Monday, September 22, 2014


Rumours are now circulating about mysterious alien forces employed by the "Better Together" campaign who were able through a hitherto unknown process of osmosis to force yes voters to put their crosses in the NO boxes. Senior government sources have admitted that they feared this might happen because they have been aware of unexplained signs of brain interference in the 'Yes Camp'. Soon to be retired snp chief 'heid banger' alex salmond is said to be incandescent with rage and demanding a full investigation and an immediate re run of the referendum as he rages incoherently about the "Engurlish Bastards" whom he claims "have all goat it infamy".   

Friday, September 19, 2014


"all political careers end in  failure" (Enoch Powell). If there was ever a political career that deserved to end in failure it is that of alex salmond. Make no mistake about it the announcement of his resignation represents an ignominious failure. With apologies to TS Elliot, "he goes out not with a bang but with a whimper”. His one political goal in life was independence, it was 'thee' single issue, his ‘raison d'etre’, and he has failed to deliver it despite being snp leader during a 20 year build up to this moment. The hatred also that he has created among the Scottish people will take decades to fade if indeed it ever does and it will be his legacy.

The defeat in yesterday’s referendum was decisive and unequivocal and certainly robust enough to settle the matter for at least one if not more generations and that will negate the success he claims of getting 1. 6 million Scots to vote for independence. The profile of those who supported the yes campaign is such that it excludes huge swathes of the population and draws heavily on the poorest areas, without salmond and without a chance of another referendum in the near future that momentum will be lost. All that has really happened is that people who do not normally engage in politics through no fault of their own will now drift away. They have been rallied by dangerous rhetoric based on grievance against our neighbours in England who have been identified as the enemy and seduced by uncosted promises of a better tomorrow, a tactic which, as we know has been used before as a cruel deceit by dishonest charlatans. Everything that the separatists could have hoped for has happened and helped to gain that momentum and it was still nowhere near enough.
His leaving also leaves a huge gap at the top of the snp and, the man responsible for this is salmond himself. He has methodically and cynically over the years created a leadership structure which makes him look good because, quite frankly, those promoted by him are pedestrian in the extreme. Neil, Russell, Swinney, Hislop, Constance, McKay etc. lack gravitas and intellectual rigour. Perversely enough Nicola Sturgeon who will start as favourite to succeed him is the most high profile and over promoted one of all and is simply not credible as a First Minister. He ‘salmond’ has thus presided over a rise in political representation for the snp, gained control of Holyrood and delivered a referendum while at the same time leading them in to a very vulnerable position if they lost the referendum which they did and if he goes and he is going.

Casting a very large shadow over all of this is Gordon Brown. There is growing speculation that he might be eyeing a seat at Holyrood and he is still the biggest political hitter in the UK as was demonstrated this week with his explosive intervention in the referendum which helped to consolidate the NO vote and gave the whole campaign a huge lift. The personal abuse used by the most mild mannered snp supporters toward Gordon Brown is a clear indication of how much they fear him. The fillip that Brown’s presence and possibly Alastair Darling’s as well would give the Scottish Parliament would be difficult to overestimate. And the boost to Labour’s electoral appeal would be massive. Interesting times ahead.             


The fat lady has sung and her song was liberating and cleansing. Almost 3 years of lies and intimidation by the yes campaign brought to an end by that hope for mankind, ‘the ballot box’. I awoke this morning to find that the Vote NO posters in the windows of our house had been removed by a very relieved and scared family member. This was done as soon as the result was announced.

This morning there are many many decent people who can sit back and allow a feeling of pride to wash over them, they have been forced to watch their country being consumed by hatred and bullying, they have been forced to endure aggression and abuse the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Mosley’s Blackshirts, all emanating from the yes campaign, the bullets being issued by alex salmond and latterly the truly wretched Jim Sillars and fired by the mob.

