Monday, April 23, 2007


The gay hate figure, bus tycoon Brian Souter rejoins the SNP and gives them £500,000, weeks later the SNP's pledge to re-regulate buses has gone.

"Brian Souter is one of Scotland's greatest entrepreneurs I'm delighted to have his support" ( Alex Salmond )

The SNP shames Scotland, again.


Anonymous said...

I see that Bendy Wendy has sent out a letter to all and sundry saying that she will open the paisley centre roads to cars and buses again.

Wasn't it Labour that closed them in the first place and turned the place into a western ghost town with tumbleweed blowing down the High Street occasionally.

I seen |Lee Van Cleef at the top of Moss street on Saturday

Jackart said...

Another decent post pointing out political hypocricy (again all parties are guilty, but that's what partisan blogs are for) let down by the accusation of homophobia.


RfS said...

Do you speak for all gays here Terry? Maybe he was anti-section 28 but pro-gay? Ponder that.

Also do we have to remind you that you represent a party that tried to exempt Formula One from a tobacco advertising ban in return of 1 million pounds? Or that you represent the party that was stupid enough to openly offer peerages for cash? Or even that you are the party that has drawn up a code of practice regarding civil servants and government ministers moving to the private sector that is flouted by everyone? Or that you represent a party that is entirely in the pockets of the unions and gave them £10m of public funds (i.e. tax payers hard earned money) to "modernise" their computers?

Anyone else want to take this list up? I have wealth to generate.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

anon - 'Lee Van Cleef' that's brilliant analytical stuff, Labour's critics are formidable aren't they.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

jackart - SNP MSP Roseanna Cunninghame moved against gay adoption - Salmond, in bed with the bishops on the same issue- the SNP's official deals with the openly homophobic Mormon Brigham Young University - SNP MSP Fergus Ewing defending the homophobic actions of the Cowcaddens fire fighters - and, Souter, you work it out.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - I speak for myself. But maybe you could be right I have never thought that Souter could be pro gay, it really is worth reading your stuff sometimes.

Labour gave Eccleston his money back, no one has been found guilty of any crime re. cash for peerages, the former civil servant who called Brown a Stalinist was retired, not transferred - the unions donate to the Labour Party in a perfectly democratic way everyone is entitled to withdraw from their union's political donations. The unions along with other organisations had money made available to them for educational purposes, all perfectly legal and above board.

This is a pathetic post even by your rissible standards, falsehoods, fabrication and fairy stories, a load of bulldung, is this the best of your list ? trademark RFS copy.

Jackart said...

Bloody hell terry, Are you OK? You just addressed mine and RFS's points lucidly, without ad Hominem!

I shall defer to your better knowledge of SNP policies.

A+. Have an apple.

RfS said...

Well done Terry you have made my point. You assume that all gay people hate Souter? Have you spoken to each one of them? Or are you making a broad characterization based on a single common trait they share? If it is the former then let me congratulate you on your diligent research.

No, Labour got caught and was forced to give the money back after a protracted battle. Indeed it is a fine example of a large donation influencing policy.

You know fine well that the case is before the CPS and charges are being sought. We shall see what happens, however I would like it if Yates were to be found to be a media whore and sacked. But that is just me.

I never mentioned the Stalinist quote, I was thinking of the revolving door between the MoD and contractors and the fact that it is being reported that Blair is going to ignore the guidelines in seeking a post PM career.

The unions had £10 million pounds specifically allocated to them to modernise their computer systems, not for educational purposes. I suggest that this money should have been found from internal sources rather than a payoff from public funds.

Tony said...

I'm interested Terry, how do you square your stance against the Bishops with your apparent Roman Catholicism?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - At least try to get it right, you're beginning to sound like a wee boy who can't admit his failings. I made no such assumption about all gays-I think he's a gay hate figure, you can think what you like.

Labour did not take the money the SNP have taken Souter's money.

The FACTS about cash for peerages are as I explained not what you wish they were, you're simply dishonest.

You're stuff about civil servants and Blair's future are based on your wishes not facts, again just simply dishonest.

Your last para. About the unions is the same, simply dishonest, you're becoming boring.
Remember Terry's still waiting, you still talk tough but do nothing. For a macho rugby guy you're not mucho.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Tony - I'll assume that you missed this when someone asked me about it before. I'm not a very good Christian example ( you will have noted how difficult I find it to love my enemies for instance ) but if any Church were to claim me it would be the R.C.C. which I was born into.

When as new councillors we filled in this information some said that you should include membership of clubs, unions churches etc. Simple as that I'm afraid.

But, to the Bishops. You're right of course, I do disagree with the Catholic Church on this issue and others, as well as lots of other organisations including the other Christian religions. I believe that Jesus would disagree with them as well.

