Monday, April 13, 2015


LABOUR'S JIM SHERIDAN AND DOUGLAS ALEXANDER Are two of the most experienced politicians at Westminster, both have hard won reputations for being honest, diligent and local candidates who live in and know their constituencies. When you cast your vote for these two Labour politicians you can be sure that you are voting for two candidates who never cease fighting for their communities. Both embody the finest traditions of the Labour Party and the Trade Union Movement, you can rest assured that they will both fight to protect the gains which have been won by the Labour movement through the years and also fight tooth and nail to protect the people against the greed and selfishness of the Tories and the crude politics of hatred which the SNP are so associated with. Voting for Jim and Douglas means we will continue to have two Labour stalwarts with the dedication and know how to rebuild and repair the damage done by the Tories over the last 5 years.       

April 13Th. 20 15. Coordinated orchestrated attacks already coming in from the snp/separatist/cybernats as a result of the issuing of The Labour Manifesto today which you can find by searching this address.

The outbursts from this nationalist rabble are predictably abusive and full of squalid incoherent hatred . The thing which has created this "ferrets in a sack" reaction is the fact that the Manifesto and the changes it proposes are carefully costed and the snp by contrast are proposing more borrowing without saying how much and how they will pay back the money borrowed. When it comes to finances and economics this is looking like a rerun of the referendum. In fiscal matters they are being shown again to be utterly incompetent. Labour are showing a lead over the Tories UK wide, something that the snp have been telling us could not happen and that emphasises not only how untrustworthy they are but also their inept performance when it comes to financial affairs. The situation could hardly be graver nor the choice starker. If you want rid of the Tories the only way to do that is to vote Labour on General Election Day, every vote for the snp boosts the chances of Cameron and the Tories getting another 5 years.

                                   DON’T LET IT HAPPEN.             

Sunday, April 05, 2015


I have just listened to Nicola Sturgeon on TV, full of synthetic rage and refusing to comment on a question about the now famous leaked email where she declared her preference for a Tory government. She refused to answer because the questioner was quoting a high ranking snp official whom he would not name, who said that “a tory Government would be better for the snp”. News stories where the source is not disclosed are commonplace and no one exploits them more than the snp, this made her position on this look feeble and disingenuous. What people should mull over in all of this is what Nicola Sturgeon actually wants, I would suggest that her one and only wish is separation, does anyone disagree with me?.
Her position for that reason is apolitical and always has been, using plain language, she will do and say anything to achieve success for the “cause” this is why the snp were able to bring Thatcher to power all those years ago by bringing down the Labour Government, they and she can and will continue to justify anything by telling themselves that it is the “cause” that matters, a position which has been taken by despots and dictators throughout history. It follows therefore that she and they are neither pro or anti Labour, neither pro or anti Tory, she is pro separation. Would Sturgeon and the snp support a Tory Government if they thought that it would benefit separation, help the “cause”?, you better believe they would, they would support anyone.
The consensus among the news agencies and the political commentators backed up with polls and computer data was that no significant gains were made by any party following the leader’s debate, despite the snp attempts to declare Nicola Sturgeon the winner. The usual coordinated cybernat campaign to ‘big her up’ ran in to the ground because the rest of the UK was involved and they still stubbornly refuse to treat her and the snp as a ‘premier league team’. Her reputation was exposed as fragile when she tried to wrap herself in the cloak of opposition to privatisation of of the NHS, this was the big league though, and they remembered her tenure as Scottish Health Minister when she spent millions on private health spending. Her oft repeated sabre rattling about austerity as well was exposed and continues to be exposed as a deception through their  past absurd claims about oil prices being the backbone of an independent Scottish economy. One does not need to be a Nobel Economic Laureate to work out that reliance on oil and it’s price falling from the snp forecast of $130 a barrel to $50 a barrel would have caused an unprecedented economic collapse, with no England to blame for it either, the stuff that violent government coups are made of and our Polish, Asian and other minority communities would have felt the brunt of it. The nationalists “land of milk and honey” Norway has had to devalue the Krone by 35% because of the oil price crash. The cuts which would result in such a scenario would be far in excess of any austerity cuts proposed by a Labour government.