The much spoken about ‘silent majority’ watched and patiently waited, they were horrified but they knew that they would eventually get to play their part, their resolve never wavered and their determination to stamp out this evil was solid, their revenge if you will would be “a dish best served cold” and yesterday they struck with a vengeance. Simple black crosses on ballot papers, millions of them all across Scotland reclaimed the streets from the marauding  ‘tartanshirt’ barbarians. The ordinary decent citizens, the undemonstrative people who live next door and are simply good neighbours to all of us struck at the heart of the nationalist brute and destroyed it and I salute them. “Nationalism is a disease” (Einstein). Racism, fascism and nationalism are bedfellows and the price we pay to control them is constant vigilance. The great German playwright Bertotl Brecht put it better than I ever could when he said about the demise of Hitler in his play “The resistible Rise of Arturo Ui”. Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The man with the big cigar and the rolls Royce “The Bookie” started paying out on a NO victory in the referendum yesterday, Monday, September 15, 2014. That’s 3 days before the poll. WTF does that say?.   

Monday, September 15, 2014


The snp and their followers have, as I predicted brought ignominy on Scotland through their yes campaign. The behaviour of their followers has been frightening and embarrassing, reminiscent of scenes which were last witnessed in the 30’s as the Moseleyite blackshirt mobs of The British Union of Fascists used violence and intimidation to deal with anyone who opposed them.  Considering the squalid history of the snp it is no surprise at all that we have witnessed this thuggish behaviour.

They have lied again and again since the start of the campaign, creating phantom groups of pro independence supporters, using deception to ensure that  a majority of their supporters could pack TV meetings and other meetings in public halls. They have also been traducing every opponent who challenged their bizarre assertions no matter how qualified and distinguished they were in their field. Celebrities as well who dared to show support for the UK have been subjected to the foulest abuse imaginable and supporters of the NO campaign have been disinclined to display their support  for the union by turning up at meetings, putting posters in their windows at home or stickers on their car windows for fear of violence and or vandalism, this is not Weimar Germany at the time of Hitler and the Nazis folks, this is Scotland at the time of the snp and alex salmond.  

The day approaches, will the people of Scotland choose to vote NO thus favouring reason, debate and truth or will they choose yes and plump for odium, belligerence and mendacity?. The United Kingdom has survived for over 300 sometimes turbulent years, sometimes it has been one step forward and two steps back but the overall result thus far has undoubtedly been progress. That is not to say we are satisfied or complacent, far from it but the more observant and analytical among you will I’m sure conclude that this struggle is by definition a long haul, look at any other country and you will find problems and yes we have our share.

In my own lifetime I have been able to listen to parents and grandparents tell stories of what could only be described as hard hard times when lives for people like us was often short and brutal, their lives testify eloquently to the progress that has been made under the union. Compare if you will the progress made in the fundamental fields of Education, Health, Housing and the Welfare State among others. These improvements would of course have happened without the union but I find it hard to accept that they would have been as inspiring and certainly not as rapid.

I will therefore vote NO, not only for my children, and their children but in remembrance and appreciation of my parent’s and grandparent’s generations, their struggles and their vision, for their courage and sacrifice and their dream of the future, that is the torch we carry, let’s make sure we do not drop it, VOTE NO.            

Thursday, September 04, 2014


I watched Labour’s Douglas Alexander on the “Scotland 2014” programme last night where his opponent was Humza Yousaf, rising star of the hard working snp Asian community as they debated independence. I mention this because I want to advise people to watch this mismatch, you can find it on line. Catch it if you can because it could turn out to be the last time you will see Mr. Yousaf  on our screens, at least until the referendum is over.

A couple of nights ago I watched the same Douglas Alexander toy with the snp’s Nicola Sturgeon like a cat with a mouse, the makeup of that programme and the recent bad publicity for the snp tartanshirt  street mobs made it impossible for her to morph into “Sturgeon Stairheid Snarler” and consequently no one noticed her. Douglas Alexander’s task was easy and it showed on the night, proving that you do not have to yell if you are armed with the facts and the truth.  


I watched Labour’s Douglas Alexander on the “Scotland 2014” programme last night where his opponent was Humza Yousaf, rising star of the hard working snp Asian community as they debated independence. I mention this because I want to advise people to watch this mismatch, you can find it on line. Catch it if you can because it could turn out to be the last time you will see Mr. Yousaf  on our screens, at least until the referendum is over.

