Monday, January 07, 2008


America is back on the campaign trail and much as I dislike American politics I know that the job of president is one of the most important in the world, we have just had two terms under a president who is one of the worst ever and that serves to remind us of how important it is, is the world safer after nearly 8 years of Bush ? I think not.

It is important to replace Bush with someone cleverer (not difficult) and someone less gung ho (more difficult) much the same as we have done here in Britain.

The person I would like to see as president is the democrat Edwards but that looks unlikely, next comes Clinton who would of course be the first ever woman, she has politics in her blood and is vastly experienced and her husband was one of the best American presidents.
Obama has of course torn up the script but he will now be scrutinised and pressurised as never before. it looks like a democrat victory will provide the first woman or the first black president ever.

Obama does not inspire me at all for the candidate who might be the first black president he seems to be shy of identifying himself with African Americans and the right wing gutter press haven't started on him yet, one article ran the story that his middle name was Hussien, there will be a lot more of this to come.

The republicans look unelectable at the moment and their front runner is now Huckabee, a man who apparently thinks that God created the universe in 6 days and took a wee break on the seventh.

Many Americans support him and share his 'ole time religion' views, this does not of course make them bad people but it sure worries me, the draft dodger Bush used to say that God told him what to do and Blair said he prayed that he would get big decisions right.

At least we in Scotland do not have a problem like that wee Alex (the spiv) just talks to himself in the mirror.


Terry baiter said...

It would be worth a GOP candidate winning - especially the "silver spoon" Romney - just to see your overblown and hilarious reaction.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Terry baiter) 08:17 - A flying elephant in fact !

jobsfortheboys said...

Terry, you should go freelance for FOX news. They talk sh%t as well.

I'm also surprised the CIA have not attempted to stick you on rendition flight to Disneyland or blow up your khazi while you are sitting reading the morning star.

Being such a threat to capitalism and all that.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(jobsfortheboys) 12:06 -- It looks like you are ready to give up already.
I know you will find this difficult to grasp but you are more a threat to capitalism than anyone, keep it up.

jobsfortheboys said...

Oh Dear,

that great ex-leader of the socialist, left wing peoples party (thats right, Nu-Labour) is taking a job with JP Morgan on Wall Street USofA. in between his work of course of wandering around palestine bringing peace to everyone he touches.

Just what we always new about NU-Labour, up to their necks in corporate America capitalism.

Must bring a tear to your eye Terry. Not going to be burning your Labour card in disgust?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(jobsfortheboys) 18:11 -

I’m not sure about this but, I assume you mean Blair, well he’s hardly unique is he, this goes on in most political parties.

I won’t be burning my card in common with Tony Benn, Ken Livingstone, Dennis Skinner, etc. etc. real socialists don’t quit and run away, we've seen enough of that already here in Scotland.

I'll continue to annoy you, I'm happy to have such enemies.

Anonymous said...

If Hillary gets the nomination it does not matter who the Republicans put up. She is too divisive a figure and polls badly against all of them (except Ron Paul who most people think is a practical joke of a candidate).

Her campaigning has been evil. Her staff are regularly caught spreading rumours about Obama. The idea that he was a half-Muslim, crack dealing liar came from them. They even released a nursery story he wrote about becoming president when he grew up in an attempt to smear him when he said he had "not always" wanted to be President.

Obama cannot win, Democrats historically vote less for the black candidate and they are the party of the only Senator who was a member of the KKK. He has also served less than a full term in office with the Senate which is not good enough experience. However Hillary is claiming being the wife of the President as experience for being President which is so stupid that she has dropped it.

I am surprised that you are batting so strongly for a party of racist homophobes.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13:56 -

“Her campaigning has been evil. Her staff are regularly caught spreading rumours about Obama. The idea that he was a half-Muslim, crack dealing liar came from them.”

I watch this closely and I managed to miss this, even Fox hasn’t gone there, might you be a bit prejudiced ?
I don’t buy this rant I’m afraid, you are either not paying attention or you are lying.

I have stated clearly that the lot of them with the exception of Edwards are a bunch of crooks, I went on to say that among those who could win I want her to do it, hardly a ringing endorsement.
I remember her husband breaking his election schedule to return home and sign the death warrant of a mentally retarded man, to show how tough on crime he was, don’t insult me.

Rabbie said...

(Cllr Kelly 7.13)
'they (U.S. politicians) are a bunch of crooks'
Good on yer Terry, decency, honesty and integrity live on in Paisley.

Now about Peter Hain, (as an act of kindness I'll not mention the other Cabinet Ministers who have been at it) but it seems the Rt Hon. Peter accepted a donation from a gentleman called Isaac Kay, currently under investigation for allegedly defrauding the NHS. Oh and he also had very close links with the pro-apartheid SA regime.

Would you care to share your thoughts on Mr Hain's current troubles?

Anonymous said...

If you google "Hillary's team has questions about Obama's Muslim background" you will see that it was her campaign that started the rumours about his religion. I am surprised you missed this. A month ago CNN, ABC and yes even Fox were all over this story.

Google "hillary obama drug" and third link from the top MSNBC covers the chair of her campaign quitting for making an allegation, then ABC for the same story, then WashPo and even the Daily Telegraph is in there.

I suspect you do not pay as close attention as you like to make out.

John Edwards is an ambulance chasing lawyer who blocked a cerebral palsy fund from being established to help all children who suffer the condition. John Edwards as a lawyer represented the few CP families who could afford him and sued hospitals for cash (taking a percentage). He blocked a fund for the common good to ensure he continued to skim his own takings. He is a multi-millionaire. And you endorse him?

Anonymous said...


when talking about Huckabee you referred to his Christian beliefs, in what looked to me, in a derogatory way.

