Sunday, June 29, 2008


Some people are posting on recent events at Holyrood and deliberately trying to disguise the underhand behaviour of the SNP, it is probably worth while for me to try to make the issues clearer, I doubt if the SNP mob will admit to anything but other readers might find it helpful.

1/ Neither me nor anyone else in the Labour Party has said anything other than that Wendy unknowingly broke the law, that is why she did not get taken to court, (unknowingly) is the important word here.
2/ The SNP dominated committee who decided on this sanction acted on political lines despite it being unwhipped.
3/ The chair used his casting vote to impose this sanction, this is completely against precedent where a draw normally leads to no further action.
4/ The chair deliberately waited until the parliament had no time to implement the punishment, thus ensuring that it would rumble on for months.

They (the SNP) are guilty of an underhand politically motivated deception and have brought the parliament in to disrepute.

John Swinney and Alex (the spiv) were trying to wriggle out of this shameful behaviour on TV today by using the red herring that it was a Labour insider who broke this story, it certainly seems so but, how does that excuse the sleekit behaviour of the SNP ?

There is a stench of dishonest trickery surrounding them because of this. The chair in question SNP MSP Brown has enhanced his career prospects while at the same time confirming his reputation at Holyrood for naked careerism, he is creeping his way up, prepared to do the dirty work for 'the spiv' we will here more of this typical Nat.

For those who are still not sure what the SNP have been up to here I will relate this story.
Years ago, along with others I attended a conference when Standards Committees were being introduced and was struck by the contentious arguing between Labour and SNP delegates who knew each other, the Labour delegates were calling for more safeguards to prevent politically motivated vexatious complaints and the SNP weren't bothered about that issue.

I made a point of talking to some of the Labour delegates and they explained their reason for bringing this up.

As an election approaches the SNP or one of their supporters makes a complaint about financial impropriety against the Labour Group on the Council, the fraud squad / police etc. are obliged to acknowledge that complaint and investigate.
The SNP then go into the election with a story about the Labour Group being investigated by the police, that's how the SNP work.
That is similar to what they have been doing here. They have been using the issue to pursue their vendetta against Wendy Alexander, no higher motive than that.

"Alex (the spiv) Salmond for first minister" anyone ?


Rumbold said...


As I have said before, Wendy was unlucky, compared to the financial trickery that some of her Labour peers get up to (e.g. the Keens). However, since when was the defence of "I didn't know what the law was" acceptable? Would an ordinary person be allowed to plead that before a court enforcing any of the thousands of regulations that Labour have introduced, or is it one rule for the political class and another for the rest of us?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rumbold) 16:53

“However, since when was the defence of "I didn't know what the law was" acceptable” ?

It’s not acceptable and she never said that she didn’t know what the law was, she said that she didn’t know the law had been broken, the donation was solicited by one of her campaign team without her knowledge.

This is normal, candidates have to rely on their workers they can’t be everywhere. That was accepted by the investigators, that she unknowingly broke the law. It is an easy thing to get confused by.

Anonymous said...

You should be glad she has gone. Even you would have to admit she was utterly usless against the First Minister.

Lynne Todd said...

But she was in charge therefore she was responsible for herself and the actions of her team. Her third resignation is a great loss to Scottish politics and I'm confident she could have turned this terrible year around but on this occasion she was in the wrong and deserves to reap the whirlwind.

IMO she's been badly advised and I hope she can come back from this but her recent actions are only what she should have done months ago. No one is bigger than the party.

Annie said...

She was caught out by legislation brought in by a Labour administration. She should have known better. This legislation was brought in to stop the disgusting failed Bond actor Sean Connery propping up the SNP budget. It's only natural the SNP would respond in kind.

We could and should have been ahead of the game on this.

It's ironic the woman abusing SNP funded by a woman abusing pantomime dame to the soundtrack of the woman abusing proclaimers, driven on the misogynist bus of Brian Soutar bring down the greatest female politician in living memory using a law we passed.

