Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Some time ago I reported that I was receiving hate mail, filth and racist abuse, really terrible stuff which targeted my family as well.

Some of the right wing libertarian thugs who were attacking me on my blog accused me of making all of this up, particularly the coward who hides behind the nom de plume 'right for Scotland' He went so far as to call me a liar, I accused him and the others of encouraging this kind of thing and indeed indulging in it, I still stand by these remarks.

Over the past six months or so the police have been investigating this hate mail, I have met with them on several occasions and today I had a meeting with them again.

Today they confirmed that they are unable to pursue the matter further because they say it is extremely difficult to prove these things, they went on to confirm that the hate mail had been sent from such diverse places as the Philippines, Holland and Russia.

I now invite 'right for Scotland' to contact the C.I.D. at Strathclyde Police K division at Mill St. Paisley and they will confirm to him and anyone else who wants to call that I was not lying.

Who knows maybe 'right for Scotland' will comment further when he has done this, but I won't hold my breath.


RfS said...

Terry, we have been over this. I told you that the reason you get spammed is because you post your council email address on blogger where robots pick it up.

I sent you a Gmail invite so that you could use this instead and it still has not been used. You will remember that you said this was because "you did not trust me". Quite childish really. Did you speak to an IT crime officer? Did you tell them you had this invite? If you have then they will have told you exactly what I have told you.

I also gave you some excellent security advice, the kind that we give to the police to pass along to you. Did you follow it?

It is interesting that you post this two weeks before the election. Do you remember what I put in that original comment? The timing of this hardly dispels the accusation that I made at the time does it?

I will ask a couple of mates in K what they know about this issue. And make sure your voters know how victimised you are!!!

Or alternatively you can do what I do with all the racist, anti-semitic, global warming loon hate mail I receive every day. Delete it, don't give the scumbags a second thought and don't make a martyr of yourself. People will only hold you in contempt.

Besides this is why I urged you to go to the police. I knew they would be unable to do anything about this kind of thing. Kept you busy for a while though didn't it?

Anonymous said...

What has RfS got to do with this? Unless you have proof he has been orchestrating a hate campaign, why drag him into it?

For the record Terrywatch does not encourage this kind of behaviour. Terry you have my sympathy but then you go and lose it by using your victimhood to smear RfS.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

zinzin - I have never accused him of orchestrating anything, I accuse him of encouraging this kind of thing by what he writes in his blog and those he advertises in his blog.

I wrote about this racist abuse some time ago and he accused me of lying.

The police closed the investigation yesterday and I got their permission to say so on my blog, anyone who accused me of lying can now check it out and maybe comment again.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - I didn't expect any better - you accused me of lying about the hate mail, I gave you details of how to prove whether I was lying or not and then comment again, I knew you would run from it, it's not the first time I've given you enough rope is it ?

I attended a meeting yesterday (initiated by police) where they closed the investigation.

I will let them know that you are accusing them of a political conspiracy to get me re-elected. Do you practice being an idiot ?

RfS said...

"I will let them know that you are accusing them of a political conspiracy to get me re-elected."

I am not accusing THEM of anything.

You should know as a member of the Strathclyde Police Board that simply phoning up and asking for details of the case will be met with a simple two word response. Second word would be "off".

For the record I don't doubt that you have received these emails. But as I have said so have I. I simply delete them and move on with my life. I do not seek publicity for my own ends swooning "woe betide me". Get over yourself Terry, I have had Nigerian gangsters threaten me when I have been involved in 419 baiting and I know they will never follow through. By repeating these stories you just look like a paranoid individual incapable of defending himself in the big bad world.

Why did you not accept my Gmail invitation? Does your IT director know that you post your works email address on a public forum like this? If I did that I would be getting a written warning, maybe even a final one because I, above all else, should know better.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - The police came to me to close the investigation and you suggest it's because of the election, as I said I'll pass it on.

I'm telling you what the police told me yesterday, call Mill St. And they will confirm the investigation. Why are you so reluctant to do that, is it because you have made a fool of yourself again, calling me a liar. All this other stuff is a diversion and you know it.

Saying that you now believe me means you were wrong that's too difficult to say obviously.

You really never learn do you, the fearless libertarian, you're going to clype on me again, I think readers might have concluded that you are getting a doing here, and not for the first time.

Is there anyone that you haven't threatened me with yet ? go for it tough guy, tell them a big boay done it and ran away, just pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Grow up, its like a playground fight. Listen to yourselves the pair of you sound like 3 yr olds.

RfS said...

As I have explained already Terry as a member of the Police Board you know fine well that the CID are not going to discuss a case with anyone over the phone who is not connected with it. Simple as. I know, I just tried there and they told me where to go.

