Sunday, June 15, 2008


Kelvin McKenzie has "eyes like a poor house rat" as my old man would have said, where no scrap of food however small gets past the hungry rodent, no chance for self promotion gets past the tabloid's king rodent.
He believes in nothing and stands for nothing bar Kelvin McKenzie and, David Davis has served him up a golden opportunity for self publicity, if he decides to stand that is.

Kelvin has 'previous' he ran the SUN and took it to depths that sickened even the most cynical British Journalist and he now eyes up a chance to re- run some of that sleaze and populism in a high profile By Election. The British people should prepare themselves for a campaign which will shame our country.

The blunt plain speaking people of that region are about to be snowed under with every reactionary slogan and knuckle dragging policy they could imagine, and the scary thing is that he could win, he will not be short of funds and he will have the backing of the SUN, it will be single issue politics which is a very dangerous business.

You can see it now, Kelvin will be on the stump calling for 52/62/72 ? days and an end to immigration and the return of hanging and flogging, he'll want to bring back the birch and not only for 'consenting adults'
Davis will be forced to nod to this, all except the No. of days, he could have shot his foot off here, I am opposed to the 42 days bill but I have no sympathy with Davis.

I couldn't care less about Davis because I don't believe him, I don't think he is the honourable man he claims to be. I think this is about two main things which for Davis come before people's rights and freedoms.
These are 1/ Revenge, the dish which is best eaten cold, and 2/ Ambition.

Revenge on the well heeled toff and the hidebound prejudicies of the Tory Party backwoodsmen who still run the show. They denied the leadership to a man from an underprivileged working class background who was reckoned to be a stick on certainty to win the Tory leadership. Then we have ambition, he still wants that top job he's aiming at the 'greasy pole' and he is doing this to undermine and damage Cameron, as well as positioning himself to take over, especially as he thinks they can win the next election.

He will pay the price for this treachery whether he wins or not, there is popular support for 42 days and more besides as the rancid old journalist knows only too well, Kelvin also knows that there are many Tory MP's and supporters who will be hoping for a Davis defeat because they support more detention and more draconian measures. Either way he's toast and he deserves to be.

Most importantly though, will it change the 42 day detention bill ? the "man on the Clapham Omnibus" I'm afraid is clearing his throat to shout no.


Lucy said...

I actually find it hard to put into words how loathsome I find McKenzie, though credit to Kelly senior 'eyes like a poor house rat' isn't a bad start at all.

I'm not much interested in Davis but I had hoped this election could act as a focus for opposition to the bill. I have my doubts about that now that McKenzie has entered the ring.

I see Murdoch -an American Citizen of Australian birth is backing him to the hilt. One wonders how the tabloids would react if say a wealthy Arab businessman funded a candidate to oppose detention without trial.

If Mr Murdoch is so concerned at how we run our country he should come and live here and pay his taxes like the rest of us otherwise he should keep his odious beak out. Can you tell I'm annoyed?

If there is any good at all to come it this it would be McKenzie bearing the full brunt of media scrutiny and being once and for all exposed for the horror he is.

Obviously I won't be holding my breath.

Martin M said...

MacKenzie is indeed loathsome. Apart from his more famous acts there is of course the time The Sun ran an article claiming to quote a top American psychiatrist that proved Tony Benn was insane. What sort of scumbag would go about declaring his opponents are mentally ill rather than in engage in legitimate debate?
I'm sure we'll see similar tactics on display when the creep stands for election. Utterly appalling.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Lucy) 15/06/08

“ Can you tell I'm annoyed” ?

I can smell the indignation coming off the page.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Martin M) 15/06/08

“ What sort of scumbag would go about declaring his opponents are mentally ill rather than in engage in legitimate debate” ?

You can’t get much worse, I had posts once from someone who accused me of just that in an attempt to smear me and disguise her own blatant manipulation of the mentally ill, and her obvious inadequacies, absolutely revolting.

Anonymous said...

Yes Terry, but that's becasue you were stone cold guilty of what she accused you of. You did accuse your opponents of being mentally ill. Do you deny that?

Jim Lewis

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16:04