Monday, May 26, 2008


Can the eventual race for the presidency of the USA turn out to be more controversial and fascinating than that between Clinton and Obama for the democratic nomination ? I doubt it, and I also feel that McCain can't win, his age and the deplorable Bush presidency will do for him.
This is despite the fact that McCain has the support of a minister who is a nut case but who will be seen as good by millions of Americans and Obama has the support of a minister who is intelligent, honest and outspoken but will not be supported by millions of Americans, who consider him as a traitor.

"God damn America for mistreating her citizens, and acting like a supreme God" the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (for Obama) I say, well said that man, Obama of course has run a mile.

"God sanctioned the Holocaust - the Jews caused much of their own suffering, including the Holocaust - Catholicism is a "false cult system" - Hurricane Katrina was caused by God because of a planned Gay parade in New Orleans. Pastor John Hagee (for McCain) McCain has also ran a mile, even although he knows that this guy has massive clout in the 'Bible Belt' 40 % of Americans don't believe in evolution, be scared, be very scared.

In recent times, Bush Jnr. Bush Sen. Nixon. Reagan, Ford. were all republican presidents, I believe that America has the potential to be a great country but not while people like these lead it.
I prefer Clinton and remind myself that this is American politics where she is vilified as a communist and subjected to constant misogyny, Obama has time on his side and people are already talking (Gore Vidal yesterday) of the danger he will be in as the first black American president.
He is certainly courageous because there is no hiding the fact that the USA is still segregated on racial grounds and is awash with guns.

It's time for Americans once again to do the right thing and get rid of the corporate gangsters like Bush and Cheney from public life, they shame their great country.


Anonymous said...

Not really - there are a hundred threats to the life of every US president.

Bush is in as much danger of being killed by Islamofascists as Obama is of being killed by White Supremacists.

David Duff said...

"I prefer Clinton"

Would that be the Clinton who threatened to destroy Iran?

"Gore Vidal"

And would that be the Gore Vidal who said yesterday (I paraphrase from memory) that defeating Fascist Germany and Japan was not worth it because it resulted in the birth of "the American empire"?

Oakwood said...

I don't think Barak Obama will win the presidency this time around because I dont believe that America (some Democrats included) is ready within itself to vote for nd accept a black guy as president.

Personally i'm not too fussed who wins but if America does vote for McCain I hope it is because they (Americans) think he is the best guy with the best policies and not because they other guy is black.

Rumbold said...


Labour party in new voting scandal shock! Labour councillor tries to rig ballot before the polling booths open, and urges supporters to cast multiple votes!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 12:09

I don’t know any other Hilary Clinton or Gore Vidal, she would have said what the Jewish lobby wanted to hear, and he would have been looking for a reaction from the gullible, such as well such as eh ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Oakwood) 17:19

Lots of Americans will vote against Obama for just that reason.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rumbold) 19:07

What’s new about it ?

It's an Tory tradition.

ShrekBall said...

"Vote Early and Vote Often" is a phrase associated with both SF in Ulster and the Democrats in the US. The only people convicted of voting irregularities after the last UK general election were Labour activists in England exploiting the postal voting system introduced by John Prescott.

Oakwood is partially right. The part he is wrong is where he says "(some Democrats included)". Voting analysis shows that when the Democrat for election is black there is sometimes as much as a 40% reduction in the Democrat vote. For Republicans the number is about 18%.

The Democrats are the party who tried to block the Civil Rights bills in congress, the Democrats have the distinction of supplying the Senate with its only member who was a former KKK member and the KKK themselves functioned as a paramilitary wing of the Democrats in the Deep South for most of the late 19th and early 20th century.

Besides, if you take race and gender out the equation the uncomfortable fact is that both have ultra liberal views that will repel most moderate voters. The irony is that while you (and George Galloway) try to paint McCain as a Bush puppet McCain will be the more centrist candidate. Indeed there were rumours that had McCain failed in his bit to capture the nomination this time he would have served out his time in the Senate as a Democrat.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 09:02

Why do you think I would be interested in all this ? The democrats are the racist bad guys and the republicans are the racist good guys, we are in your debt, are you really David Irving in disguise ? Please shorten it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 09:02

Why do you think I would be interested in all this ? The democrats are the racist bad guys and the republicans are the racist good guys, we are in your debt, are you really David Irving in disguise ? Please shorten it.

Oakwood said...


I dont know if you are confusing my point.

In 2004 Bush got just over 50% of the vote. This year the Republican vote might not hold up dure in part to the latest ecomomic situation or the war in Iraq, but that is not to say that Barak Obama will gain the votes from disaffected Republicans.

Similarly, as you pointed out, Democrats dont always vote for their guy.

Therefore just because GWB is unpopular, it doesn't necessarily follow that it will be a shoo-in for the Democrat candidate.

ShrekBall said...

Yeah thats right Terry - I quoted a few figures on voting intentions from verified non-partisan source so that is the same as denying the holocaust.

Great debate there, you must be very proud.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 29/05/08

It looks to me like you are making these points to suggest that the Democrats are worse than the Republicans on the race issue, the historian says similar things about the holocaust, it’s a perfectly fair analogy.
It’s strange how easily you get upset, particularly when we consider the things you say.