A couple of nights ago I watched the same Douglas Alexander toy with the snp’s Nicola Sturgeon like a cat with a mouse, the makeup of that programme and the recent bad publicity for the snp tartanshirt  street mobs made it impossible for her to morph into “Sturgeon Stairheid Snarler” and consequently no one noticed her. Douglas Alexander’s task was easy and it showed on the night, proving that you do not have to yell if you are armed with the facts and the truth.  


A shocking example of the kind of people who populate the snp was captured on TV on Tuesday morning. In a referendum programme from Dundee billed as an opportunity to change the minds of those voters who are undecided.  The audience were divided in to three groups, no, yes and undecided. The latter group were expected to say at the end whether anyone had gone from ‘don’t know’ to being decided. What followed left even the most deceitful yes campaigners stunned, a guy said he had been persuaded by the arguments to go from No to yes, he was obviously enjoying the camera so much that he rambled on a bit and ended up saying he voted yes by post the day before the TV programme!, cue uneasy quiet and toe curling shame for the yes camp. The horrified looks on the faces of the snp gang behind him caught on camera told their own story, two of them, Denis Canavan and Shona Robison looked as if they were frantically trying to locate the nearest exits. Funny?, well, yes in a kind of painful way for the snp as the smiles quickly wore off and people started to be aware of what  they had just witnessed. They quickly realised that the yes camp had actually planted this guy as a convert to the yes cause in the ‘don’t knows section’!, and the looks on the faces of the audience and the woman chairing the meeting all clearly thought the same. The yes people, some of whom obviously were not in on this latest snp fraud stood around looking at each other hoping for a hint of what to do but there was none, all they could do was shrug their shoulders, bow their heads and exit  a.s.a.p. I advise everyone to search for this and have a look, here was proof positive if any more was needed that the snp are running continually on lies and cheating, they truly are beneath contempt.  

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Big picture of The Proclaimers on the front page of The Herald today, they gave £10,000 to the yes camp and immediately got much more publicity than £10,000 could possibly buy in return. These millionaires are “flinging their money about like men wi nae airms” as the ‘old fella’ used to say.  They cannae play and they cannae sing, but they are as fly and sleazy as any Capitalist hustlers or Shake Down Artists out there and they are great businessmen. They have a niche market and they are going to cling to it just like Andy Stewart and Harry Lauder did before them. The money they donate is an investment. Between them they have two eyes crying with pity for poor old Scotland and the other two shining with financial calculation.

"There are few more impressive sights in the world than a Scotsman on the make" J.M. Barrie.

Friday, August 29, 2014


My repeated predictions about public disorder when the separatists lose are right on track. The closer we get to their day of reckoning the more deranged they become, the real violence is not far away now, a couple of bad polls for the snp could see it kick off. The Buckfast has been stored away, the wee chibs that they plank down their socks are in place, the clubs and knuckle dusters are at the ready, the tartanshirts are whipping themselves in to an anti English frenzy, an English accent will be very dangerous and even if you don’t have an English accent they might just decide that you look! English, I bet you didn’t know they could do that did you?, well they can, at least they say they can, how long will it be before the eggs being thrown become stones and bottles?, I hope the 'Polis' are ready for them.

The situation is very tense and worrying and the refusal to denounce what their snp supporters are doing by the separatist contributors on radio, TV and the press is a reminder of how deep the hatred is among them. We have been heading for this for a long time thanks to  alex salmond and the snp. Their constant anti English propaganda and sniping and sneering at the English would eventually end in serious trouble and that is now starting. If anyone lands in the dock it should be salmond but we all know that is not going to happen. I would bet that in this case he does in fact have a 'plan B' and you won't see his heels for the dust, while his ‘useful idiots’ charge at the guns. By using U Tube you can type in “Jim Murphy’s street meetings” and be prepared to be shocked. You will not find an uglier dumber more nasty mob than the snp hooligans who are being organised by their leaders to disrupt Murphy’s meetings, Disrupt in fact hardly describes it, make no mistake, what you will see is the very worst of Scottish people. A gang who are out of control and who also manage to look like the discarded extras from the Pirates of the Caribbean, the ones who were turned down for being too upsetting to show in the movie. First minister salmond has managed to generate a climate of hatred among fellow Scots. that will last decades, not only will he lose but, that will be his shameful legacy.         

