Thursday, June 07, 2007

WILDLIFE - presenter makes me wild

'The boay said aw jings, ah love aw things wi wings an he saftened it's breed in a puddle' that's a bit of a daft poem that I learned years ago, a bird struggles with a lump of hard bread and the 'boay' steps in to help, what could be more natural ?

Well, it is in fact unnatural according to the most smug, annoying wee man on the planet Bill Oddie, he appears each night to tell us about birds and other wildlife and he insists that we must not interfere with nature i.e. when a small bird falls out of it's nest it must be left to die, it's nature's way - rubbish - I think these people wrap themselves in this cloak of sensible expertise simply to stand apart from all of us who enjoy wildlife.

If a rare bird or animal is in danger and I can save it I would not hesitate but, wee Bill says we shouldn't, I find this infuriating and, inconsistent. If he wants us to leave well alone why does he encourage us to build nesting boxes and leave out feed in the winter ?

The wee toerag also insists on trying to steal the attention from his fellow presenter who's name escapes me he talks over her constantly and fidgets when she is on screen, her youth and beauty probably annoy him, not that I usually notice that kind of thing. I don't like the wee sod.

The great Attenborough will unfortunately have to be replaced some day and IMO this young woman and the big awkward guy who joins in from the 'Utter Hebrides' would fit the bill, you just can't disguise the kind of enthusiasm that they show.

If only some annoying little attention seeking show off would stand aside and let them get on with it, maybe with a bit of luck he'll get bitten by something serious.


Anonymous said...

Not much chance of a sting ray in wilds of the UK countryside alas. Still maybe a wild boar or one of those wild cats in Scotland could do him in.

RfS said...

I have enjoyed the outdoors for nigh on 14 years now and I have to say that I do not consider myself a townie. Your comments strike me as a typical townie.

You help the rare bird back into its nest? Your scent is now on it. What you won't see is the mother rejecting it because it does not smell like her offspring. She does not feed it. The bird still dies.

Animals die all the time. It is natural. It is also natural that you should feel compassion but you should resist the urges. You have no right to meddle in the natural order of things. After all you are just a visitor to these places and should respect that fact.

Anonymous said...

I guess Bill Oddie won't sleep tonight then. The Oracle doesn't like him and knows more about conservation of wildlife than he does apparently.

Bill Oddie has done more cponservation work than a bloated, opinionated oaf like you could begin to dream of. FYI, you're a laier once more. Oddie isn't alone in suggesting you think twice before, for example, thinking to 'rescue' a chick fallen from a nest. many times I have heard the same advide given by, among others, David Attenborough, Kate Humble and Simon King, whom you seem to admire so greatly. The consequences of disturbing a nest site can be dire for ALL the inhabitants of the nest, not just the unfortunate youngster which has fallen. Furthermore, Oddie does not sya what you think he does. For exapmle, if you avail yourself regularly of Sprinwatch, you'll see that a nest of jay chicks was brought into the manager of the estate which is being used for the series. This chap had chopped a tree down in his garden, not realising that spring is not the time to do so. Thinking on his feet, he decided to take the nest, complete with occupants, to someone who knew how to deal with them. Oddie applauded the quick thinking of the individual, and we are treated to occasional glmpses of the chicks, which are doing well.

I'll grant you, Oddie's chipper enthusiasm can be mildly irritating, and I agree he does have a tendency to butt in, but I don't think he's being self-serving or intentionally rude. I believe he is just very very enthusiastic about something he's been interested in all his life. There is no doubting his knowledge, and I believe he serves a s a counterpoint to the vivacious and pretty kate Humble, who obviously has a deep love of nature, and Simon King, a wildlife filmmamker of international reputation.

Having ranted on (about something in which I have a lifelong fascination) I hope I bump into you in Kelvingrove Park on saturady at the Springwatch event. We went last year and made one or two lasting friendships. Try it, it may mellow you.

old and angry said...

I couldn't agree more.
Well Said!!

Perhaps more commentary and observations like this,
and less political insights,
and you could have a good blog with a wide following.

Jackart said...

It's funny. I have Bill Oddie down as my second choice for Dictator (after the Queen, naturally), were this country to abandon democracy.