A long time ago The Pope declared that the earth was the centre of the universe and everything moved around us. A wee Italian guy called Galileo disagreed, he thought that the Sun was the centre of everything, the Pope got him in for a chat, (an offer he couldn't refuse) showed him the state of the art torture equipment and Galileo agreed that it was the earth which was the centre.

You might want to check on this debate today with the Bishops etc. They are wrong about gays as well.

RfS said...

Labour DID take the money, they took it prior to the 1997 election and only returned it when the story came out and people started to put two and two together.

And if you cannot see that the phrase "gay hate figure" is indeed tarring a group of people with the same brush based on a common trait then I am afraid there is not much more any of us can do for you. Indeed it is an offense you repeat within a couple of lines with the phrase "macho rugby guy". I know of two guys who are both rugby players and as far from macho as you can get.

Do you not understand that a single common factor does not switch on some kind of borg/gay/rugby collective where our thoughts are one? I mean seriously Terry? Do you honesty believe that? Come on now.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS _ You're getting worse, my ref. to your 'toughness' was nothing to do with the gay debate.

Have you forgotten all your threats already ? Terry's still waiting. What is the clown who wrote that saying now " Terry waits, Terry sweats " etc.

I saw your site the other day, why do you find it necessary to bolster your self esteem by running to your blog to tell people how you have 'broken my brain again'

Do you not trust people to make up their own minds ? macho man, tough guy, you're as insecure as wee scared kid.

RfS said...

I know the macho thing had nothing to do with the gay thing.

My point is that you first of all characterise the gay community and then you characterise the rugby community. It is examples of your narrow minded attitudes. Attitudes you claim to be against. I have never called myself a macho rugby man but you characterised me as macho because of rugby yet you don't know me. Maybe I like flower arranging and stamp collecting? Maybe I am a geek? Ever thought about that?

I don't really know what you mean about you sweating, hideous though that thought is.

That particular entry is in fact called a "right to reply". You had posted an interesting rant name-checking me (why do YOU feel the urge to run to your blog to run me down?) so I wrote a piece name checking you. Welcome to real debate Terry, you will love it here.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - You really are very insecure aren't you, you should lighten up, if getting lampooned as a rugby macho man is the worst you get then you should count your blessings, think about what I get from you and the mob you run with.

I was paraphrasing a national paper by calling Souter a gay hate figure, it's hardly unique is it?

'Sweating' one of your supporters wrote when you were threatening to have me deported or hanged and said something like 'Terry waits, Terry sweats, Terry has gone too far, Terry is in trouble etc. etc. He clearly made the mistake of believing your empty posturing, the tough guy thing, what happened to him ?

Your last para. is typically limp and craven.

RfS said...

I get lampooned for a lot of things but you missed the point. I am not complaining about the use of the word "macho". what I am pointing out is that you stereotyped all rugby players.

so now you are trying to pass the blame for stereotyping homosexuals onto a national newspaper? Which one? Why did you not cite this before? Is it because you have just made this up to get out of a corner?

So it was one of my supporters who claimed that I was sweating you? Then take it up with them. I know we must all look alike to you but I am not my supporter's keeper. However you try to pin DK's use of swearing on me so this is hardly original stuff is it? It is actually quite weak.

I am glad you think debate is craven and limp, this gives us a much clearer insight into your personality Terry. Whether you like it or not this is real debate here Terry and you are fighting a lonely loosing battle

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - If you really believe that "this is real debate" you need to get out more.

Anonymous said...

"I have never called myself a macho rugby man....."

I'll vouch for that. I've seen him play. Honestly though, Terry, you do seem to have a wee obsession with rugby players. We're lovable really. Always kind to children and animals. It's bigoted wee bampots we're cruel to.

RfS said...

"If you really believe that "this is real debate" you need to get out more. "

So you would not like to name the paper and provide a link? You would not like to reply to my allegation that you deal in stereotypes?

Come on Terry, debate with me. I am a master at it after all.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - If you say you are a master of debate it must be true - You are certainly a master of self praise, there's no argument about that, give yourself a clap on the back.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I have no obsession with rugby players I dont know any personally - you two are the only ones I've had contact with but, it would be unfair to judge the others by you two's standards.

I note that you are still using that tough guy language - does that allow people like you to feel like a hard case, I think that people are likely to find you funny in the same way that I do.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Jim Lewis - I have no obsession with rugby players I dont know any personally - you two are the only ones I've had contact with but, it would be unfair to judge the others by you two's standards.

I note that you are still using that tough guy language - does that allow people like you to feel like a hard case, I think that people are likely to find you funny in the same way that I do.