Sturgeon and her supporters seem to think that declaring a liking for children and a dislike for nuclear weapons will suffice as far as gathering votes is concerned. My guess is they are going to find that it is more complicated than that, they must be hoping that no one will bring up the actual attitude in Scotland to Trident which is not what they are telling people, the population I’m sure will see the obviously bogus position of making anti nuclear weapons a major plank of your policy while at the same declaring your support for NATO this is not only contradictory, it is insulting the intelligence of the Scottish people. Today’s hysterical snp reaction to Sturgeon’s comments display a party which is in a bit of a funk and really panicky. It’s getting interesting.        

Friday, April 03, 2015


Saturday, March 28, 2015


The highlight of my week was the failure of the squalid Tory plot to get rid of The House of Commons Speaker John Bercow. This ‘Speaker’ is a man who has been on a long journey from rabid right wing hidebound Tory of the Tebbit/Thatcher school to the embodiment of what was once commonly referred to as ‘One Nation Tories’. People like Ian McLeod, Harold MacMIllan and RAB Butler all from before the brutal ‘nasty party’ of the Thatcher era and the privileged braying donkeys we know today as the wretched chinless Bullingdon Boys, most of whom need to use both hands to find their own a***s but, they are well bred and rich and born to be leaders.     

The fact that this last day of this parliament coincided with the last day of one of the most unpleasant: most arrogant Tory MP’S of my political life was a bonus and the fact that that revolting malevolent character was the would be assassin of the speaker made the enjoyment more satisfying, I refer of course to William Haque about whom it was often said “what, that slimy b*****d”. No one better embodied ‘the nasty party than Hague, he is rumoured to have a perfectly constructed glass eye, only detectable by looking closely and noting that one of his eyes shows humanity and compassion, that is the glass one, The House of Commons seems a fresher place already.

The post of speaker is a strange one it has the effect of making the most partisan of politicians act fairly before a watching world. This was regarded as a minus for a Tory Speaker by his party and so it was with Bercow, he was detested by many Tories because he refused to show his own party favour and liked by all others for that very quality. Bercow is more of a Disraeli Tory, while Hague, Cameron, Osborne etc. are more in the camp of Thatcher and Churchill, for those who are not political anoraks like me that is a compliment to Bercow, A Tory Speaker of the house, I never thought I would ever say something like that but there you are I’ve said it.   

