Friday, February 15, 2008


About early evening last night I wrote an article giving my thoughts on the council budget which I thought was an exercise in deception by the SNP, no surprise there then right.

Most readers will know that I find the SNP contemptible again no surprise.

I’m now sitting less than 24 hrs. later and I have received 29 comments, one positive and 28 hostile.
The hostile comments are predictably nasty and abusive with a few exceptions, they are all pro SNP and they all have one thing in common. They are all anonymous every one of them.

These people like to think of themselves as 'bravehearts' Scottish warriors for independence and all that 'old pony', ready to vanquish the English oppressors etc.
What are they like ? they can’t even identify themselves to a harmless old blogger like me, I fear the worst when the battle starts, there could be heavy casualties in the crush to run away.


Rumbold said...


Someone left a positive comment? Wow- pretty impressive. Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Cowards like their leader who whilst at the same time 'laughing off' opposition claims about attacks on services knew full well that staff at Todholm, Gallowhill, and Bargarran libraries and one other were being told they were to close.
They certainly were not laughing nor will the communities in these areas find it funny when they find out.
Incidentaly I notice that McKay has an unique angle on spin i.e. you claim to save things by not axing them re the warden service.

Anonymous said...

Not really the case when 15, yes, 50% of the comments, were from you yourself.

As disingenuous as usual..but a headline eh? You really are a child of New Labour and definitely not a socialist.

Anonymous said...

Is it the SNP you find contemptible or the whole concept of Scottish Nationalism?

John Hailey (Lanarkshire) said...

Hi Terry

Believe it or not some of us who voted for the SNP in the last election don't care for braveheart. We want to see a progressive, independent Scotland take its place on the world stage alongside other small european nations such as norway, sweden, denmark, finland, ireland, belgium, austria and switzerland.

We have no interest in illegal wars, seats in the house of lords for cash, trident or PFI projects.

I used to vote Labour, but after the last ten years in power what has your party achieved? Other than the minmum wage and devolution i can't think of much! Child poverty is increasing and the gap between rich and poor is larger than ever. How anyone can support your party is beyond belief.

ShrekBall said...

Terry you are fantastic. You are either a liar, an incompetent or you think we are one or the other.

There are 29 comments, one supportive of your position which you will probably not have replied to. That leaves 28 other comments.

But there will only be 14 from other people. The other 14 are attacking your position and for each one of them you will have replied with a name-calling abusive post.

For the record I am not a Nationalist but I am sick of the Labour Party patronising me and wasting my money. I welcome this budget on the basis that it will not be any worse than the pain you inflicted on us over the years and they may actually be quite a bit better.

But you may have a point about the anonymous thing so I am willing to make you an offer. You pick a restaurant anywhere in Paisley or Renfrewshire and I will pay - lets go out to dinner one night and discuss all these issues face to face. You never know, you may actually like me.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 15/02/08

OK I should have made that clearer but I think most people will get the point about anonymity won’t they Mr. Anonymous.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16/02/08

I have said before that I agree with Einstein “nationalism is the measles of the planet earth”

Scottish nationalism is IMO a pointless exercise and in the case of the SNP it’s sustained by an irrational hatred of the English.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 16/02/08

The idea that I “might actually like you” is risible I would be just as likely to get on famously with Nick Griffin.

Your racist reaction on America - Your support for discrimination against foreign doctors - Your support for Thatcher - Your arrogant contempt for people in poor areas - your support for American actions in Guantanamo.

Why would I, or anyone with a shred of decency want to socialise with the likes of you ?

Anonymous said...

So is it nationalism you hate yet you belong to a Brit Nat party while - rumour has it - you are a bit of an Irish nationalist?

Is it just Scotland you don't like then?

PS how does your support for British Nationalism square up with your support for an Irish republic?

Anonymous said...

If you're that fed up with anonymous comments then block them from your blog

twogeeonecee said...

Well Terry, you seem to have classed my comment as "negative" even though I simply asked you what your party's position was on the budget and council taxation.

Since you say you tacitly supported the council tax freeze (by not proposing any change), can you spell out what services you would have cut to reinstate the services affected by the SNP/Liberal budget?

Not negative Terry, just a question.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17/02/08

“Is it just Scotland you don't like then“ ? - Explain.

Is being a republican the same as being a nationalist ? I think if you read a wee bit more you might find that that is not the case.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

anon - then I get accused of censorship - I'll just continue to expose you as cowards.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(twogeeonecee) 18/02/08

I think you heard our budget on the day did you not ?

We would not have cut services to the poor as you did. The tax freeze was a bribe which is now being paid for by the poor.

Another nursery is already lined up to be cut ‘Rainbow Nursery’ along with the cuts you made before the budget.

You have lied to the peole , without the £2.3m bribe we would have raised the tax, that’s the decent thing to do to pay for services. We will pay in the long term anyway.

Anonymous said...

aw Terry, the rainbow nursery isnt run by the council. its a private operation. Does that not upset your anti council rant somemwhat?

or does bad weather and invasions of other countries also count as the fault of those nasty nats.

Macnasty said...

Cllr Kelly 12.34 17th Feb
'I agree with Einstein.'

Bloody Hell, that should cause the great man to have a rapid re-think.

Anonymous said...


My council tax has consistanly increased under a Labour Renfrewshire Council, yet I have seen no improvement in my local area. Incidently, do you agree with the proposed housing development in Houston?

The Incorrigible Plagiarist said...

I fear the worst when the battle starts, there could be heavy casualties in the crush to run away.

