Wednesday, December 12, 2007


His ego would be the thing in the end, not that this is the end but Alex (FFM) is not the kind of spiv to stand on the sidelines when the big boys are around, he has to be there right at the centre, this is what drove him to hold a local surgery at a 5 star hotel with the American billionaires, he was there as an MSP right? ‘Would you Adam n Eve it my son’

Those who disagree with the decision to refuse planning for Trump’s playground are now frantically muddying the waters, Salmond (the spiv) among them, all we hear about are the benefits to the area and the jobs and tourists etc. All of these matters and more were discussed by the democratically appointed planning board who decided to refuse permission, there was no suggestion of wrong doing by the board but, after Salmond (FFM) met the Brigadoon Yanks the decision was ’called in’ by the Govt. ‘I knew nothing’ squealed Alex (FFM) ’absolutely nothing’ aye right ye are Alex (FFM) a classic example of his hubris.

When will people catch on to this Scottish ’del boy’ Shir Shean had him bought and sold and then that lovely chap who drives the buses ‘holy Souter’ wanted a piece of him which ’the spiv’ duly sold. Connery and Souter made him roll over with ease so what chance of resistance was there when McTrump dangled some real money ? We’ve been ‘bought and sold for yankee gold, what a parcel of rogues etc.’

Good morning fellow traders my name is Alex (FFM) Salmond and everything must go, knock down prices and it’s all legal, I declare that Scotland under my leadership is now for sale, the big chunk of the north east coast was a bargain. Now, how much am I offered for Edinburgh Castle, would make a lovely town house for the right person, Mr Trump ? Can you hear me Mr. Trump ’ye cannae go wrang’ it’s a real Scots Castle a cert to make a mint when you sell it on. The Trump people said with sarcasm, This area is not open for business now we know that it’s not only open for business but under the SNP auction hammer it’s up for sale, to hell with democracy, who said Scots were keen on money ?

Scotland has fallen off the back of an SNP lorry, Rodders, start the motor up.


ComEd said...

whats wrong Terry? blocking posts you don't like? Your really not a well man.
Tony Blair flogged a whole country to the USofA what sort of spiv does that make him? A nice one?

Wendy abused her local office for party political uses see PDE. Getting to be a habit, eh?

Roger Thomas said...

I find the entire development and issues surrounding it uncomfortable. In 2002 DEFRA recommended me to the UK Cabinet Office to advise on the sustainable development aspect of the UKs legislative process involving Regulatory Impact Assessment.

I am looking at this development in terms of localised ecoonomic, social and environmental factors.

These relatively short term, in an overall strategy for Scotland, set against global trends and development.

What may only result in a short term local gain for the North East in the economic factor, offset by a loss in social and environmental areas could result in a loss across economic, social and environmental factors for Scotland as a whole in a long term strategy.

The dragging down of Scotland, as a whole, affecting the North East and negating any benefits they think they may achieve.

The complexities of full sustainable development seem to have been ignored in the rush for the 'quick fix' $

Very worrying.

Roger Thomas
Celtic Lion Ltd

Anonymous said...

Do you know any other Scots that are keen on money?

Rabbie said...

Oi vay Terry my boy, such chutzpah.

Given the state of Labour in general and Scottish Labour in paricular, only you could accuse any other party of sharp practice.

The synagogue elders doff their massed yarmulkes in tribute.

Are you available for Bar Mitzvahs?
(Any anecdotes about Cllr Williams, how Wendy managed to spend £17000 on an uncontested leadership contest and why 'The first name on your team sheet' Richard Manser,was kicked out of the Party would go down a storm)

Anonymous said...


Michelle Geary said...

Agreed Salmond is a spiv but does it not just show how low Labour have sunk for Salmond to be preferable to them?

Clear the liars and con artists out the Labour party and rebuild. Labour was once a great party it can be again.

Anonymous said...

Could you explain exactly what your grievance is with Sean Connery? I understand - and agree - with you about Brian Souter and the SNP policy on bus nationalisation, but I haven't heard anything about "Shir Shean".

In any case, any SNP "Sleaze" pales into comparison with the record of the Scottish Labour Party over the entire post-war period.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(ComEd) 12/12/07 - what posts ? You don’t like Salmond (FFM) being caught out do you ? He’s stitched you and Scotland up, how does it feel to be a patsy ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Roger Thomas) 12/12/07 - Salmond (FFM) should have done his homework on Trump before prostrating himself and by association Scotland.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13/12/07 - Yes I know it’s a sore one, when Scotland’s very own first minister Alex (FFM) Salmond manages to disgrace himself and at the same time reinforce the stereotype of the money grabbing Scot. “no McTavish was ever lavish” type of thing.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rabbie) 13/12/07 - you have a definite talent for getting things wrong - it was the election commissioners who described Alex (FFM) as guilty of sharp practice, not me, I just revel in it.
The people you mention have my trust and support, it’s called loyalty, you wouldn’t recognize it. Did you know that Alex (FFM) once spent £10,000 of SNP money on taxis for a year ? The guy who challenged him, an SNP candidate called Blackwood now “sleeps with the fishes” check it out.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13/12/07 - ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Michelle Geary) 14/12/07 - If I genuinely thought that Salmond (FFM) was preferable to Labour I would quit politics immediately. Labour warts and all is still not only a great party, it’s the only party which represents any hope of a better decent society.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 10:47 - Connery is a nasty piece of work, a right wing reactionary and perpetrator of violence against women. The record of the Labour Party since the second world war is what put in place every advance that working people have made since then - you need to elaborate about the sleaze issue just mouthing the platitudes of the right wing media is not good enough.