You go and tell them whatever you want if it makes you feel better. I know how they feel about the members of the council (if you turn back round at the door really quick you will catch them laughing). You claim that I am going to "tell on you" but the only one clyping here is clearly you as you feel the need to tell the police what I am posting in an open forum?

Terry, you make such a fool of yourself every day here. Please don't stop!!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - The DC who interviewed me yesterday told me that anyone who wants to confirm that there has been an investigation into this matter can call Mill St. And they will confirm this so, either he is lying or you are, my money's on the former.

I'm touched by your version of what the police think about Renfrewshire Council members, I don't think that our police would laugh at us like that, I don't think that our police would laugh at anyone like that, I don't think they would dare, they just wouldn't, they just couldn't, our police laughing at someone ? What are you on ?

I think you said that there was something underhand going on because of the timing of this, I've told you they called the meeting, can you explain that ?

RfS said...

"either he is lying or you are, my money's on the former"

So you will be calling him a liar then? Proof read Terry.

I can only tell you what happened. You choose not to believe me I doubt that comes as a shock to anyone reading this.

"I don't think that our police would laugh at us like that, I don't think that our police would laugh at anyone like that, I don't think they would dare, they just wouldn't, they just couldn't, our police laughing at someone ? What are you on ?"

Terry, the police have the blackest sense of humour of any people I have met (I will grant you I don't know any paramedics, I would imagine they are worse). Again, trust me on this I have primary source information as to the groups of people that they find amusing and Renfrewhsire councillors are up there thanks to boxing matches descending into council debates. Wait, that may be the wrong way round. Anyway, the things I have heard serving K division officers say. If fact remember that time I told you about seeing you heckle Iain Hogg? The cop on duty in the count room was a mate and what he whispered to me under his breath about you lot (before the heckling) does not bear repeating. Police are entitled to their opinions and they have some pretty strong ones at that.

"I've told you they called the meeting, can you explain that ? "

I can neither confirm nor deny this allegation but what I can tell you is that they do not "call" meetings. They arrange appointments that are mutually agreed and if you don't turn up there is not a lot they can do about it. To think that you were under some kind of order to attend a police station is laughable. If we thought for a second that the police could order an elected representative to attend a meeting with them then it would be time to break out the pitchforks.

Anonymous said...

are you just an arse kelly or do you get up in the morning and practice it ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - yes I need to be more careful - I've told you what the detective said.

"the police laughing at us" you haven't grasped the meaning, I meant that the police can't laugh at anyone ( glass houses )

'Called the meeting' is just political speak he asked to see me at a mutually agreeable time as he always has. Your talking nonsense here but I asked you to explain how I could have set this up just before an election when the police were involved in this way ? Well ?

RfS said...

"I meant that the police can't laugh at anyone ( glass houses )"

Ahhhh, so what you are saying is that you find the Police Force in this town a joke then?

As for your last paragraph you can twist and turn all you like, as I have said this is a meeting that will have been fixed in advance agreed with both parties. Even if we discount the timing we still have the question of why you have gone public with this? Do you think you are the only blogger getting threats?

Anonymous said...

Do you then regularly have the police asking to interview you or see you at mutually convenient time.

Re your comment "as he always has"

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

anon - is this what passes for humour with you lot ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - This is weak even for you - I regard the Police as the same as the rest of us, they have human flaws, if you don't agree then I can only conclude that you don't keep up with the news and don't read the papers, and I'm not going to cite any paper, just go and have a read of today's and see of you can figure out what I mean, try really, really hard.

Your accusation about timing overlooks the fact that I have written many times about the abuse that I've been getting from you and your mob. Stop hiding.

RfS said...

I am not hiding, I am right here.

And your previous comments are not in relation to "human flaws". You imply that the police are a laughing stock and you a member of the police board as well. Do they know you feel this way?

And let's not forget terry, these comments are not submitted for your assessment of their worth. You trying to pass judgement on them instead of addressing the points is getting a little thin.

Now if you will excuse me I have to go oil up my muscles while listening to hard rock what with me being macho and all.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - More junk - I take it from this that you you don't keep up with current affaits then.

RfS said...

Terry, I do.

But the question remains:

Do you think that Strathclyde Police are a laughing stock? And if not then will you apologise to them for using the phrase "glass houses" in relation to my comments about them laughing at other people?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - 1/ no 2/ no - grow up son, for god's sake.

RfS said...

Then what did you mean by "glass houses"?

I said that they laugh at you, you said that they cannot due to them being in glass houses. What other possible explination could there be? Please help this thick little macho man understand your complex politics.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - I've answered this.