What's your view on Keith O'Brien's comment's eh, Our Tel?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - You are a pompous ass. I have valued and enjoyed nature and wildlife for over 50 yrs. you display breathtaking arrogance and stupidity.

Perhaps we should give up on the Giant Panda and other species which are under threat for various reasons, not least of which is, and will be, global warning.

Mankind, thankfully has intervened in nature on many occasions to restore and strengthen various birds and animals and will continue to do so and that is a good thing.

Perhaps if we can position a camera close to a nest (as seen last night) without disturbing the birds we could also position a discreet net to prevent chicks falling to their death ? Not very macho I'll grant you but, I would do it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Jim Lewis - You're back on the gargle then, did I say I was an expert on conversation ? I refer you to my reply to that other 'hard but fair' conservationist RFS.

Kelvin Grove Springwatch event ? there must be some strange folk at this event if they made friends with you surely.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

old and angry - I already have a wide following- but thanks for your comments, I'm happy that we agree about something.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I'm shattered, are you seriously telling me that Bill Oddie and the Queen are not the same person ?

Keith O' Brien ? What would you expect him to say, he's an honest man who lives his faith, I disagree with him but, he is as entitled as anyone else to his opinion.

If you look at this seriously you will find that the Catholic Church as well as many other religions change as they evolve, does he for instance accept Darwinism ? Does the sun go around the Earth or is it the other way about as Galileo said before recanting when the church threatened him with torture ?

What do you think ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Nessie could do him in,,,,

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

anon - or maybe one of the reularly reported Pumas and Mountain lions which roam our countryside.

Anonymous said...

Bill Oddie is a pain in the arse and a huge disincentive to watch the programme. Kate's a cracker, though. The answer, I've found, is to turn the sound off.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

anon - I never thought of doing that - thank you.

RfS said...

I am not talking about conservation efforts here, they are different. If this is what your post concerns, Giant Pandas and the like then please accept my apologies and that I agree with you on that one.

However when you talk of a chick falling from a nest this is about a person on their own in nature witnessing something natural and altering the course of events.

This post is easily the most violent you have written. The fact that you neither know or care about the consequences of your actions is staggering.

You touch the chick and the mother may reject it. You touch the nest, the mother may not come near it again. The other chicks rub against the one that you have touched and they all don't smell like hers any more. In this case you could in theory doom an entire nest simply to ease your own conscience. In which case would you still pick the chick up or let it die?

You are most welcome to join us on our next jolly in the wild so you can educate us mere Mountain Leaders about the outdoors.

RfS said...

Oh, and how would the net prevent death? They die because they cannot reach the nest again (depending on how high the nest is). Your suggestion of a net would simply allow them to die closer to safety, not very animal friendly.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - Your arrogance never fails to astonish me - I do know and I do care about the consequences.

When we were young we were taught by my dad who, like many miners loved the countryside and had an encyclopaedic knowledge of birds and wildlife to carefully lift a stranded chick by covering your hands in earth, grass, leaves etc. Before returning it (rocket science) and it works.

RfS said...

I was unaware of miners affinity with the countryside. However given your dads guidence on monty I am sure you will understand that I will not really take his advice.

The method described is not full proof. What is is to follow the access code and leave well alone. To do anything else is to meddle in something you don't have a right to.

So will you be joining us on our next wild camp? We may even do steak on a rock for you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - The affinity that miners have with the countryside is very well known, try working a shift underground and you'll see why.

My days of 'wild camps' are long gone, more's the pity, do you all wear leiderhosen and sing military songs ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - OK I assume you're serious - we replace the chick using the same method that we will use to retrieve the camera.

We get a trampoline and someone bounces up to the right height and the rest is easy.

RfS said...

We sing a song about a lady down in the valley where nobody goes. Did you know that the first time I met her I met her in pink?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - Is this some kind of right wing sect you're running.

Anonymous said...

Well said never thought of the pumas, although I hear you have fine boars in Scotland(politicians aside) so maybe one of them could finish him off?

RfS said...

"RFS - Is this some kind of right wing sect you're running. "

Was this a question or a statement? If it was a statement don't precede it with the word "is" and if it is not then put a question mark after it.

And in case it was a question the answer would be yes. A big (indeed VAST) right wing sect, maybe even a conspiracy, in Renfrewshire. Because the second time I met her I met her in Brown.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - Self indulgent, juvenile nonsense.