Saturday, June 07, 2008


I fear something terrible has happened. A man, no a 'colossus' has gone AWOL I've just been told that the self proclaimed 'enforcer' of the blogosphere, every one's "big brother Silvest" Renfrewshire's 'Rambo' of right wing scribbling, yes you've got it in one.
RFS (right for Scotland) for it is indeed he, has done a runner, his Blog known and reviled by decent people everywhere, purveyor of filth and reactionary bile has vanished.

What kind of force of nature could have caused this ? what kind of devastating blow could bring this about ?
We are all entitled to worry, when we consider what kind of an indestructible, brave, indomitable giant and literary genius he was. At least that's what someone described him as, hold on who described him thus, I can't remember now, could it have been eh ? well never mind he's some guy.

Famed for his fearlessness on the rugby field, his sterling courage on his blog (OK he's anonymous but still) you need courage to talk like that even anonymously right ? his willingness to attack a baying mob of football hooligans, (on his own BTW) he didn't actually do this but says he would have and that's just as good in my book.
His fierce training where he learned how to join with 4 0r 5 or more colleagues and drag some drunken kid down an alley and beat him to a pulp, a bouncer no less, nay, a 'head bouncer' you don't get much braver do you, son of a cop for god's sake.

Put it all together and a sense of foreboding descends on bow tied gorillas everywhere, let's face it something very serious must have taken place to cause this, maybe one of the drunken kids from his past that he enjoyed beating up has recognised him, can his band of sicko warriors carry on without their leader or will he slither back under another anonymous title. ? Watch this space.


Rumbold said...

I suspect that this post is libellous.

When do I get my abusive post?

June said...

I realize you don't know the full circumstances that his blog was removed in but if you did you would find your own post pretty repulsive, cheap , cruel and spiteful.

I'm no fan of his writing and you make a lot of valid criticisms and indeed have done over several blogs but kicking a man when he's down is pretty low.

tbh I tend to ignore right wing bloggers. I'm much more upset by the murdoch press.

June said...

Unless of course you know Jasper better than you let on........

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(June) 07/06/08
This man Ron Kane is the lowest of the low, I have been saying that he is a coward and a bully and he has just proved me right, he is beneath contempt and according to the press story the Tory Party will allow him to continue as a member.

What do you expect me to do, have you actually read the things he has said about me ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(June) 07/06/08

I let on nothing, if you are saying that Jasper is the cause of him removing his site then that confirms my opinion of him, a rank coward and bully.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rumbold) 07/06/08

Some anonymous bloggers are not made of strong stuff are they ? Who would have thought that someone as tough as that would crumble so easily.

Anonymous said...

press story? If you know more than your letting on, could you give the rest of us a clue? I'm intriqued now.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 09/06/08

I’m intrigued by this post, what do you mean ?