Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This might be a good time to recap as RFS seems to have gone into hiding.

A while ago I wrote in praise of Renfrewshire Council's plans for Penilee playing fields and received a string of comments from RFS which were extremely aggressive and abusive, firstly of the council and then of me, these were over a decision by the planning committee not to allow RFS's Rugby Club to relocate to these playing fields, you all thought Donald Trump was a story right ?

A lengthy exchange began of a very bad tempered kind, I suspect that he was probably used to getting his own way judging by the way he set about this 'debate' I know he is not the kind of man to admit it but I think he will now be regretting his actions.
I know that I regret the whole matter but not for the same reasons as him. He may have learned that abuse and bullying can sometimes win the day but it doesn't always work, it certainly doesn't with me, I have done many things in my life which I'm not all that proud of but I'm not yet ready to let someone like him intimidate me, he'll know that by now of course.
Perhaps I should have ignored him as advised by many and perhaps it's a flaw of mine but, he gave me no choice, he chose to go down this road and we both now are dealing with the consequences.

He has now lost all his blogs for the past 3 years because as he puts it his 'finger slipped' it's probably good news for him that my finger has never slipped and I still have them, as well as everything on the 'hate site' called 'terrywatch' that he and the other equally odious characters have been blogging on.

When you read this guy's blogs and comments about himself you immediately realize that you are either in the presence of greatness or 'Walter Mitty' my money's on the latter, 'a vainglorious lout' indeed with apologies to W B Yeats. Based on his reminiscences we should have sent him to Iraq and finished it in a week or so.

The interesting thing now is that we know who he is, we now know the identity of the man who wrote all this stuff, who was so inspirational in the creation and sustaining of 'terrywatch'
He has over the years not confined his 'lash' to me, there are others who have suffered and they are now in a position to revisit his insults and accusations and, unfortunately for him these people are far more powerful and influential than me, all that is needed is for someone to contact them and update them on the present developments, I reckon that the Tory Party have no idea what their Council Candidate has been up to. Someone might fill in the details for them.

Here are two examples of what some of the other members of terrywatch are capable of.

Clairwil deals with and uses Asylum Seekers, she accuses me of hypocrisy for writing sympathetically about them and states that she sent me details of an asylum seeker known to her who was in trouble asking for my help and I did nothing.

The fact is that she was barred from my site which she knew and for that reason I did not even read her comment, it was deleted without it being opened. She did this deliberately to allow her to attack me, that's the kind of person she is, she doesn't think twice about using asylum seekers or for that matter the mentally ill as she did in the past, which got her barred.

She claims to be appalled at the direction of terrywatch but a read through it's past pages makes her a liar.

Will from the SNP did something similar when he condemned me for not blogging about an individual case where a man called Jonathan Ditton was discriminated against because of his sexuality. According to Will I'm guilty because a) it was in the Daily Record and b) because it was in Paisley.
There are about 200,000 people in Paisley and I don't read the Daily Record.

I only found out just how low they were by forcing myself to read terrywatch and I haven't finished reading it yet ! these are examples of the people who are trying to smear me and attack my family, Will also claims to be appalled by recent events but again he is made a liar by reading past posts.

I'm am now in possession of a comment which informs me that 'shotgun' and RFS are the same person, the writer states that Will of the SNP confirmed this to him but would now probably deny it. 'ferrets in a sack' comes to mind or 'rats and a sinking ship' you choose.


Anonymous said...

How long are you going to continue in this vein?

Terry Basher said...

One of these days Terry, you're going to offend someone who will find your stupidity less amusing than we do, and when you do, expect to become a human speed-bump under the wheels of a speeding Fiat Uno.

Nick said...

No offense, but nuts to a bit of blog-based bickering, Terry: 42 days detention without charge! 42 DAYS!?!

What were your lot thinking?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:39

Why ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Terry Basher) 13:12

IT won’t be you though will it ? You haven’t even got the courage to tell us your name !

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Terry Basher) 13:12

IT won’t be you though will it ? You haven’t even got the courage to tell us your name !

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Nick) 14:11

42 Days detention without charge ? A disgrace.

Terry Basher said...

Please Terry, as socially retarded as you are, the world would be a poorer place without you to poke fun at.

Jim Lewis said...

Not one to let facts get in the way of a big fat lie, eh Tel? What am I thinking? Why would a liar like you make up figures of 200,000 for a town with a population of under 75,000? Surely not to inflate your case? And how would a councillor with several years in the seat know, say the population of Paisley? I'm just being ridiculous.

