Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Some two weeks ago the SNP tried to slip out another closure without the public noticing, the Rainbow Nursery, again in one of the Town's less well off areas was too close, the pattern of attacking the poor goes on under the SNP.

The parents immediately contacted their local Labour Cllrs. myself and Tom Williams and we immediately visited them to help with their efforts to prevent closure.
You will note as the parents and staff did that the two other councillors for the area Dillon of the Lib. Dems. and McLaren of the SNP were conspicuous by their absence.

On the day before the Education Board Cllr. Cameron the convener was bullishly telling everyone that she (the council) had no locus in the matter. The council have 3 seats on the management board and provide a large subsidy to the nursery but SNP logic as expressed by SNP convener Cameron has it that it's none of our business, all done with a straight face !

One day later at the board meeting Cllr. Cameron was a bit less bullish and meekly accepted an amendment to 'their own proposals' to save the nursery and plan for it's future ! she even had the gall to say that Dillon and Mclaren were working behind the scenes to help when the truth was that they couldn't even find the courage to attend a meeting with the parents.

What was really happening ?

The SNP found that a nursery which the council subsidised was struggling and they saw the chance to make a cut and avoid the blame by claiming it was nothing to do with them because it was 'private'
Another shameful and embarrassing episode for a cowardly administration and warm congratulations are due to the parents who reacted with fury and great speed to rumble the SNP con.

It was a great pleasure for me and Cllr. Williams to be able to help them, well done to all.


Anonymous said...


You say that yourself and Tom Williams immediately visited to help with parents efforts to prevent closure, - but what was it that you actually did?, and more to the point who the hell would take any notice of you?.

You also "allege" that these same parents "reacted with fury and great speed to rumble the SNP con".

Perhaps that was due to the fact that you and trotsky Tom were leading the choir for your own despicable ends.

Indoctrination by mind numbing and wittering stealth I should'nt wonder. I heard mogadon sales went through the roof in that part of town after your "help".

Serpico said...

"The parents immediately contacted their local Labour Cllrs. myself and Tom Williams and we immediately visited them to help with their efforts to prevent closure."

So that's where you were the day you didn't bother to turn up for the council meeting.

Anonymous said...

You are certainly great at spin Mr Kelly!! The truth is that the administration did listen to the parents concerns and offered all the help they could. An additional £20,000 funding, help from the economic development team to prepare a business plan and an opprtunity to look at changing the postcode rules, which would allow more children to attend the nursery.
Ring fence funding, which your party support, is partly to blame for the problem here.
What exactly did you and Cllr Williams do to help apart from scaremonger as usual?? Face it , you couldn't have come up with a plan to save the nursery. Would love to have seen the Labour ammendment to this!!!!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Abandonship) 27/02/08

This is a pretty good example of what the SNP think of working class people.

I hope everyone reads it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Serpico) 08:07

Parents meet in the evening the council during the day. Can you get any more stupid ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16:34

The SNP amendment ‘to their own report’ came after the parents helped by us put the pressure on, they bottled it.

This was a typically underhand attempt by the SNP to save on the subsidy to the nursery by pretending that it was none of their business. The SNP were caught out cheating by the parents of this nursery.

Anonymous said...


Im an Englishman for gods sake - why on earth would I support the SNP?.

Anonymous said...


Let me be clear on one point.

I do not seek to personaly vilify yourself here. I do realise that their are a few good men in all walks of life whether we agree with their fundamental beliefs or not.

Please have a look at this link and perhaps you will realise why I am becoming so frustrated with the British Labour party.


A man convicted of importing drugs is let out of prison on day release to learn to fly a plane?.

Wonder why hes taking flying lessons then?.

Its not rocket science.

Its just the seemingly crass stupidity coming from certain sections of your party lately, that makes me utterly despair, and as your the only one brave enough to field such questions - I'm afraid, as you can see on this very blog, you are the one that gets a complete broadside of public opinion and reaction.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see the giant ceasescu/saddamesque bronze statue they erect for comrade Kelly.

We could possibly erect it at the end of Williamsplaz or Kellystrasse in honour of these great defenders of the people. we could put it where the Burns statue used to be in fountain Gardens, comrade Kelly hates burns so he would be delighted.

damn it, i forgot we dont live in a stalinist/communist dictatorship anymore.

Anonymous said...

are you still telling constituents to F*ck Off when they turn up at your surgeries? I also hear that you have the lowest numbers attending surgeries - with the exception on Tommy Williams - who rarely holds any?

Anonymous said...

"Parents meet in the evening the council during the day. Can you get any more stupid ?"

Yeah but it would have taken you best part of the afternoon to waddle all the way up to Rainbow.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Abandonship) 27/02/08

The SNP and wee Alex (the spiv) love the English.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

abandonship - I've been a member of the Labour Party for approx. 35 Yrs. so don't talk to me about frustration.

You should avoid sounding like judge and jury it's very unhealthy.

Anonymous said...


You said;

"You should avoid sounding like the judge and jury, its very unhealthy".

I have this unerring vision of "pot" and "Kettle", in my mind.

Can't for the life of me think why....

Anonymous said...


Before reading this blog my interest in the SNP was minimal to non existent.

Now, Ive become a major cheerleader and a huge supporter.

Congratulations, your Alex Salmonds secret weapon.

People like you cannot continue to drag our Country deep into the abyss.

Your strangling the very life out of both our Society, and culture with your politically correct doctrines, majoring on crass stupidity.

Shame on you....

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 27/02/08

Have you ever thought about writing as a career ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 28/02/08

What a strange place you inhabit.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Abandonship) 28/02/08

You seemed to disagree with a legal decision and suggested perhaps you could do better, as I said, not healthy but I’ve probably had a go in a similar way before.

The difference is of course I would have been right whereas you !

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Seeyoulater) 01/03/08

That has got to be just about the most obvious and oldest pack of lies in the old old book of political lies.

If you want to have any credibility, find a more convincing lie, this is desperate