider this. A group of disabled campaigners in wheel chairs were calling at polling stations telling people not to vote SNP as a protest against Fife’s SNP council and how they were treating the disabled. None of them were Labour members or supporters, SNP campaigners and supporters turned on them viciously and abused and harassed them, the disabled people were left in a state of shock at the behaviour of the SNP supporters. No one from the SNP has apologised for this outrageous example of nationalist intolerance and bullying.

These are the people who call themselves “Scotland’s Party” and “Scotland’s Bravehearts” The truth is, the SNP are “SCOTLAND’S SHAME”


Macnasty said...

Do you have the figures to hand Bonny Lad? Like how many postal votes were cast?

Anonymous said...

How Labour winning a safe Labour seat with a reduced majority can be seen as humiliation for the SNP is beyond me. Particularly as two thirds of the population of Glenrothes have a vested interest in maintaining the Labour Patry in government.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Daniel Dravot) 08:20

“How Labour winning a safe Labour seat with a reduced majority can be seen as humiliation for the SNP is beyond me”

Here is what I said in my piece about humiliation, after I said that the Tories and the Lib. Dems. Were humiliated, I go on to say,
“the greatest humiliation of all was not reserved for a political party, it was reserved for a political party leader” i.e. “Salmond the spiv”

Do you not find that telling such blatant lies is in fact humiliating ?

You also seem to be making accusations of impropriety against people in Glenrothes from a position of anonymity, that is base and cowardly but, you are a Nat. right? that explains that.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Macnasty) 09/11/08
No. But I'm sure if you google USA election stats you will get it.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the mainstay of the SNP humiliation will stem from the grand prophecies of our First Minister, who claimed victory long before the polling stations even opened...whoops!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:51
This was a fantastic result for Labour but, the SNP could have emerged from the wreckage a whole lot quicker and easier if had not been for the hubris of wee Eck (the spiv) he was just so obnoxious and arrogant that the SNP could only crawl away after it with their tails between their legs.

Hence the poisonous comments on newspaper 'on line' responses, they have to be seen to be believed, crude and vicious.

Anonymous said...

The issue of this being a safe Labour seat that they (the labour party) is a nonsense.

This is a seat that has 80% commonality with the equivalent Holyrood seat (held by the SNP), therefore the election was up for grabs by both Labour & the SNP.

One issue that no-one has seemed to grasp is that if the by-election was for a seat in the Scottish parliament and the SNP lost it, they would no longer be the largest group and the Labour party would then be justifyed in taking over the reins of government or at least being in the position of forcing an election.

Do you think the spiv would resign his leadership if the SNP were forced out of office by the electorate?

Anonymous said...

Well, if you think the SNP getting a 13% increase in its vote is a humilation, you should check a dictionary.

What would 13% do in a place like Renfrewshire to New Labour? Care to do the sums?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Oakwood) 10/11/08
The point you make about the last Holyrood election for this area is a very valid one.
The ‘spiv’ would not resign and the SNP sheep would not let him, they see him as their meal ticket, so much so that those members who several years ago would have given their lives (so they say) for independence have forgotten all about it. It wasn’t mentioned in Glenrothes.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 10/11/08

Can you cretins not even read ? here’s what I said, try reading it again.

“but the greatest humiliation of all was not reserved for a political party, it was reserved for a political party leader. Let’s hear it for Alex (the spiv)”

Do you find this complicated ? surely even an SNP moron can understand this.

Anonymous said...

Surely you - and all the news I have read and heard miss one of the main points - the Tories lost their deposit! So much for smug faced Mr Cameron,.
Why don't they just get the hell out of Scottish politics - we have very long memories here.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(SomeGirlsWanderByMistake) 12/11/08
I hope our memories remain strong. They would be a historical footnote by now if it wasn’t for Holyrood. Only yesterday they were back in bed with the SNP to put through their budget. Reminiscent of the time when they joined the Tories to bring down the Callaghan Govt. and pave the way for the dark days of Thatcherism, we will not forget the both of them.

Anonymous said...

Some girls @ 5.45
The Tories losing their deposit in a Scottish mining community spells 'The End' for Cameron?

I guess too many deep fried Mars bars has had an effect on what passes for your brain.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13/11/08
You are clutching at straws here, we all know what ‘some girls’ meant, the Tories are “blootered” when it comes to Westminster elections in Scotland, don’t take ‘some girls’ word or mine look at the results over the past couple of elections.

Anonymous said...


Well done! Great blog.

I have some breaking news for you. Cllr McKay and his inner circle have been looking ahead to the next Scottish Parliament elections, Del Boay will stand first past the post in Paisley North and wait for it, will put his name forward to be ranked on the West of Scotland list!!!!!!!

Now here is the fun part, which one of the existing four list SNP MSP'S will move aside, maybe you could start taking bets, will it be Dr Bill Wilson (who!) or Stuart McMillan ( who!!!) or Gil Patterson (who!!!) or that donut for Eastwood SNP ( Looks like Stan Laurel).

Del Boay is licking his lips in anticipation, he can't wait for a jnr Cabinet Post, he keep sending Salmond (Spiv) loving letters, "oh Alec your so wonderful and words like that!

I will put my cards on the table, it will be between McMillan (who) and Dr Bill Wilson (Who’s he!)

Stay tuned.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 14/11/08

Cllr. Mackay is the perfect illustration of the farce which is the SNP, if he was in the Labour Party or even the Tory Party he would just about be allowed to make the tea, look at Aberdeen for further proof, SNP councillors in their early twenties in leading positions making complete fools of themselves and embarrassing Aberdonians.

There won’t be much left standing by the next election if the SNP continue the way they are, in Renfrewshire and Scotland, it looks like becoming “Trumpland”

“everything must go, how much am I bid for Loch Lomond, Loch Ness, a genuine castle, Edinburgh, Stirling”? (Alex “the spiv” Salmond).

Anonymous said...

Aye Youse, stop slaging Derek MXKay, he's the bee's knees, top Dollar, the guy that is heading fur the top shelf.

Aye Youse Bob Scratcher.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16/11/08
Are you the SNP’s chief spokesperson on culture ?