Which battle is that?

When you and your Socialist Class warriors come to take away all our money and make us work in the fields, perhaps? (That is the struggle isn't it?)

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 19/02/08

Go and check out the subsidy it receives from the council.

Why are they doing nothing about it’s proposed closure ? Could it be the money they would save, is that not another cut ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 20/02/08

Increases in tax are the way that we pay for better services and they have improved over the years.

The council will provide you with details of improvements ratified by external auditors and inspectors, if you want to really see if your cavalier claim is true, but somehow I doubt you will.

Labour agreed the sale of this land for housing and we still support that.

I haven’t seen the plans so I can’t comment on whether I support the present proposals but I still support housing.

The SNP of course asked for your vote and promised they would not sell the land for housing and promptly did just that when elected. You and the people of Houston have been lied to, just like the people who are now losing nurseries, libraries and sports facilities and much more.

Anonymous said...

quite obvious you are a stranger to the very libraries you purport to defend.

Why dont you tell us why Kilbarchan, Inchinnan and other libraries had to shut. Yes, under Labour. By the way the are not free, every tax payer pays for them. nae wonder yer budget was mince. no money to bring the Apex centre back, no money to bring back nurseries. blah blah

Anonymous said...

(Anonymous) 19/02/08

Go and check out the subsidy it receives from the council.

Why are they doing nothing about it’s proposed closure ? Could it be the money they would save, is that not another cut ?

You agree with a private company running in profit but still getting a state subsidy?

twogeeonecee said...

You make the mistake, Terry, of assuming I was in the council chamber to hear your party's budget proposals. I wasn't, cause I ain't a councillor or party hack.

You say you wouldn't cut certain services. Fine. So what other services would you cut instead, since you did not propose increasing council tax to make up any shortfall.

If you disagree with what the SNP are changing, what are YOUR party suggesting to do that is different? Specific examples only, Cllr.

mother abigail said...


Your comment regarding the Rainbow Nursery just goes to show how you will try to twist anythng for political gain.

Lets get some facts here.

1. The Rainbow Nursery is a private nursery not a council nursery. It is managed by "Childcare First".

2. Hillview and Rainbow Nurseries are the only nurseries in Renfrewshire that receive additional council funding to allow parents in these areas to receive private nursery facilities at knockdown prices susidised by the taxpayer. Why do no other areas receive this?

3. The decision to close the Rainbow Nurseery was taken by the management commitee and was absolutely nothing to do with the new council administration.

4. The Rainbow Nursery was to close at Easter, however, the new council administration have gifted more money to allow it to stay open until the summer.

5. The new council administration have offered Childcare First support from their economic development service in order to try to find a long term solution to the running of the nurseries.

6. The nurseries are not able to fund themselves partly due to the postcode ringfencing introduced and still supported by the Labour Party which means that many children are being refused a nursery place just because of the postcode of where they live. This means that the nursery cannot run at its full capacity and is therefore uneconomical.
The staff at these private nurseries are paid at council rates which is far higher than staff at normal private nurseries again making them uneconomic.

It would seem that you have chosen to omit these facts when you try to suggest that the council are to blame for this closure.

You are a weasel.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 20/02/08

Defending the indefensible, you people have no shame.

I have to agree however with your last comment “blah blah” that’s articulate by SNP book burners standards.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(twogeeonecee) 21/02/08

The SNP have been making cuts since may 07, cuts that we would not have made, nurseries, wardens, The Apex etc. that gave them a cushion.

If you want to play that silly game, why are the SNP not scrapping the PF schools project, why didn’t they resurrect the former council building, why for that matter didn’t they replace the Stanely Centre, why are they not replacing the playing fields at Millarston.

All of these things and much more were sacred to them when they were in opposition so what are they doing about them ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(mother abigail) 22/02/08

All this is really not necessary - on Wed. Cllr Cameron was bullishly telling everyone it was none of her business, by Wednesdays education board she was accepting an SNP amendment to their own policy paper so, ‘ the road to Damascus’ apparently runs through Shortroods then.

The council saying they have no locus in the matter when they have 3 places on the board and pay it subsidies is pathetic.

This nursery found itself in trouble and the council saw an opportunity to save on a large subsidy that’s the real truth.

Once the local parent’s aided and abetted by me and Cllr. Williams rumbled them they quickly caved in like the cowards that they are.
Cllrs. For the area McLaren SNP and Dillon Lib. Dem. could not even find the courage to attend their public meeting and are now trying to claim credit out of the whole sorry SNP con.

“You are a weasel” I take it you are SNP then.

The people of Shortroods will remember, I might be able to jog their memory come the time.

ShrekBall said...

Why did they not resurrect the old council building?

One would imagine that it was because that when they took power the project was well over half way complete with the new building having had a substantial refit (a friend is an spark on that project). To "resurrect" the old building would have been incompetence on a cosmic scale as the now unused building would have not only been very poor by the new one's standards but that it would in all likelihood have been on the verge of derelict.

Your argument is almost totally devoid of logic and you are clearly grasping at any opportunity in the vain hope of hiding just how weak your argument actually is.

The same argument for PF schools. You will only be able to attack them on this if they engage in fresh PF contracts since taking office, not honouring the ones that Labour shamelessly drew up.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 25/02/08

You haven’t done your homework, the SNP were arguing right up to the last election that they would scrap the schools programme at a cost of

Mind you they told the people of Houston that they would prevent the sale of the land at Manse Crs. As well didn’t they.

Do you think that they might have been telling lies ?