Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The bill to make organ donation after death an opt out system as opposed to opt in as it is at the moment, was defeated 59-56 in a free vote in Holyrood yesterday.
Msp's are entitled to vote as they see fit. They can object to bills for any number of reasons based on the bill's merit. They can table amendments if there is part of the bill they think can be rectified.
Last night on Twitter it emerged than the MSP John Mason along with colleagues opposed the bill based solely on a personal dislike of Labour MSP Jackie Ballie who proposed the bill. If this is the case. If members of any party choose to oppose a motion that will save lives, that will change lives, and base their objection solely on party political agenda's.
Shame on them!
We have been told we are in the era of a new kind of Politics free from the horrible tribal nature of the establishment in WM. This episode is a horrible example of it in Holyrood.
We deserve better. The 600 people on the donor list in Scotland deserve better.

Thursday, February 04, 2016


So we are back to normal here in Scotland with the Tories and the SNP back “in bed together”, they are always in bed together of course but this time there is nowhere to hide, no stone big enough for them to crawl under, there is no lie available to hide their betrayal and deceit. The Tory/SNP cabal which runs Holyrood have circled the wagons and supported each other in their drive for austerity, is anyone really surprised?. The only difference between them is the Tories are professional crooks and the SNP are enthusiastic amateurs, hence the SNP scandal a day has become a regular show in Scotland.

The issue could hardly be more grave or straight forward, we are heading for draconian service cuts, job losses and austerity with a capital A, with major damage to be done to education making our Scottish children’s futures more difficult. Labour, supported by the Libdems proposed a tax rise of 1 penny to mitigate the impact of what is going to be savage austerity and the SNP supported by the Tories voted the Labour/Libdem motion down, the SNP have been smoked out and as the Tory spokesman rightly said, we (Tories) are happy to be “better together” with the SNP in opposing the 1 penny tax rise.

The phrase “better together” resonates and has come back to bite the wretched SNP, it was underhandedly used by the SNP to link Labour with the Tories and now they are “better together” with the Tories, “in bed with the Tories”, and there is a massive difference between both descriptions.

The SNP accusation related to the referendum which of course had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the constitution. The Tory/SNP pact on taxes is a nakedly political act which cannot be dressed up as anything else, it’s a Tory policy borrowed by and supported by the Scottish traitors of the SNP. Will the Scottish people at long last take a hard look at these shysters?.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016


SNP MP Angus Brendan MacNeil, the guy who was caught plying underage girls with drink in his hotel room while his pregnant wife was in hospital is a busy lad. He jointly owns two properties in Scotland. He also owns a flat in London which is a fifteen minute walk from the House of Commons. Despite this he has over the last three years claimed £42,177 for hotel stays in London, that’s over £14,000 a year to stay in hotels in London while he has a house in London. Can anyone think of a reason why someone would stay in a hotel while having a house nearby?. Is Angus Brendan MacNeil an example of the SNP’s squeaky clean new type of politician I wonder?.    

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


In Tennessee America in 19 25 a great “stushie” took place which resulted after a legendary trial in a young school teacher named Scopes being sent to prison for teaching his students ‘the theory of evolution’ according to Charles Darwin, it became famously known  as “The Scopes monkey trial” and Tennesee is still trying to live down the shame of it all. 91 years later, after man has conquered space and walked on the moon we, yes we here in Scotland, are re-enacting the same weird pantomime brought to you by the SNP. Today’s contribution from the SNP concert party at Holyrood is a parliamentary attempt  by the very, very holier than thou SNP MSP John Mason and 2 other SNP MSP God bothering dinosaurs to make it compulsory for our schools to teach children what is now referred to as ‘creationism’. This flies in the face of evolutionary science as researched by Charles Darwin and subjected to such derision 91 years ago in America. Mr. Mason has previous when it comes to God whom he seems to be on intimate terms with, he and 4 other SNP backwoodsmen continue the “good fight” to allow Gay people to be discriminated against by allowing individuals to refuse them the right to be married, they seem to me to have a very bitter, twisted concept of god, is he perhaps a big guy with a broken nose, shaved head multiple tattoos and carrying a baseball bat?.  What shocks me and has shocked me for some time is that these people continue to be selected as SNP candidates by their constituency members.

Meanwhile the SNP SG continues to stumble from pillar to post.

