Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Alex (the spiv) Salmond slunk out of Paisley yesterday after declaring the new Council Headquarters open, the SNP stood around like a crowd at chucking out time braying like donkeys at his every word.

This is the same SNP gang who poured scorn on the project of a new headquarters but of course, that was before they formed a cabal with those upright politicians in the Lib. Dems. and now they get to cut the ribbon, shameless the lot of them.

This building should not have been opened by someone as undignified as Salmond (the spiv) Renfrewshire is embarrassed again by this lot.

For over a week now the council's 'brand new building' has been getting polished and cleaned everywhere and the paint fumes were enough to make you dizzy, all in a new building ! all at the cost of thousands ! unlimited overtime for King Alex (the Spiv), is this a good use of taxpayers money ?

A council worker with a council vehicle was allegedly despatched to Edinburgh in an emergency at considerable cost, why ? to bring back a load of 'tartan napkins' for the Alex (the spiv's) beano, well, it's your money they are spending.

The background music was the Proclaimers, one of whom has ditched the SNP and the other is preparing his CV to join Tommy Sheridan, you couldn't make it up.

Wee Alex (the spiv) made a speech praising Paisley, the more he praised us the faster we counted the spoons and then, he opened the plaque and there it was -- 'opened by Alex Salmond MSP' but, hold on, he does himself an injustice is he being modest ? whit ? modest ? Alex (the spiv) shoorly shum mishtake, modest !

Everyone knows of course that he is actually Alex Salmond MSP, MP so, what happened to the 'MP' part of it ? why is this most bullish of politicians hiding the fact that he not only runs Scotland but he is an MSP and an MP is it perhaps that an admission of this kind would be an own goal for him, two jobs and the first minister, what a man eh ! he wants posterity to recall him as an honest decent leader but, he's way too late already.

He slunk away without telling us that he was about to jump once again into bed with the Tories in Holyrood, absolutely no shame eh.

Still referred to as Paisley's shame was the time that the SNP were in power in Paisley this was of course the last time they jumped into bed with the Tories, they are no different now.

They were always known as the 'Tartan Tories' and they still are, it's a deserved insult which will always stick to them.

Like a bell around the neck of a leper.


4square said...

ha ha ha whit a laff, i am still dabbing the tears from my eyes, using tartan napkins of course. Alex wis great he went around and spoke with all the staff even the labour councillors were chatting to him, but then you wouldn't know that not being there.

No comments on the tory/labour alliances propping up a number of councils in Scotlandia? Must be different Tories.

Anonymous said...

labour has had 50 years or so to get scotland working and all you did was get yer snouts in the trough, yer wee leader wendy is going to jail if there is any justice and the rest better start looking for a job.
labour has been shafting the workers for decades and you still cannot accept the people of Scotland have had enough.
bet you don't publish this, in line with labour party standing orders criticism is taboo

ShrekBall said...

It is odd you are now concerned with tax money. The plan for the best value for money in getting a new HQ was to knock down the existing buildings and relocate to a new brownfield site. It was also proposed that the existing footprint be tarmac'd and made into free parking in an attempt to mitigate the Labour destruction of the town centre. This was rejected by the Labour council and a more expensive plan substituded in its place. You were part of that and you should be ashamed. Napkins from Edinburgh pale into insignificance next to the money the Labour group have squandered in Paisley over the years.

Value for money? Is it not Labour members who have defaced the new building already by adorning doors with decorations?

Before he "slunk away" did he not tell you that not only did he compromise with the Conservatives (allowing the Tories to represent those that voted for him as per Goldie's promise in the election) but that your own MSP instructed her troops to abstain from the budget vote? We would imagine he would know that he faced no contrary votes yet he still compromised with the Conservatives and you and your ilk lambast him. this provides an interesting illustration of the Labour and SNP definitions of consensus politics.

The Labour party have disenfranchised the electorate with their infantile actions. They could not vote with the SNP for the budget or against it because either way would rob them of political points. And these points are more important than public spending in Scotland.

If your MSP is a Labour or Lib Dem one then they are a coward and your voice was not heard in Parliament yesterday. The public spending bill in Scotland has been passed despite their childish antics. And you look foolish for trying to make this a political issue.

I would also caution you that spivs tend to eventually come under police investigation for their criminal antics. Can you name, lets say, 2 such people you know personally?

Andrew G said...

This is so typical of Scottish tribal politics, you spend your whole time whining about the SNP just because they come from a different tribe. This is providing a huge disservice to the people of Scotland and was most obvious in the utter shambles that your colleagues got themselves into yesterday over the budget.

In the meantime, while you're having you playground spat, Labour are proposing "Get a job or lose your house". You must be very proud.

Get your priorities right - this is not some kind of social club you're a member of so that you can continue your petty games. How about prioritising the people you represent rather than your current priority which seems to be juvenile point-scoring against whomever you percieve to be your political opponents - regardless of their policies. As far as I can see your main political opponent should be Labour.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(4square) 07/02/08 -

You missed the bit about him being an MP as well, why did he have that deleted ? He’s a wee spiv that’s why.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 07/02/08 -

I always publish drivel like this, it lets people see what kind of cretins are out there.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 10:11 - Anyone who needs this much space is really struggling.

“this provides an interesting illustration of the Labour and SNP definitions of consensus politics“. Consensus to the SNP means selling out to the highest bidder.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Andrew G) 10:54 -

“you spend your whole time whining about the SNP just because they come from a different tribe”

Not true Andrew, I write about the SNP because they are a dishonest bunch of charlatans who are held together by hatred of the English.