Did you not, until recently, list church membership in your council register of interests.

Are you now, like Nick Clegg, an unbeliever?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rabbie) 11/01/08 -

Someone who knows you has told me that you are under investigation for the following : corruption, fraud, chronic lying and drug crime, would you like to comment ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12/01/08 -

If you look at what I’ve said you’ll see that I have no time for any of them, there are very few if any American politicians who don’t have closets full of ghosts.

I don't claim to be an expert but I would argue that Hillary has had more abuse heaped on her and more lies spread about her than any other candidate and, that is set to get worse the closer she gets.

I ask myself which candidate does the right wing gutter American media vilify the most and there you have it, my candidate.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:13 -

“Are you now or have you ever been a member of “ “the defendant will answer the question” -

I referred to him believing that God created the world in 6 days, and referred to his ‘old time religion’ views. I’ll go further I believe he and many other Americans like him reject Darwinism - I find these things worrying for someone who could become the most powerful man in the world (witness Bush)

Perhaps you could enlighten us as to whether you accept Darwin or do you agree with Huckabee who reminds me of Burt Lancaster in a film called ‘Elmer Gantry’ look it up. Or will you refuse to answer until 'the cock crows'

Why is my religion of interest to you ? I think I smell a rat.

Anonymous said...


Your religion is of no interest to me at all and for the sake of clarity and openness I am a Christian.

However they point I was hoping to make was that of hypocrisy. From my perspective you were critical of Huckabee (I am no supporter of him or the Republican party either) partly because of his Christian beliefs and of his decision to make them public while until very recently you did the same thing.

Rabbie said...

(Cllr Kelly 6.40)
Terry, tell me you're joking - we don't really have any friends in common do we??

Meantime, I asked for your thoughts on Hain, his donations and his links with a suspected fraudster who was even more apartheid than dear Henry Crun.

C'mon big guy, give us an answer.

Anonymous said...

Clinton has massive stories behind her but the press are giving her a free ride. If a republican had this kind of baggage he would be out the race by now because the press would have ran with them.

If Clinton takes the ticket then the Republican wins. Dem polling data shows that she splits the Dem vote 50-50 and in a general election 75% of people would not vote for her.

The fact that you base your judgements on the principle of "my enemy's enemy" is quite enlightening.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12/01/08

I’m not a particularly devout person but, if any church were to claim me it would be the Catholic Church which I was born into but, I doubt if there would be a rush.

Having said that I repeat, anyone who rejects ‘the origin of the species’ is in my opinion in a serious place and millions voting for that is really scary.

You might say that because it’s in the bible it’s Christian, but I don’t, as well as that stuff about parting the sea and Noah with his floating zoo, I could go on.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rabbie) 12/01/08 - I’ve answered you, if you don’t like the answer that’s tough but, you started it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Jobsfortheboys -

I will resume talking to you when you retract your lies.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13/01/08

I don’t agree with your analysis and I’m certainly not alone.

“Clinton has massive stories behind her but the press are giving her a free ride.”

I know it’s early days but that statement might survive to the end of the election as the stupidest thing said during the whole campaign.

Rabbie said...

(Cllr Kelly 7.53)

Terry, you haven't answered me!!

You haven't even evaded answering with your usual wit and style.

In fact your reply shows a sad lack of the bile and vitriol that those of us who love you so appreciate.

Sadly, as with Labour generally, the verdict is 'Must do better.'

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rabbie) 14/01/08 - I did answer you, but you have failed to answer me.

Anonymous said...

Right now there is a story comparable to the Labour funding row surrounding the campaign. It is in fact the SAME row that surrounded her Senate campaign. She is taking funds from foreign nationals. Sorry, she is taking funds from the SAME foreign national. The press buried the story then and they are burying it now.

She recently played the race card against Obama and more or less got away with it.

Yet when the press attempt to question her she decries them as "picking on the little woman" and begs them to leave her be. She did this just before a CNN debate after Obama made mincemeat out of her.

FYI the stupidest thing said all campaign will be your line about Bill Clinton being one of the best American presidents.

Anonymous said...

You posted your reply to me on the wrong thread.

You may think McCarthy was evil, you may support the Clintons but at least they could concentrate.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13:15 -

Absolutely, McCarthy, the Clintons and me had something in common as well, none of us hid behind anonymity like a coward.

Old Joe was evil OK but he wouldn't have spent his time creeping around like you would he ?

Anonymous said...

I do not hide behind anonymity, you have just never asked who I am.

I am certainly not a coward because unlike you I stand my my opinions and utterings instead of trying to pass off everything I say as joke when the spotlight turns on me.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17/01/08 -

OK who are you ?
I stand on my opinions too but I’ve always had a problem with people who write to me anonymously, why ? Are you a secret agent or something ? If you told me your name would you then have to kill me, is that it ?

Anonymous said...

You have the most fantastic flights of fancy.

Why would knowing who I am change my position or yours?

If you stand on your opinions now then does that mean you really think that Maggie Thatcher will burn in hell and that all women are thick?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13:55 -

You must have said something which made me criticise your anonymity but I can’t remember now what it was, you see I get such a lot of anon’s I must really be scary.
I find it impossible to comment on something and hide who I am, I’m beaten by that.
Especially when people are really forceful and angry.
I find it difficult to take someone seriously when they come over all angry and tough and won’t say who they are.

I said something like “ I hope she burns in hell” not “I think she will” and women being “thick” was a joke which you, seem to think was serious right ?

I sometimes say things like “if I catch whoever threw that litter into my garden I will kill them” so, If you read about a litter lout being murdered you’ll have an idea who done it ok ?