Thursday, August 28, 2014


By telling us that the Scottish electorate would be more inclined to vote yes after Monday night's debate, Ian Bell (The Glasgow Herald) rather suggests that Scottish voters are a bit lumpen, he is insulting us by suggesting that we would take much if anything relating to information from it. Mr. salmond lost the first debate because his intrinsic hubris led him to believe that he could give Alastair Darling a level playing field and still beat him. The effect that that mistake had on him and how it formulated his tactics for the second debate was plainly and embarrassingly obvious. He knew that he could not survive another defeat and that made him nervous and painfully aware that another level playing field was a risk to far. He was clearly determined to make sure that this debate would be a strident embarrassing fiasco thus ensuring that he could claim no matter what happened that he did not lose. I am confident that those like Mr. Bell and the audience in the hall will be a small minority who think that way. The whole debacle finished up looking like Jim Murphy's street discussion with the urbane and sophisticated snp voters of Motherwell. This ugly and squalid confrontation can be accessed using the internet/U Tube etc. It is a very accurate and very chilling example of where we are heading if we vote yes. The people you will see really have to be seen to be believed, if I were to try to describe them to you accurately many of you would think I was exaggerating, such was their behaviour. Have a look for yourselves and remember when you do that these people are not a small minority, they are not unusual at all, they are in fact typical of the rank and file members of the snp. Watch it and reflect on what these thugs and hooligans are going to be like when they are beaten in the referendum, they are not likely to say congratulations old chap to their victorious opponents.

Scotland is heading in to a dark sinister place, it is too late to stop it now, it will be bad but, impossible to say just how bad. The credulous snp crazies who are now on the edge of rage and paranoia will take defeat very badly and someone will no doubt pay the price, it is to be hoped that English people in Scotland or even Scottish people with a trace of an English accent have voted by post, Scotland will not be a safe place for them for a while. This unsavoury and dangerous situation is down to how the snp leaders have been calculatingly stirring up hatred of the English among their simple and naive followers for years, followers who in some cases will be only too willing to shed blood for ‘bonnie Scotland’ eager to become martyrs that’s how ‘loosely wrapped’ some of them are. The main culprit in all of this is of course the malicious and highly deceitful alex salmond who will be only too happy to “haud the jaikets” while his mob go off the rails. He is a clever if fatally flawed man who knows what he is doing but he has gone too far to stop it now, he knows that it is far easier to start a riot than it is to stop one but he will already have his ‘get out of jail card’. An exit from politics and a bestselling autobiography to write, no doubt from warmer climes is my guess, and I very much doubt that he will lose any sleep over the damage he has done and the hatred he has left behind. With apologies to T.S. Elliot he will go out “not with a bang but with a whimper”.               

Monday, August 18, 2014


 Renfrewshire Council,  09.30 am Thursday August 14 - 2014 and a special full council meeting gets underway. Only two items on the agenda. 1/ a council donation to help with medical aide to Gaza and 2/ A proposal for Renfrewshire to sign up to what is called The City Deal. There was also another noteworthy fact associated with this particular day; it was the last full council before the referendum and we saw or rather didn’t see something extraordinary. Among our snp opponents there are some what we used to call ‘bampots’, knuckle dragging types who foam at the mouth when they hear the words England, English or London. They are hairy, unkempt, foul mouthed and prone to violence and the men are just as bad. These people just love a parade or a demonstration and they are always ready to erupt over any slight, real or imagined, the scene therefore was perfectly set for a right rammy, the Labour Group at our usual pre. Council meeting speculated on what would be “today’s snp stunt” as we always do. Flags sneaked in like wee Eck at Wimbledon was my guess, Patriotic singing was the choice of Comrade Alex.Murrin, a walk out suggested Comrade Derek Bibby, Spurious emergency motions which would allow the crazies to mention ‘freedom’ ‘Wallace’ ‘oor Wullie’ and ‘the Saltire’ was the guess of Comrade Roy Glen and at the very least a car park demo thought Comrade Eddie Devine, Council leader comrade Mark Macmillan and deputy leader comrade Mike Holmes observed wearing the kind of benevolent   smiles which clearly indicated that they are above this kind of nonsense, "the loneliness of command" "uneasy the head that wears the crown kind of thing eh?.We sat in joyful expectation waiting for the cabaret to start, for the loonies to take over the asylum kind of thing. We waited, and waited, alas nothing happened, in fact such was their indolence that the referendum did not even rate a mention and 3 of their number peculiarly did not bother to show up for the meeting. This can only mean one thing, the Renfrewshire snp have given up on separation, the last meeting before the biggest vote in our lives as they keep calling it and to paraphrase T.S. Elliot “this is how it ends, this is how it ends, not with a bang but with a whimper”.

