Monday, October 27, 2008


There are 4 days to go for the school primary meetings, and the SNP administration are now able to cower behind the mountain of mistakes and blunders they have made in the consultation to close South Primary School, this is indeed what the Marx Brothers would have made of it.

Catch this latest one, the council Web Site took down it’s item advertising the consultation a couple of days ago even although the consultation does not close for some time yet, they have now put it back up amid great embarrassment and derisive laughter, it’s not the parents from South Primary who are laughing however, this is serious for them it’s their children who are going to suffer because of the SNP administration and their savage cuts.

It’s no joke folks, this administration are incompetent fools and families will suffer because of them, this old saying is usually meant to be funny but, for these children it isn’t, as my ma would have said “they couldnae organise a turn o the wash hoose key”


Anonymous said...

The People v The SNP Part 5

Have you seen what they're up to in Glasgow?

Clamouring for the closure of 200 year old Paddy's Market despite public opposition to redevelopment of the site.

Selling off a big chunk of Pollok Park to Go Ape (a private company) for a £40 a time rich kids playpark.

Trying to block transport pland to the Commonwealth Games sites which will benefit the east end residents who've suffered appalling transport for decades.

If the SNP are for the Scots I'd hate to meet our enemies!!!!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 29/10/08
The SNP have already demonstrated that in their Scotland everything is for sale, this is the price of nationalism, a ‘spiv’ as leader and no political morals whatsoever.

GREAT MUTA said...

Terry, are you a friend of SNP Glasgow councillor Jahangir "Kalashnikov" Hanif? Both of you would find a lot in common with each other

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(GREAT MUTA) 16:08
I can’t imagine what I would have in common with an SNP councillor let alone one who is a slum landlord and teaches his children to shoot a powerful machine gun, perhaps you could elaborate.

Jim said...

I think anon is pulling your leg.

The ruling Labour group in Glasgow are trying to close Paddy's for redevelopment and are currently under investigation by the standards committee for it. The move is being oppossed by the greens and the snp.

The sell off off of Pollok Park is supported by all the Labour group and one snp councillor. Everyone else opposes it.

I've not heard anything about the transport to the east end as yet. As far as I know nothing has moved beyond initial proposals and there is no real argument either way. No doubt when something more concrete is proposed we'll see a fight or two.

Anonymous said...


I think one of your last contributors was bang on the money; it appears that Dexy McKay has really told his underlings to stop bloging on your site.
What a party, what a group when a boay who has never had a real job and hasn't starts shaving yet can wield so much power and authority.

I think I will stick with the Labour Party and not this punch of spivs.

P.s I got a news=letter through my door from a mags McLaren she says that she loves the east end of the town, can't get enough of it! Is she and his Cllr Hubby not staying in Ralston!!!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim) 30/10/08
Jim – Thank you for your comment, I’m aware that the SNP or one of their councillors took some flack over the adventure trail proposal but I’m not aware of the details of the projects mentioned, that’s why I was careful to answer the way I did, in a more general way.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

The SNP’s first year and a half has been bad news for Renfrewshire people and they still have a lot more harm to cause yet.

Cllr. Mackay is very inexperienced and not really up to the job, as I’ve said before this is an officer led council.

The fault is not Derek’s it’s the people who put him there; he’s an example of the poverty that exists in the SNP.

I believe that the McLarens live in Ralston, I remember ex Cllr. Martin (Real SNP) lived in Barrhead and represented Glenburn, while Cllr. B Lawson complained in a pamphlet that the Labour candidate for the East End did not live in the ward while at the same time he signed the nomination papers for an SNP candidate for a Paisley seat who lived in Lochwinnoch. It’s not new but it happens in the best of parties and the worst as the SNP demonstrate.

Anonymous said...

The McLaren's live not in Ralston, but about half a mile away in Avodale Drive just across the road from your wee pal Labour Cllr. Tommy Williams in Arkleston Road.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 31/10/08
I’m not sure what you mean by this but, the thought of someone like you out there hiding under a stone makes my skin crawl.

I don't know any Avodale Drive.

Anonymous said...


My mate who lives in the West End also received a leaflet from a mags mclaren, she says that if elected to Westminster she will make big changes in the weest of the town, do you think that her and her hubby kenneth P.J MCLAREN visit us at weekends. I think they treat the west end like a zoo, poping in when they have a cahnce, then back to their cottage in sunny ralston.

I look forward to Labour retaining both westminster seats when the electiopn is called.

Scott Towers

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anon 11.20 AM
I think that I have already dealt with this, Mr. McLaren is already an elected councillor for the West End, and his wife is a candidate, that is quite common.

The important thing about Mr. & Mrs. McLaren is their opinions, their policies and their attitudes, all of which are appalling.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for clearing up the issue with the McLarens.