Saturday, March 21, 2015


21:31Friday 20 March 2015
I WILL not be giving Mr Murdoch his £12.99 in order to share in the musings of Alex Salmond. Sufficient to rely on the extracts which can be obtained for nothing and all seem to be of the scapegoating variety. Always someone else’s fault. Whose fault is it, I wonder, that Mr Salmond is now confirmed as having attempted the biggest deception in modern political history by arguing a case for Scottish independence that was based on entirely bogus claims about future North Sea oil revenues? Fortunately, he failed.
The UK government will receive less than £1 billion a year in oil revenues for at least the next five years. This compares to the Scottish Government’s insistence that the revenues in 2016-17 alone would amount to between £6.8 – 7.9 billion. The Office for Budget Responsibility now estimates £600 million for that year – surely a record-breaking miscalculation by the Scottish Government of over 90 per cent. Nicola Sturgeon blithely states that “everyone’s projections about oil were wrong” as if that magically exonerates the deception to which she was a leading subscriber. But, anyway, her memory is highly selective. The scale of the fall may be even greater than anticipated but it was the downward trend which the Nationalists stood alone in denying and were prepared to denigrate anyone who dared contradict them. Incidentally, I see that Ms Sturgeon’s word of the week is “gleeful”. Anyone who points out the dishonesty of what she and her colleagues told the Scottish people, or the calamitous implications if they had succeeded, is not doing so because lies should be punished and realities exposed. They are doing so because they are “gleeful”, whatever that may mean in the language of the Holyrood kindergarten.
As far back as March 2013, the Office of Budget Responsibility was forecasting a drop in the oil price to “below $100 a barrel in future years”. Salmond dismissed this as “stuff and nonsense” and accused the civil servants responsible of “political manipulation”. That set the tone for two years of abusing the integrity and motives of anyone who dared contradict him. And what about the debased Scottish civil service? The White Paper insisted that a “cautious” figure to base Scotland’s economic future on was $113 a barrel. As Dr Azeem Ibrahim wrote in a paper for The Scotland Institute: “If any of my PhD students had produced an economic argument this poor, I would have failed them immediately”. But someone, still hiding in St Andrew’s House, did write it, probably under duress. Will Salmond’s book shed light on that murky process?
I accept that there are many in Scotland who do not give a toss about the lies, deceptions or dire economic and social consequences that would have followed, even by now, if the Nationalists had succeeded. For them, as for Salmond, the end justifies the means and if the means involve the flagrant fabrication of numbers to make the case stack up, then so be it. But when history takes a calmer look at last year’s referendum, it is important that the narrative is not written by the loser, for it is he who should be called to account. The parable of the oil revenues should not be forgotten. Neither should the abuse hurled at dissenting voices. The SNP’s projections for Scotland’s jobs, schools and hospitals were based on an oil price of $113 a barrel. That is inescapable.
If Salmond and Sturgeon had prevailed, Scotland would be facing austerity on a scale unimaginable to anyone other than, perhaps, the Greeks. Jobs would be flowing out of Scotland in their tens of thousands as the implications of the folly became apparent. The young would be leaving on the same scale they fled Ireland after the banking crash from which we in Scotland were protected. And it would be too late to do anything about it.
As Dr Ibrahim wrote in his paper: “With an annual borrowing requirement of £20 billion-plus, there would have been simply no way to get finance on the international markets at sensible rates. Throw in the uncertainty over the currency and EU membership and it would have been financial Armageddon”. That is the bullet we dodged and no re-writing of history should portray it as anything other than an extremely sensible decision.
Yet this is more than a lesson for the benefit of history. The “full fiscal autonomy” which Salmond and Sturgeon now demand would exchange the Barnett Formula for North Sea oil revenues. That is the platform on which they say they will contest the General Election – not because even they could conceivably want that outcome in current circumstances, but as the subsequent excuse for more posturing and blame-shifting to absolutely no useful effect.
If almost half of Scotland wants that kind of politics, then it is what they will get. Unfortunately, the rest of us will have to suffer it too, but that’s democracy. I have no doubt the outcome the SNP are desperate to facilitate is the return of another Tory government which they can then portray as pantomime villains for whom Scotland did not vote. And so it goes on – all about process and manoeuvring without an inch of progress in terms of equality, fairness and social justice.There was not much to cheer or boo about in this week’s budget. In fact, it contained a few good things and, as Labour have rightly said, nothing worth reversing. But a pre-election budget is not a reflection of the past five years or the next five years. The General Election offers a broad choice in the kind of society we want to live in. If Scotland helps to facilitate the return of the Tories as a price worth paying for giving Labour a kicking, then it must do so with its collective eyes open.

If it achieves that outcome by supporting the same people who assured them six months ago that their jobs, NHS and children’s future would be secure on the basis of an oil price of $113 a barrel, then we really are in a strange place. Yesterday, the price stood at $55. BRIAN WILSON. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


An increasingly significant way to protest against Israeli crimes against the Palestinians is to boycott Israel. Do not purchase Israeli merchandise, do not invest in anything they do, do not buy anything from any company which deals with Israel, cut off all communications with them, do not visit there, speak out against them at all times. One of the most productive means of protesting against Israel is a cultural/artistic boycott, this hits hard because, despite their terrible crimes, their bigotry and their genocide against Palestinians they like to depict themselves as the most sophisticated urbane people in the Middle East and the arts are very important to them if they want to try to maintain that facade. They would have us listen to their great orchestras and hope that the music will mask the cries of suffering Palestinian children; they would have us take pleasure in Israeli theatre and hope we can ignore the misery and pain of the rightful owners of the land, the Palestinians on the streets outside.