The 2 items?, both carried, the city deal following a barnstorming speech by Comrade Mark MacMillan which just managed to stop short of fisticuffs but not before the snp tried to thwart the creation of thousands of jobs through the City deal by voting against it. The Gaza donation was granted following a hard hitting passionate speech by Comrade Mike Holmes who knows more about Palestine than Yasser Arafat did. Tory leader Cllr. James Mclaren (he’s the lone Tory) protested against us giving money for medical aid for Gaza, he may well have thought though that Gaza was an injured footballer. All topped off by the wretched Libdem leader Cllr. Eileen McCartin (she’s the lone Libdem ) trying to amend the motion to remove the name Israel as the perpetrators of this terror and replacing it with “other parties”.  Some people sit on the fence when a vote is taken about building a hotel or a Golf Club or changing the traffic flow but this woman, devout Catholic that she claims to be sits on the fence when we are voting on the murder of defenceless innocent children killed by War Criminals, may her God forgive her because I certainly won’t.            


The heading of course comes from Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s cuddly wee minister of propaganda, some people have absorbed the famous saying, none more so it seems than Scotland’s first minister alex salmond.  As the Better Together tanks start to park on the lawn of Bute House wee Eck has retreated in to the darkest bunker of the mansion, not unlike Goebells’s wee pal Adolph back in the day. in the same way as them wee Eck sends out scare stories in a frantic attempt to frighten people in to his yes camp. The fuehrer it is rumoured hectored his generals just before the downfall, stamping his feet, swivelling  his eyes and roaring his defiance as he claimed that he would return and next time he swore he would win because as he reputedly said “next time there will be no more Mr. f*****g Nice guy”. Salmond is I believe on the brink of something similar.
He has now come away with a Baldrick like ‘cunning plan’ involving the NHS, claiming that the only way of saving the NHS from privation is to vote yes in his laugharendum. The evidence he has for this is the privatisation going on in that cesspit England by those Engurlish b******s, he is also quite mendaciously implying that we here in Scotland have no truck with privatisation in our Scottish NHS, let’s check that one out shall we?. Recent information reveals that private sector involvement in the Scottish NHS has rocketed since salmond was elected. Audit Scotland informs us that under salmond’s government over the past 3 years £222 million has been spent on private care for patients here in Scotland, between 2007/08 and 2012/13 private health care has risen by 36% under salmond’s reign.

There is no more emotive subject than the NHS nothing more guaranteed to scare vulnerable people than predictions of it’s privatisation and by creating these dishonest scare stories the First Minister demeans himself his party and his office. Over the years I have used the phrase “he can’t possibly get any lower” in relation to the awful things he has done and said but he has never been more desperate than he is now and there are 4 weeks to go so we will quite probably see worse from the politician ‘alex salmond’ the man who appears to have unlimited quantities of ‘rat like cunning’ and deceitfulness, don’t be surprised by anything he does next.       

Friday, August 15, 2014


The two statements below appeared yesterday. “Honest John” Swinney turns out to as mendacious as his boss salmond. 

“The Scottish Government has had technical discussions with the Bank of England regarding our proposal for a currency union”. John Swinney SNP Government Finance Minister.

”The Bank of England has not entered into discussions with representatives of the Scottish Government about proposals for future monetary arrangements in Scotland.” Bank of England spokesman. 

"things fall apart, the centre cannot hold" W.B. Yeats. the whole referendum edifice in all it's absurdity looks ready to topple, can the yes camp remain standing until Sept. 18 Th. ?.