Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It started almost as soon as the SNP formed the administration and to date it looks like this.

Elderly Wardens - Out of School Learning - Supported Study for Higher Pupils - Computer project for unemployed - Homeless Hostel - Area Housing Offices - Libraries - Museum - and now Park Rangers and park Keepers.

All of the above are SNP cuts in Renfrewshire and it won't stop here, the Central Library is now under threat as well.

What will it be next ? ask the SNP at Renfrewshire Council, I'm not sure if even they know other than to say that it will be whatever the council officers tell them to cut next.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry squire the record's stuck, sorry squire the record's stuck, squire the record's stuck, the record's stuck, record's stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you keep reading the Paisley Depress, it must be true.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 18:27
The list I gave is true except for the Park Rangers and Keepers, they haven’t gone yet but they are going.

I would be delighted for you to tell me that the libraries are not closing, the Housing offices are staying open, supported study is OK. Well ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

anon - March 18 2008 6:27PM

The SNP record is still spinning isn't it what will the Tartan Tories cut next ?

oakwood said...

Unfortunately these cuts are happening. It is expected that there will be over 80 full-time teachers positions being cut this summer, (the equivalent of a large high school) in order to make way for centrally funded NQT's.

Not a cut in numbers you might say but for pupils and the impact on their learning this is horrendous. Continuity is very important in school. Pupils get to know the teacher and a bond of trust develops.

Also because the teacher knows their class better there is less issues regarding discipline, which in turn improves learning & teaching.

Secondly the departmental budgets are being slashed over the next 4 years by up to 25%. Even more when you take into account inflation.

I don't care what anyone says, in the coming months and years when the cuts begin to bite and services begin to fail it'll be decades before the country lets the SNP anyway near government again.

Anonymous said...

Who is benefiting from the masses of money saved then?

Be careful how you answer Councillor.

Anonymous said...

You forget to mention that, yes the library may close for a while -as part of a 15 million pound investment plan which will transform the run down (by Labour) museum, art gallery, library and Town Hall into something fit for the modern world.

A new theatre, cafe, disabled facilities, full internal upgrade and state of the art environmental controls. Why don't you want all this ???

Inallhonesty said...

The SNP record is still spinning isn't it what will the Tartan Tories cut next ?

You hopefully......

alana said...

Terry I sympathise. What you are experiencing now is life in the east end of Glasgow. Represented by Labour councillors that do whatever Council Officers tell them.

God knows I'm not defending the SNP but it seems to me that no party is entirely free of this.

Anonymous said...

You call them 'Tartan Tories'. A colleague of yours called them 'Nationalist Socialists'. Clearly both cannot apply yet Labour members continue to use them as a stick with which to beat the SNP.

Labour certainly are consistent at being inconsistent.

Anonymous said...


Tartan Tories? Is that the ones that are in a coalition with Tories on Stirling council?

it must be frustrating having the Revolutionary brothers of the peoples party in the council agreeing with the administration on a huge range of issues and you spouting the opposite on your wee blog.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 18/03/08

Council services rise in cost each year like most things, this cost rise is met by among other things, council tax.

If you freeze council tax you will have a shortfall in money and something has to be cut.

The job losses and cuts are a price worth paying for the SNP because they have conned people into seeing them as the party who saved them money by freezing this tax.

You’ll find the word for this is dishonesty.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 18/03/08

A new theatre IMO would not be viable there are already 3 other venues for theatre in Paisley which aren’t viable. The rest is fine with me.

The proposal to close the central library and relocate it as part of the town hall is a howler. It is part of the fabric of the town and is an asset, moving it to occupy part of another building is an insult, it devalues it’s worth and could only be contemplated by a bunch of Philistines like the SNP.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

inallhonesty - rapier wit I congratulate you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(alana) 19/03/08

Councillors are charged with producing a budget it then becomes a matter of priorities, ours (Labour) are different from the SNP’s we are seeing that very clearly in Renfrewshire.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 15:02
You are referring to a row where someone is alleged to have accused them of being ’national socialists’ which was corrected to nationalist socialists.

Had the former description stood the person saying it would have been reported by the SNP to the Standards Commission.

They are not in any way Socialists.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16:55

The jibe upsets you because it’s true, who gave us the Tory years ? Who gave us Thatcher ? Who were the ‘turkeys voting for an early Christmas’ as Jim Callaghan said, why none other than the Braveheart SNP, remember.

Inallhonesty said...

National Socialists?, Tartan Tories?.

Lets call them by their real name which is the next government of Scotland.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Inallhonesty) 19:34
With the enthusiastic support of the capitalist media they could well be, that’s what the media love about them, the fact that they are ’Tartan Tories’

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

shotgun wed. March 19 2008 9:38:00PM.

Lose the sleaze.

Macnasty said...

Kelly @ 12.38

Terry, a friendly word in your shell-like.

You've alienated America,Israel, the Royal Family, Glasgow Fire Brigade, the Mormons, women and the British Army.

Now you're having a pop at Shotgun.

