Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Scottish TV news 10 mns. ago and there was Donald Trump's bag carrier.

No not Salmond (the spiv), the other one, the wee swarthy Yank who looks as though he's about to make you an offer you can't refuse any minute now.

Here was the real picture of what Trump thinks about the 'wee spiv' and Scotland, this performance before the Holyrood committee could only be described as one of deliberate withering contempt.
You have to witness this confrontation to see the arrogance of these people and what they really think of Scots. A devastating slap in the face for Scotland's dignity, already damaged by the election of a leader who is a shifty con man.

This was not an American diplomat and consequently he shot from the hip, safe in the knowledge that Salmond can be bought and that Trump can pay the price.

When asked what his meeting with Salmond was about prior to the decision being called in he gave a breathtakingly insulting answer.
You need to have contempt for Scotland to say the following -

" the meeting was about procedure that's all, only a discussion about rules"

He went further with this gem

" I have no idea what Alex Salmond thinks about this project "

You need to read that last quote again to get the measure of what these people think of Salmond (the spiv) and Scotland.
These guys are 'rat race leaders' they took one look at Salmond (the spiv) and all their wheeling and dealing experience surfaced, they knew right away what they were dealing with, they had no trouble reeling him in.

If you need a parrallel think about Groucho Marx and Margaret Dumont. Groucho - "if I pay you will you kiss me" ? - Margaret (outraged) "what kind of woman do you think I am " ? - Groucho - "We have already established what kind of woman you are, now we are arguing about your price" Poor old Scotland eh ?


Quiet_Man said...

To be honest I think Scotland's image is more damaged by Godon Brown and the rest of the mc. mafia in Westminster than the SNP.

Anonymous said...

You missed out "(the spiv)" after Salmond in your 4th paragraph, Terence.

If you want to look like a bitter numpty, at least do it properly.

ShrekBall said...

I find it hard to read your piece about Trump's "contempt" for Scotland and not laugh.

You are a neo-unionist and, unsure how a unionist behaves, you have in the past insulted Scottish heritage, history and institutions. And of course we had John Reid when he famously came north and reminded Salmond before the election that "no one has a right to rule Scotland". Coming from a Scottish Labour MP it was the most hilarious thing anyone had ever witnessed as it is only Scottish Labour who have a sense of "entitlement to rule" as witnessed in the aftermath of both the Holyrood and council elections. You have an entitlement to rule - your own council leader used that as a reason that the SNP and Lib Dems should not form a coalition in Renfrewshire and instead just leave everything to them.

Take a long hard look at yourself and your party before you start to denigrate others. It is you that has a lack of shame here.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 10:18 -

“you have in the past insulted Scottish heritage, history and institutions“. evidence please.

This is a collection of your own subjective opinions.

Must you be so verbose, especially when you have said it ad nauseam.

ShrekBall said...


See that little white box in the top left corner of your screen? Type in "burns" and hit search. It will search your blog (and only your blog). Happy reading.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 08/02/08

Well we are getting there at last aren’t we, I typed in Burns and read it and I retract nothing.
Your reaction is interesting though you accuse me of “insulting Scottish heritage, history and institutions” So you are the judge and jury, how very nationalist of you.

I regard Burns as overrated and what passes for culture by nationalists as embarrassing, I suppose you will have to wait a little longer before you and the tartan thought police can lock me up for thinking.

This is the future under people like you, another test failed.

Read some history and you will see that despots have tried this kind of cultural vandalism before and see where it leads.

Butterfly said...

'This is the future under people like you, another test failed.'

How is this different from the communist thought police in Cuba?

Is it good to enforce socialist thought? If socialism is that good why are the workers so keen to flee it?

Take a long hard look at yourself Terry- you are a totalitarian.

ShrekBall said...

That was just the only one.

A look back through your comments (not indexed)reveals contempt for Scottish Football, the regional television and the kilt for starters.

Then there was that diatribe about an eagle or something that was virtually impregnable.

As I have said you are a neo-unionist and are unsure how to behave how that your party is not stirring up nationalist sentiment.

And for your information I am not a Scottish Nationalist but it is instructive that you consider someone calling you "neo-unionist" should automatically be attacking you for leaving nationalism as opposed to lambasting you for cocking up being British so badly.

The Incorrigible Plagiarist said...

I regard Burns as overrated

A 2nd rate Ayrshire plagiarist is how you've previously described Robert Burns.

and what passes for culture by nationalists as embarrassing

What is it that you think passes for culture amongst nationalists?
or rather what is it that you find embarrassing?

I'm not really one for Fran & Anna myself, but there's plenty of alternatives out there.

Is there nothing overtly Scottish that you actually like? or are you fully suffering the Scottish cringe ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 12/02/08

“A look back through your comments (not indexed)reveals contempt for Scottish Football, the regional television and the kilt for starters”

My opinion of Scottish football, regional television and the tartan industry does not show contempt it shows realism.

I like ‘oor wullie’ ‘Fran n Anna’ ‘Sidney Devine’ and Balmoral when her Majesty is among us. I’m as patriotic as any Scottish scoundrel, you included.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(The Incorrigible Plagiarist) 15:13

“What is it that you think passes for culture amongst nationalists?
or rather what is it that you find embarrassing“ ?

Being lied to by people on the make - Highland Scots. Indulging in the annual sport of ‘fleecing the tourist’ Those who worship Burns and tolerate no dissent - it’s unpatriotic not to like Burns - flag wavers - kilt wearers - bagpipes - yes the cringe, the cringe - the brave jocks - national myths.

I like Billy Connolly - Lewis Grassic Gibbon - Hugh MacDiarmid - Willie Gallagher - John Mc Lean - Eric Liddle - Benny Lynch - Gordon Brown - Lord Kelvin - Mary Slessor - Aly Bain - Robert L Stevenson - Keir hardie - Fleming - Lister - William Topaz McGonagall - Muriel Spark - James Clark Maxwell - James Connolly - Boyd Orr etc etc but, the fact that through an accident of birth they are Scottish is of no importance whatsoever.