Monday, May 21, 2007


The USA media call Hilary Clinton a communist agitator, that's an indication of where the centre of their politics is. When her husband Bill ran for President while Governor of Arkansas he interrupted his campaign in a blaze of publicity to return home and sign a death warrant for a prisoner on death row who had appealed, this was done to show his 'toughness' on crime. When the condemned man was asked for his last words he asked if he could have ice cream later for dessert, he had a mental age of 8 yrs. 'Land of the Free'.

Hilary and the other democrat hopeful Barack Obama both support the death penalty, and Iraq, in the USA they are left wingers, Edwards, a third so called left wing democratic candidate recently spent 800 dollars on his hair cut, that's normal according to left wing senator Edwards, seriously.

Meanwhile, one of the gangster Bush's hate figures Michael Moore is back in his face with a documentary about America's deplorable health provision 'or lack of it' 50 million without health care and child mortality worse in some areas than some 3rd. world countries, that's the USA today, the world's richest country !

Brave people who helped to rescue and care for victims of 9/11 and suffered injuries and illness as a consequence were told that they were not entitled to treatment because their Medical Insurance did not cover them for such an incident. Moore took them to Cuba to get treatment and he is now being pursued by American authorities for visiting the tiny island which scares them so much.

The Americans want to confiscate his documentary, they don't want the world to see the scandalous situation in the worlds richest capitalist country, this is the Home of the Brave !

Americans should start telling the truth by adding to the Statue of Liberty ' give me your tired , your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breath free.

FITBA - Dramatic contrast was provided by two cup finals one was a non event at the world's greatest and newest stadium between two of the world's richest, most famous teams, that was of course the FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Manchester United. Cat and mouse tactics by both managers made this a major disappointment, people paid £60 for a ticket and were charged £5 for a programme, £8 for a burger and £10 for a pint of beer, the working man's game eh ?
There were famous rich players on show who didn't enhance their reputation in any way, with the honourable exception of Didier Drogba who is quite simply a force of nature. IMO if you sat down a panel of experts and asked them to come up with a perfect centre forward, Didier would emerge, big, strong, brave, fast, skillful and a mentality which does not allow failure, he gave the fans their money's worth.

The other final at historic Hampden Park, by contrast had the lot, a roaring battle between two relatively modest Spanish teams, Seville and Espanyol, with every player giving everything and a brilliant level of talent and skill.

These players were completely uninhibited, play flowed from end to end at an astonishing speed, a 2-2 score and the whole thing ended in an agonising shoot out ( bring back replays I say ) I watched the penalties from behind the couch. Wembley and Hampden showed the best and worst of the beautiful game, Wembley was awful with a bill of £83 for the game, a programme, a burger and a beer while Hampden was great at £35 for the same, and even that IMO makes it tough for the working man. The Spanish at least showed us the beautiful game. muchos gracias.


The Incorrigible Plagiarist said...

Why didn't you publish those two excellent contributions seperately?

Also, the European Rugby cup final at Twickenham on Sunday was another wonderful display of sport at it's finest. (Plus, wasn't it great to see 2 English teams knock 7 shades of Sh*te out of one another ;-) ... )

Anonymous said...

I fell asleep during the FA Cup final for about 15 minutes, and when I woke up, nothing had changed. Drogba is a good player, but he is somewhat of a cheat. They never should have re-built Wembley. Cardiff was fine for club games, and for the national team, touring the various stadiums was a success and more enjoyable for the fans as well. It also would have allowed more money to have been invested in grass-roots coaching, rather than the bottomless pit in North-West London.

Jackart said...

Can you cite statistics which lead you to conclusions about American healthcare? Or are you just mouthing myths that circulate in commie circles?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

rumbold - I've been to Wembley several times and I agree, it should have been kept and upgraded it was one of the world's great sporting arenas.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

plagiarist - Two articles at once, I'm in a hurry.

I enjoy watching a game of rugby and the nationality of the people knocking the Sh--e out of each other doesn't come into it, you probably expected that eh ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

jackart - I'm not going into sources because I believe that even you are not that stupid, do some research.

If these are commie myths then Michael Moore wil soon hear about it, as will my friends and relations in Chicago who concur with what I've written.

Wake up, you are being conned.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

( C 4')- I'm not advertising your site.

Anonymous said...