One of Yeats' great drawbacks was his pride and I'm fairly sure that one day yours will be your downfall. I feel it may be time for the dog to let the bone go. You've gloated time and again as fast as your fat little fingers will allow. RFS, whose real name was known to you at least a year ago, is a decent family man, and this fact is known to many people. You and your fellow character assassin Hamill can't alter that. You bluster and bluster but consistently fail to come up with any evidence of any of your allegations. Connecting him with Terrywatch, a connection he freely admits, does not make him Shotgun, nor does it make him in any way responsible for your trouble with some online behaviour which I and most others have condemned. If your inflated sense of victory demands an answer to his 'disappearance' try thinking about it. The man has a young wife and family. The worst he's ever done to you is to take the mickey, and God knows you ask for it often enough. Suddenly he finds that you and your fellow conspirator have cooked up a grossly misleading piece naming him as having a connection to the offending articles, and even more misleading suggestion that he somehow is responsible through Terrywatch for hate mail you received long before Terrywatch existed.

As to your spat with some of our club members, you have never answered my direct question and that is as follows. Do you feel that it is justified that RDC during the Labour administration approached Paisley Rugby Club with a view to them being given a lease on Penilee, and then refused them planning permission for same, afetr which you, again misleadingly described PRFC as a private club, when it is no such thing, and then handed control of the playing fields, not to a publci body, nor an open club like ours, but to a commercial enterprise?

Terry, you have invented, blustered, lied and invented again. I'd say that's enough to institute libel proceedings if I'm lying. I'm sitting behind the door awaiting your lawyer's letter.

Will said...

Very nice, Terry, but here are the facts:

1. Re-read the comments on Jonah Ditton (you can't even get the man's name right!). I raised the story precisely so that you could comment on it, on the grounds that someone who claims to oppose homophobia as you do would be delighted with a massive victory against bigotry. But you couldn't use it to attack any other political party so you didn't comment on it, you just launched into a series of rants about me.

2. Of course, I'll deny the comment in question as it's not true. End of.

3. I stand by every post which I am directly responsible for.

4. You never told me what you meant by 'do the decent thing' - where you telling a gay man to commit suicide because he dared to combine his sexual orientation with a political party that you don't like? Because that's how it sounded!

5. Your party now has to rely on Ann Widdecombe, who you've rightly condemned for homophobia, and Iris Robinson, who believes gay people need counselling to be 'cured', to get legislation which you oppose through. Given the standards you hold everyone else to, when will you be resigning from Labour?

The recent posts are wrong - and not even you deserve to be treated like that. But you're still a coward and a liar. And as such, I will continue to call you a coward and a liar.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim Lewis) 17:46

“200,000 for a town with a population of under 75,000” I wasn’t just referring to paisley but you already know that don’t you Jim, that makes you a liar.

“ RFS, whose real name was known to you at least a year ago “ another lie.

“is a decent family man” not in my opinion he’s not, I’ve read his blog.

“The man has a young wife and family” As I just said I’ve read his blog and his wife and children have my sincere sympathy.

“The worst he's ever done to you is to take the mickey”

Either you haven’t been paying attention or you are a liar.

“you and your fellow conspirator “ My involvement with the journalist was to confirm when asked that I received hate mail and that there was such a site, he brought this on himself and he deserves everything he gets.

The history of the PRC and Penilee has been done to death if Ren. Council did anything wrong you should sue them or stop bleating.

“ Terry, you have invented, blustered, lied and invented again. I'd say that's enough to institute libel proceedings if I'm lying. I'm sitting behind the door awaiting your lawyer's letter “
You will probably be aware that I keep everything that I’m sent which is a bit dodgy, you learn to do that in politics. Just to keep options open you understand, I’m sure RFS would understand that.

I would prefer if you kept out of this after your last fiasco when you turned into jelly and had me quite worried.

Nancy said...

'As I just said I’ve read his blog and his wife and children have my sincere sympathy.'

Do you really think that branding that branding the childrens father is the best way to express sympathy for them?

I enjoy reading your blog from time to time. I'm no fan of rfs but this is going too far unless you know something we don't.

I don't know if you've ever had any involvement in an investigation into child abuse but I wouldn't wish it on anyone but the guilty. Even in cases where it is in the long term interests of the children to take them into care, the children are traumatised and the damage takes years, if not lifetimes to repair. Any investigation is traumatic for the children no matter what the outcome.

Do you really believe his children deserve this?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Terry Basher) 12/06/08

I get some strange people on here.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Will) 12/06/08

“I raised the story precisely so that you could comment on it” no you didn’t this is a blatant lie, you attacked me for not commenting on something that I knew nothing about.