I urge everyone to support that arts boycott of Israel until the occupation of Palestine and the suffering and agony of its people are brought to an end, please contact to learn more about the principled and ethical  stand being taken against Israel by many brave and generous members of the artistic community all over the world. 

Monday, March 09, 2015


TRADE unionists’ hopes were dashed yesterday as the SNP ignored calls to enforce a living wage for tens of thousands working on public-sector contracts.Campaigners watched with bated breath as MSPs debated the Scottish government’s procurement Bill for a third and final time.
A Labour amendment had called on SNP ministers to require all firms awarded a public-sector contract to pay their staff the semi-official living wage, set at £7.65 an hour in Scotland.Holyrood has pledged the living wage for all those directly employed by a public body but ministers have refused to enforce it on public contracts, citing fear of EU competition rules.
Instead the government would require procurement panels only to consider contractors’ rates of pay as one of several factors. Labour MSP James Kelly told MSPs the measure “would make a massive difference” to underpaid care workers, cleaners and others.
But the Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon would not budge, saying the European Commission had advised ministers it would be “unlikely” that the policy would escape legal challenge from would-be contractors.

Green Party MSP Patrick Harvie retorted that ministers had already taken on an expected legal challenge to minimum alcohol pricing from booze firms.
“Sometimes governments must be willing to test the boundaries of what is possible,” he said.

The amendment was rejected by 34 votes to 44. 

Sunday, March 08, 2015


December 20 14 Nicola Sturgeon said scrapping Trident "would be fundamental" for any agreement to prop up a government.       
3 months later  ---------------------------------------...                            March 20 15 Nicola Sturgeon said that the SNP could comfortably vote for Labour policies without a deal on Trident.    

They recently voted to become a member of NATO a Nuclear first strike organisation, effectively condoning nuclear weapons while dishonestly trying to portray themselves as the holier than thou party of opposition to WMD'S. Their position became one of being in the nuclear club but claiming to have clean hands by not having these weapons in Scotland, is there a more corrupt and morally vacuous political position anywhere today than that taken by the snp?. Would it be fair now considering these events to expect the snp to shut up about weapons of mass destruction as their policy on them is now a mendacious sham. 

Are there any snp shibboleths still standing?, any red lines not erased? any deal breakers that haven't been broken?. The once proud republican party who now accept the monarchy, the party who regarded the pound sterling as a millstone round the neck of a possible independent Scotland who fought tooth and nail to cling on to it during the referendum, the party who wanted rid of the UK but wanted the UK to give them their war ships to build, to share their NHS and share the UK passport etc. and so it goes. 

This is a political party that is perpetually up for sale to the highest bidder, the party who hate Labour but are desperate to form a coalition with us, the party recently exposed as accepting Tory policies to get Tory support for their budget to inflict an snp/Tory budget on the Scottish people while professing their disdain for all things Tory. Make no mistake about it, they want a Tory victory at the forthcoming general election because they think that another 5 years of right wing Tory rule will move Scotland closer to their goal of separation. Another 5 years of suffering and pain they think is worth it for their spectacularly stupid ambitions, we must not allow that to happen and there is only one way to stop it happening and that is to vote Labour, a vote for the snp is a vote for a Tory government remember that when voting day comes.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Wednesday, March 04, 2015


04/03/2015 (today). Westminster Parliament. The Labour Party votes against the Tory/Libdem coalition government austerity plans, the SNP’S Westminster MP’S abstain. When the SNP/Libdem coalition in Renfrewshire Council voted on a similar Labour motion to condemn the Tory/Libdem coalition’s austerity cuts they, (the snp libdem coalition) voted down that Labour motion and snp minister, then leader of Renfrewshire Council Derek Mackay stated, and I quote, “the cuts are about right”. Scottish voters think on!.      

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


The truth is breaking out all over and the snp “do not like it up em” as Corporal Jones would say. Today in a newspaper interview ex Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie releases an embarrassing critique of the snp’s mendacity in response to their posturing about refusing to work with the tories in a hung Westminster parliament. Here is a taste of what she had to say and it does not make good reading for the snp shysters and habitual scam artists.  

“They were quite happy to work with us when they needed to,” Annabelle Goldie Scottish Tory leader 2007 – 2011 during the snp minority government.

