Friday, June 20, 2008


I have just been cleared by the Standards Commission of a complaint made about me by a Dr. Gordon MacDonald who appears to be a Lib. Dem. councillor from Lenzie.

He complained about remarks I had made on my blog and in correspondence I had about the Cowcaddens firefighters and the "Pride Scotia Event" June 26th. 06.
Readers will no doubt remember that these men refused an instruction to attend the event and were disciplined as a result, I would have thought a Lib. Dem. councillor would have stood four square behind me in defence of the Gay Community and complained about the display of homophobia displayed, alas no, the word Liberal once stood for something but not now.

He accuses me of undue interference and trying to influence the disciplinary hearings I was confident that his complaint was complete nonsense and I have been vindicated but I am now left trying to solve a mystery.

Why me ? why would Dr. Gordon MacDonald Lib. Dem. Cllr. from Lenzie go to the trouble of complaining about a councillor (me) whom he doesn't know and has never met ? He quotes my blog remarks, is he a reader or has someone pointed them out to him ? Is he concerned about councillors having undue influence over certain things or does he have a particular interest in this case ?

Is it possible that this man pours over countless letters, blogs, speeches etc. by other Cllrs. to see if they are following proper standards, if this is so we are indeed privileged to have such a spirit in our midst, a giant of a public servant in fact.

Perhaps Lib. Dem. Cllr. Dr. Gordon MacKay of Lenzie will read this and make a comment, meanwhile I feel uneasy I really do. Still, I am once again comforted when I consider those who are against me.


Linda, Gavin, Baz and Tina said...

But you didnt attack the firefighters you attacked the Fergus Ewing. You dont care about the issue you just hate the SNP so much youll use anything else and anyone else to talk about them.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Linda, Gavin, Baz and Tina) 20/06/08

Fact 1/ I was critical of the firefighters.
Fact 2/ Fergus Ewing was supportive of the firefighters.

The SNP’s attitude to this and other matters stinks, you are a lot of cowards.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 20/06/08

“You seem to suspend your zeal for human rights and the pursuit of justice when the victim is someone you don't like”

I’m opposed to human rights abuses everywhere but, I have no sympathy for these people, let me remind you again, they will kill someone for you if you pay them.

Pete Burns said...

But you only mentioned the firefighters after Fergus Ewing did. You didn't write anything about them until then. And you spent more time on him than them. What do you expect us to think?

Claire said...

I think it's just one of the downsides of blogging for someone in your position. I doubt its personal.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Pete Burns) 21/06/08

I first got involved with this on 26/07/06 with the fire brigade management and first blogged about it on 18/10/06 - If you really want to think about something think about the SNP and their attitude to gays.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Claire) 11:28
I’m just interested as to how he got involved, how did he find out about it ?