Thursday, June 05, 2008


We are about to kick off one of the world's great sporting events, The European Football Championships, like many other Scots. of my generation I was born to play at this level if only this that or the other mishap had not diverted me. Honest, ask my brothers they will agree, at least some of them will, some are still jealous.

Some of the world's greatest players will grace our screens and I hope the magic accompanies them, the 'greatest game' the 'beautiful game' is once again in need of a lift. I look forward to seeing great football nations like Italy - Baresi, Rivera, Riva. Germany - Beckenbaur, Muller, Overath. Holland - Cruyf - Van Hanegen, Van Basten. Will new giants emerge from these countries ?

Meanwhile Scotland, England, Ireland, N. Ireland and Wales can look out their buckets and spades, England regard this as a disaster of course, ignoring the plight of the other four who are equally crestfallen but lets be honest, England don't have Charlton, Moore or Lofthouse, Scotland don't have Law, Bremner or Gallacher, Wales don't have J Charles, M Charles or Mike England, Ireland don't have Brady, Stapleton or O'Leary and N. Ireland don't have Best, Dougan or Nelson.

The costs of foreign players in the British game is being seen at international level and we have no-one to support.
I therefore suggest that Scots. should cheer on the team which has the biggest support in Scotland outwith Scotland's own team.
'Dyin Dobre Polski' which of course means 'good-day Poland' - good players, well drilled and coached and great workers, they might also give us a run for our money which would be unusual.
I've been in the Polish Club in Glasgow and I reckon that the building will need to be supported when Poland are winning a game, let's just say that these lovely people know how to party.


Anonymous said...

We should just have one British football team - not separate teams for you Jocks, or the Northern Paddys and the Taffies.

Anonymous said...

Why is it right to win at sports and - in your view - wrong to win at business and life in general?

A philosophical question for any socialist.

David Duff said...

That chap Boruc in your title, is that Boruc Obama? Don't tell me he plays footie as well as beating up on on nice respectable white ladies like Hilary Clinton?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 05/06/08

How would you feel about English players not getting in to the team though ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 05/06/08

It’s not.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 14:03

Why do I always get the impression that you are struggling to come out with something.

Are you trying to say something about race and can’t quite find the courage ?

Scunnered, O'Aberdein said...

Haven't passed by here for a while. Not much seems to have changed.

'I was born to play at this level'

Only as the ball, I'm afraid. Unless, of course, you see the game as being about playing the man.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Scunnered, O'Aberdein) 06/06/08

“Not much seems to have changed”