Friday, January 04, 2008


I keep my ear to the ground in political terms, some people think it's sad but there you are, I'm an addict.
I've a fair idea of what goes on and I sometimes get involved in some pretty heated stuff, I've promised before to count to ten but I still find it difficult, maybe if I survive long enough I'll mellow, what do you think ?

In my defence I would argue that I have tried my best to speak out when I see something wrong, I don't reserve this for my political opponents and I have angered Labour Party people before, some quite high up, I've publicly crossed swords with John Reid, Margaret Curren, even Gordon Brown before he was famous, the Scottish Labour Executive etc. but none of it personal. We all survived it and are still here, that's as it should be surely.

I wonder what happens in the SNP to people like me ? I ask this because I'm unaware of any dissent in that party, Labour Party members regularly speak out in a personal capacity and are critical of policy and some members actions, I can't think of our equivalent in today's SNP.

Roseanna Cunningham has now buttoned her lip and she was the last, she won't even mention the Queen now, how cowardly is that. Margo & Jim are gone Mike Russell humiliated by Salmond cowers in a corner, Alex Neil has become the cowardly lion, the more he shouts 'put em up' the more people laugh.
Most humiliatingly of all, the real (old) SNP's raison d'etre, independence is never referred to for fear of Alex (the spiv) and Nicola.

Look at the local SNP, never any mention of being free by some date with a three in it, not a cheep from the bravehearts, cllr. McFee, once their loudest voice sits at the back mumbling to himself like an extinct volcano, such was his Holyrood failure that he is a broken man, likewise wee cllr. Mitchell another broken braveheart, is this what they fought all those years for.

Is it possible perhaps that everyone in the SNP gets along famously, everyone agrees on everything they all agree on all policy?
Or is it as I suspect that the gradualist right wing heavies have now got a vice like grip on every aspect of the party and they tolerate no dissent, would you like to be an MSP at the mercy of Alex (FFM) I think crocodile wrestling would be nicer or even worse, going in to Nicola Sturgeon with a broken pay packet, watch for an SNP MSP with a backbone and see how you get on.


Anonymous said...

I think the £500000 bung from Brian Souter might have something to do with it...

Anonymous said...


But then who started this trend. Who put the importance of being "on message". Tony, Mandy and Al. Especially Al. What party were they running till not that long ago?

As the old cliche so often trotted out after May - the SNP out New Laboured New Labour.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 09/01/08 -

The SNP want us to believe that holy Souter’s £500,000 did not buy him any influence, the pledge by them to regulate the buses disappeared by coincidence.

“To be a successful con man you need a brass neck” (Alex 'the spiv' Salmond)

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(The Aberdonian) 15:08 -
That’s not a valid comparison, there has always been dissent in the labour Party and there still is, there is absolutely none in the SNP.

Salmond (the spiv) is the most all powerful party leader I’ve known in 40 yrs. OK the SNP isn’t as big as Labour but his stranglehold on the membership is total.

Can you give me an example of any other politician who was able to show his own party such contempt and still end up leading it again, or any other who survived so many electoral defeats without being replaced ? He must have compromising stuff on all of them.

The Incorrigible Plagiarist said...

Check back over your own ramblings, for your boasts of Labour solidarity and party discipline under Bliar.

Consider that the SNP may just be prospering under the excellent leadership of Alex Salmond (Have you seen his ratings compared with Wendy 'lame duck' Alexander?).

A unified party with excellent discipline and no need to air its dirty laundry in public, unlike Labour and the 23 left wing alterantives that make you and Tony Benn weep so...

You can't have it both ways Terry, either it's a good thing or it's not, but it can't just be a good thing when it's Labour and bad for everyone else.

As for your barb - "He must have compromising stuff on everyone" LOL ! As if anyone needed reminding that the internal mechanisms of the Labour party relied on such minacious practice.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(The Incorrigible Plagiarist) 08:51 - I don’t remember saying anything about party discipline under Blair so you’ll have to remind me.

“Alex Salmond (Have you seen his ratings compared with Wendy 'lame duck' Alexander?).” I seen them and I seen the polls, was that an own goal, go and sit in the corner.

Dissent and debate inside a party is a good thing, it doesn’t exist in the SNP.

Anonymous said...

Where is Frear and why have the nats all went there to unite?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 15:57

'Frear' is a typographical error it’s the type of thing which allows a cretin like you to describe it as a spelling mistake and, by so doing convince themselves that having highlighted it they have somehow won an argument.

It’s quite sad really and says more about cretins like you than it does about me.

Anonymous said...

It says I proof read my posts and take a certain pride in my output.

However given that you seem to spend all your time these days passing off this site's content as some kind of very clever joke to the national press I can see why you would not take such care.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17/01/08 -

This site receives approx. 45,00 hit’s a year, almost a thousand a week, I also receive about a dozen comments a day some very long, most looking for an argument, that’s fine but it means I have to work fast.

I have explained before that if I can understand what the writer means I ignore trivial mistakes in spelling or grammar, I expect others to do the same with me.
Most people agree to this but there are some like you who don’t, I think that that is because you have given up the debate and now spend your time trying to find spelling mistakes.

Your desperate logic is ‘look he has misspelled that word therefore his argument is wrong, I find that pathetic‘