Leaning on Lothian Health Board to postpone news of health service cuts until after the election is sleazy. John Swinney slithering away down to Westminster to plead for mercy from George Osborne because of the SNP lies about oil have been brutally exposed is a humiliation for the SNP. The public are now familiar with an almost daily diet of SNP lies and misdemeanours, SNP elected members fulminating about tax avoidance and MP’s with second jobs while they the SNP are guilty of tax avoidance and having second jobs as well. The very superior and condescending SNP MP Mr. George Kerevan is revealed to be employing his wife and paying her £25,000 a year, I thought they didn’t do such things.  They keep claiming to be on the left but recently awarded a large contract to a firm who are known blacklisters of union members. How much longer will it be before those who bought their lies decide that enough is enough?

Friday, January 22, 2016


Meanwhile at the Queen Elizabeth, domestic staff go without mops, wards go without enough nurses and doctors are overworked caring for more people than they're supposed to on their shifts. Don't worry though, the SNP are spending millions of your cash teaching people Gaelic.
The common theme? Staff doing the best they can despite SNP under-funding, under-resourcing and poor management. When will they take responsibility and fix this?

Thursday, January 21, 2016


 Local MSP Jackie Baillie has hit out at the Scottish Government’s college cuts following the publication of new figures which show that the number of students in Scotland’s colleges has plummeted to the lowest level on record.

The official figures show that there are 152,000 fewer college students since the SNP took office in 2007. Student numbers at West College Scotland, which has campuses in Clydebank, Paisley and Greenock, have been slashed by more than 7,000.
The figures were released by the Scottish Funding Council, the Scottish Government body that distributes cash among colleges, as SNP Finance Minister announced a further real terms cut to college funding in his draft budget.
Jackie said:

“These figures are absolutely shocking and demonstrate the massive scale of the SNP’s cuts to colleges. Since the SNP came to power and set its sights on college funding, Dumbarton has lost its own campus and student numbers have been cut by over 7,000 at West College Scotland. “Part-time courses have borne the brunt of the cuts. Second chance learners, new mums returning to work, workers attending night school and people with learning disabilities have all paid the price of the SNP’s austerity. This will have a huge impact on the economy and the skills available in the local workforce for years to come unless we start putting money back into colleges.”

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Revelations emerged today about Nicola Sturgeon’s oft repeated cost of Trident being too expensive at £160 Billion Pounds revealing her disingenuous calculating methods, an SNP trait it seems. Embarrassingly for her it was a question asked by one of her own stooges. SNP MP Steven Paterson yesterday inadvertently exposed her duplicity when he asked the following question at Westminster “How much do the government currently estimate the replacement nuclear deterrent weapons will cost, including the boats themselves, the missiles and the ongoing lifetime maintenance costs”?

Minister of State Philip Dunne replied on behalf of the ‘Ministry of Defence and Defence procurement’ as follows.

“As we made crystal clear in the SDSR, we have recalculated the cost of manufacturing the four boats, which we now estimate will be £31 billion, and we have added a £10 billion contingency. We have no intention at this point of replacing the warheads; the decision on that will be taken later. Therefore, I urge the hon. Gentleman to focus on the £31 billion commitment for the submarines, plus the £10 billion contingency, as the cost that is relevant today”. This display of mendacity from Sturgeon does not have any bearing on the moral argument for or against nuclear weapons, it is however important when we come to consider her own integrity, highlighting as it does her willingness to leave out the same financial tests for other military costs, remember she is arguing about costs here not ethics.

When she and her equally duplicitous colleagues discuss defence spending do they insist on knowing the cost over 40 years of maintenance/replacement of RAF Airplanes? Likewise Navy Ships and Helicopters, what about the cost of Army equipment like Armoured Vehicles, Tanks, etc. Why does Nicola Sturgeon not apply the 40 year cost test to them as she does to Nuclear Weapons?. The reason is that she feels the need to deceive people because her argument on nuclear weapons is unsound, she does not have enough confidence in the moral argument and has to obfuscate about the costs to strengthen her position.

As was asked today, would she furnish us with the costs of 40 years of maintenance for Prestwick Airport? the bill for Gaelic Language signage across the country over 40 years?, or the maintenance over 40 years of the various Forth Bridges, they seem to favour yearly figures for such matters, how long can they get away with such indefensible ‘Janus faced’ behaviour?.  Scotland deserves better.        