Terry, by a failed former Paisley businessman do you mean someone who had to close their business because of the idiots who ran Paisley council. By their actions they destroyed the town and everything it meant, turned it into a haven for junkies and ned's. The answer is no. I have a very good business, no thanks to your lot.

The Incorrigible Plagiarist said...

I enjoy watching a game of rugby and the nationality of the people knocking the Sh--e out of each other doesn't come into it, you probably expected that eh ?

Och! to be honest, I was hoping you'd go off into some mad rant about Tartan terrorism and hating the English or something ;-) You're getting too good at this game!

Anyway, I thought both articles pretty much hit the nail on the head... maybe you're better at this when you'd don't have time to think too much ;-)

Reactionary Snob said...

Indeed, the Hamden Final was so important to Scotland that STV didn't show it...


Anonymous said...

You are a bigot and once again you've proved it. Some of Moore's claims may very well be true, but to lump Americans into one grouping the way you do is frankly ridiculous. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of Americans who protest and tell the world about their own country's shortcomings. The US government might try to silence Michael Moore and others, but they'll never succeed. You see, the Bill of Rights stops them. But you would never let facts get in the way of a good, essentially racist rant. Sure, it's true that nationality isn't race, but it amounts to the same bigotry. You are shameless in your prejudice and venom. I am married to an American and proud of it and her nation. I hate what Bush and his cronies have done (and what your leader has done by blindly following them), but I do not blame the American people, any more than I blame the people of Renfrewshire that we're stuck for another 4 years with political dinosuars like you.

RfS said...

So your only criteria for assigning left wing/right wing credentials to someone is their support for the death penalty? 75% of the UK population consistently tell pollsters that they want a return of hanging in this country. Ponder that.

And if you knew the first thing about Clinton's history or politics you would see that she is on the far left of a far left movement. However she stands little chance of office due to the fact that she polls nightmarishly among registered Democrats and a Republican would never vote for her.

May I suggest that you go back and cover Al Gore's last week campaigning for the 2000 election. Electoral maths says that a sitting VP after 8 years of peace and prosperity should have wiped the floor with GWB but he did not. After 8 years the country was sick of the Clintons and almost half voted against Gore for probably that reason. Until about 1998 Clinton staffers used to talk openly about the "12 year plan" where Hillary would run on the Dem ticket in 2000 but that was binned when it became obvious what was happening. If Hillary had stood in 2000 she would have been destroyed by Bush and there would have been no talk of hanging chads because the electoral college would have had a Regean-esque look to it.

And the reason? People were sick of the mess of socialised healthcare and the nannyish policies she was pushing.

The only people supporting her are the Kos/Dem Underground NetRoot nuts and that says it all.

Oh, and the Mighty Tigers will return next year for the Treble.

Anonymous said...

Terry, I also think you should have published those two contributions separately.

You should aim to please those that read your blog, yes even TerryWatch and The Terry boys..

Now, regarding the content of both posts, I can't see anyone disagreeing with them. The USA is a mess and the UK's not far behind it. You know the UK's in a state when the cops have to start using remote-controlled spy drones to monitor the population...

Jackart said...

So you believe Michael Moore is an honest journalist and not a podgy polemicist?

If it's about privatised medicine, why are UK health inequality statistics as bad as americas? Surely we have an NHS which should Iron out such differences? It's not about structure of healthcare provision at all - or even funding. Indeed in many diseases, cancers especially, the USA outperforms the NHS in all social classes. (notice if you will the link to some evidence for my assertions). Why are scots worse off, despite recieving much more funding per head?

Poor people smoke more, eat worse food and do less exercise. That's because after 4 decades of left-wing control of education, a large proportion of the population in the UK are functionally illiterate (including at least one of our elected representatives). They seem unable to make the decisions which would lead to better health outcomes.

These are however personal decisions: what you eat or do with your free time, and not the realm of the state to intervene.

You're part of that statistic, Terry. How much do you weigh, fatso? Why should I pay even more tax to fund your healthcare because you can't keep off the pies?

Sir-C4' said...

I wasn't trying to advertise my site. Just alert you to the factual errors you've posted about Obama, Edwards and Drogba!

You are a sad, fat little and you have my pity.

The Incorrigible Plagiarist said...

Hey Terry, I just did a web search on Barack Obama and guess what... the majority of the search results indicate that he is openly against Iraq and a big critic of Bush, plus that his most significant contributions have been on legislation AGAINST the death penalty...