"Get a job or lose your house". I think you are being a wee bit disingenuous here it’s not quite that simple but, if that were the case I would be ashamed not proud and I will argue against anything like that.

Your last para. Betrays your own prejudice.

ShrekBall said...

So you have no comment on the Labour group abstaining from the budget vote? You have no comment about your own councillors defacing public property? And you have no comment about the definition of a spiv?

I am not the one who is struggling. The one who is struggling is the one who cannot answer these points honestly.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 14:14 -

Labour abstention- no comment, our business. Defacing property - don’t know what you are on about. A spiv ? That’s easy, Salmond.

Well done far shorter.

Twogeeonesee said...

"Labour abstention- no comment, our business." says you, Cllr.

Do you realise how contemptous of your constituents you sound there Terry? Your party's voting record is EVERYBODY'S business, because you and your other elected colleagues are accountable to us, not the local CLP exec meeting.

Personally I find the whole thing hilarious, but then again I wouldn't consider voting for yous. If I were a Labour voter I'd be pretty peeved at the mo.

4thfloor said...

Can't wait for the Labour budget on the 14th. No doubt it will be spend £40 million on the poor, disposed the vulnerable (percieved labour voters)and screw everyone else.

Can't wait for them to propose to stop spending in the 'better off' areas, you know ,the ones that actually pay the council tax.

ShrekBall said...

"Labour abstention- no comment, our business."

So you don't think that the people who voted Labour and whose voice was silenced by this abstention are not owed an explanation? Is that beneath you?

When an entire group of public servants act in an orchestrated way they should be expected to explain themselves. Because while you hold public office you do so at the convenience of the general public and that means all votes are OUR business.

samia said...

'The background music was the Proclaimers, one of whom has ditched the SNP and the other is preparing his CV to join Tommy Sheridan, you couldn't make it up.'

-So do you only listen to music that is recorded by Labour voters? If not why do you expect the SNP to be political bigots.

We all know the severe difficulties you have with political difference but the rest of us manage to rub along quite nicely. Anytime you want to join us you'll be more than welcome.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Twogeeonesee) 07/02/08

Every party’s voting record is in the public domain - are you being deliberately pompous ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(4thfloor) 07/02/08

I think you can predict the SNP budget - more cuts for the poor and vunerable, that’s nationalism.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 08/02/08
Why don’t you write and ask them, they don’t take orders from me.

Do you actually think anyone is taking you seriously ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(samia) 08/02/08

“So do you only listen to music that is recorded by Labour voters” ?
No, I have a very catholic taste in music.

“but the rest of us manage to rub along quite nicely”

I manage this as well but not with Nationalists.

I agree with Einstein who said,

“Nationalism is the measles of the planet earth”

Wills said...

"Nationalism is the measles of the planet earth" -Spot on Terry, Spot on.

-Where do you stand on Irish nationalism? Do you agree that the British Isles should be British? Or are do you only do the internationalist bit when it suits you?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Wills 10/02/08

I am an internationalist, nationalism takes different forms some are malevolent and based on hatred of others like Scottish Nationalism.

You seem to be making the assumption that Ireland is part of Britain, which is not correct.

I think that British involvement in Ireland was and is a tragic and historic mistake but, it’s not unique.

I think that British jurisdiction over the Falklands, Gibraltar etc. are relics of our colonial past which will eventually disappear, it is not however worth the spilling of one more drop of blood.

Of course if Ireland should be part of Britain you would support the Falklands and Gibraltar being Argentinean and Spanish respectively wouldn’t you.

My hope is that Britain can extricate itself from these anomalies without leaving a mess similar to what we left in other places such as Palestine, Burma, India etc. etc.

The Incorrigible Plagiarist said...

The original question was

Do you agree that the British Isles should be British?

Terry answered:

You seem to be making the assumption that Ireland is part of Britain, which is not correct.

Ireland is certainly part of the British Isles.

wills said...

Irish nationalism was fuelled by hatred of the British. Had it only been about civil rights then it would only have sought equal treatment with the rest of the UK. It's as hate filled as any other form of nationalism. If anything Scottish nationalism is rather weak in comparison though the potential is there for something darker to emerge.

And I do support The Falklands and Gibraltar being returned to Argentina and Spain? Neither is part of the British Isles -Ireland is.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(The Incorrigible Plagiarist) 12/02/08

Ireland certainly brings it out in people doesn’t it, part of Ireland is British.

And the other part would not thank you for calling them the British Isles, they are more likely to say that Britain is part of the Irish Isles.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(wills) 12/02/08

Irish nationalism is not hatred of the British because they are British, they are seen as occupiers against the will of the Irish people. Scottish nationalism is founded on hatred of the English who are not occupiers of Scotland, that’s quite a difference.

The dispute between Britain and Ireland goes back a bit further than the ’civil rights’

“my mission in life is to pacify Ireland” (W.E.Gladstone) and long before him as well.

British involvement in Ireland has been a tragedy.

The Incorrigible Plagiarist said...

Ireland certainly brings it out in people doesn’t it, part of Ireland is British.

I see, as with most things, that you struggle to differentiate between a geographical point and a political point.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(The Incorrigible Plagiarist) 09:43

I think that you might find that a lot of people in Ireland agree with me but, I suppose some people just know that being British means you are jolly well right all the time aren’t you.