Saturday, April 12, 2014


In response to my last post called “THE POLLS CONTINUE TO SAY NO AS THE CYBERNATS GET READY TO RUMBLE” I have received predictable and typical responses from those snp/separatist/cybernats that I referred to, I sometimes refer to them as the “tartanshirts” since they are so fond of copying Moseley’s “blackshirts”.  

Most posts are unprintable for the reasons I outlined, their language is abusive and crude, they are of course anonymous as they always are because they are cowards, but I suppose these people would probably say “we might be a bunch of cowards but at least we are good old Scottish cowards”, they are not very bright either. Anyway I will repeat here yet again for the avoidance of doubt and in language that even they can understand.

It is my intention to print and answer everything that is sent to me as long as it’s printable. Anyone who wants to use abusive language or try to bully or make accusations can also be printed and answered with the proviso that they provide a checkable identification, that’s easy to understand isn’t it?. So “bring it on” if you can find the bottle.     

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Just in time to rain on alex salmond’s parade at this week’s Nuremberg Rally AKA the snp conference comes a poll released today showing the ‘No’ campaign with a 10 point lead which becomes a 12 point lead when the don’t knows are not included.
Evidence also shows that alex (Del boy) salmond’s women trouble continues with support for separation among women voters tumbling to 28.5% a fall of 4 points.
Not only is this result a big blow to salmond and the snp crazies it is also a massive blow to the credibility of the (snp / ‘Wings over Scotland’s’)  absurd  pet polling company ‘panelbase’ who are so out of step with all the other pollsters that they could well have travelled here from the planet Zogg.
Looking extremely statesmanlike and sounding determined and composed the Better Together leader Alistair Darling said, “It's increasingly clear that people in Scotland want to have the best of both worlds - a strong Scottish Parliament, with the guarantee of more powers, backed up by the strength, security and stability of being part of the UK. While the SNP spend every day talking about how they want to break up the UK, devolution is clearly the settled will of the Scottish people”.
It appears that the snp attempts to deceive the people are coming back to haunt them. The Scottish people can remember how salmond rode roughshod over them by announcing that  ‘he’ would make the Queen the Monarch of a separate Scotland, how he lied about taking EU legal advice, creating a new shameful saying “in terms of the debate”. The NATO U Turn, the bluster over sterling, the inability or unwillingness to answer serious questions about jobs, borders, currency and pensions etc. but most of all the open disdain that they have shown for the Scottish people by treating them like idiots has played very badly and rightly so. Sneering and laughing along with rubbishing every opinion that he doesn’t like no matter how expert that opinion is is simply not good enough and nowhere near convincing to the people and it does not work.

In addition we have a very grim and growing crisis on our hands with the activities of the so called ‘cybernats’.  snp/separatist/cybernats, credulous individuals who have been worked up in to a frenzy of anti English hatred over the years by salmond and the snp. Their hate filled rancour has been unleashed on anyone who dares to argue against independence, they are also bullying and harassing people and making threats against anyone whom they deem to be a “traitor” to Scotland. This bunch of morons were created calculatingly by salmond and the snp and they are now out of control and can no longer be reined in. When the snp/separatist/cybernats get beaten at the referendum as they surely will we can expect civil disorder and violent behaviour by this mob, we can only hope that the authorities are prepared for it. This is the true face of nationalism, not since the days of Moseley and the fascist blackshirts has British politics seen anything like these thugs save for their fellow nationalists in the BNP.  

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Yesterday was the snp's 80th birthday and the snp/separatist/cybernats have vanished like 'snaw aff a dyke', what is going on?. 
They are happy to talk and indeed sing about events hundreds of years ago but not their own creation a mere 80 years ago. There must be some pretty ugly skeletons in their cupboard by the looks of things. What are they ashamed of?, what has scared them into uncharacteristic silence?. Do they not want people to know about the creation of the snp? do they really think that sticking their heads in the sand will make their shame go away?. Anyone intrigued by this display of shyness should research the history and pay particular attention to the squalid characters who created the party and read about their attempts to stop young Scottish men from fighting Hitler and fascism. It's quite a story and they richly deserve to be haunted by it, a certain Mr. Arthur Donaldson ex leader of the snp, founder member of the party and Nazi sympathiser who was jailed for his pro Hitler activities casts a long dark treacherous shadow still. Despite this sordid past the snp still hold an Arthur Donaldson lecture annually. Is that perhaps the reason for their silence?.    