Monday, January 18, 2016


Below for you SNP "socialists" information are the names of 7 SNP landlords who refused to support the Labour amendment designed to ensure that all rented houses were “inhabitable”.  

Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh - Richard Arkless - Ian Blackford – Lisa Cameron – Calum Kerr – Angus Brendan McNeil – and last but by no means least we have Michelle (Arfur Daly) Thomson. 

Thursday, January 07, 2016


Dr Zoe Norris GP working in the NHS- The Nurses Who Made Me a Better Doctor Posted: 07/01/2016 10:09 GMT Updated: 07/01/2016 10:59 GMT - I am a doctor, trained for 10 years, highly qualified. But I wouldn't be half the doctor I am today without nurses. From my first days on the wards as a medical student, with no idea about the human body, nurses have helped me. To a few days ago when I didn't know which dressing was best to put on a leg wound, nurses have helped me. This is a small, unworthy tribute to all the hard working nurses in the NHS. It involves a lot of cups of tea.

I learnt to trust nurses implicitly as a junior doctor in paediatrics. It was my first job. Paediatric nurses are unflappably calm and infinitely cheerful. They can talk in a soothing voice in the face of terrified parents. They can distract the whole team during the tense care of a tiny newborn, while handing every essential piece of equipment over at the right time. I watched them work and learnt so much. During a busy night shift, I was run off my feet. It was winter, and there were five poorly children waiting to be assessed, as well as a whole ward to care for. The only other doctor was on the special care baby unit, looking after a poorly newborn. Then another phone call - another admission. A poorly three-year-old girl with a fever at the local walk in centre just next door. Could they send the child round? I took the details, jotting them on a scrap of paper and carried on. I vaguely registered two worried parents walking past, carrying a blanket wrapped child. The nurse went to take some details, check the basic observations. She came back barely thirty seconds later.

"Zoe, I need you." 
I gestured at the piles of papers in front of me, halfway through admitting another patient.
"I'll be there in a second."
"No, Zoe. I need you now."
One look at her face was enough. She looked sick. I dropped the papers, grabbed my stethoscope and went to the bed. She - ever the professional - was back to smiling, chatting with the parents. I looked at the small head poking out of a blanket. I didn't understand. She added in "I'll just let Dr Zoe have a little look" then removed the blanket. The small head extended to a small body, a deathly colour, and covered in the rash every nurse, doctor and parent dreads. Meningitis. It was everywhere. I tried to follow her lead, keep my voice calm, but inside I was thinking "Oh God, oh God, oh God". As I ran to get help, I could hear her gently telling the parents that we would need to move their little girl soon; that there would be a lot of people but not to worry, we would look after her.
Over the next hour, I worked alongside a whole team of nurses to try and save this little girls life. They were amazing. When I felt like a spare part amongst the senior doctors, they guided me. As she was whisked off to intensive care, I felt so wrung out I was ready to drop. I had another eight hours to work of my night shift. I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. Instead I was hugged. I was force fed tea and biscuits. I was supported for the rest of the night. I couldn't have finished that shift without those nurses.

On Boxing Day on the medical wards, I had worked non-stop since 8am. It was 4pm when I finally made it to ward five. They had been waiting for me for six hours. I had rung to let them know I was finally coming. When I arrived, ready for complaints and recriminations, there was a hot cup of tea on the desk, a pile of drug charts each with a post-it note stuck on. On this was written exactly what each patient needed and the name of their nurse. When they realised I hadn't eaten all day, the Quality Street were duly passed over, some toast rustled up, and I had my first chance to sit down for eight hours. I was so touched by their kindness. They didn't know me from all the other doctors in the hospital - they didn't have to make my day that bit easier, but we were a team.

In A&E, when I was scared of the abusive drunks, the nurses stood with me and put them in their place. They joked about teaching me how to be assertive. I think I learned...
In return, I rolled up my sleeves and helped clean the patient covered in bloody faeces after a huge bleed from their bowel. I cleaned the trolleys if my patient was sick on them. I made the tea.
In surgical on-calls, I covered all the wards. Randomly, the nurses could put catheters in female patients, but not in male patients. So they got me instead. Except the urology nurses with 20 years experience knew a hell of a lot more about putting in male catheters than I did, even though they had never been allowed to do one themselves. As I learned on the job, each time one of these experts stood at my shoulder, talking me through the procedure. When things went wrong, when I couldn't get the catheter in, when the patient was bleeding and in pain, they kept me calm and made quiet, confident suggestions. Little tricks to try that you only learn with experience. All I had was the title "Doctor". They had all the knowledge.

