Saturday, May 17, 2008


Some of you may remember a strange right wing blogger who used to write to me in a style cobbled out of Alf Garnett and J Goebbels, he used the letters RFS (Right For Scotland) to hide his identity.
I received an email from a friend who advised me to read his latest blog entries and they are priceless.

I took him to task once for his language and the content of his blog, suggesting that he should be ashamed. I also asked what his own mother and father would say if they read it, he stunned me by saying they do and, they are proud of him.
Call me old fashioned but if I wrote such stuff and I found out that my mother had read it I would go and find a cave to live in out of shame, read it for yourself and wonder like me what kind of people they are.

He is also a founder and contributor to 'terrywatch' which I encourage people to read to show what these people are like, I urge you to try it. Maybe his mum does enjoy this kind of thing, it takes all kinds and they are Tories after all.

You can perhaps try to form an opinion of this fellow by something he has just penned, he writes about the terrible events in Manchester City Centre after the UEFA Cup Final and says the following :-

"What Manchester Police do have to be ashamed of is the CCTV footage of the cop being set upon by the fans after someone sweeps his leg.
This cop was jumped by tens of fans and was on his own as some of his fellow officers not only looked on but continued to retreat. They should hang their heads in shame"
he then swiftly transfers his underpants to the outside of his trousers and, da da da da da da da it's a bird, it's a plane no it's TORYBOY da da da da, he then states :-

"If that had been my buddy on the ground I would have turned on my heels and ran straight back into the mix either to get him out or give the mob another target to pick on. That is what being in a team is all about"

What a guy, in a hypothetical and dangerous situation he knows he would have been a brave hero, no doubt about it RFS is your man, fearless and loyal to his buddies.
What a self serving cringing braggart, if this tough guy can fight like he can talk the bad guys have had it.
You and I, and most other honest fallible human beings might perhaps say something like this, ( it's known as the truth)

"I sincerely hope and pray that in a situation like that I would have the courage to run back and help my buddy, but I will never know unless it happens"

Not Tory Boy though, he knows he would do the right thing, he knows he has the courage, he knows he wouldn't fail.
This is a guy who is afraid of admitting that he might bottle it, he talks tough because he can't accept the fact that he might be a coward when the danger happens.
This is a guy who in fact shows all the signs of being afraid of a moment like that, this is Tory Boy in all his pomp, if you ever come across a big brawl among a lot of rugby players and one of them is on the fringe shouting " somebody haud me back" chances are you have found him, his parents will no doubt be proud of their son's latest brave boasts. Values ? oh he has them right enough doesn't it make you feel humble ?


Rumbold said...


You miss him don't you? How sweet.

When do I get my abusive blog post?

Anonymous said...

This is the man who wrote an article on terrywatch comparing you to herr fritzl. So brave.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rumbold) 17/05/08

Do you agree then that RFS can say that he is a hero before the incident starts, he is right to tell us what a brave guy he would be ?

I thought you would have been more truthful.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 18/05/08

That doesn’t surprise me, he is a class act, the Tories must be grateful for his support.

He insists that his dear old mum reads what he writes and she is proud of him, he has clearly had some strange influences on him, I wonder what the breakfast table conversations were like as he grew up ?

It’s really quite scary.

June said...

RFS didn't write the article or do the graphic on Terrywatch, so your sock puppet got it wrong.

A whole post as a personal attack...what does that say about you?

Rumbold said...


I was not commenting on RfS' article. It was just that you seemed to be pining for him, and perhaps remembering the 'glory days' of your exchanges.

Cue romantic music...

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(June) 13:00

Are you just stupid or a liar ? Where did I say that he did ? I said that it doesn’t surprise me, how would I know who wrote something on it.

A post pointing out the character of the guy who is RFS. He is everything I said, he’s got plenty to say about me, so why shouldn’t I.

What do you think of his mother reading what he writes and being proud of him ?

June said...

June) 13:00

Are you just stupid or a liar ? Where did I say that he did ? I said that it doesn’t surprise me, how would I know who wrote something on it.

You are the stupid one, I specifically said someone other than you wrote it. Difficult to understand joined up writing is it?

A post pointing out the character of the guy who is RFS. He is everything I said, he’s got plenty to say about me, so why shouldn’t I.

Because you are the one who says personal attacks are bad and are symptomatic of a simple mind. You are either a hypocrite or liar.

What do you think of his mother reading what he writes and being proud of him ?

Why not?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(June) 18:00

“I specifically said someone other than you wrote it”

Wrote what ? You idiot I never mentioned any article I mentioned the site and the fact that he was a founder and contributor.

I note that you think it’s OK for RFS’s mother to approve of what he writes, what kind of people are you ?