Saturday, March 15, 2014


A bad couple of days, we have lost two giants of the political left, Bob Crow and now Tony Benn, we are still standing though and the struggle will go on. 
A couple of years ago Tony Benn was doing a book tour and was to speak at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow, 3 invites were sent to Renfrewshire Council to attend as invited guests as our constituency of Renfrewshire is where Glasgow Airport who were sponsoring the tour is located, I got one of those tickets because Labour leader of the council Jim Harkins found himself dealing with some emergency or other and had to drop out, lucky coincidence number 1. We, (provost Ronnie Burns, Cllr. Tom Williams and myself) turned up at the venue over an hour early by mistake, lucky coincidence number 2. We were shown in to the invited guest reception area where we took the only table there to wait, it was a stand around and mingle affair and we were first in and it was the only table and it had 5 chairs. Minutes later in came Tony Benn with his assistant and we sat there mesmerised as he looked over and we realised he was coming over to ask if he could join us, happy coincidence number 3.
We then spent just short of an hour talking to one of our great political heroes and it was like a personal tour of most of the twentieth century, Churchill, Ghandi, Lloyd George, JFK, Khrushchev, Mandela, Nye Bevan, Clem Atlee, Kings, Queens, Presidents were all included in the discussion and of course he had met them all. He was the most modest and genial of men, highly intelligent and kind and a great Socialist. He gave us copies of his book and I still treasure mine which has written on the inside cover "to Terry in unity Tony Benn". When people attack the Labour Party I think of people like Benn, Foot, Bevan etc. and I am encouraged that I am part of what they stood for.

I take what some might consider to be a simple stance when I say ‘if the Labour Party is good enough for Tony Benn then it is good enough for me’. Tony Benn is by no means unique in this regard, there are a great many fine Socialists like him in the party but he is famous and as such he’s a good example to use. I watched a tribute programme last night on Tony Benn and was struck by the twisted logic that was used by some of his opponents like Healey, Kinnock and Hattersley, essentially what they were saying was that his opposition to them was divisive and their opposition to him was not divisive?. I think there is great anger and jealousy now among those who fought these bitter battles with him, it was never anything else but left V right and the latter are regarded as the people who let the party down while the former Tony Benn, is regarded as a Labour hero. Be prepared for more settling of old scores over the next while as the right wingers regroup to traduce his memory.  

Politics is a funny old game. Tony Benn R.I.P.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I wrote a post to the Glasgow Herald comments page yesterday (Monday) and in it I was very complimentary about Bob Crow The leader of the RMT union. I described him as being in the tradition of Arthur Scargill, Mick Mc Gahy, Len McCluskey and Jimmy Airlie, men of the utmost integrity and true warriors for the working class. It’s now Tuesday at 12.28 pm and I read an hour ago that Bob Crow had died of a heart attack, I am reeling at the news, firstly because he was a man I admired greatly and also because of the coincidence of writing about him less than 24 hours ago, the fact that his death was so sudden and him not being unwell adds to the shock.
Some of the names I have mentioned above were members of the Labour party and some were not but I regarded all of them as union brothers and political comrades, never enemies, opponents occasionally but never enemies. Crow was a giant, intellectually, politically and physically as well, he was very popular with his union members not least because they enjoy good wages and working conditions because of his efforts on their behalf, but also because they knew he was 100% on their side and he would never ever sell them out just like the people I mentioned above. One of my great pleasures in recent years was to watch Bob Crow on TV or listen to him being interviewed on the radio, he was quite simply brilliant. The last one I saw was between him and Andrew Neil who joined the growing band of political journalists who could not land a glove on him, that is not meant to be demeaning to Mr. Neil who is tough, able and rather good at what he does. That interview was like most others with Crow a walk in the park, Neil smart guy that he is recognised that he would not get the better of him and ended up turning it in to a jovial good natured encounter. At one juncture Neil slyly put up a picture of Crow lying on a Brazilian beach on holiday in an attempt to show him in a bad light with his members, the suggestion being that his members could not afford such luxury. Crow quite calmly and politely suggested that he would discuss holidays etc. with Neil if Neil agreed to answer Crow’s questions about his wages and holidays etc. which made me wonder why other interviewees do not do something similar, Neil was stumped but was wise enough to take it on the chin rather show himself in a bad light by becoming churlish at the big bruiser’s audacity.   

