Sunday, June 08, 2008


My policy has been to ignore the 'hate site' 'terry watch' which some low life characters set up to attack me, a couple of days ago I was contacted by a Sunday Herald Journalist to discuss the site which meant that ignoring it was no longer an issue, I could talk to him or not talk to him either way he would run the story.

Since that time I have found out that one of the low life characters calling himself RFS, Right for Scotland is, according to the Herald a local Tory and serial failed candidate called Ron Kane, astonishingly he seems to be about to survive as a Tory, how low can they get ?
Mr. Kane plays rugby apparently for Paisley Rugby Club and I confess he is a shock to me, I was convinced he was from the BNP which says something about the Tories.
This guy has a family and is to all intents and purposes normal, only when you read what he writes do you realise the banality of people like this, quite disturbing really.

I have described Mr. Kane as a loud mouthed coward (see my last post) him and a guy who hides behind the name 'shotgun' are the toughest talking right wingers you could ever meet except ! they have both vanished, they have run away, they have removed their sites and the rest of the creeps who listed on the site have gone as well, the lot of them, offsky ! They have left it too late though, there is enough stuff collected to keep me going for ages, that applies to all of them.

These two (Will doesn't count) are spectacular big blouses, shotgun yaps away like a gangster and boasts about his rough tough Army background and MR. Kane is the self styled rugby hard man and self proclaimed 'king of the bouncers' well I have to say this.
I wouldn't like to be a soldier relying on the former as a comrade in a tight spot and I wouldn't like to have to rely on the latter in a really hard game, unless tough talking could win it for them, and I wouldn't like to rob a bank with either of them.

Tough guy right wingers my 'Jim Royle' My guess is they will slither back under different names when they have stopped trembling.


Anonymous said...

I bet your dissapointed its not the SNP but one of your unionist chums.

people will jump into bed with anyone this weather.


Rumbold said...


What's going on? I'm confused (honestly).

Will said...

"These two (Will doesn't count) are spectacular big blouses"

Ummm, thanks... I think?

Seriously, the images put on the site recently weren't funny, weren't clever, and most importantly weren't right, which is why I took my name off the site and won't be adding to it in the future.

You know the reasons why I disagree with you: those reasons are why I got involved with the site in the first place; I stand by those reasons and everything there that has my name on it.

But those pictures are completely indefensible and as such, I'm not even going to try to defend them. I'll have no further part in the site and as of now, on the one issue where we do disagree so strongly I'll be reporting on any rows from my own blog and not TerryWatch.

I regret that things have gone too far as they have done, and I want to make that clear.

June said...

I'm confused. I thought the Herald was a rag or is it OK when it spouts pro Labour drivel as opposed to pro SNP drivel.

As a feminist I'm appalled at what has been done to your daughter but also at what you've done to female contributors such as "clairwil", "abiola", "souad" and "jazzy".

Just look at the numbers. This blog is institutionally sexist.

It isn't concious but you are much harder on women on this site.

Rumbold said...

I'm glad they exposed Shotgun. He is a nasty, homophobic bigot.

Terry Basher said...

Terry, you and your poodle Jasper don't scare us. Inferring that RfS and Tories have something in common is yet another disgusting slur among a myriad of insults you have made against others. I hope you will soon retire, becasue what goes around will certainly come around for you, Williams and Manser.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 08/06/08

What did Scotland do to deserve people like you ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rumbold) 08/06/08

You knew about the hate site, they put up stuff with doctored pictures of me and my daughter and ran a story saying that I was like the Austrian guy who raped his daughter and kept her prisoner.

The papers got a hold of it and ran a story, the journalist knew that RFS was a guy called Ron Kane a local conservative candidate, they named him and he vanished along with 3 years of his blog.

He says his finger slipped and he lost all that stuff, the other one called shotgun vanished as well and I’ve been getting emails from the other contributors apologising for being part of it.

It will probably run and run as the Tory Party seem to be standing by him.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Will) 08/06/08

You contributed to ‘things getting that far’ but it’s never too late to see the light. Perhaps you will look back on all this with shame.

Gillespie said...

Do you stand by your earlier allegation that Ron Kane is a paedophile?

Curious said...

When you spoke to Jasper Hamill of The Herald did you ask him if
he tells his family that he is a slave trader rather than admit to the shame of being a Herald journalist? If so how did he respond?

Or has your opinion of the paper and it's staff changed?

Harry said...

Do you still believe that Ron Kane is a paedophile and a sender of hate mail? Now that you know his identity will you be asking the police to investigate these serious allegations? After all if what you say is true the public need to be protected.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(June) 08/06/08

I have no control over the Herald I thought you might accept that.

“ but also at what you've done to female contributors such as "clairwil", "abiola", "souad" and "jazzy". I absolutely refute this I don’t think it's‘conscious’ but you are seeing what you want to see through your own bias not what is actually there.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Terry Basher) 10/06/08

“Inferring that RfS and Tories have something in common is yet another disgusting slur”

According to the story RFS is a regular Tory candidate and the Tories are standing by him, what have I missed ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Gillespie) 10/06/08

I stand by everything I have said about RFS. He said he was going to sue me about 2/3 years ago and I’m still waiting.
If anyone called me that and I could identify them I would sue them so there is something not quite right here, maybe that’s why his ‘finger slipped’ and all his past posts were lost, or so he thinks/hopes.

What would you do if someone called you that ? I think you have to research this a bit more thoroughly. Perhaps Ron could explain to you why he didn’t sue me, just a thought.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Curious) 11/06/08

My opinion of the paper has not changed, nor has my opinion of some of it’s staff but I have to confess that I didn’t and don’t know Jasper Hamill.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Harry) 11/06/08

Read my earlier reply to ‘Gillespie’ you two could even know each other.

peter said...


Your response to the comment from Gillespie has probably put you in line for a charge of slander or libel.

You have said that you stand by everything that you have said about RFS which includes the your allegation that he is a paedophile.

I think that there may be trouble ahead councillor.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

peter - "has probably put you in line for a charge of slander or libel"

What's this 'probably' c--p
tough talk eh ? right out of the RFS school of bluster and bragging.

I take it you didn't ask RFS why he decided not to sue then ?

I'm no expert but I undersatand that the loser pays the legal cost so bring it on !