I can't believe I just assumed you wouldn't publish something so patently wrong... I think I'm more annoyed with myself!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

lofty - You didn't vote Labour then ?

Your comments don't actually make much sense unless you believe that urban deprivation and crime came in with Labour.

Are you too young to remember Thatcherism ?

If you do remember are you not capable of a proper analysis ?

You sound like a good greed inspired capitalist so, would you shut down Braehead ? big, big, shopping centre off the M8 surely you've seen it, has it had any affect on Paisley ? Think carefully now.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

plagiarist - Maybe you're not as rabid as the rest of them and you don't want to admit it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RS - STV ? a bad show indeed. question for you,

Two modest, foreign teams playing live V Coronation Street, who would get the bigger audience in Scotland.

Yes I know it's a depressing question.

RfS said...

I could tell a story here of my mate who was part owner of a business in Paisley that survived Thatcherism and went to the wall not 3 years ago because of the actions of the Labour controlled council. Not least of which was the local councillor telling them that he would use the traffic warden system to target their customers, which he then did.

I believe you have made my point with the reference to Braehead. It has advanced the rate of decline in Paisley town centre for sure, and I assume from your comment that you too recognise this? In which case why has Renfrewshire Council, under your charge, acted as if it did not understand this? When Braehead offers free parking why is there no free parking for Paisley shops provided by the council? When Braehead offers freedom of movement why is part of the town centre pedestrian-ised, part one way and part a bus and taxi gate offering visitors a unique motoring experience (I once drove through a bus gate in Aberdeen by accident with a wee man shouting at me, I have never went back)?

To the people of Paisley the council either does not recognise the impact of Braehead or just don’t know what to do about it.

Now that your party is the official opposition can you assure us that you will press the SNP group to regenerate the town centre and re-examine some of the traffic management decisions that have been made?

The Incorrigible Plagiarist said...

plagiarist - Maybe you're not as rabid as the rest of them

If you promise not to tell them, I'll not let on to the Terrywatch mob that you actually won another election ;-)

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Jim Lewis - It's you who is being ridiculous, I'll try again, please pay attention, I'm beginning to wonder if you're deliberately lying.

America and American are not the same thing in the same way as Israel and Israeli are not the same thing. I try to keep abreast of current affairs but I'm not aware of these American protesters, perhaps you could help here.

As for silencing Moore is concerned, that's exactly what they are trying to do, because he visited Cuba, do you think I made that up ? There is an abysmal lack of debate in America because of fear, this is a country which is turning visitors away because they don't like their politics and ideas, it's happening now Jim.

I have no reason to quarrel about your pride in your wife, it's the same pride that I have for my hundreds of American relatives and friends, although we have some tear up arguments, I don't have pride in America though, like here there too many faults and injustices for me to say that.

I don't hate anyone, at least I try not to, Americans are good and bad, brave and cowardly, generous and mean, in short they are the same as people everywhere, they unfortunately have the misfortune of living in a corrupt, vicious brutal society run by gangsters, it's just an extreme form of capitalism that they will some day, hopefully get rid of.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - Since it's you, experience has taught me that you don't do jokes so, Support or opposition for the death penalty is not the only thing which I judge politicians on but I'm not surprised at you reaching that conclusion, the simplicity of it attracts you I think.

The rest is a typical right wing American load of garbage, right out of Fox News.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

dunferino - Me trying to please 'terrywatch' a novel idea but a non runner, I would be very concerned if the mob who write that filth were to find anything I wrote 'pleasing'

'Spy Drones' ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Jackart - how can I argue against such eloquence, why don't you offer your forensic skills to the American authorities, that would be Moore sorted out wouldn't it ? end of problem right ? what are you waiting for ? Do the Yanks know about you ?

"Poor people smoke, eat worse food" etc. where did these poor folk come from ? "40yrs of left wing control of education" wow! what party do you vote for ?

Please drop the insults and aggression, you're scaring me.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

c4 - there are no factual errors - my wise old dad used to say, " when you start to use personal abuse you start to lose the argument"

What is a "sad fat little"

I don't like doing this but, if you are going to criticise someone's looks you should not publish your photo.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

plagiarist - I didn't make this up, I will recheck my source - it might be the case that he is now putting this view across because he sees the tide turning against Bush.

I will return to this.

Anonymous said...