Carry on like this and you'll finish up as Billy No-Mates (except for Cllr Williams) and then you'll be sorry.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Shotgun) 14:00

(Shotgun) I will control my fear at this latest abusive outburst and say I am still not printing you until you clean up your sleazy act.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Macnasty) 15:00

That should read, some Americans, some Israelis, all Royals if any know about me ? Some Firefighters, some Mormons, some women and some British Military.

As for Shotgun ? I’ve a sneaky suspicion he’s not really that fierce, I hope it’s safe to say that about someone who talks tough and plays with toy guns.

Anonymous said...

'Five years and £5b to bring Scottish schools up to an acceptable physical standard.'

This is after years of Labour stewardship.

Hang your head in shame for your party, Councillor

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Shotgun) 20/03/08 10:04:00 PM

I operate to certain standards, you clearly don’t have any.

Stop sending me sleaze and clean up your language and you will get printed.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 20/03/08

The SNP administration in Renfrewshire will cut £4.5 million from the education budget this year.

I think you should put on that pointy hat and stand in the corner.

Mother Abigail said...


Did Labour close any libraries in Renfrewshire? If so how many?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Mother Abigail) 13:45
I have never said that nothing should ever close, Labour would look at each case on it’s merits.

The SNP are destroying services to vulnerable people in a bean counting exercise, people, particularly poor vulnerable people mean nothing to them.

Macnasty said...

Kelly @ 3.39

How many libraries DID Labour close then? And what happened to the staff?

And are you saying that the SNP, unlike Labour, are not 'looking at each case on it's merits,' but are deliberately targetting already deprived areas?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Macnasty) 17:06

Do your own research.

The answer to the last question is yes.

slightlyrightofleft said...

Mr Kelly

In answer to mother abs earlier query, let me provide you with the stats.

1996 Houston Library closed by Labour

1996 Inchinnan Libary closed by Labour

1996 Langbank Library closed by Labour

1997 Brookefield Library closed by labour

1992 Howwood Library closed by Labour

1998 Johnstone Castle Library closed by Labour

1998 Johnstone Youth Library closed by Labour

1998 Kilbarchan Library closed by labour

2004 Spateston Library closed by Labour

Of course these were all GOOD closures. Not like those bad old SNP closures that threaten the very fabric of our existence

Get a life Mr Kelly.

Macnasty said...

So the word according to Kelly is that the SNP is deliberately targetting deprived areas when it comes to Library closures.

Could it be that usage in these areas didn't justify keeping the library open - you're the councillor, I suggest you do some research.

And the libraries Labour closed, why exactly did they close them?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(slightlyrightofleft) 20:28

Labour were in power for 27 Yrs. We opened some and closed some, I’ve never denied that.

The SNP have been power for under a year and closed 4 so, if you like stats, Renfrewshire will have no Libraries in 3 years time. Labour closed an average of 1 every 3 years and the SNP at this rate would, over the same period close, let‘s see 27 x 4, wow 107 closures !
You would have to invade other councils to maintain your ratio, there is no doubt about it you are the best when it comes to closures.

Do you want to count area housing offices as well ? Let’s compare those stats. Stats are great fun aren’t they.

And you told me to “get a life”

Anonymous said...


Vulnerable poor people set to be axed by the SNP Labour opposes it.

I liked Labour voting with the Tories to try and block SNP plans to restrict the right to buy scheme. Dont Labour like social housing anymore?

slightlyrightofleft said...

More stats to come Terry.

It is actually quite amazing the things that Labour have buried over the years.

I will drip feed these to you over the coming months.

I am delighted to have your forum as a means of unearthing some of these facts which will cause red faces on the previous administration.

You are so thick that you do not understand that 99% of visitors to your site treat you as a pathetic parody.

Within the coucil walls you have become the subject of much mirth.

You have become a valuable asset to the new administration.

Keep it up Terry, as life would be dull without your nonsensical rantings

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Macnasty) 21/03/08

Do you really expect me to do research for you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 21/03/08

Abolishing the right to buy like the abolition of prescription charges is a cynical SNP stunt the bottom line is that neither of them will be of any great benefit to the poor in society.

I don’t recall the SNP running with this policy at election time.

They continue to ‘chase the money

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(slightlyrightofleft) 21/03/08

This post has the clear ring of untruth about it, you try too hard and give it away

Macnasty said...

Kelly @ 10.58

Forget researching for me Councillor.

Just give the background thinking behind Labours library closures.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Macnasty) 18:44

You insist in asking me to carry out research for you, do it yourself.

Anonymous said...


Is it not the case that housing offices are actually being replaced with centres that can people can access with more facilities than just being a rent office?

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11:46

A reduction in wardens, the removal of £4.5 million from the education budget, the closure of Libraries, the closure of nurseries, the closure of housing area offices Etc. Etc.

It depends who you believe, the SNP tell us that all of the above will result in better service so, you have to make up your mind.

They have lied about all of these including area offices.

Anonymous said...

"It depends who you believe, the SNP tell us that all of the above will result in better service so, you have to make up your mind."

You didn't answer my question Terry.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 28/03/08

You mean I didn’t give you the answer you wanted.