Harry Hausen said...

"The people you mention have my trust and support, it’s called loyalty, you wouldn’t recognize it."

No councillor, that is blind faith. Loyalty allows you to speak out when those to whom you are loyal have done wrong.

Anonymous said...

'election commissioners accused Salmond of sharp practice.'

Oh no they didn't - not this time. The commissioners were talking about Salmond FFM, your post referred to his Trump involvement.

Stop wriggling and take responsibility. Be a man for once.

Anonymous said...

Ha! No, Margaret Thatcher, more than any other, is responsible for the advances that working people have made. The Labour party has acheived nothing of any value, other than the creation of council housing - which was neccessary in its time - and the NHS.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Sean Connery has repulsive views towards women. But he doesn't seem to have influenced SNP policy, or party issues, or direction, in the way that you implied. Could you explain?

Roger Thomas said...

Just Googled Trump and this appeared tonight, don't remember seeing it before. Check it out!

Note the letter is in the £rd person but signed by Trump. Makes no sense grammar wise. Also Trump is selling the project in this v expensive website as 'unspoilt Scotland' which he is going to build on.

Makes no sense but a major opening shot in a PR battle

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

anon - Connery made them bring back Salmond (FFM) by stopping his money to them.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

anon - 'Thatcher' so apart from housing, the NHS, the minimum wage, better education etc. what have labour ever done etc.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

anon - Salmond (FFM) this doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

TerryAlexander knew the Channel Island donation wa... Terry
Alexander knew the Channel Island donation was dodgy but still accepted it. She was dishonest.(Will you also please answer my question on how she managed to spend £17000 on an uncontested leadership contest)

Williams was sacked, along with his line manager and is under investigation by the Harry Margolis for (allegedly) cooking the books.

Manser, amongst other things, had sex with a girl in council care and was kicked out of the party.

And these are the people who have your full support?

Councillor, pull your head out of the sand and instead, protect what remains of your brains - sit on them.


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(rabbie) 23:56 - 1/ Wendy - wrong, again 2/ £17,000 ? What does this have to do with anything ? 3/ I’m not aware of Tom Williams being under investigation by the Polis. 4/ Manser ? I’m not aware of his sex life, he was not kicked out of the party. I’m still waiting for you to actually get something correct.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

roger thomas - I agree Alex (FFM) should be good value when being questioned.

Roger Thomas said...

I love Scotand. That was why I supported a party I thought represented Scotland.

Now I feel different.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Roger Thomas) 20/12/07 - You should have been at the Renfrewshire Council meeting today, pensioners from sheltered housing complex’s were there to protest the SNP/Lib. Dem. cuts in their wardens and the introduction of charges and the SNP/Lib.Dem. coalition voted against a Labour motion to have the item on the agenda.

A Labour motion later to give all Council Employees a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies in line with Labour policy over the last 27 years was also voted down by the SNP/Lib. Dem. Cabal.

Rabbie said...

Salmond's challenger, Blackwood, 'now sleeps with the fishes.'?

What do you mean? Is Scottish politics so dangerous? Is this why Wendy was unchallenged?

Please explain.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rabbie) 20/12/07 - Go and check it up he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse by Donald Trump’s golf caddie Alex (FFM)

Anonymous said...

(In response to Sean Connery post)

Lol, you really are a bit thick, aren't you? The point I was making was that, while I agree with your views about Connery, you implied that he had influenced the SNP in some way, when he does not appear to.

The fact that Connery made a donation to the SNP is only a problem if they change their policy, position or behaviour in some way as a result of his donation, in the way that they did in response to Brian Souter's donation.

In what way has Sean Connery "bought and sold" the SNP/Alex Salmond?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17:49 -

“Lol, you really are a bit thick, aren't you” ?

That’s not very nice now is it ?
Connery stopped donating and told them to bring back Salmond (FFM) and they did, does that count as influence ?

When it's said that there isn't a woman safe when Sean's around what do you think they mean ?

Roger Thomas said...

Councillor Kelly

Thanks. As this thread is still active this might relate to it.

Is the SNPs economic policy 'influenced' by a document that wasn't theirs or is it just coincidence?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Roger Thomas - I've sent a comment.