At least the SNP will be gone for good when they lose the referendum that Labour forced them to agree to.

Edward Trainer said...

"Neither me nor anyone else in the Labour Party has said anything other than that Wendy unknowingly broke the law, that is why she did not get taken to court, (unknowingly) is the important word here."

But lets remember the records were leaked by someone in our own party. We must track down and reveal the identity of this mole otherwise we'll never be safe from this sort of thing. I don't know whats being done to expose this traitor and bring them to justice but it's got to be dealt with and kicked out.

Anna said...

What's going to be done with the traitor Dyer?

Anonymous said...

Well, lets us not forget it was the SNP who made the spurious complaint about 'cash for honours' that wasted thousands of hours of police time.It was the SNP who constantly raised 'the issue' during PMQs despite knowing Blair could not possibly comment on an ongoing police investigation.When it comes to underhand tricks and bringing politics into constant disrepute the SNP have no equals...

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 29/06/08

Bring on the referendum Alex, Alex! Where are you going ? Alex ! Bring on the, oh dear he’s gone.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Lynne Todd) 29/06/08

If A doctor commit’s a crime does the minister for health resign ? If a Govt. minister commit’s a crime does the prime minister resign etc. etc. a very flimsy argument. I wasn’t aware of 3 resignations.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Annie) 29/06/08

You credit the ham actor with too much importance, his money buys respect with the SNP It’s the only reason he’s not a laughing stock.

She was brought down by the underhand behaviour of the SNP.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Edward Trainer) 29/06/08

Whether records were leaked or not it doesn’t excuse the vile behaviour of the SNP.

Finding the guilty person is almost impossible, unless the journalist were to reveal the name, now wouldn’t that be something, when thieves fall out eh ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 30/06/08

Senator Joe McCarthy is their inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Terry a wee reminder.
Charlie Gordon was the the man "what done the dirty". He has had so many shady dealings with developers when he was in a former life and role ("allegedly"!) What is the betting we will see his star rise again soon?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 30/06/08

Yet another post which runs away from the issue raised in my article.

(“allegedly”!) says it all - what a brave campaigner you are right ?

Nick said...

Gutter tactics from our elected members? SURELY NOT!

All this highlights is that you're all as bad as each other, whith your snidey as hominem attacks, dodgy financial arrangements and tribal blindness to your own party's faults.

I suppose that, just as we shouldn't be surprised that the SNP have slyly used procedure to put Wendy to the sword, we shouldn't be surprised at financial impropriety from a a party who can't even look after their own accounts now they can't flog honours to rich businessmen. Come the revolution, Tel, come the revolution...

Anonymous said...

Re. Charlie Gordon -
Terry if I had not said "allegedly" you would not have published my remark as it could be deemed to be libellous, and you would not have that about a Labour Party member on your blog now would you? Nothing at all to do with my bravery!
However today rumour has it that the wee "rat" is thinking of standing! Quelle surprise!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Nick) 16:40

“All this highlights is that you're all as bad as each other” a true original among us at last.

Was that ad hominem ? Pathetic.

Try this one “they are only in it for what they can get” or “you can’t believe anything a politician tells you” feel free to add some more.

“as soon as this pub closes, as soon as this pub closes, as soon as this pub closes, the revolution starts”

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17:10

If I wanted to say something like that about someone I would say it in public without hiding, do you actually understand what I‘m saying here ?

You move in a smaller world than you realize, I have no idea what your last line means at all.

Anonymous said...

Re. Charlie Gordon..
My final word on this for the moment...

Yes the wee rat is thinking of standing! I told you so.
A wee rat? aye well just look at his features, his dyed hair, his self-opinionation, his treatment of women ,his bullying and attempts at dominating everyone he comes in touch with.... well maybe he will make a good leader for the Scottish Labour Party....

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 01/07/08

I can let you into an exclusive secret, it was him who shot Bambi’s mother.