Your mob managed to do more damage to Paisley than hitler never mind thatcher. I do remember the thatcher years with no fond memories, I also happen to know where the big shopping centre of braehead is. But dont blame braehead for your mobs deeds.Increased parking costs, closing streets to traffic,increasing traffic wardens,building a concrete shower in county square.Get a grip.
Your constant barbed remarks show you up as a man with no idea how to have a decent debate. You have to be right, always. You mentioned thatcher, is your leader tony bliar any better?

Anonymous said...

Well done terry. Just found yer site.

Make sure these fascists are always reminded about the dark maggie years.

Keep up the good work. I will be back so get writing some more

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - what Labour Council actions were those which drove your mate to the wall ? Are they the same actions which caused similar situations all over the country ? Your accusation about a Labour Cllr. Sounds bogus - back it up.

I thought you people were capitalists, what's all this whining - the 'Market' will save us won't it ?

All your stuff about Braehead is again pathetic, perhaps we should have employed you to solve these problems it's that simple isn't it.

Paisley town centre was changed due to popular demand a long while before Braehead, didn't you know that ?

People from the West End eg were disembarking buses at Coats Memorial Church because it was far quicker to walk into the centre than stay on the bus in an endless traffic snarl up. Maybe your too young to remember, your youth however does not excuse your simplicity when you talk such populist rubbish about this issue.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

plagiarist - I've updated my post abou Obama - my point remains the same whether it's Obama or the others who are too scared to put their heads above the parapet.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Lofty - the fact that these changes you refer to were mainly pre Braehead makes your argument look rather silly.

It also doesn't explain why Paisley town centre is typical of town centres all over the country and is in no way unique, explain that for us will you, that wasn't us was it ?

You accuse me of being a man who doesn't know how to have a decent debate because of my barbed remarks, have you read your own remarks, and the others who write to me ?

Anonymous said...

Mr Kelly,
Why have you resorted to lying? Pedestrianisation started on the same day that braehead opened. So yes I blame the ruling labour party of the time for the social deprivation of a once beautiful town. Youre lot called local traders "bloated capitalists"(quote manser). If a capitalist is someone who earns a couple of hundred quid a week, then you are right.The problem with Paisley are the non brained politico's who thought they were clever, and could run a town.

Anonymous said...

I have experienced the USA's healthcare at first hand . On an exchange visit to Queens in NY in 1993 with a group of Scottish children one of them came down with chickenpox.
We took her to hospital to be treated and were welcomed with open arms. Her teatment was faultless needless to say the insurance was checked first.
However, a 7 year old black American girl was wheeled in at the same time obviously suffering in pain and her distraught parents were pleading for her to be treated.
They were not insured and despite their pleas she was refused treatment. The child died in the corridor where she was left when brought in as we unfortunately observed when leaving three hours later after our patient had undergone numerous tests.
What was most upsetting was not the emotional outburst of her parents but the way the staff appeared to be unaffectd by the situation. Their reaction was to call the security guards and get her parents forcibly removed.
God bless America!

Anonymous said...

£60 for a ticket and were charged £5 for a programme, £8 for a burger and £10 for a pint of beer, the working man's game eh ?

Believe it or not the opera is actually cheaper than football. Front row seats for £30 a head. Mind you the half time drinks are extortionate.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Lofty - what is this with the personal abuse, can't you argue without it ? I'm not going to call you a liar I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you are badly misinformed about the timing of pedestrianisation.

Cllr. Manser may have used that phrase but it would have been in a general way and I agree with him.

The trouble that you have is that you find it difficult to accept that 'Market Forces' create losers as well as winners.

I've never met a capitalist yet (local trader or corporate titanic) who would hesitate for a second before destroying any competition, Braehead did it to the town centre and the town centre wouldn't blink at doing it to them.

It's a dog eat dog world in the casino economy isn't it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

dontgicadamn - This is not an unusual thing to happen as I understand it, I've heard similar stories before, hopefully it's a bit better now 14 yrs. on.

I had a relative who had to sell up and return to Scotland after about ten years because his wife took seriously ill and the insurance did not cover the large bills.

Years ago a famous black American singer known as 'the empress of the blues' Bessie Smith, bled to death following a car crash after being turned away from a 'whites only' hospital.

So, perhaps there has been some progress but the American health system is a travesty in the world's richest country, a complete disgrace.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Colin - 'entertainment prices' in your plug for the opera you forgot to mention that the opera is also far mor violent than football.