I wish our union leaders and our politicians of the left would try to emulate people like Bob Crow he represented everything a good union leader should be. Tough, uncompromising, honest and diligent in pursuit of his members interests and not afraid to speak out politically in defence of the working classes. I sincerely hope his successor carries on where Bob left off.              

Monday, March 03, 2014


The latest laugharendum poll is interesting. It was taken in North East Scotland, a place that the snp like to portray as alex salmond's heartland. The place where he set up the Mary Salmond foundation with one of his many wages, named for his late mother, he subscribes to the theory that there is no point in doing something good unless you ensure that everyone knows you have done it, hence the name of the charity. The latest poll gives salmond and his crackpot vanity independence project just 17% support. When we see as we are doing wee Sturgeon on the TV constantly we know they are in trouble, wee salmond goes AWOL at such times, wee heilan stoat that he is. I predict that this will drop even further and the Yes campaign headed by salmond and the snp will be humiliated. We already know that 40% of snp voters have declared that they will vote No and women are getting hurt in the crush to get away from salmond and separation. Still, big sean connery has at last made a brave dynamic entry in to the proceedings. Considering the state of the yes campaign it now looks like curtains when you consider that there are very few bad situations that the arrival of connery can't make worse. He has made a courageous and extremely exhausting intervention by writing from the Bahamas, to tell us how to vote, this is a man who loves Scotland, he loves it's mountains, it's glens, it's cliffs and it's rivers. He loves to spend time gazing at their beauty as he flies over the country on his way back to his equally beloved tax haven in the Bahamas, what a man, doesn't he make you feel humble?. 25% is now a more realistic target for the yes campaign. Serves them right for all their lies.      

Friday, February 28, 2014


·        Feb. 28 20 14 - 09.30. The council chamber at Renfrewshire Council has a "buzz about the place" as Councillors assemble for the first time ever under the unforgiving gaze of the TV cameras. The assembled crowd in the public gallery has been noticeably increased to what looked like a swaying mass of four people. The conduct of the snp was noticeably improved, not a difficult thing to do I hear you say but progress nevertheless. The most contentious part of the proceedings was a typically spurious motion by the snp attacking Labour and Tory peers for remarks allegedly made which, according to them politicised the coming referendum by abusing the dead and injured of WW1. The snp have 'previous' for unintentional irony in case anyone is unaware of their fragile grasp on reality. 

The object of their synthetic rage was Lord Lang the Tory peer who suggested that it was insulting the dead of that war by trying to break up the country which they had died for, Labour peers in particular Helen Liddle were also in their sights. Their powers of hypocrisy know no bounds as was witnessed by their own blatant attempts to politicise the conflict by perversely insisting that Lord Lang and Baroness Liddle had insulted the Scottish war dead with their remarks. In my contribution I defended the right of Lord Lang to have an opinion and his right to express it, likewise Baroness Liddle, this brought hysterical opprobrium upon me from in particular snp cllrs. A Doig, McEwan and Nicolson.  These three had decided that my declaration in favour of free speech and opinion meant that I was a right wing Tory and worse, particularly from Nicolson who has a distinct talent for mangling shredding and generally beating up the English language that has not been seen since the heyday of the late great Professor Stanley Unwin.

From these exchanges I believe we were seeing what would happen to people who did express views and opinions contrary to those held by the snp if they had enough power, they simply would not be allowed to express such opinions, the clamp downs would be justified by doing it “for the cause” of course. I am happy to declare that if my defence of freedom of speech and the right to form personal opinions is a crime I am guilty as charged.

