Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Israel declares itself a democracy in an undemocratic region; a proud but ultimately corrupt boast; notwithstanding the Apartheid state that it has become we see again it’s true disdain for democracy with it’s banning of Professor Noam Chomsky from entering the West Bank (Palestinian Land) on May 16 2010. He tried to visit the West Bank travelling from Jordan (not Israel) and was prevented by the Israeli forces who are illegally occupying the territory.

Professor Chomsky is an internationally renowned scholar and giant of the American left; he is also 81 years old so what threat is he? Well; physically none but; intellectually he packs a bigger punch than anything that the Israeli Defence Force can throw. Quite simply they fear him and like tyrants throughout the ages they want him silenced, silenced because they can’t deny the truth he speaks and the intellectual rigour that he is rigthtly famous for. Israel tried to backpedal saying that someone at the border had made a mistake but; this was shot down by Chomsky who said he was held for hours while the border guards took instructions from their superiors.

”People like Professor Chomsky, do not have to be granted permission to enter” said Knesset member Mr. Schneller read this again; he is saying that Chomsky has no right to enter one sovereign country from another sovereign country neither of whom is Israel, democracy to be sure. In December 2008, Israel barred Richard Falk, an American who is a United Nations investigator of human rights - earlier that year, Norman Finkelstein another brilliant left wing American intellectual was also banned; this is Israel’s version of democracy and free speech and it stinks.

Make no mistake about it Israel is losing the battle of ideas and minds; that is why they have resorted to tactics which are similar to dictatorships past and present; speak against Israel and we will silence you and not only in Israel. Finklestein was also fired from a university in that apparent home of democracy America following a vicious campaign by the all powerful American Jewish Lobby. Is it not about time that the Israeli’s and their supporters answered this question; if your cause is just why is it necessary to behave in this way; why is it necessary to silence people to imprison and torture innocent Palestinians why is this going on if you have right on your side?


Sprite said...

Finkelstein was fired because of the Jewish lobby in the States?

Terry, you're jesting, look at the man's name - he's family, one of the Dead Sea Pedestrians. And Chomsky also has the kind of ring to it that had Joe Stalin biting the carpets.

Good to know the losing Left still has a sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

What Isreal does is wrong and to be denounced. Yet, I notice that you do not have sections on your blog denouncing the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. I have no doubt that if these occupations were soley US operations then you would certainly have a campagne to denounce them. But because Labour governments and ministers are involved you prefer to remain silent and not mention them. This is your shame and your guilt both-of you personally and of your Party. I recall Milliband being made to appear, quite rightly, as a hypocrit and fool over Russia's incursion into Ossetia when he stated that foreign military interventions were, ahem, 'wrong'. Dear dear....

Malte Brigge

Anonymous said...


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Sprite) 19/05/10
You clearly no less than nothing about the American Jewish Lobby and Professors Finklestein and Chomsky.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 07:08
I note that you are incapable of responding to the criticisms I make of Israel, I believe that’s because you can’t. Israel is guilty of war crimes and creating an apartheid state; have you nothing to say about that?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I have said some serious things about Israel; made some serious accusations; I assume you disagree and if my assumption is correct this response is about as pathetic and cowardly as it gets.