“Our position was very clear. In return for supporting their budget, the SNP would include Conservative policies in their budget. It was as simple as that.” Annabel Goldie. Same period of time.  
Goldie said: “It reeks of posturing and it is, frankly, indicative of hypocrisy. Because what suited him (salmond) in 2007 and 2008 and in the ensuing years of minority government is the very thing now that he says he’ll have no truck with.”

When you think it can’t get any worse in blunders Stewart Hosie snp with the following  

“Labour and the Tories have just spent two-and-a-half years joined at the hip in the No campaign” Stewart Hosie snp.

And then, salmond and his successor as first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, repeatedly accused the party of “getting into bed with the Tories”.

If we make the practical assumption that anyone according to salmond, sturgeon and hosie who supported the NO campaign was getting in to bed with the tories, does that then mean that they are also saying that The British Communist Party and their well known newspaper The Morning Star also got in to bed with the tories?. Yes folks the Communist Party supported the NO campaign as did many other left organisations. Can we expect to see salmond, strurgeon or hosie accusing the Morning Star and the British Communist Party of being closet tories?, honestly is there anything dumber or more deceitful than the snp?. This is what you get with people who are involved with single issue politics, like the snp and independence. They will excuse any fraud, lie or dirty trick and justify any atrocious underhand behaviour by claiming it was done for the ‘cause’, just like those guys who famously said ‘we were just following orders’.    

Monday, February 16, 2015


Thursday Feb 12 20 15 09.30 am The Renfrewshire annual budget meeting was convened, as is often the case on these show piece occasions there are protests and demonstrations from fringe groups and minor fringe political Parties. On this occasion there were no fringe groups and the minor fringe parties were represented by Cllr. MacLaren of the Tories, Cllr. Eileen McCartin of the Libdems and Cllr. Paul Mack of The Paul Mack Party, all 3 parties have 1 member each, ergo all 3 are party leaders, this is one of the delightful eccentricities of politics, indeed 2 of the three are well established eccentrics, though “lovable” does not apply to them. The sensible 1 of the 3 being the Tory James MacLaren about whom it is said that he was just pipped for the part of Private Godfrey by Michael Gambon in the new version of Dad’s Army. There was also one member of The Scottish Socialist Party who sat quietly and well behaved in the public gallery, ‘what are things coming to I hear you ask’?. An element of tension pervaded the opposition benches as the snp’s truly awful new leadership team of Cllrs. Nicolson and Cameron took their places with the recently suspended ‘gang of four’ arsonists seated behind them with their eyes watching and 'burning' in to them with undisguised contempt. Having shown themselves as true bravehearts by torching a bin they have been betrayed and ousted, help ma boab the ill feeling was tangible ‘so it wis’ this bad feeling will ‘burn’ slowly as the gang of 4 clearly see themselves a the keepers of the independence ‘flame’ and see the members of the coup as traitors.     

The usual appeals for good behaviour were made by the chair Provost Anne hall who reminded us all that we were being filmed. Budget day is always predictable in that the administration’s budget will always get a majority and today was no exception. Given that historical context it would be reasonable to expect that the meeting would be brief but, remember this is Renfrewshire and, sitting there in opposition across the chamber are the most disreputable and badly behaved snp group in Scotland plus the two aforementioned “unlovable eccentrics” McCartin and Mack who sound like a wretched end of the pier comedy duo in a grubby seaside backwater town.

For those readers of a strong disposition this meeting can be seen on the council’s website, throughout the meeting viewers will be aware of a low rumbling noise in the background which they cannot explain. The explanation for this is that the policy is only to show the head and shoulders of the person speaking who is the only one on the microphone, this is a precautionary measure designed to mitigate the embarrassment to Renfrewshire Council regularly caused by some of the people mentioned above. For your information I can advise you that when you hear the clearly exasperated Provost Hall pleading with Cllrs. Audrey Doig, Andy Doig, Lorraine Cameron and Brian Lawson to behave and stop disrupting the meeting she is addressing snp Councillors, the dark mysterious snp Cllr. Mags Maclaren continues to fascinate as she diligently keeps herself hunched over her desk while continuing to heckle, all we see is the top of her head and we hear her high pitched squeak constantly, when she leaves her chair the heckling stops, oh well I suppose it takes all kinds. Then we have the famously arrogant bully ‘Big Mac’ McCartin Libdem, not to be confused with ‘Wee Mack’ independent, she who continues to contribute to every subject from dog fouling to brain surgery, there are very few nasty, ugly situations that the arrival of this charlatan cannot make worse.