The tenuous grasp on political reality and understanding was hilariously demonstrated by snp councillor Mylett who is another ‘brammer’, the snp tried to attack Labour because 47 of our Mp’s did not attend a debate on the bedroom tax, this led to Labour Cllrs. Mark MacMillan and Mike Holmes patiently trying to explain the very easy to understand practice known as the “pairing system” which allows Mp’s to be absent at the same time as their ‘opposite  pair’, simples eh?, well not to the snp it’s not and in particular not simple to the cerebrally challenged cllr. Mylett who bullishly opined that you can’t have a pairing system with an odd number of MP’s (47) cllr. MacMillan heroically managed to keep a straight face as he kindly explained to ex soldier Cllr. Mylett (yes he was allowed around weaponry) that 47 Labour MP’s is equal to 47 Tory Mp’s and no I am not making this up.
On he and the snp ploughed though demanding to know if these Labour Mp’s were paid when they did not show up for the vote. Labour Cllr. Mike Holmes then informed them that snp Mp’s Mike Weir, Stewart Hosie, Angus McNeil, Eilidh Whiteford, Angus Robertson and Pete Wishart had all failed on 5 occasions between them to turn up for votes on the bedroom tax and, yes you’ve guessed it, they were all paid for not turning up, and of course none of them had a pairing arrangement with anyone giving the Tory/Libdem government an advantage which they did not get when the 47 Labour Mp’s were paired.

This was a humiliating day for the snp in Renfrewshire and to top it all it was revealed that when the Scottish parliament led by snp finance minister John Swinney congratulated Renfrewshire Council for it’s actions and initiatives to mitigate the effects of the bedroom tax, Paisley MSP George Adam SNP despite being asked to join those congratulations refused to do so. The really disturbing aspect of all this is that the snp did not seem aware of what an embarrassing and humiliating day they had just had. They want to run a separate Scotland you know, honestly they do!.       

Friday, February 14, 2014


Labour have won the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election taking 55% of the vote. UKIP beat the Tories in to third place and the Libdems were fourth and lost their deposit. The Greens, The BNP and the magnificently named “Captain Chapington- Smythe” of The Loony Party also lost their deposits with the good Captain coming last. The beautifully tailored and moustachioed captain was interviewed after the count and he declared defiantly while brandishing his swagger stick that they would be back and be even stronger and eventually they would ruthlessly govern “for God and her majesty” just like his inspirations and political heroes, Mussolinni, Hitler, Franco and Mr. Alex Salmond.  

Sunday, February 09, 2014


Why do we still insist on sending the Scottish ladie’s rugby team to play against the English men’s rugby team? It’s no fair so it’s no.   

Wednesday, February 05, 2014


 Following Neil lennon’s treatment at Tynecastle many people wrote to the Herald’s comments page including me. Many people had their comments printed but I didn’t, Herald sports journalist Graham Spiers had been giving his opinion on the situation and I decided to make a few points about what I consider to be the reason that Mr. Spiers finds it easy to blame Lennon. This mild and honest criticism of one of their own journalists got me barred so here it is for at least some people to read.

Graham Spiers is as much a victim of the scourge of sectarianism as anyone else in Scotland. He recently wrote a touching piece about his late father, a Church of Scotland Minister who took young Graham to see his beloved Rangers and young Graham was suitably smitten as all wee boys are by their father's favourite team as I was by my father and Celtic. In his heart felt writings about his father however he never finds the courage to go near the fact that his father was quite happy to have him schooled in the Rangers tradition of anti Catholic sectarianism, how could he?. 

His father while obviously not a Jesuit, nevertheless "took the boy and gave us the man". That man now does not apparently recognise the deeply ingrained subliminal sectarianism which informs his views on Neil Lennon. Years ago before this latest worrying contribution from Graham about how Lennon "brings it on himself" he opined on Lennon, then a combative Celtic player about the constant controversy which seemed to always surround him. He suggested that one of the reasons back then that "he brought it on himself" was because he dyed his hair blonde. Make of that what you will.