“I stand by every post which I am directly responsible for”

You really are a revolting coward, you stand by terry watch why can’t you say it ? You created it wrote on it I’ve got it all, now you are trying to run away from it, you are a liar and a coward.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Nancy) 12/06/08

Perhaps you would be better directing your disingenuous comments to RFS’s friend Jim Lewis.

Your reference to child abuse marks you out as a liar and a low life who is prepared to say these things, it’s you who is using and damaging children not me, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Macnasty said...

Posts have been deleted Terry - mine about Mr Sarwar, Serpico's in similar vein and possibly others.

Maybe RFS isn't the only one having finger trouble

Will said...

I left the site because of what others were posting. I thought I made that clear, and I sent an e-mail confirming my decision to another ex-member. If you want the proof, I will be more than happy to forward you a copy of that e-mail. I can't say fairer than that.

But you won't want it, as it'll stop you ignoring the facts. Like the fact that after I raised the Ditton story, I pressed you several times for a comment and you still couldn't bring yourself to celebrate Jonah Ditton's success. Some opponent of homophobia! Some supporter of the LGBT community! You didn't even know what LGBT stood for until I told you.

But I stand by my own writings, wherever they are, especially now that you're proving them correct.

And I refuse to be called revolting by a man who wants gay men to kill themselves because they choose to combine being gay with politics they don't like.

Why don't you go crying about me to your new friends, homophobe Ann Widdecombe and the bigoted DUP?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Will) 13/06/08

“a man who wants gay men to kill themselves”

That sums you up perfectly.

terry watch is yours it shows your character, I hope you are proud of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Has nobody noticed that Kelly has never actually used the "P" word when referring to Rfs. Ironically it was fellow posters who jumped to his defence and said that Kelly's comment was akin to calling him a paedophile. The word was resurrected in the comments section of the online article, again by people defending Rfs and letting the readers know the kinds of comments Kelly makes to anyone who does not share his political views. Reasoned debate? He does not know the meaning of that, he simply reaches for Kelly's Bumper Book of insults and pulls one out. He has been very careful to say only "I stand by everything I said about him". Kelly knows perfectly well that Rfs is not a paedophile, and he can quite honestly say to the libel lawyers, "I never called him that", but is happy to let it run, it sticks the knife in deeper to the guy who was a thorn in his flesh for a long time, a guy who did nothing more than disagree with his politics. Mr Kelly, if you have the tiniest piece of evidence or suspicion regarding Rfs get yourself to the local police and do please let us all know how you get on. I suspect it will be a very short interview. You are a disgrace to the Labour party, your family and the people you represent.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 08:05

“ the kinds of comments Kelly makes to anyone who does not share his political views “

I deal with people all the time who don’t share my political views and I don’t insult them, you should be asking why your friend is a special case ?

“a guy who did nothing more than disagree with his politics”

Either you haven’t read his blog or terry watch or you are a liar, is that an insult ?

You have conveniently left out the fact that this whole business was not led by me, RFS got himself into this by his arrogance and his bullying, you might be the kind of person to roll over but I’m not.

If I’m a disgrace to my Party, family and constituents what is Ron (RFS) Kane ? I still stand by etc.

Anonymous said...

"There are about 200,000 people in Paisley and I don't read the Daily Record."

"I wasn’t just referring to paisley but you already know that don’t you Jim, that makes you a liar."

Is it me? You were maybe referring to Dundee too?

Jim Lewis

Look here's the deal. You love to accuse people of being afraid to sue for libellous comments. You colluded with Jasper to write a slacious piece in order to smear Ron Kane. If that's not true, it's libellous. Sue me.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 09:28

I was referring to the Paisley area but you already know that Jim that makes you a liar.

I haven’t threatened to sue anyone, I know from good legal advice that it is an expensive waste of time and you know that to don’t you Jim.

Perhaps you could explain why the terry watch site was running for over a year and I did nothing about it, I can prove that the journalist in question tried to reach me on three occasions and I wouldn’t talk to him he was put through to me on the third occasion by my secretary and I couldn’t avoid him, I confirmed that I had been receiving hate mail and that the hate site existed that was all.

So your silly theory is either just that or you are telling more lies.

Gerry said...


Your maths and stats are as good as your pal Hugh Henry.

He recently quoted figures for the library usage quite incorrectly to make it look as if Todholm had higher usage than Ralston.
The library figures are based on opening hours as well as book hire but then Labour thickets probably wouldn't know that.

Perhaps we could send all the labour councillors back to school for a year for an intensive course in statistics.

As an aside, i wonder how your pal Sharkey feels about Hugh henry admitting that the Ralston area is "Lib-Dem" land.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Gerry) 07:21

The SNP/Lib. Dem. Cabal are also good at maths, their speciality is subtraction, schools, nurseries, wardens, sports centres etc.