At the end of the meeting I was left considering 2 main points. 1/ the cost to the tax payer of the behavior of these people which caused the meeting to overrun by approximately 3 hours which is about £5,000 paid for by you and me folks and 2/ Audrey and Andy Doig of the snp are man and wife and I was wondering again if this was the way they usually behave and if so are their neighbours entitled to any recompense for having to live next door to them?. I urge everyone once again to get along to witness this at the next full council meeting.      

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The title I have used for this post is a quote by the great German Marxist writer Bertolt Brecht in his play "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui" and "THE BASTARD" he refers to is Adolf Hitler. He puts it better than I ever could and the quote came back to me as I have now started to again receive squalid and evil emails from anti Semitic Neo Nazis, all anonymous of course, they still talk tough but prefer to cower in hiding like the scum that they are. I will repeat what I have said before to these creeps, I remain a supporter of the Palestinian cause, as I have for approximately 40 years but I am in no way anti Semitic and I never have been. I remain implacably opposed to the State of Israel but I do not accept that the Israeli state represents Jews ‘per se’, I believe in fact that Israel is losing the enormous support and sympathy that it once enjoyed and that includes among Jewish people.

I also remain implacably opposed to discrimination against anyone based on race, creed or colour and I have the same respect for all, I have no doubt that I will continue to receive this poisonous garbage from these sick in the head fanatics but they will not change what I believe in. I urge everyone to be vigilant and report any instances of anti Semitic abuse or discrimination to the police, these are dangerous times and we must be vigilant and aware of past atrocities against the Jewish people and others. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Any hopes that the hatred of the unions long demonstrated by the snp would dissipate following the exit of union hater in chief alex salmond has been dealt another blow over the living wage. The snp government in a spiteful will now deliberately punish low earners in retaliation for the £1.5 Million donation to the general election fighting fund to the Labour Party by the UNITE UNION. Make no mistake about it the snp are every bit as anti trade union as their Tory friends and their fellow nationalists in UKIP, here is the union response to the snp’s latest sell out and betrayal of the Scottish low paid workers.

STUC Anger at Scottish Government Delay on Living Wage Guidance January 30th 2015 The Scottish Trades Union Congress has reacted angrily at proposals by the Scottish Government to delay the introduction of statutory Scottish Government Guidance on the Living Wage. Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said
“We are deeply disappointed that the Scottish Government has failed to deliver on its previous promise to consult on statutory guidance on promoting a Scottish Living Wage through procurement of public sector contracts.
“The STUC were always of the view the Scottish Government misinterpreted EU regulations and ECJ case law and was, as a consequence overly cautious in its approach to the potential for the inclusion of Living Wage clauses in public contracts although we were somewhat comforted by the fact that the Scottish Government committed to a consultation on the issue, we presumed this would be sooner rather than later.
“We accept statutory guidance is still on the table but our anger is at the timescale proposed and it is unlikely we will see such guidance until 18 months after the Procurement Reform Act has been passed and we consider this a serious breach of faith and are calling for a meeting with the Scottish Government to discuss this as a matter of urgency.
“Workers on low pay need lifted out of poverty now and very few contractors delivering goods and services to Scottish public bodies are living wage accredited employers. All too often the reason for non-accreditation is uncertainty over procurement rules and that progress cannot be made until Statutory Guidance is issued.

“The Scottish Government needs to rethink this timetable urgently, proposed non-statutory guidance will not force public bodies to address poverty wages in companies seeking public sector contracts, only well promoted and statutory guidance will achieve the commendable aim of the Scottish Government for the Scottish public sector to be a champion of the Scottish Living Wage.