Spiers is one of our best and most civilised sports writers and it is all the more worrying that he still finds it easy to delude himself about the real reasons for the treatment which is meted out to Neil Lennon. This clever, genial and urbane journalist is an example of how much trouble Scotland is in as far as issues like sectarianism and racism is concerned.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Len McCluskey, Stevie Deans and the Labour party were right all along over Grangemouth and the Falkirk selection process but it is too late now. Don’t let it happen again.

Owners of the Grangemouth oil refinery and petrochemical plant have dropped legal action against the Unite union.
Following the innocence and vindication of our yellow press’s “public enemy number one” Stevie Deans, the Unite Union Convener involved in the Grangemouth dispute, we find today that the company involved Ineos are back in the news. Not satisfied with intentionally causing the dispute to give it an excuse to target its workforce which they did most brutally, Ineos today at the High Court in London withdrew their legal action against the Unite Union whom they had accused of making "untrue and defamatory comments". They have also had to pay costs of £100,000. So, the deliberate Ineos provocation accompanied with their lies about Mr. Deans which forced him out of his job and gave them the opportunity they sought to destroy the livelihoods of 1,000 workers and increase their profits cost them £100,000. This is Capitalism in action, red in tooth and claw, destroying the lives of ordinary decent working people and demonising them as well as some kind of anti society criminals.
Every accusation by the company, the unctuous right wing media and even David Cameron the Prime Minister who called Mr. Deans a “rogue trade unionist” in the House of Commons has been proved to be bogus but, guess what? the damage is done and the millionaire capitalist owner of the firm who initiated all this is gone, he is back on his fancy yacht counting his money while the people he maligned and trampled on are left to pick up the pieces of their now damaged lives. The Unite Union leader Len McCluskey has also been vindicated and everything he said has turned out to be truthful.    
There is a topical and very fashionable tendency today for everyone who has been wronged to demand an apology, the gutter press usually like to lead these campaigns but I suspect that they will not be leading a campaign for apologies on behalf of Stevie Deans, Len McCluskey, Unite  and the Labour Party in considering that it is them who should be offering the apologies as well as Cameron and the shameful bullying company Ineos.

“Don’t mourn, Organise” (Joe Hill) that is what we have to keep doing, learn the lesson, remember who our enemies really are, I offer this advice as well to those in the Labour Party who turned against their own union brothers and sisters and their political comrades. It’s not rocket science comrades, brothers and sisters, when the main news outlets are condemning union action and persecuting union members, trying to destroy individual union officers and doing everything they can to damage the Labour Party,along with attacks from the Tories and the snp, make sure you don’t find yourself on their side, that is as they say today a “no brainer”. When Cameron describes a trade union member in the House of Commons as a rogue trade union member and the Daily Mail accuses Len McCluskey of being a threat to democracy and an enemy of Britain you should not have to think hard about “which side you are on” as the famous union song puts it. The next attack on Labour and the unions which comes along and you can rely on it that it will come along, will surely get you to remember what happened at Grangemouth, learn the lesson, stand together and don’t let it happen again.  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The snp,The Tories, the Libdems, the right wing gutter press, the whole reactionary establishment in fact are now coming to terms with the news that Mr. Stevie Deans the ex UNITE union convener at Grangemouth was in fact not guilty of the accusations made against him by those I have listed and many more. The old fashioned witch hunt which cost him his job and nearly destroyed his life was brutal and without mercy, unfortunately those guilty people will get off scot free when they should find themselves in court.
The UNITE union and it’s equally vilified leader Len McLuskie have been vindicated and their accusers have been exposed as liars and reactionary thugs, following a lengthy investigation the police have found no case to answer. There was no criminality involved, there was no law breaking and there was no interference with the selection process in the Falkirk Labour Party, some of whose members quite shamelessly and inexcusably joined the side of the anti union anti Labour hordes in an attempt to discredit Mr. Deans and UNITE, and indeed the Trade Union Movement. They are the infiltrators, the deviants, the ‘flinching cowards and sneering traitors’ we sing about when we sing the Red Flag, we are better without such people. The treatment of Mr. Deans by the company Ineos and the media was like a fascist purge and trust me, they will be back for another go, the company should be sued along with the news outlets who tried to destroy him. And disgracefully and unforgivably the snp were as opposed to the Grangemouth workers as any right wing capitalist yob could be, the snp are now bitterly opposed to the unions, the people of Scotland will not forget that, just as they will never forget that it was the snp who brought Thatcher to power.     
From now on we should remember the case of Stevie Deans when these deceitful pious hypocrites lecture us about union abuses, they are the real abusers and we must never forget that, the class war between them and us has never gone away and behaviour like theirs guarantees that it still has to be fought. If you ever wonder about the strength of Tory and upper class determination to crush organised Labour consider the case of Arthur Scargill who today is still being stalked by them and being lied about some 30 years after the miner’s strike. This is because government papers have been released which unequivocally prove that Scargill was right when he made his claims about the intentions of Thatcher to close the coal industry down. The BBC announced in relation to the revelations “it looks as though Mr. Scargill may have been right after all” “may have been right”  this is the voice of class warriors who can’t bring themselves to utter the truth.