I will invite others to check this out, I must apologise to ‘drunken fishwives everywhere, what kind of families do you people have ? what kind of families do people like you come from ?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what your mother or father would say about the comments you have allowed on here, and agreed with, concerning the wife of Cllr. Derek Mackay ??? You are a pathetic little coward.

ShrekBall said...

On his site RfS claims that he posted a reply to your attack on these comments.

Why have you not published it?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 18/05/08

I have a reasonable relationship with Derek Mackay considering we are so politically opposed to each other.

The comments you refer to are designed to annoy him and they are nowhere near as bad as what I get.

If he or his wife were upset by this I would apologise and remove the post but I doubt if he would be.

It’s really a case of you trying to manipulate the situation with your willingness to use her or indeed anyone.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 18/05/08

Ask him.

ShrekBall said...

He also posted a reason why you dont publish him anymore.

So you are denying his right of reply? Surely that is the action of a bully? You launched an attack on him with no intention of letting him defend himself.

He has called you a coward.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 11:54

He has called me many things and I have called him many things, did you know that I said things about him which he said he would get me done for ? By the Standards Commission and the law, I’m still waiting.

Just like his wee boy boasts about how brave and tough he is, trying to convince himself, most cowards do that “haud me back” that’s him.

I suggest you spend some time reading his blog present and past and then consider that he says his mum reads it and is proud of him.

Do you really want to associate yourself with people like that.

ShrekBall said...

I emailed him about the standards thing yesterday. He said he phoned them and they confirmed your website was outwith the bounds of their scope and would not do anything. He claimed that they have had a lot of complaints about your site.

So you are not willing to let the man defend himself? Surely that is the act of a bully?

I take it you verified the story he tells in his defence on his site about the bottle attack?

Tinman said...

Did you launch an attack on RfS with no intention of allowing him a right of reply?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 07:51

Either he or you is lying maybe both of you are liars.

The Standards Commission would never in a million years have a telephone conversation of this kind over the phone, you’re pathetic.

“I take it you verified the story he tells in his defence on his site about the bottle attack”

I haven’t read any such story but it wouldn’t surprise me if he attacked someone with a bottle, from behind !

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Tinman) 13:13

He has a blog which I’m told features me a lot and I wouldn’t have it any other way, if he didn’t exist I would have to invent him, he’s my recruiting agent.

ShrekBall said...

So now you arre saying that not only did you have no intention of allowing his right of reply but that you have not read his reply (one which he claims to have posted to this thread). Or indeed the one on his site.

He claims that your central point of none of us knowing how we would react until we are there is exploded by his claim that he has been there and has been in a situation where he put his life on the line to defend someone seriously injured despite the threat of his own injury. He even claims to be able to provide you with the proof.

Sounds like you are back peddling now Terry. Your bully boy tactics exposed and defeated.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 14:33

People who talk like him are terrified of admitting to fear that in itself is a form of cowardice.

Anyone who says they know how they would react in a threatening situation is a liar, no matter what has gone in the past.

If I were to accept what he says I would clap myself on the back because I’ve been in plenty of those situations before I learned sense, when I was a lot younger, and I did OK.

I freely admit though that I don’t know how I would react if there were to be a next time , no one does.

ShrekBall said...

Ah so now it is "each time is unique and no one can tell us what they would do the next time"

Backpeddling faster and faster there Terry.

Been in many fights that have ended in charges of attempted murder? Do tell!!!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 15:41

Each time is unique only braggarts say otherwise.

ShrekBall said...

And how many fights have you been in that ended with someone being charged with attempted murder?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ShrekBall) 08:26

You are avoiding the issue, I maintain that only cowardly braggarts claim to know that they will be brave when danger arises.

People with courage are more likely to admit the truth.

Anonymous said...

rfs DID write the article on Terrywatch. Anyone who really looks at the site can tell you they all have more than one name. rfs did this under the name shotgun. If you look at his blogs he writes politely under the name rfs but lets his real thoughts come out as shotgun. Terrywatch only has three seperate contributors. The founder of the site admitted this to me months ago after I emailed him to confirm it was the case.

I do not agree with everything Terry says. I have voted labour in the past but didn't last time due to disagreements I have about policy. The difference is I come here and disagree. I have never been banned or had comments go missing even when I've been very critical. rfs and his friend had a choice they could have come here and disagreed but instead chose to make up evil lies on a cowardly website.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 21/05/08

“he writes politely under the name rfs”

He writes like a seedy creep, a puffed up bragging fantasist with a mouth like a sewer.

He is attached to ‘terrywatch’ and he claims to be a suitable person to work with kids and also claims that his mother knows what he writes and she is proud of him !

I’m sure people can make up their own minds about people like that.