On the obstetric wards, the midwives helped me through the rollercoaster of delivering babies. Learning to work alongside each other, we went through miscarriages, stillbirths, and hundreds of tears. When things go wrong in labour, they go wrong fast and they go wrong badly. Midwives take it all in their stride. Emergency buzzers are routine; nothing panics them. The good obstetric doctors know to ask the midwives when they are struggling. And with a wry smile, they are always helped.
Now as a GP, when I start at a new surgery, it's the nurses I spend time with. They give me the background on any complex patients. They don't laugh (much) when I try and bandage things. They teach me tricks for taking smears I never knew existed. When I have a bad day, they are there to support me. I try and return the favour, but it always feels like they have got it cracked and I am still learning.

Many nurses I have worked with have their own worries, their own stress. They have young children, teenagers, husbands, wives. They are struggling working long shifts for too little pay, because they love their jobs. The NHS is a massive team. We support each other every day and the patient does so much better because of this. But the team is being pulled apart and patients are suffering. On 9th January, nurses are marching to protest against cuts to NHS student bursaries. Please, support them. Please listen to them. We are a team. #bursaryorbust

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Sunday, January 03, 2016


A constant SNP whine among many others has been the alleged UK TV and radio prejudice against Scotland more often than not accompanied by a demand for Scotland to have its own autonomous control over TV and radio. For those of you who, like me wondered what form this control would take and what it would look and sound like, we now have an answer.  Scotland, December 31st. 2015 known to us of course as “Hogmanay” traditionally produces “Hogmanay specials” on TV from STV and BBC Scotland, this ritual has been in decline for some time and, in the case of STV this one may well have been the last. Here in all its parochial banality was a glimpse at what an independent Scottish SNP dominated TV and radio broadcaster would look like, and it was toe curling in its embarrassment.

Hosted by the queen of mediocrity Elaine C Smith we had special guest Nicola Sturgeon with another special guest Nicola Sturgeon’s mammy and, despite these entertainment riches we also had Nicola Sturgeon’s sister foisted upon us as well, plus someone called Jane Godley who appeared and sounded like a very poor Glaswegian street busker. This should serve as a warning to anyone who is thinking about flirting with nationalism, this is nationalism in control and what they are saying is we will tell you what is good and bad. This wretched programme attracted the risible viewing figure of 174,000 people, a worryingly large number considering the quality on offer. Hogmanay can only survive on TV by desperate measures, yes folks I know it’s a terrible thought but we have to beg Sydney Devine to come back.            

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Here is an article by Eva Murray a UWS Student at Hamilton Campus. There is nothing I want to add to it, just read it. 