The old questions and causes are still with us and the fight remains fundamentally the same, do you want people like Cameron and Osborne to form our society in their image, poor people being treated like animals, wages being cut while rich bankers trouser millions in bonuses, civil liberties being eroded and much more?. If you don’t then be assured you will have to stand up and be counted, you will have to organise and become politically aware, you will have to fight. I choose my words carefully when I say this is a war, for us a just war and we have to win, it’s the future we are fighting for, remember “ye are many they are few” as the great poet Shelley said in support of the working classes, his words are as truthful now as they were when he wrote them in 18 19.      

Saturday, January 18, 2014


If the Telegraph or “Torygraph” as it’s known is correct when it states that Arthur Scargill tried to make a killing by using ‘right to buy’ to purchase his flat in London then I can’t help but wonder what he did with all the money he was given according to the same sources by the Russians and Colonel Gadaffi? .

I also noted that the BBC said that “it looks like Arthur Scargill may have been right after all about pit closures” this stems from recent disclosures which reveal unequivocally that he was indeed right. All these years later the establishment can’t say the words Scargill was right. The fact that the right wing establishment are still on his case after all this time suggests to me that he should feel proud of his actions. We need trade union leaders today like Arthur Scargill, how much have the bosses and their parliamentary wing in the Tory party spent over the past years to try to discredit Scargill, Benn, Livingstone, Skinner etc.?.    

We are all in this together the Tories and their cowardly Libdem partners tell us, Scargill and people like them knew that we will never all be in this together until we rid ourselves of the rotten to the core capitalist system which allows parasites like Cameron, Osborne, the truly odious Clegg  and Boris Johnstone to thrive. Don’t be fooled by these people this is a class war we are involved in and the enemy does not recognise any rules, in a decent society they would be recognised for what they are, low life criminals.

Reports of our demise are however an exaggeration to paraphrase Mark Twain, we are still standing and we will continue to struggle, we have to it’s a struggle for the future.   

Friday, January 10, 2014


A happy New Year to the incredible El Commandante himself Fidel Castro who made a public appearance at an art exhibition in Havana Cuba on Wednesday January 10th. 20 14. At the age of 87 years. More frail than we are used to seeing him but still an impressive and imposing figure as he was photographed among cheering crowds. He was seen chatting with the exhibition organisers and local artists. Reports say that he has retained all his legendary intellectual sharpness and is up to speed with world events and political situations. He was seen to be alert and able to discuss ideas and stories in an animated and vigorous way.

He continues to defy convention and remains an inspirational figure to Socialists and progressive people worldwide, like his close friend and comrade the late Nelson Mandela he is truly worthy of being called a legend. The story of how he, with a handful of poorly equipped comrades one of whom was the equally famous and revered Che Guevara took on the most powerful military power in history America and eventually triumphed against it is indeed the stuff of heroic legend and will live forever. Wherever there is oppression, wherever people fight for freedom and where there is injustice his name will continue to inspire. Along with Mandela I regard it as a privilege to have shared the planet with him for 65 years and I hope we continue to share it for many more years.