Friday, April 04, 2008


On the subject below another couple of Area committees met yesterday and guess what ? they have decided to allow everyone who showed an interest to take part, these were areas with Labour majorities.

We now have areas where Labour have the majority allowing full inclusion for everyone or, if you want another word for it - Democracy - while areas like Paisley North with an SNP/Lib. Dem. majority are excluding groups, groups whom they lied to by telling them that everyone would be included, the word for that of course is - undemocratic.

This is the most inexperienced and bumbling crowd ever to run anything, they couldn't organise a turn of the 'wash hoose key' and the people of Renfrewshire are paying the price for their incompetence, they have already turned their flagship policy of area committees into a 3 ring circus.

Consider this, if you are a scout troop or an elderly forum in Houston you get to be represented, if you are a scout troop or elderly forum in Ralston you do not get to be represented, this is local democracy brought to you by the 'Marx Brothers' when will Renfrewshire tax payers be given a break from this crowd of amateurs.

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