The SNP have often been described as opportunists, jumping on bandwagons at the last minute in an attempt to gain media attention from an event, campaign or if major, a boost in the polls (don’t worry I won’t be answering any serious questions with “but have you seen the polls”).
But it wasn’t until yesterday that I saw this opportunism first hand.
As some of you may know I have been involved in the Keep UWS in Hamilton campaign, set up by Councillor Monica Lennon. I got involved because I wanted to help out in a campaign & as a UWS student I knew this was one that I could possibly really make a difference in.
Over the past few months Monica along with everyone else involved in the campaign have demonstrated in all weather, petitioned across 3/4 campuses, campaigned on referendum day to make sure students knew what was happening & we even got Jeremy Corbyn to pledge his support through signing the petition. We’ve all done our bit whether that be manning the stall at the Freshers Fayre when we were getting signatures, spreading the word in the local area or letting people know online. We’ve all dedicated time to this campaign & no one has more than Councillor Monica Lennon.
We put so much effort into this campaign, did all we could to pressure the Students Association before they held a referendum & then along with SAUWS pressured the University to listen to students & staffs wants. At it’s lowest points we never gave up. Monica always full of ideas on what we should be doing next. When many elected representatives from the area didn’t even want to know about the campaign (until that almighty U-turn & to this day i’m yet to see any of them partake in any campaigning) we were all there with Monica talking to staff & students, spreading their views & gaining support for the campaign.
This is why it’s so frustrating, yesterday the Hamilton Advertiser wanted to do a victory photo for their campaign which has been running alongside the petition Monica set up. This was such a great idea & I want to thank the Hamilton Advertiser for covering the campaign & doing all they can to help out. 11987008_1757364164490933_5363919563892954132_n
The photo, a nice reminder to go alongside the one above from the day the campaign launched but sadly with short notice, people working & exams either underway or in the next few weeks, many of the people who had been there from the start couldn’t make it.
Who did turn up though was MSP Christina McKelvie with MP’s Margaret Ferrier & Angela Crawley who also brought along with them around 7 or 8 fellow SNPers including by-election candidate for the upcoming vote in January. None of these people have been out campaigning, openly pressuring the University for answers, questioning their colleague in Holyrood as to why Angela Constance wouldn’t even meet with campaigners, Jeremy Corbyn gave time to Keep UWS in Hamilton campaigners twice in 1 week & even signed the petition. Just saying. I had never seen any of these people out doing anything, in fact I know for a fact some, if not the majority hadn’t even signed the petition. Instead the SNP elected representatives gave wishy-washy answers such as this quote from Margaret Ferrier “we all wish UWS to remain in Hamilton, myself & my colleagues r keeping n close contact with senior representatives fm the uni”. So instead of being visible campaigning for students & staffs wants, they probably sent a few emails to Principal Mahoney then sat back & said that’s us done. Let’s be honest they were probably ignored.
And as for their “joint statement”, it’s all very well making a statement now when the hardwork is done & UWS have decided to stay in Hamilton but why didn’t you speak out sooner? These are your constituents, businesses in your area, UWS is the reason Hamilton is a “University town”. If UWS had went for Maxim would it have been “Och well we tried”? Because I know the campaigners I’ve gotten to know  wouldn’t have accepted that & even now as a SAUWS exec officer I realise that we need to take this back to the students to see how they feel about the decision because the results of the referendum showed us that this was still their second choice. This isn’t a case closed kind of thing.
Those people who turned up for the photograph I had never seen before, I have been there from the start & helped out at every Keep UWS in Hamilton event, those people have never been near. The SNP are opportunists, jumping in a photo in an attempt to gain good publicity. These elected representatives that turned up, over the past months had the chance to really make a difference, after all it was a cross-party campaign & that was made very clear at the beginning with Monica Lennon working extremely hard to make it just that but they didn’t. These politicians did next to nothing & then as the campaign celebrates a victory turned up to pose. That’s exactly what they are, posers. Finding the nearest camera to get their face in the media for something they’ve done absolutely nothing to help with.
I want to point out now that I am not attacking these people simply because they are SNP, if they had gotten involved in the campaign & made their mark then I would be thanking them too, the point is they didn’t.
Campaigns aren’t about photo’s in newspapers. Campaigns are about helping the people in question & the people you meet along the way. It’s been so encouraging seeing the cross-campus support for UWS Hamilton, for once it felt like we were actually one big Uni, standing with our fellow students putting aside the idea that it didn’t effect us directly & instead realising what was going on was wrong! Seeing students take an interest in their campus & realising that their views matter!
I know this post has all been a bit ranty & before I stop I just want to say I’m insanely proud to have been part of this campaign from the start, I’ve met so many incredible people along the way & learned so much. As a UWS student I want to say a huge thank you to Councillor Monica Lennon who without (if you haven’t realised already) we wouldn’t have even had a campaign & I really do dread to think where UWS Hamilton would be right now. If there are 2 words to describe Monica after working alongside her on this campaign they would be Determined & Inspiring. Monica’s determination to do all she could for constituents, to represent the views of students & staff was honestly incredible. During the campaign I stood & was elected SAUWS Exec Officer (Ayr Campus), before I didn’t have any real interest in standing for anything within SAUWS but Monica really inspired me & I learned that if you want to see change, instead of standing back & watching, you need to be at that table during discussions. Putting the views straight to the right people! So Monica I really can’t thank you enough for everything & I know the fight isn’t over yet but I know whatever we find out over the next few months for UWS Hamilton, you’ll have a plan! I also want to say thank you to everyone else who campaigned to Keep UWS in Hamilton, everyone at SAUWS especially President Jack Douglas & Depute President John Black for ensuring the views of Hamilton students were always voiced at court meetings, for putting up with me bringing up the Hamilton campaign at every opportunity since I’ve been elected & welcoming me into the SAUWS family, all the Councillors who’ve been working so hard gain support for the campaign, Hamilton residents, local businesses, staff, students & everyone else who saw the injustice that was happening & decided to take a stand & do their bit. I’ve spoken to some Hamilton students since & they are so grateful for everything this campaign has done!
So as I mentioned the fight is not over, over the next few months we will see a business plan put in place for the new UWS Hamilton location to make sure it’s a viable option & of course ensure the students are happy!
We may even see the SNP elected reps helping out or maybe they’ll just carry on doing what they do best & turn up for the end photoshoot after all the hard work’s been done by someone else.

