Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Corruption in American politics is endemic and legendary yet last night we saw again that the American people can still do the right thing. The mighty conglomerates and corporate Titanic's despite their wealth, power and willingness to deceive and lie, to use character assassination and foul tactics lost again to the ordinary people. The contrast could hardly be more stark a multi millionaire with a ruthless streak who once said " I like being able to sack people" a religious fundamentalist who would take women back a couple of hundred years without blinking while making life richer and easier for the wealthy while punishing the poor. Romney lost to a black man from Chicago's South Side called Obama, America has shown the way, again.

There are those who will say with some good reason that a Democratic White House and a Republican White House are not so different and if you look at the rich and powerful they will still be there but; oh how much worse it would be with Romney, this election showed up the different philosophies of left and right in America like no other in my memory. Right here in 20 12 I learned from US TV that in New York City before the storm there were 50,000 people homeless and before Obama there were 40 million Americans without health cover as well as 2.4 million people in prison, more than any country in the world, if this is the greatest country in the world what the hell are the others like? Yet America remains our great hope because it is still "new" still the great melting pot and there is still the chance that when it eventually stabilises in perhaps another hundred years or so it will be the beacon of democracy and equality which it has always promised to be. The re election of Obama and everything that means particularly the symbolism that inevitably attaches itself to that re election is massive and unavoidable. The more Americans see it and learn that in the greater scheme of things "it's a giant leap for mankind" the more hope for the future there will be.

The USA's own 'Captains and Kings', particularly Trump (he of the flamboyant "Irish Jig") is furious of course and demanding civil disobedience to get rid of Obama, despite all their great power and wealth he could not buy the American people. What a contrast that is with his effortless triumph when he dealt with Salmond and the snp Scottish Government over his Golf Course. "Jump said he and "how high" said a whimpering forelock tugging Salmond. Donald knows a spineless shyster when he sees one and Wee Eck dutifully rolled over like a friendly wee Scottish Terrier to have his tummy tickled by the great man. How Donald must be wishing that the Americans were as supine as the snp and their leaders who did everything but salute and curtsy when he graced them with his presence, oh and of course his great wealth, what a bunch of "Bengal Lancers"



Anonymous said...

nearly, terrence. and then at the end you spoil the article with you snipping.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I thought the last bit was rather good, what's wrong with telling the truth?

Anonymous said...

What would you know about objective truth? Everything you write and everything you believe is distorted by your dislike of anyone who doesn't share your somewhat quaint beliefs. If you're American or Israeli or wealthy, or middle class, or a nationalist, or a liberal or a conservative, as far as you're concerned you're to be despised.
Tell me, councillor: how many people are in prison in the US now compared to the number in 2008? How many people in other countries has Obama had murdered by drone strikes? How much public money has Obama thrown at Wall Street and GM to keep his business and union backers happy? I'm sure a big fan like you must know the answers.

Billy Carlin said...

Very easily suckered Terry. Both candidates were backed by the same people - the BANKERS and GLOBALISTS which control BOTH parties in the US and ALL the political parties in the UK including YOURS.

This will be the Obama who is under investigation for his FAKE birth certificate by Sheriff Arpio and his posse and who has the national security number of a woman in another state.

Obama the very man who has been turning the US into a fascist police state every since he was elected the first time and is bringing in his masters New World Order - a One World Government, a One World Bank with a One World Currency - A Fascist dictatorship with them the BANKERS and GLOBALISTS in control and the people as slaves - that is until they wipe out 95% of the population including us - all by 2020.

These are the same people that funded Hitler, Stalin etc - Go do a little bit of research re the Illuminati, Bilderberg Group etc and you will learn that everything that is happening just now is DELIBERATE and PLANNED. The debt crisis, the wars, etc all by these same people and the people being led along by their puppets in charge of your party and ALL the others.

Ask yourself WHY our country can be in debt when it is the government that prints the money? When you figure that out it will lead you to the rest of what I have said.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I try very hard not do despise anyone, I’m printing your comment and replying to you right? go figure.

I’m no big fan of Obama but you can choose Romney if you wish. I don’t know the answers you have asked for but I suppose I could find out but I’m not going to, if you have a point to make go get the answers and make your point.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Billy said... Sunday, November 11, 2012 8:27:00 PM

“When you figure that out it will lead you to the rest of what I have said”

Would it not be easier if you just said what you mean, anyway thanks for your concern and when the wee green men from Mars show up you can rely on me to stand up and fight them.

Billy Carlin said...

Wee green men from Mars - Showing your ignorance Terry as it is the typical reply from someone who doesn't have a clue.

The government prints the money Terry so HOW can they be in debt? You and everyone else has been getting ripped off all your life by having to pay tax etc and especially when it comes to interest just look what you pay on your house with regard to that and where does all that money go - the private BANKERS.

Why does NONE of the political parties and unions not question this? They are ALL controlled by these BANKERS and GLOBALISTS - Why else would these political parties be giving away most of the peoples tax to these private BANKERS for doing absolutely NOTHING when they could be spending it on the NHS and everything else that needs it to benefit the people.

It is all a huge scam which is all going to collapse DELIBERATELY soon and you are going to get worst than Hitler and Stalin when these people take over.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Billy you damaged you credibility with me when you said that the twin Towers were never blown up and Armstrong did not walk on the moon.

Anonymous said...

Streams of Conscious You do make me think, and that's a good thing cus.
The symbolism that has always stuck with me is the Irish Famine "Potatoes and Point".
"Romney lost to a black man from Chicago's South Side called Obama," This is part of the playbook against Obama, the ‘otherization,’ he’s not like us.”I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character" Martin Luther King Jr.
Former Liverpool and England player John Barnes has offered a more pragmatic conclusion than most, saying that John Terry isn't a racist, but he is an "unconscious racist." Which Barnes says most everyone is, including himself.
What do you mean? I've lived most of my life on the South Side of Chicago, I never found it a detriment.
So the people have spoken, and they have voted for the very system that stopped anything happening for the last twelve years. "It is a three-legged race with the runners struggling to go their own sweet way, while bound together by heavy chains."
Hey thanks for giving us only a hundred years to get it together, your magnanimous.
Arthur Kelly Chgo/Craigneuk

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Thursday, November 15, 2012 10:43:00 PM.Arthur Kelly Chgo/Craigneuk

I hope he cuts loose and acts like the man of the people he always claims to be, as I said he can now do almost what he likes.

John Barnes? There is certainly an element of truth in what he says, I claim to have no race bias in my make up of any kind but others might think differently, lets just say I'm not aware of any. My Da. was an unconscious racist while at the same time he would have never done someone of a different colour a bad turn and would not stand by and see blatant racism go unchallenged.He used to say "if it wasn't for these "black" guys we would still be getting it"

A 100 years might indeed have been a bit magnanimous.