Friday, December 18, 2015


On the subject of Christmas, this is a good time for everyone to remember that Jesus, Mary and Joseph were Palestinian Jews around 2,000 years ago. Were they to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem today they would find a Palestinian town completely surrounded by Israeli tanks and Israeli check points which control everything that happens to Palestinians in the town, it is a huge open prison. The occupiers 2,000 years ago were the Romans and today the occupiers are the Israelis. The difference between these two is that the Israelis make the Romans look like Butlin’s redcoats. This is “The Holy Land” where Palestinian lives are cheap and of no consequence, children, women, the old and the sick are being randomly shot and killed in full view of the rest of the world which does nothing.  Crimes against humanity are being wantonly committed by one of the planets greatest ever military powers against a population who are armed with stones and kitchen knives.

Hope however springs eternal and there are growing signs that the tide is slowly beginning to turn against the war criminal state of Israel, not least among their own people and their great shield America. Among the people of Israel courageous groups of people are defying their brutal government and protesting against what is being done to the Palestinians. Ex members of the Israel Defence Force are coming forward in increasing numbers to tell the truth about what is happening, the truth about the destruction of family dwellings, the arrests and torture of Palestinians of all ages and the pitiless treatment of the indigenous people.

Looming larger by the day is the growing success of an international campaign called BDS which stands for BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT and SANCTIONS against Israel. This crusade urges people to Boycott Israel in every way they can, To refuse to invest in anything Israeli and remove any existing investments that you have associated with Israel and to demand that our government introduces Sanctions against the Israeli State immediately. If this reaction sounds familiar to any of you it is probably because this tactic was significantly important in destroying the Apartheid State of South Africa. We did it then and we can do it again, remember, BDS.

 “I have always thought of Christmas time, when it has come round, as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable time; the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them as if they really were fellow passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys”. ~Charles Dickens --- He wasn’t talking about the Palestinians but he could have been.   

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I think Gore Vidal could have been talking about Stuart Hosie SNP deputy leader.

When a politician starts to accuse his/her opponents of manipulating an issue for “petty political gain” the general rule is that he/she is losing that argument and is as we say in these parts ‘gubbed’. I refer of course to the man who used to be Derek Mackay SNP, the rising Nationalist wunderkind who rose without trace due to Alex Salmond’s patronage rather than any ability that he might have had. There isn’t much more that can be added to the fiasco of the Forth Road Bridge and Mackay’s calamitous handling of the events but the noise will continue and reach a crescendo as the enquiry approaches. The traffic pandemonium which has been caused by the duplicity of the SNP government is set to worsen and he is already staggering around like a boxer who has taken on one fight too many.

The final nail in his political coffin might already have been hammered in. It is generally acknowledged by the political chattering classes in Scotland that there are few awful situations that the arrival of Stuart Hosie SNP MSP and deputy leader of the SNP can’t make worse and, right on cue like the pantomime villain he arrives to champion Mackay’s cause. If ever there was an example of the paucity of talent in the SNP it can be seen in the cabinet with this guy as a complete flop, anyone who seen his car crash interview with Andrew Neil would in all honesty have to concur with that statement. He has possibly intentionally made Mackay look feeble and inadequate by his intervention where he bullishly tried to suggest that the FRB situation was not a big problem. He is conceit and ignorance personified and Mackay needs him like a hole in the head. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it possible that 7 months after the SNP victory in Scotland at the general election they would be in such a state of near collapse. Only 4 years and 5 months to go until the next general election, will they survive until then?.